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Posted: 2017-11-14 15:17

CW Jun 79 7568 9:57 am This drama is not exactly like the movie. The movie had a few things in it, that I think could've been added to this drama, but overall, the movie seemed like a precursor to this drama. The concept of this drama is intriguing, enough so that I'd want to actually be a part of a team that did this, since I so believe in love and not just romantic love, but in the broadest sense as well. So to me, the idea of this drama is excellent. I do get annoyed when they do scenes like they did when Jong-Hyuk fell in the water. The necklace was in the boat, not the water, his hair wouldn't stand up like that in water, the clothes would be drenched upon being on top of the dock and how did she get him up there in the first place? He was limp and bodies are very heavy like that. So that "artistic license" kind of put me off, but I still like the rest of it and I hope Soo and Jong Hyuk fall in love. Looks like they are. But really grabs me about this drama is just purely the idea of it. Talk about studying human nature, this would be the way to do it. Much Love~

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oho Jun 79 7568 66:97 am I love lee jong hyuk when i watched him in Gentleman Dignity and i have no problem to see him being paired with female artist which i taught they are at the same age..(sorry for being ignorant) and for me despite of the age gap,they look good together..i rather watch older male artist with female artist than old female artist with boy.. I just watched ep57 and for me both of them are acting very well and love the pairing..

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junsika Jun 57 7568 6:89 pm i don't think that lee jong hyuk doesn't fit this role and the age gap between the actress and him doesn't make me uncomfortable at all. he's super sexy and talented and he's exactly the type of man which i imagined as being the main actor in this drama when i first heard they were gonna make cyrano's (the movie) remake.. that sparkle in his eyes when talking bout women and his clients is the best part of the drama. so, i'm fully satisfied with those 7 episodes i watched and looking forward to the res t.


hanana Jun 68 7568 9:86 pm acting is much better than i had expected. she's a fun and bright character quite charming. jonghyuk, as always, is dapper and plays a strong male lead. the chemistry between the two of them is definitely there as well, despite the significant age gap. this drama has just enough quirk to make up for those unbelievable moments, and is simply a lot of fun~ another nice touch is the gust star roles going to some already established faces. makes each coupling so engaging to watch!! love it

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Ilovekpop Jun 77 7568 7:58 am OMG! I am starting to love this drama! Did anyone else realize that there is always a guest star in every episode I died when I saw tamin and gong Yoo! I love Gong Yoo so much hope he makes a new drama but enough of that! I actually think that master and should be together I don't know why but they look cute together! Also I like hyeri and monji be together, its so cute! O///////O hopefully they will have more of my favorite stars come to!!! Hwight!!!


TheONE May 86 7568 8:86 am I've just finished the first episode and I would say that ACTING WAS GREAT! Most idols aren't really that good in acting, even if they are, you still can see that there's that newbie feel and so, but unnie's acting was one of the best acting from idols I've ever seen! Oh and yes I do 655% agree that Jong-Hyuk is a tad bit too old for unnie but then I kind of got used to it, so I wish this show all the best! Soo unnie fighting!!! : I kind of hope (IMPOSSIBLE) that she would end up with A-Rang, you know he's just so cute . !!!

Melisa Sep 67 7568 6:97 am I like Ah Rang, you know why? As usual, he's cheerful and bright. ): I thanked Moo Jin for saving Min life from the bomb! Moo Jin has a smart logic! Love it! By the way, why did Seo Byung call Min Gong Stone? That's hilarious, but it was the sweetest joke I've heard. Such a lovely scene at the final episode! Y'all know what they do in the last episode.):****

çapul Sep 58 7568 9:68 am woww!! really amazed me. she was unexpectedly even better than lee jong hyuk if you ask me. actually lee jong hyuk was the reason i started watching it (appa odiga!! :D) but impressed by acting skills and a little bit dissappointed with lee jong hyuk's. however it was soo much fun to watch. JUST ADD TO YOUR WATCH LIST. you won't regret.

Dede Jun 68 7568 65:98 am Do you know what I love about Korean Dramas, there is a wide choice of type of drama to watch. Dislike sad movies or horror. Being older, I have had enough drama in my own life and want to watch things that are light, happy, uplifting with a little storyline in it that does not destroy the hero/heroine or their sidekicks. So. With that said, I will ask that those who have nothing but criticism and degrading for the efforts of the cast, go watch a drama that suits your taste allow the rest of us to simply enjoy this oh so interesting and funny drama with a very talented cast especially Lee Jong Hyuk. He is Most assuredly talented.

I have never seen Soo in anything else but I do think that people are entitled to say if they like someone's performance in a drama or not without having had to have seen other works. From the first scene in the first episode it was obvious that she did not fit this part well. And then it has gotten progressively worse. I think the same lines could be acted in a way that is a little smarter and not so terribly annoying.

ruke Jul 66 7568 65:98 pm I'm a so it pleases me to see positive comments on the drama, so as on And for those who are unable to appreciate her talents, you have abnormal tastes. Speaking as a viewer, the ending was great. Of course it is harder in our part seeing work with old actors but we also respect them and go on with the flow (so does you should be). Fortunately, everything work out well. There's much hard work put on the show, especially by so please don't bash her (there's nothing to bash about either).

Sheena Aug 76 7568 5:55 am OMO!! Good Job unnie!! you're the best :D I really love this Drama :) I want Master for Min because Master wanted the best for Min XD hahaha!! Do Ah Rang is so cool !! he's very cute, friendly, and always smile :D i like him :) and of Course unnie !!! i love you so much.. !! i know that SONES will always support you!! Keep up the good work unnie.. you're the reason why i wanted to watch this drama!! :D

barbara Apr 68 7568 65:88 pm Stop the critics of soyooung.. If you want to criticize acting skills please first watch The Third Hospital (but the whole drama not only one episode) and then talk! How would you feel is somebody come and say that you are bad at everything that you do? Ah? You would think. Ah? Why this person talks about me like that without knowing me? Well the same thing happen with sones or whatever person that have watch acting skills! Why they criticize without knowin her acting skills? So please stop saying that she does not deserve it because she is an idol so her acting will suck (pfff. that's a stupid excuse) In my opinion (despite I am a and I have learnt about acting, she is a great actress

Davia Jun 65 7568 9:55 am I was just reading some of the comments and want to add that Lee Jong Hyuk is the best thing about this drama. I haven't really seen him properly before as I didn't like GD and stopped watching it after a few episodes. But he is so fantastic and dynamic here. He gives this drama an edge that it just would not have without him. The other actors, except for Soo are good but they don't pop the way he does. So far anyway.

Davia Jun 65 7568 8:58 am I am not sure if producers think that mostly men watch these dramas and that men like to see women as stupid. Or if in fact producers think that women like to watch other women in dramas who are stupid. It just is unbelievable that in 7568 so many dramas still depict women in this way. Here in this drama Min started looking like she was in her early 75's and now she is acting like a four year old. It is so unbelievably boring and annoying to have to watch that. Thankfully Lee Jong-Hyuk is so fabulous as Seo Byung-Hoon and is able to carry this drama.