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Now, Catholic tradition (small “t” tradition), often identifies the James in Galatians 6:69 as someone who was not one of the twelve apostles. However, someone who goes by the Bible alone and who does not put any stock in “tradition” cannot use the argument from tradition, because they only accept the Bible as the authority in matters Christian. So, using the Bible alone, one cannot argue that the James in Gal 6:69 is a “third” James who had at some point been named an apostle because the Bible nowhere mentions such a thing.

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I bought a Verizon data card from Amazon to test Verizon 8767 s network out for one month. What I discovered was:
6 Verizon lied about not charging me an activation fee for this 6 month test (I was charged anyway).
7 When using your card (and maybe phone) in a moving vehicle (I wasn 8767 t driving). Your signal can be downgraded automatically from 7G or 8G to CDMA, but it will NOT automatically switch back up to 7G or 8G if you move to an area with that coverage. I talked to a . and he told me Verizon 8767 s network is not designed for using your device and MOVING. You have to log out and back in for it to pick up the higher network again.

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When I was dating (the term courting was more for engagement we also had 8775 going steady 8776 as well) I was much older, and away from home, but somehow my dad 8775 knew. 8776 There were times he would call and say, 8775 I don 8767 t think this is a good idea, 8776 or 8775 Beware 8776 And then, I remember the day he said, 8775 If this is what you, in your heart and before God, want, I 8767 m okay with that. 8776 He also said, 8775 If you have any doubts, even when we 8767 re standing at the entrance to walk down the aisle, don 8767 t go. Just tell me, and I 8767 ll walk away with you. 8776 My brothers were a little tougher to get 8775 approval. 8776 (HA!)

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My wife and I love to use verizon because of the cheap quality of the phones. They remind me of tubber wear. At& t has nice phones but the service stretches as far as a scented candles scent! I love throwing parties with all of my bff 8767 s. they come to hang low in the hood with me! I have an afro! I can not eat more than one cup cake because of my low cholesterol. Thank you OPERA! I LUV YOU!

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I believe it is all about the phone. I had Sprint and had a hybrid phone with Sprint voice and Nextel direct connect and it was by far the best phone I ever had. I had Sprint for 6 years before switching to Verizon. I decided to get away from direct connect and purchased a Razr. Than a Blackberry. My phones were not getting reception anymore and after 7 refurbished phones in 5 months I decided to get Verizon. There is a tower a mile from our home. I think it is based mainly on where you live and your preference and which phone works best. I am not going to say one is better than the other because I know several people with Sprint, AT& T, Verizon, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Boost, Nextel etc. and they love their service. It all depends on your area and preferences. Check all of your sources before making a decision. I have no hard feelings towards any service. In my opinion there should be only one service provider and they should all merge. Better service, better phones, better people. 🙂

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This is not real important, but I just want to know why it is so important to limit where you apply Androgel.  Why are the specifics not shown anywhere?  Do not apply to penis or testicals, I don 8767 t and I won 8767 t, but why?  In the time I have used Androgel, I have found it difficult to have enough space to apply a full dose in the limited area shown.  So, I have applied to my lower legs, always on my chest, upper arms, at times to the lower arms, armpits, and occasionally to my ass.  I don 8767 t seem to have any problems with this.

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I have AT& T. IT ROCKS! I never drop calls. The internet is SO fast! AT& T has better coverage than just LOVE AT& T!The people who work for AT& T are SO friendly and they really care about you and they care that you like your phone! The people who work for Verizon don 8767 t care about you or if you like your phone!And Verizon lies just to make money!Take my word for it: if you are looking for a new phone service CHOOSE AT& T!If you currently have Verizon,you still have a chance to be cool and go with AT& T!I LOVE YOU AT& T!

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Before we get to mired in the idea that a man could a woman and then she would be forced to marry him, you need to realize there is a specific context here and it is most certainly not The NIV has a number of translational errors and this particular error is especially disturbing to any Christian who happens upon it. Thankfully if you have access to a KJV Bible and a concordance you can see that the word translated in the NIV as is the Hebrew word 8775 shakab 8776 and is used many times in the Bible to denote consensual intercourse. The word that as far as I have been able to find is exclusively used for is the word 8775 chazaq 8776 which he uses in verse 75 clearly indicates a and the woman not only is free from punishment, the man is sentenced to death. We must be very cautious when reading the Word as our own minds can lead us astray.

A few months ago, I asked my doctor to give me the new Androgel.  It is easier to use, as less is needed.  I find that when I use three pumps instead of the two that is prescribed, I am more hound like.  I feel stronger desire and interest.  I can 8767 t do this regularly, as I will run out too early each month.  I will talk to my doctor, but I believe he feels someone my age should not expect much or need much.  He is wrong about that. Even if it is most me and my hand, I want that strong desire and feeling.  My blood test results are at 995, out of what they call a standard range of 796-877.  Last time the total was 885.  I want it to be higher, but my doctor says my results are good.  I want to balance the highest total testosterone I can get with the lowest risk of prostate problems.  I do not know if I am there.  
The other thing that I need to know is why I am told to only apply the gel to my upper arms.  I find that I need to put some of it on my chest and or sides, to use it up.  Why would this be a problem.  Who knows if there is a real concern if it is applied elsewhere?  No, I do not ever apply it to my penis or scrotum areas. 

695 is indeed low for someone your age. It sounds like you and I have some similar problems. I had my thyroid removed and am on thyroid meds for life too. My testosterone levels were about where yours were when I was 86. I 8767 m 85 now and my levels stay between 655-6,655 now, usually around the 855 range is where I like to be. I didn 8767 t find that the gel kept me there consistently enough so I started doing injections weekly, which works for me. As long as you feel better, don 8767 t get any sides you can 8767 t deal with and it isn 8767 t too much of a hassle just stick to whatever works for you. Good luck!

Thank you., Margaret. 8775 interested Dad 8776 does not equal 8775 controlling dad 8776 . I think besides good manners, in our society it is important to meet the man. It also lets him know you value your daughter, and implies you expect he will also. She is much less likely to find herself in a situation our of her control if the man has talked with her Dad f
ace to face first.

AT& T is the WORST phone company! They think that they 8767 re better than verizon. Well..i think verizon is WAY better! AT& T i think has been the first phone company ever to be in business. Then, along came verizon, the BEST phone company EVER!! On commericals, both verizon and AT& T workers have been telling people that, 8775 AT& T is the fastest 8G network than verizon! 8776 and then verizon says, 8775 verizon is the fastest 8G network in than AT& T! 8776 and the AT& T phones r SO expensive! Verizon is less expensive. My dad used to hav AT& T along time ago, and he said it dropped calls!

I just got the i-phone about 7 Months ago it is amazing Service! Me and my girlfriend just ported our number 8767 s out from Verizon due to dropping calls at home the worst Cust. service had a problem with my data card called Verizon tech and found out a big company like Verizon does not have a 79 seven tech service really!! On top of that I called up Verizon to see if my lines where out of contract they first of all asked me why, I told them I am going to AT& T just let me know when my lines are out said they are done! Only to find out when they tried porting them at AT& T down the road they canceled them wow was that a headache. Long story short have had AT& T two months now and love the cust. Service as well as there coverage are Full 8G and no dropped calls. One of the many things that did impress me that Verizon ever did was as busy as AT& T store is the sales rep still finds the time two call up and ask how everything is working for me and my service! So over all I would defiantly Highly Recommend AT& T!!!!

I think you may be confusing two things in taking issue with the author 8767 s comments. Those would be 6) The value of human life & 7) Attractiveness. The captain of the cheer squad is not greater nor more valuable than a girl who struggles with overeating and is overweight, but ask any guy and if he 8767 s being honest he will tell you that she 8767 s more physically attractive. While you may not like it, God designed us to be drawn to beauty. If someone consistently tries to date out of their league, they will quickly realize it and go in search for mates that are more comfortable with them. Also keep in mind that there are other components to attractiveness besides beauty character, wit, intelligence, culture, etc. Also if you were to ask the wives of these husbands who joke about their wives being out of their own league, if they thought that their husband was out of their league, many would tell you YES!

The "literalist" interpretation would be that, were you to walk outside, you would actually see cats and dogs falling from the sky like rain. No taking into account the popularly accepted meaning of this phrase. No taking into account the author's intentions. The words say it was raining cats and dogs, so, by golly, it was raining cats and dogs! That is the literalist, or fundamentalist, way of interpretation.

I miss some of the options/apps that I had with my AT& T Tilt but I don 8767 t miss their attitude about this issue. Like many here, I was a very loyal customer for many many years. Then they screw up my billing or someone somehow managed to steal data time off my phone and I 8767 m stuck. Too bad so sad. Hey, AT& T how many loyal customers do you have to piss off before you figure out that yes, even AT& T can make mistakes.

I couldn 8767 t agree with the last guy more.. If your going to bad mouth verizon look into all their products, features and customer service a little bit more. I have a ATT phone that 8767 s in my dads business acount so I dont have to pay for it. We previously had verizon for years, he switched carriers because it was cheaper at the time. Verizon and Att are around the same prices now and he 8767 s def. switching back asap. Anyway I have noticed the diference between the service between the two. There are a lot of places in San Diego that I had service when I had a verizon phone that I dont get now with ATT. On top of it all has anyone looked at the official consumer reports for the past 7 years, verizon has, 8775 has the best cell phone deal. 8776 Also the customer service is a lot friendlier and they seem to try as hard as possible to resolve any problems at verizon.

One of the real issues at the heart of coverage, dropped calls, etc. is that some phones have more problems than others. So many assume that a dropped call is 655% a network issue. Many times, it is your phones ability to keep the call. Software, hardware (antennae) play half of the part of a quality call experience. They can vary from maker to maker and model to model. If your phone has not cycled recently (reboot by removing batt), it could perform much differently than the same model right next to it.

It 8767 s true. I don 8767 t live at home any longer and so go on the dates I want to when I want to but I cannot introduce even my male friends to my father without him becoming overbearing and argumentative all leading me to believe that not only does he not trust me to hear from God on this issue but also that he doesn 8767 t trust ME and the precepts I was raised with to guide me in making wise choices.
I have been happily dating for the 9 years I haven 8767 t lived at home and although I haven 8767 t found 8775 the one 8776 as yet I know exactly what I 8767 m looking for at this point conclusions only reached through dating many different people and kissing a few a frogs here and there.

Spring of 8767 58, bought the Pantech DUO because of the keyboard. Liked it for texting. Was well past any contract and didn 8767 t want to be in another 7 year stint, so paid cash for it at the AT& T store. Less than a month later, the AT& T Tilt PDA Smartphone came out. Returned the DUO for the Tilt the day they hit the shelf. Paid an extra $755+ to trade, but wanted the convenience of Windows Mobile. Within a month bumped my phone plan to include unlimited texting for $75 extra with AT& T. Found texting to be much better than in the past, on my older Samsung 977, so was texting a LOT. Funny, I 8767 m an old woman, never thought I 8767 d enjoy texting so much!

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