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“The vending room was like a warm blanket — a great place to get away from your dorm and find some friends to sit down with when you needed to study but also needed to decompress. I loved that place. And every time I put my head down on my desk — while in the midst of a marathon news event — I’m taken back to my nights in the vending room.”

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I think by pursuing a celebrity type career, those guys are calling attention to themselves. You don t go into acting or rock music planning to keep a low profile attempting to have your face projected onto thousands of immense screens across the country is pretty attention-seeking behavior. And it s rarely just luck. Most famous people had to put in a lot of work to get themselves noticed and prove themselves before anyone would put them on those screens.

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I ll elaborate. There s a couple of kinda low-caliber guys that hang out a bar I frequent. Not nerdy/geeky, just low education. These guys hit on EVERY girl. I go outside for a smoke, and it s like hey mami! Why don t you come over here and lemme see that ass (Sidenote: comparing a girl to your mom is weird, don t do it). They also get rejected probably 79 out of 85 times. But, they keep trying. They keep thinking they are hot shit. And guess what, every once in a while I see a girl (I m gonna assume with very low self-esteem) totally go for it.

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hi Eric
well I have this friend he 8767 s just like my best friend we 8767 ve been friends for 68 years now well we were separated for 9 years but found each other again it so happened that I had a boyfriend by then and he had a girlfriend(we were in love for years but none had the courage to tell the other) it so happened that my boyfriend got me pregnant then left me after learning that my best friend apparently saw me through it all now she 8767 s 6 months,however my best friend says he 8767 s not in love with me but he gives mixed reactions he cares for me so much he says he can 8767 t stand losing me, he is always missing me and likes teasing me a lot,he plays father figure to my daughter and always trying to attend my important occasions he broke up with his girlfriend is he really in love with me?

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so there is a guy I liked and he use to like me then said he liked me as a friend. and before he told me things he would use to rub my lower back and touch my thigh and hold it. Now he is giving me mixed feeling and mixed looks. and he still looks at me still. and then when he saw me he told one of his friends that he as a girlfriend
can u tell me
6)If he actually liked me when he said so.
7) still likes me
8) is he trying to make me jealous.
confused girl

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I 8767 m a fan of the (admittedly, medically inaccurate) saying: 8775 the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results 8776 . When the same behavior and efforts result in failure over and over again, it should be a signal that it 8767 s time to try something different. There is value in trying a new approach even if it feels as though it 8767 s 8775 not you 8776 at first. Just because something is the way you 8767 ve always done things doesn 8767 t mean that it 8767 s the  right way.


I read an article in the Guardian where they asked a bunch of famous academics what their guilty pleasures were. They said all sorts of things like baseball, country music, Elvis, etc. Then they got to famous second wave feminist Catharine MacKinnon whose answer was really interesting to me. She said that she didn t have guilty pleasures. Here is her full quote:
Ever since a British journalist wrote that I confessed to the guilty pleasure of reading People magazine, I ve been trying to figure out what I stood convicted of. Reading, thinking, and writing for a living makes one in need of humanising in some quarters, meaning bringing down. Feeling bad about what you feel good about, or good because you feel bad a coy wink indicating addiction or lack of intent to stop fills the bill. Apparently we don t enjoy what we do when we are being intellectual, high thought being one thing, low culture another. Intellectuals guilty pleasures thus must be low-brow indulgences.

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Well, merciless is kind of an overstatement. You could have told me that I fail at HTML and will never amount to anything in life and should just quit while I m ahead because I can t even close an tag properly. Which would have led me to either think you re a total jerk and never speak to you again, or to actually be really hurt and sad and insecure about posting ever again. You didn t do those things! THAT S SOCIAL CALIBRATION RIGHT THERE. Props.

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This guy I 8767 ve been hanging out with a lot is fun, seems like there is a spark/connection. Some of the things he does and says makes me think he likes me, but then other things make me think the opposite. I asked him if he would be my date/+6 to a friend 8767 s wedding. He said 8775 I guess I can go with you. 8776 He later asked what he should wear to it. I don 8767 t see a whole lot of guys going to weddings, was just wondering if this could mean anything for potentially being more than friends? If it is a big sign or anything. Your thoughts Eric?? Please 🙂

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Yes, 8775 we 8776 . I used to be a classic example of this sticking point. No matter how badly I wanted to get better with women, I was  steadfast in my belief that I was right all along and that it was the  world that was wrong. Nevermind that I was the one looking for help in the first place  I would argue and nitpick and try to catch anyone who would help me out in logical inconsistencies in order to prove the rightness of my position because  I was right, dammit! 

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— Architect Swapna Parab made herself at home when she arrived on campus for the first time, brought here by bus from Chicago: “I can still vividly remember myself standing there with a giant suitcase that I carried from India, an equally large bag, my architectural portfolio and dreams for my life.

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Hehe also it seems like he is very confident around his friends then when he 8767 s around me it seems like he 8767 s toned down or something.. And I know that my feelings for him are true cause it 8767 s been a year that I started liking him and I still do 🙂 and 7 days ago he was in my class during reccess trying to get this bottle from a boy in my class and so they were like 8766 fighting 8767 for the bottle and the one I like was like hey 8775 my name 8776 😛 get the bottle for me so I grabbed it from the other boy and gave it to him, so what I 8767 m getting to is that he asked me to do something for him so is that a good sign?? Btw he knows my name but I 8767 d like that to remain a secret 🙂 and last year when we sat beside each other he would always make his knee touch mine and I never pulled my knee away and he didn 8767 t either :)) good sign??? Please respond cause I really want him to like me or I really would like to know if he does like me before our grade 8 grad cause there 8767 s a dance during that so I 8767 d kinda like to dance with him :)))))) thx 🙂

This apparently unending stream of reinforcement will only serves to perpetuate a vicious cycle your self-limiting beliefs cause you to overlook evidence to the contrary, thus reinforcing the belief which, in turn, continues to make it impossible to see the truth. Your negative attitude will seep into  everything you do it will affect your attitude, your self-image, even your posture all of which will serve to work against you.

There 8767 s a guy that 8767 s in many of my classes. I really like him and when I 8767 m around him I usually blush and laugh a lot and he notices. My friend has been trying to set us up (she very much doesn 8767 t take no for an answer) and they talk about me a lot. Although he acts interested to her, when I 8767 m around he doesn 8767 t talk to me. I catch him looking a lot, though. Anyways, I just need some help catching his eye, he knows I like him and just need help getting him a little more interested. I would love it if you would help me, thanks!

Or maybe you really don t care very strongly about anything, in which case I think your best option is to talk to some sort of professional. Maybe a career counselor. Maybe a therapist. Maybe a psychiatrist. Even in a relatively small town, there are probably resources for people who can t afford to pay for this. I m not sure what the health care system is like in BC (you are in Canada, yeah? I m guessing from the moose in your name and the hockey talk in the other post), but here in Ontario at least, the provincial health plan covers psychiatry completely if you re referred by a family doctor, for example. Community support organizations also often offer free or reduced cost counseling.

A couple of things.
6) So what if she has sexual experience. Hopefully she does, that means she ll know better what she likes, which means that you ll end up with a better experience. Two people, neither of whom know what they are doing is not the highpoint of sexual experiences.
7) Your fears that she won t like having sex with you or love you that is low self esteem talking. You should work on that. Do you want to know how I think about it? I don t think, I m afraid the only woman who ll date me won t love me! What is that?! I think, I will not date anyone who won t love and respect and desire me as I deserve to me loved, respected, and desired. And I will not lower that standard.

I have an issue, can u help?
There is this guy i like, of course. And he texts me just about every night, we have long conversations and there not of any importance. But just the other day he started getting a little bit deeper and deeper.. I thought i was getting off lucky! I thought i may have had him hooked. But he has started to involve my best friend in most of the topics.. I tried just shrugging it off and moving on but it doesnt seem to change, Did i blow my chance? Can i get him back?
Thanks for listening. 🙂

I m working on my self-esteem through constant attempts at self-improvement and therapy. In real life I don t come off this whiny but this blog and therapy are the best places for me to vent my fear and frustrations. Its not so much the sexual experience thing that bugs since its really to be expected. Nor do I really fear that a woman won t love me. My fears are as I said, I want a very demonstrative love. Its what I see and like and want. What I m worried about is not getting the type of demonstrative love that I want.

Most people don t really make observations (especially in matters of the heart), but move very quickly into (usually negative) judgements and assumptions. Borrowing from Sam below: 9 out of the last 65 people I approached rejected me. Because of that, I assume 9 out of 65 people will reject me. And the tenth is likely to do so as well. That s not fair. I m a good guy, etc...

There are these two guys in school, one of them I 8767 m sure really likes me and he has made some moves while the other one has told me and has chased me for complete 9mnths but I turned him down and now he has backed out and I miss him although he steal glances at me, but when he was after me he didnt regularly call but he texts regularly on social networks. The first guy regularly calls but don 8767 t always text, he is the shy type though. I just want to know how I 8767 ll start up a convo with the second guy that will make him chase me again without looking awkward. I try to make him jealous at times by hanging out with other guys.

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