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But the most exceptional and significant finds were the two ossuaries that, for the first time in an archaeological context, contained a form of the name Qafa', or Caiaphas, a name known to us from both the New Testament and from the first century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus... Suffice it to say that the form(s) of the name Caiaphas inscribed on these ossuaries is probably the same as that of the well-known family of high priests, one of whom presided at Jesus' trial ( Burial Cave of the Caiaphas Family, BAR , Sept.-Oct. 6997, -85).

WORLD PERFECT: The Jewish Impact on Civilization

The problem WE ALL FACE IS THE JEW. If you want to follow jewish leaders in the christian identity cult, or white nationalist groups, that is fine. Btw, they also control the black nationalist, la raza, and other groups as well. When you come here, you 8767 ll have to drop the divisiveness at the door so we can focus on a solution. I 8767 m not here just to bullshit with people about what is going on.

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In high school, this decision proved to be mostly moot. I had difficulty finding dates, period. Pretty much everyone I asked out rejected me. I attributed this to the fact that I was kind of nerdy: My extra-curricular activities included musical theater, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons, not exactly the types of things that made a guy popular with the ladies. I hoped things would be better in college.

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If the Moslems could move out of the 68th century, stop waving the jihad clap trap and accusing the Yanks of being Crusaders ( that 8767 s 66th century), and for the record tear down the madrassas where the kids learn by rote the words of the Koran forget math and language well a brighter day may come for the displaced Palestinians who never got off their arse to fertilise the barren remnants of ancient Israel which they got with the Moslem conquests of the 7th century.

60th anniversary, 1931-1991, of the Sephardi Hebrew

This myth seeks to both attack Aryan manhood and create imaginary incentives for women to defy their instincts, and go “coo coo for cocoa puffs”. Record numbers of women are now watching pornography thanks to the anonymity of the internet, they are the real target of Jewish race-mixing porn producers (after black men). And while it still remains uncommon for white women to find black men attractive, Jews have spent generations creating tropes of limp-wristed whites and powerful, manly blacks, which are featured in caricatured forms together in the same scene of their porno films (“Cuckold” porn always features this). Some women are aroused by films of mating bonobos , so who knows?

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You are a TYPICAL anti-semite because you are in effect saying that you don 8767 t hate the Jews as long as they don 8767 t choose to live in Israel.
I don 8767 t know where you got your non-sense about what the Jews should or should not do in regards to the Land of Israel.
As far as the Arabs, why don 8767 t YOU invite them to your heart and home and country and see for yourself where it gets you.

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Then one day when she was very advanced in age, one of her friends noted the 8775 good luck charm 8776 , and advised her she confess her sin of using it rather than hoping in Christ and repent. The lady went to a greek orthodox priest, confessed her sin. He ordered he to burn the item, but it wouldn 8767 t burn. The priest then came along and with prayer and exorcisms he threw it into a fire and a massive explosion occurred, deafening their ears and damaging the surroundings.

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I was making a documentary about these ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers, called The Ultra-Zionists. For several weeks I 8767 d been spending time in some of the most hardcore and uncompromising sections of the Israeli nationalist community the Jewish enclave in Hebron, in the hilltops in the north of the West Bank, and in the crowded Arab neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem choosing to come at a time when peace talks were ongoing and the extreme settlers were therefore more embattled.

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I strongly encourage everyone to live close to Christ with HUMILITY foremost - I see the power of humility before God with my own eyes. It is the cornerstone of virtues. However let us not ignore chastity! I don 8767 t normally profusely talk about Christ to others. I let my humulity before God and love of Christ to enlighten myself first and then I allow my love for my fellow humans to enlighten others - and only the demons can normally see it.

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If you would have asked me my favorite Yiddish word, I would have said bashert. It translates into the idea that Wiesel so beautifully captured as aphorism in my favorite quote. The older I get the more I am astonished by its truth, both in a national as well as personal sense. The seemingly haphazard, random, and arbitrary events that comprise the story of our lives begin to form a coherent and purposeful narrative when we view them from a divine perspective. With the wisdom of retrospective insight I have countless times learned to acknowledge that coincidence is but God&rsquo s way of choosing to remain anonymous. Rabbi Benjamin Blech

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The Palestinians have received A LOT of money. They 8767 ve had the entire force of the Soviet Union (from the 65s to the 95s) and the extremely wealthy and influential Arab league, not to mention almost every other Arab majority country, who 8767 ve provided them with money (mostly embezzled by their leaders or spent on more weapons), weapons, and have used their influence and power to spread Palestinian nationalist propaganda to practically every college campus and news outlet in the world. Plus in east Jerusalem (which is majority Jewish and has been for centuries), or more specifically the neighborhood of silwan/Shiloah which is the one in question, the settlers are buying homes from individual Palestinians themselves, many of whom then move to more upscale neighborhoods in 8775 west Jerusalem 8776 . So it 8767 s not illegal

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A solid majority of 58 percent of Jews who got married after 7555 chose a spouse outside the faith, compared to the 67 percent of American Jews who got married before 6975. Not only are we less governed by the traditional guilt and pressures to marry in the faith, but American society is less anti-Semitic and gentiles like marrying us, too, including some members of . political royalty (most recently Chelsea Clinton in 7565).

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This was the story they told from the time they appeared on the world scene around 6855 BCE, hundreds of years before the ascent of the Greek civilization. Back then, they were still a newly emerging nation that functioned more like a large extended family, all family members tracing their ancestry to a man named Abraham who had lived somewhere around 6,855 BCE. They were a strange people with an even stranger religion:


How cute, Howard.
My dear wife directed me to this story as 8775 Howard Kleinman 8776 is part of our 8775 Story. 8776
Back in the mists of time, when I was not yet Jewish, our oldest boy was a classmate of Howard 8767 s at Solomon Shechter in New Jersey.
The Kleinman 8767 s moved to Minnesota.
When we were choosing at random by process of elimination sheer whimsy a place to move to, our son suggested Minnesota because that 8767 s where Howard Kleinman moved to
As it happens, so did we.
The boys did not end up in school together though, as we took the Orthodox Jewish path and the Kleinman 8767 s ended up moving back to New Jersey.
Today, that son is married with children and a rebbe in a Jewish Day School.
And, my sincere wishes are that Howard and his kallah should only go from strength to strength in their path into Torah and Judaism.
Life is beautiful all the time

Philippi – First Church in Europe or an origins myth

and FYI the proportion of 8775 ultra zionists 8776 in relation to jews is actually smaller than 8775 extremists 8776 in the muslims.
a political party in israel named Kach , was banned as a terrorist orginsation for wanting the moving of palestinians to jordan 
and then you look over into gaza and the west bank. hamas and fatah!
those are terrorist groups , sending suicide bombers and countless rockets into israel targetting anyone regardless of age or sex , and then look at what you call the ultra zionists 

That about sums up the ancient world attitude toward the value of life. The key thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Greeks or Romans did think that law and order were essential to the efficient functioning of society, and laws under both empires were many and strictly enforced. But the idea that along with your status as a human being came the right to life (forget about life with dignity) was not a given by any means.

8775 must be Jewish 8776 is in no way the same as 8775 must have large breasts. 8776 There are many different cultures and religions in the world. Is it really so offensive to you that we Jews consider our heritage a worthwhile one worth preserving through transmission to our children? We don 8767 t go door to door converting the nations. And we don 8767 t force people to convert by means of an Inquisition, as some other faiths have done in history. Under Jewish law one cannot exactly go out and look for 8775 gentile woman willing to convert 8776 since a conversion like that would not be considered valid. What a blessing for this blogger to have found for his mate a woman whose soul was present, along with other sincere converts, at the giving of the Torah at Sinai.

The Jews are not yet able to control the World, as Russia, China, India, iran, Saudi Arabia are formidable challenges, but they somehow hope to achieve this ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the Jews will not be able to accomplish this unrealistic ambition. The reason is that We are currently witnessing a global financial meltdown which will bankrupt America and Europe, and will result in unprecedented mass unemployment and violent riots.

shocking, utterly shocking how the Zionists lie and lie and lie. As for the apartment full of belongings being just left because they left in a hurry ..what a load of codswallop. They bleat and whine about the Pogroms of Russia and the Holocaust, yet here they are, doing the same thing ..
And how convenient to do as you please, kill people, steal their homes and state simply 8775 it 8767 s God 8767 s will 8776 . Perhaps I will rob a bank this afternoon because God 8767 is telling to.

Also a large number of these actresses are NOT WHITE they are JEWS who have had plastic surgery to appear white. In fact if you really looked into all the porn actresses, it would come up about 85-95% Jew or half-Jew. Majority of the so called white actors are JEWS. Jewish women have a serious Negro fetish in fact they make up a large section of this cuckoldry stuff. The movie Taxi Driver in 6976 has a Jew in Travis Bickles car crying because his wife was upstairs having sex with a Negro. Look it up. THIS IS A JEWISH FETISH

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