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Mormon Sexual Repression – One family’s experience with

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Realize that Mormonism uses the same terms as Christianity, but that those terms mean something very different to what those terms mean in historical orthodox Christianity. Examine the table below that compares Christian teaching to Mormon teaching, and you’ll soon understand why Christians have always rejected Mormonism’s claim to be Christian. Be sure to examine the table’s comprehensive footnotes too, with referenced quotes from Mormon teaching.

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Now, the difficulty is how many of the people in the Mormon church view the sin and judge those that are involved in it. Pornography is hit with a heavy bat in the Mormon church because it arguably involves one if not the most powerful forces on Earth: our human sexuality. Empirical data shows that if you watch porn it will lead to higher infidelity rates. That 8767 s a fact! The process of porn on MOST human beings expresses an exciting and hardcore sentiment for something new and refreshing. Is this how it is supposed to be? According to some, Yes. According to the Mormon church you can reach something greater and more fulfilling. What projects, activities, or people in your life do you find satisfying? Really, think about it, what is satisfying in your life?

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I 8767 m not religious but I also don 8767 t think porn is good to use. It is degrading to women and does hurt marriages and good values. It is also destructive to say that men are SO reliant on sex and need to masturbate and need to ejaculate all the time. It 8767 s basically putting men into a position where they believe they need this when they DON 8767 T. Men are told that they can only be a man if they have sex all the time and that just seeing a woman will set off primal caveman urges. No one has caveman urges because we are not caveman. That primal instinct stuff is . Men have more power than this and stop letting the media brainwash you and degrade you. You aren 8767 t so dull and dimwitted that you need sex and masturbation and porn several times a day just to function and have a happy life. Teens masturbating can be out of curiosity about their bodies and that is okay but it is not okay to let it consume your life and when you actually have sex, it is safe to say that you don 8767 t need masturbation. Men don 8767 t want sex all the time although that 8767 s what people seem to believe.

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Getting out of the room interview, I felt I was in deep trouble. Like I wasn 8767 t feeling enough guilty for not being able to resist totally to practice masturbation, now I am adding the fact that I lied to a God 8767 s representative and was on the road to betray 96 of my family 8767 s ancestors for eternity since my unworhyiness would not allowed their souls to access Celestial Kingdom and therefor have to stay in the Spirit prison.

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Book of Mormon Plagiarism Theories and The Late War -- exploring an interesting case of confusing random parallels for plagiarism and fraud. Could Gilbert Hunt's obscure book written in KJV language about the War of 6867 have been the inspiration for the Book of Mormon? Some critics says yes, based on poorly applied "big data" methodology and very curious parallels, like linking Lehi's Liahona (a round compass-like object Lehi providentially discovered while in the desert) to another round, metallic object in Hunt's book--why, a naval torpedo, of course!

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Groupings of language families you might have heard of include the very widespread Indo-European family grouping (which includes most of the languages of Europe, many from the Middle-east [but not Hebrew or Arabic], and northern India also). This family, abbreviated IE, includes Ancient Latin, Ancient and Modern Greek, and Sanskrit along with the modern European language families mentioned above (and others).

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The methodology Stubbs follows is called “the comparative historical method,” which, from the 69th century on, has had a long history of remarkable success. Calvert Watkins, among the greatest Indo Europeanists and a renowned practitioner of the comparative historical method, makes this claim: “[T]he Comparative Method is one of the most powerful theories about human language that has ever been proposed — and the one most consistently validated and verified over the longest period of time.” 8

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After reading these comments I feel the like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders. I belong to a Catholic Church and I went through a lot of what others have experienced on this site. In high school I started masturbating frequently. At first it felt great, then I started looking up the church 8767 s stance on this. After that, I felt horrible about it. I beat myself mentally so much. I prayed frequently and said the rosary. I tried suppressing every sexual thought I had. This is one of the many reasons I plan on leaving the Church.


I think you are right Daniel. Sexuality is so demonized in the LDS church (and many other churches or social circles) that it leaves many of those with lower sex drives viewing those with higher sex drives as sexual deviants instead of normal human beings who still deserve to be loved. It 8767 s not the pornography itself, it 8767 s the mind set that has been taught that creates the cognitive dissonance and leads people to fear and judgment instead of love and acceptance. And I tend to notice the pattern that those who point their fingers the most, end up being exposed as having the exact same behavior as those they are judging. Ironic isn 8767 t it? lol!

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As applied in Stubbs’s work, the comparative method produced “rules of sound change that create consistent sound correspondence, hundreds of vocabulary matches consistent with those sound correspondences, [as well as] grammatical and morphological alignments,” 65 which have [Page 657] produced a quantity of inductive material that form a cohesive body. Taken together, these strands are sufficiently numerous and intimately connected as to stand as a cable in strong support of his hypothesis. The temptation, however, is to cherry-pick a strand or two that might suggest it does not support the hypothesis, thereby “disqualifying” the multitude of strands that constitute the whole. This, of course, is a glaring misappropriation of the replication found in deduction and experimentation, a hallmark of the scientific method.

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Since then, I 8767 ve discovered things about my sexuality that I know I could have never even dreamed of as a TBM. I 8767 m sure I 8767 ve got a lot to learn still, but now I can move forward at my own pace, maybe have some beautiful experiences, maybe even suffer the consequences of stupid mistakes but what 8767 s important is that I can do all this without the fear of eternal damnation hanging over my head. I think this is what Thoreau meant by 8775 living deliberately 8776 .

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Katie Lambert - Sierra Leone, Mexico, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Lousiana, Las Vegas, California, Somalia—the number of disasters in the past few months is astounding. It feels like just when one ends, another one begins—horrible and devastating in a completely new way, and the sheer amount of relief resources needed for those affected continues climbing upward. But even though these disasters have been heartwrenching, there's something that feels even worse to me. The dismissive, cold, shrug-your-shoulders response of "must be a sign of the times." We know that in coming days the "earth shall tremble and reel to and fro as a drunken man".

There are other free Christian dating sites that are not specifically “Christian,” but Christians use, like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. And while you’ll probably have no problem getting matches on either site, weeding through the overabundance of matches to find like-minded Christians poses its own problem. [Check out our more extensive OKCupid Review or our Plenty of Fish breakdown.] Ultimately, though, the problem with free Christian dating sites is that if most people are going to use a free online dating vehicle, they’re going to use one of the more popular mobile-only dating apps like Tinder , Hinge , or Coffee Meets Bagel. Setting up a profile is easy on these apps, and it’s usually tied to one’s Facebook account.

David, I am so sad for you and sad at the lies your church has taught you. Masturbation is a natural thing. It 8767 s just a way to love yourself really, give yourself pleasure.
You compare to cigarettes, and that 8767 s crazy. Cigarettes can give you cancer. Alcohol can kill brain cells. Masturbation gives you orgasm, which is actually good for your body. You should read again what Adam said. What he said is perfectly true. The church says 8775 you are bad 8776 and 8775 We are the only ones who can take away the badness. 8776 Thus they tell an untrue story which gives them power over you.

I was a missionary in Ukraine in the early 6995s after the collapse of the USSR. At the time, Ukrainian cities had consistently higher rates of new converts than corresponding cities in Russia or any other neighboring countries, and it ultimately became the home of the first stake and temple in eastern Europe. I 8767 ve wondered for a long time what might explain the difference. My theory is that Ukraine has more of a tradition of religious pluralism than its neighbors, due to the existence of Catholic, Russian Orthodox and Ukrainian Orthodox churches. This leads to a culture where it 8767 s more acceptable to change one 8767 s religion than in countries dominated by a single religion. If true, I think this may also be a contributing factor to higher rates of baptisms in US missions compared to other developed countries. I 8767 d be interested to know whether this has ever been studied, or whether there might be other factors I hadn 8767 t considered to explain these kinds of differences.

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