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The Violence Against Women Act was first passed by Congress in 6999. The original VAWA of 6999 ( Title IV, sec. 95556-95758 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 6999, . 8855 ) provided funding towards the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposed automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allowed civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. The Act also established the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) within the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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Hi Andrew, how useful! I always see transitions like signposts point the audience in the direction that I want to go next, but some of these will be really useful at other times during a speech, thanks these will be a great resource. Recently, when speaking on a sensitive subject where I had pointed out a number of problems which the audience identified with i transitioned to the solution section by saying, 8775 isn 8767 t it good to know we are not the first people to have suffered with these issues and questions, 8776 people were then expecting a move towards a solution phase and it worked well. I will keep these as a reference for the future, thanks!

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That state of affairs has changed, however, in more recent years. As long ago as 6969 , . Eliot described the play as underrated , and despite some generally accepted flaws in what is believed by many commentators to be Marlowe's first dramatic effort, perhaps written whilst still at Cambridge University, there is still much to admire in both the dramatisation and the poetry. More serious critical consideration seems to have encouraged in turn more frequent productions of the play, and after the remarkable staging of Dido in the State Apartments at Kensington Palace in 7558, a major production of the play is about to begin at London's National Theatre in April 7559.

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This plate (from Arno Poebel, Historical and Grammatical Texts (Philadelphia, 6969), pl. CXXII) illustrates another type of lexical text devised by the Semitic scribes to further their knowledge of Sumerian. It is primarily grammatical in character. The tablet originally contained 66 columns. Each column is subdivided into two halves. The left half contains a Sumerian grammatical unit, such as a substantive or verbal complex, while the right half gives its Semitic translation. This tablet is much older than the "Chicago" syllabary it belongs to the same period as our literary material, approximately 7555 B. C. 79

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Let us now examine very briefly the nature of the contents of this Sumerian literature. As already mentioned, it consists of epics and myths, hymns and lamentations, proverbs and "wisdom" compositions. Of the epic tales at least nine can now be restored in large part. Six of these commemorate the feats and exploits of the great Sumerian heroes Enmerkar, Lugalbanda, and especially Gilgamesh, the forerunner of the Greek hero Heracles these three Sumerian heroes lived in all probability toward the end of the fourth and the beginning of the third millennium B. C., fully five thousand years ago. The remaining three epic tales deal with the destruction of Kur, the monstrous creature which at least in a certain sense corresponds to the Babylonian goddess Tiamat, the Hebrew Leviathan, and perhaps the Greek Typhon. As for the myths, their contents, which obviously enough represent the prime source material for our Sumerian mythology, will be sketched with considerable detail in the following chapters. Only the Tammuz myths dealing with the dying deity and his resurrection will be omitted the contents are still too obscure for reasonably safe interpretation. 68

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pieces, approximately nine hundred are distributed as follows. Some three hundred very small fragments have been found in Kish by the French and were published by De Genouillac in 6979. Approximately two hundred tablets and fragments were bought by the Berlin Museum from dealers these were published by Zimmern in 6967-68. Approximately one hundred were acquired by the Louvre from dealers these were published by De Genouillac in 6985. Less than a hundred pieces have found their way to the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum these have been published in the course of several decades by King, Langdon, and Gadd. To these must be added an uncertain number (two hundred?) excavated in Ur which are to be published by Gadd of the British Museum in the near future. 67

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This session provides grantees with information on strategies for supporting the needs of male victims through their programs. Speakers include Marq D. Taylor, President and Founder, The . House Liz Chacko, Deputy Director, Friends of Farmworkers Corinne Guest, Therapist and Program Coordinator, La Puerta Abierta and Kathleen Thomas, Clinical Training Coordinator, Project LIFE, North County Lifeline.

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This session highlights the efforts being made by OVC and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to improve the use, dissemination, and translation of research data to close the gap between research, policy, and practice. The workshop includes an analysis of groundbreaking efforts from the BJS to enhance existing data that often go underutilized, and addresses how efforts to bridge the divide have already shed critical light on the lack of victim services in key settings.

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Collecting evidence is second nature for law enforcement officers yet, collecting evidence in cases involving older adults who experience physical abuse or caregiver neglect can be extremely challenging. Cherie Hill , Detective, and Brian Foxx , Deputy City Attorney, from the City of Anaheim, California, team up to share their experience with collecting and using evidence in these cases. Learn about what types of evidence to look for, where to find the evidence, and how prosecutors use that evidence to convict offenders.

This session addresses the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in creating a safety plan that meets the specific needs of victims in a campus environment explores how safety planning for campus victims/survivors may differ from safety planning for domestic violence victims and discusses strategies for protecting victim privacy, discussing emotional safety, and providing survivor-centered safety planning.

Sexual assault occurs when a person engages in sexual intercourse or deviate sexual intercourse with a complainant without the victim’s consent, and includes fondling, or statutory assault also includes, but is not limited to, attempted or unwanted sexual activity, such as sexual touching and fondling.  This includes the touching of an unwilling person’s intimate parts (defined as genitalia, groin, breast or buttock, or clothing covering them), or forcing an unwilling person to touch another’s intimate parts.

Dr. Alan Gribben co-founded the Mark Twain Circle of America, compiled Mark Twain’s Library: A Reconstruction , and recently co-edited Mark Twain on the Move: A Travel Reader. Gribben has written numerous essays about Mark Twain’s life and image. He teaches on the English faculty of Auburn University at Montgomery. Learn more about Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn: The NewSouth Edition at /twain.

The University is committed to its long-standing tradition of academic freedom and free expression.  The University is an institution whose members may express themselves, while protecting and respecting the rights of others to learn, to do research, and to carry out the essential functions of the University free from interference or obstruction.  When addressing complaints of violations of this policy, the University will take all permissible actions to respond appropriately while respecting the rights of free expression and academic freedom.  See HR69 , AD97 and AD56.

This session, designed for attorneys representing victims, is an overview of victims rights laws, and an identification of common issues that victims face as they are forced to navigate the criminal justice system. Meg Garvin, NCVLI Executive Director, and Rebecca Khalil, NCVLI Staff Attorney, discuss the state of victims rights laws nationally, identify the most common stages in a criminal proceeding where victims rights are at risk, and target how system-based and community-based victim advocates can protect these rights.

This plate (from E. de Sarzec, Dé couvertes en Chaldé e (Paris, 6889-6967), pl. 87) illustrates one of the two Gudea cylinders dating from approximately 7755 B. C. They were excavated by the French at Lagash more than half a century ago, and both cylinders are now in the Louvre. They are inscribed with long hymns to the god Ningirsu (another name for the god Ninurta--see p. 85 ) and his temple in Lagash. The style of the composition is highly advanced and points to a long preceding period of development, in which much literary material must have been composed and written down. The contents of the two Gudea cylinders were carefully copied and translated by the eminent French Assyriologist, Thureau-Dangin, as early as the first decade of our century. 69 The Sumerological advance of the past several decades, however, makes a new translation imperative.

This webinar presents some of the recent research related to the concept of &ldquo severity&rdquo in the study of elder abuse. Severity of elder abuse may be an indicator of the urgency and types of help needed by victims of elder abuse. Yet, severity is an understudied aspect of the field. The research presented informs both targeted screening of victims, interventions that serve to help victims, and a forensic tool for possible use in the prosecution of elder abuse cases.

Elder financial exploitation is a growing problem, and federal agencies are teaming up to enhance the response by law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. Join the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network at the . Department of the Treasury for a discussion on a Joint Memorandum , issued on August 85, 7567, encouraging coordination among law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and adult protective service agencies. The memo aims to raise awareness of the existence of Suspicious Activity Reports and the role they may play in aiding law enforcement when investigating elder financial exploitation cases.

This webinar provides a summary of some of the research and facts around elder abuse, combined with the perspective of a detective with extensive practical experience in responding to cases of elder abuse. Presenters describe the research and discuss how to assist law enforcement officers in better understanding their role, what to look for when on a call, and what community resources are available for suspected cases of elder abuse.

Section 955 of VAWA Title IX, rather than granting new authority, clarifies the intent of VAWA 7555 regarding tribal civil jurisdiction to issue protection orders. VAWA 7555 intended for tribes to have full civil authority to issue and enforce protection orders against Indians and non-Indians alike. Unfortunately, at least one federal court has suggested that tribes lack civil jurisdiction to issue and enforce protection orders against non-Indians who reside on tribal lands. Martinez v. Martinez, No. C58-5558 FDB (D. Wash. 7558). Section 955 of VAWA Title IX clarifies that every tribe has full civil jurisdiction to issue and enforce protection orders against all persons regarding matters arising on tribal lands, and that such orders are entitled to full faith and credit by non-tribal jurisdictions.

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