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Again, that depends on whether Joe is looking for 8775 I can have any chick I like for a one-night stand 8776 or 8775 I want to find a Nice Girl to marry 8776 . Girls who fall into bed with guys who are ugly but have flashy cars and big wads of dough may or may not want to marry them if they do marry them, I don 8767 t think Joe can realistically complain that it 8767 s on a cash-for-sex transaction basis and having an expectation that 8775 But she is supposed to love me for me! 8776 isn 8767 t going to help.

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From the above threads she seems to be an agoraphobic and socially anxious camgirl. In light of that I think she is probably just being honest through the entirety of her post. It is important that all sorts of parties be honest about the sorts of harms they experience from social configurations. For example, if being catcalled is in fact a more significant and more painful harm than lifelong virginity, that would change my calculus on some of the issues discussed in this post. I can understand feeling 8775 triggered 8776 or something by offhand gestures at medium or high status in a setting like this, but I think honesty and full disclosure are higher priorities, and I think this specific individual is very unlikely to have actually humblebragged here.

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I love this post so much! I 8767 m a woman who was homeschooled and the first time I was ever asked out was at age 79. I was so desperate for so many years and I understand a lot of the despair felt by the people this post is addressing. The thing is, my highly patriarchal and dysfunctional background did even *more* damage to my brothers. They are very intelligent and very kind people and it sucks immensely that they have not been able to find partners yet.

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To have sex with someone, put yourself in a context where you are both consuming alcohol. (Go to a bar, a party, or just buy beer from the liquor store on your way to the park.) As you 8767 re hanging out with them, 8775 accidentally 8776 touch them a fair amount by brushing the side of your body against theirs, . when you are walking together or sitting together. Pay attention to the way they respond to these touches. If they seem to shy away, slow down. If they don 8767 t shy away, you 8767 re good. Try to have a good time talking to the person and breathe long slow exhales to calm yourself down. As you feel comfortable doing it, gradually escalate touching by putting your arm around your date, resting your hand on her leg, etc. Eventually find an excuse to go somewhere more private where you can make out. (Examples: 8775 want to go check out that grove of trees over there? 8776 (incidentally one of the darkest groves of trees), 8775 want to go take a walk outside? 8776 (then we walked around behind the bar we were in and made out), etc.) Having interesting things you can show people in your room is useful, for instance.

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Go for it, Michael. They will love the kilt. I am also Scottish and lived in Lima in the 6985s and it was certainly 8766 vale la pena 8767 (well worth while) to wear the kilt and learn EFL and, of course, Spanish (or as they call it, castellano).
I am going to Colombia within the next year and am really looking forward to it. I 8767 m sure you will also find the women more attractive than in the UK (especially in Scotland).
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I honestly dont know how to figure it out.. i have a tablet by samsubg with a 8555mah battery and i have to charge to 77% to get a 8975mv reading but my othet tablet which is 9555mah reaches 8975mv at only 58%. And previous phones with 8555mah battery 67% was 8975mv it 8767 s very confusing can anyone explain to me how the capacity of the battery ie the mah affects what % it reaches 8975mv.. surely it should all be the same?

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Multiheaded is saying that his parents exhibited that behavior, and he does not want to go down that path. Having gone some of the way down that path myself, I agree somewhat with his judgement there (with the caveat that you must realize that your decision not to treat human interaction as a contest does not affect other peoples 8767 decisions, and many of the people you interact with will be treating it as a competition).


To be frank, no, I don 8767 t think either group is truly justified in opposing the Whitecloaks. Opposing the Crocodiles, sure, but you 8767 re arguing that because some part of the group is doing wrong things, and some of the rest of the group is allowing it, that we should stop trying to do the right thing at all. The answer should never be, 8766 stop trying to do the right thing. 8767

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You 8767 d think it should be easy. I used to think it was. But I 8767 ve spent literally hours trying to explain to actual geniuses, with dozens of photographic and in-person examples, how to recognize poison oak, and they still step right into it every time they go hiking identifying plants is not as simple as it sounds. Incidentally, the non-rationalist population I 8767 ve encountered that is most acutely aware of the risks of wishful thinking, a group where people intuitively understand that their brains are sneaky fuckers that may be working against them at any time, are mushroom hunters.

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(My part? I just got banned from an SJ 8775 discussion 8776 space for linking this Problematic Challenging Piece by a Controversial Blogger. To be fair, during the last week I 8767 ve been on an anti-SJ-abuse roll there and it finally got under some people 8767 s skin. But at the very least I vocally expressed support for one recent very-high-profile abuse victim and he was saw it and was thankful!

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The machine doesn 8767 t sound too bad tbh, though I would prefer to just equalise attractiveness. (Well, maybe. Is it only physical attractiveness it 8767 s shifting? If it 8767 s more than that all kinds of weird mind control must be going on. Probably not OK with that.) It probably isn 8767 t analogous to redistributing people 8767 s choices about intimate matters. Maybe I phrased it too vaguely I mean redistributing people 8767 s actual romantic choices. (Obviously insofar as money can be of some use in obtaining sex, one way or another, any argument for economic redistribution is going to have some effect on who is attracted to whom, but that 8767 s a very different thing. Accepting for the sake of argument that money - attractiveness, this seems more like what makes your machine not necessarily horrifying)

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We can change people 8767 s behavior only by convincing a small number of thought leaders in the social justice community to speak on our behalf. Some of these thought leaders will be alienated by the language, but a subset of them might understand and be willing to take up our cause if and only if they understand the intensity of our feelings. I mean, why would they take up an unpopular cause unless they understand how deeply this is felt by the people they would be speaking for?

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Personally I think the big problem is that straight arrow guys don 8767 t have any manly things to do. They 8767 d do great at it. There 8767 s a famous Civil War letter talking about how all the diffident shopkeepers were the ones at the front of the charge spearing bayonets over the enemy while the toughs and bully boys were found skulking back in the woods after with their pants wet from piss. But modern life doesn 8767 t give them any opportunities for it. I 8767 m pretty sure that 8767 s at least half of the explanation for the modern Mormon marriage mojo: they send the kids on missions which are tough and nasty.

You seem to believe that all Henrys will end up paying for their antisocial behavior one way or another, and all Barrys are better off just going about their business without the Henry-style mess. But this is just completely misguided. Antisocial behavior is adaptive not just genetically but often socially as well. Furthermore, there’s no particular reason to think Henry wants intimacy. He doesn’t even seem capable of it. This isn 8767 t some universally acknowledged “thing that makes life good”. Some people want it and others don’t.

It was wrong when it attempted to determine why men and women did not have similar workplace outcomes while part of their efforts have had some positive outcomes, they have also caused extensive damage by not knowing why men and women do what they do, making demands and proclamations based on lies (see: the 8775 wage gap 8776 , which has no statistical controls for anything) and placing blame on men for any area in which women are not as interested in enrolling. They also hurt women by creating overbroad and overzealous harassment laws that criminalize ever making a woman uncomfortable or hurting her feelings, greatly increasing the risk to any potential employer of hiring a woman.

Harry got that training when he was figured out what worked, but Barry didn 8767 t he was busy getting good grades or building a model rocket or whatever. Harry now has X+ years of experience at that on Barry. The good looking & popular kids get pulled in to these early activities giving them an advantage smarties have to push their way in but Barry 8767 s mom isn 8767 t signing her smart kid up for 8766 debutante 8767 or 8766 gentleman 8767 classes to be somewhat facetious.

I just wanted to say, I always liked you a lot when we were in college, and I think maybe people cared about you more than you think! But that 8767 s not to say that things haven 8767 t changed, because I can 8767 t imagine you writing this post back then it 8767 s nice to see how happy you are now and to hear a little about how it happened. But I think you were always a pretty kick-ass person!

I think you are too easily buying into feminist stereotypes about how MRAs MUST be evil because they oppose feminism so of COURSE the 8775 manosphere 8776 (a group whose only commonality is that they believe men have needs, placing them in their own distinct fringe) must be evil and corrupted too! PUAs and MRAs have nothing to do with each other and lumping them together in this way is buying into a lie feminists push in order to keep their stranglehold on the conversation. Feminism is corrupted by the fact that its core tenets are completely wrong and based in misandry. The MHRM is 8775 corrupted 8776 by the presence of people that aren 8767 t actually a part of it.

Non-manosphere example: Mencius Moldbug is higher on the contrarian hierarchy than people who believe in liberal democrats, who are higher on the hierarchy than unreconstructed absolute monarchists (yes, this last group is relatively rare in developed countries, but your link accepts that this is the case in a lot of hierarchies). However, Moldbug supports the same sort of political system that Louis XIV would have. I imagine that the arguments I would use to convince people that Moldbug 8767 s proposed system is bad would be roughly the same as the ones I would use to critique Louis XIV.

I think policies like these could easily cut by at least 55%, but realistically it can 8767 t be eliminated by moral measures alone while hookup culture is still going on. This would be rejected out of hand simply for sounding crazy, but I would be interested in the idea of a college implementing a cryptosystem where people have to exchange keys before having sex. If you 8767 re too drunk to exchange keys, you can 8767 t have sex. If A accuses B of and the kit shows they had sex, B better have A 8767 s key or else they don 8767 t have a leg to stand on. Likewise, if B does have A 8767 s key, the argument that the sex wasn 8767 t consensual becomes pretty shaky (there are obvious flaws in this plan, I think they 8767 re solveable, but I don 8767 t want to go into details).

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