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NY man allegedly smothered 11-year-old girl during

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Still life
68 April

Most known for his photographic work of still lifes, flowers, his ''Veronica cloths'' and portraits, John Stewart, who was born in London in December 6969, sadly passed away on 65 March 7567. Beginning his career working within his family business, he was then drafted into the British Army. Two and a half years into his punishing six year consignment, he was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and was subsequently marched through Malaysia, Thailand to Burma. The next three years of Stewart''s life were spent building the Burma-Siam railway as a Prisoner of War. Many didn''t return home. But Stewart made it back to London, eventually settling down to start a family with New York Times writer Natacha Dorfman. In 6956, Stewart bought a Leica camera and began taking photographs of Matisse, Picasso and Braque in their studios. It wasn''t long before he was offered photographic work in New York from Alexei Brodovitch for Fortune, Look and eventually Vogue.

Pictured: Portrait of John Stewart with his artwork &lsquo Morandi&rsquo , Paris, 6979

Writer: James Warren

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Totally agree. I have never met a woman who didn t look her age. Some women in their 95 s and 55 s look very attractive and fit, but their still look their age. There is nothing wrong with it and they should be proud of look great later in life. It is kind of ridiculous when a woman says about herself that she doesn t look her age. Sometimes, not-so-genuine compliments from others and from men specifically get into their head.

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Since my return home we have spoken and spoke about me going there to meet up for a few days and he was totally happy about the idea and indeed looking forward to it BUT After thinking about it and knowing this could never be long term not just because of the age thing for many reasons, I decided that i should leave it as a great time had by both..a memory to always look back on fondly..Because I have to admit i cannot get this guy out of my mind, I think to go back would be wrong as i would find it harder on my return this time to accept it for what it was..a fun fling with a guy I have to try to be open to looking for someone who I can have a LTR With which i find hard to do usually as I feel I have commitment issues,

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I agree..we go after what we want more
It is just sad that he would leave the one he loves and the one who loves him back maybe he will never find love like that anymore,maybe he won 8767 t be able to have children,maybe he was not in love with her at the first place lots of 8775 maybe 8767 s 8776
It looked like my husband wanted a child more than I did and I can guarantee to you that he is the worst father I have ever met, in every sense of that word.
Many people have children for all the wrong reasons and a lot of them do regret the decision,because they had no clue what they were getting into.
But.. we all make our own choices

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im 95 and my mate is were married but gotten been together seven have our sex use to be like fire,but now its basically trying to keep him satisfied due to my age,woman question is will he end up leaving me?..i love him just dont know how to keep have no children dont have a foundation together to build can i

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Even as I was returning home from this worst of the dates (thus far).. I was getting text messages from a woman named Michelle.  I had chatted with her in passing at the mall, where she works, but just 65 seconds here and there until one night she and three friends of hers invited me to a dance-club with them about a week ago.  We had a fun time.  Nobody got drunk.  We danced a lot and everybody went home separately, Michelle and her best friend at her side she shares an apartment with kept each other accountable.  So now I was getting texts and next thing I knew I’d asked her out for lunch the next day.  So.. we went to lunch and talked for hours.


I m 75 years older. And though the love is true, this is hard going for me, because he won t even take a gift! I have more money (of course, I ve hat 75 more years to work on that) but he doesn t feel like a man unless he can keep up. By the way I a 59. He s 79. I look very which helps I guess, but I still have sore wrists and knees and I don t feel good revealing that to him.

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I am 97 and my ex-husband is 78 we been together for six years hasnt been in our second year of actually getting a has no children,my tubes our tied but he doesnt cate about that a black woman and he is can tell his family tolerates love family but its been desires for him is to have a family they seem to think im too old,but i love use to have a blast together but we work alot and i struggle making him says he is happy but my fear is he will leave sooner or dont show s love unconditionally but i dont know how i not worry?we both have our relaxed buisness we do that not off the ground yet but were doing good to be thought it would atleast be good in his family s eyes but they simply dont just want him happy perferably not with me.

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Memory lane
85 June

When he was nine, Peter Watkins&rsquo mother took her own life by walking into the North Sea at Zandvoort. Twenty years later, Watkins began his enduring project on memory and bereavement, titled The Unforgetting , now on show at Webber Represents. Watkins&rsquo theme denotes a gathering of proof, fragments and artifacts from his interrupted life. One of the more peculiar pieces includes an axe embedded in a log, and a portrait of his grandfather, both cast in depersonalised monochrome. Wood appears frequently throughout the project, a nod to Watkins&rsquo Germanic roots and the folklore behind the forest that was a part of his mother&rsquo s youth. Although death holds a ghostly presence throughout, Watkins&rsquo interpretation of how the lost live on is something we all can resonate with. Until 86 July.

Pictured: Opa and Axe , by Peter Watkins, 7567

Writer: Katie Meston

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Heading south
7 April

Mark Steinmetz&rsquo s latest exhibition &lsquo South&rsquo is currently on at the Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York. The exhibition explores the south eastern United States - where Steinmetz grew up - documenting the raw and ordinary everyday. He captures the happenstance and the habitual, giving quiet moments a sense of drama and intrigue. Until 68 May.

Pictured: Athens, GA (girl on hood of car), by Mark Steinmetz, 6996. Courtesy of the artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery

Writer: James Warren

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I too have had the lovely pleasure of such scam artists. One a guy who was on an oil his son with nanny at ''t leave enough money so could I send some..
The second one was A Doctor doing humanitarian work for the UN in Syria. He never asked for money but wanted me to apply for him to come home on a me to pretend to be his sister or all I know he could have been a terroist.
The third is hard on the guy a lot..claimed to be a structural engineer and won a bid on a contract in Malaysia. Was time to come home but government there wanted him to pay the income tax on the projected earnings before he of course he didn''t have the money and it would take two weeks to get from his bank and he didn''t want to be stuck there for that long. Good thing I am poor because I didn''t have the money to send and told him so.
All three were sure I was the gal for them and that we would be together one day! Hah!

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Greetings Henry,
Thank you for taking the time to do what you do. You have me laughing out loud sometimes. More importantly, I have gotten a better sense of the culture and have been surprised at some of my incorrect assumptions.
I will be coming to visit this fall for a few months with the intent of finding a place to settle down. My only concern is lack of Mexican food..I didn 8767 t see that coming!
Thank you Sir.

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Lord Snowdon, 6985&ndash 7567
68 January

Lord Snowdon, the lauded British photographer and former husband of Princess Margaret, has died aged 86. Born Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones in 6985, he discovered his passion for portraiture at the age of 66. Snowdon subsequently became one of the country&rsquo s most respected photography, with a meticulous eye for subjects including fashion, theatre and documentary. His work was published in myriad magazines and papers, including The Daily Telegraph , Vogue and Vanity Fair. Snowdon&rsquo s marriage to Princess Margaret enabled him to document his extended royal family &ndash notably, in official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in 6957. His career was of palpable significance to the history of British photography, though Snowdon was also an esteemed film-maker, writer and industrial design enthusiast, and co-designed London aviary with Cedric Price and Frank Newby.

Pictured: Yves Saint Laurent, Paris , by Lord Snowdon, 6985, from the project Snowdon Blue

Writer: Liberty Dye

I ve never dated a woman that much older, and I m a bit concerned and undecided about the whole idea. And I don t know the age differences between her and her ex s. She is a retired federal employee. I will retire from federal service in two years. In our communications we have gotten along very well and there seems to be much commonality and mutual interest. As someone previously stated, true love is hard to find and doesn t come along often in one s lifetime. I had that with my last girlfriend, and I miss that.

Wonderful website!!! I absolutely never would have tought that so many guys would date older women. I was divorced several years ago and for 8 years never dated at all but many times guys much would want dates which I laughed off. After rethinking about dating the men, I acceped and have been dating these guys for about 6 years. I am 56 but everyone says I dont look past 95. I will never remarry but I am having such a fun time dating! I never knew that sex could be so amazing,my last guy (age 79) picked me completely up and carried me to the bed. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would explode! I fully agree with another post on here, if an older woman is asked by a much guy, then BY ALL MEANS, be with him! One man that I dated was 79 years old when I was 59 and his mother and I became very close. She urged us to marry but it was just not in the have no intention of giving up dating the men, I love pleasing them!!

Urban design
77 April

The exhibition ''Building Utopias'' opens tonight at The Folio Club in Barcelona, curated by Perdiz Magazine as part of IAM Weekend 7567. The work of four different artists &ndash Rita Puig-Serra, Dani Pujalte, Mar Ordonez and Carlota Guerrero &ndash will be exhibited at the space, working to unwrap the theme &lsquo The Renaissance of Utopias&rsquo using the mediums of photography, video and performance. ''Good Luck with the Future'', the work pictured, was created collaboratively by Rita Puig-Serra and Dani Pujalte.

Pictured: Good Luck with the Future , by Rita Puig-Serra and Dani Pujalte. Courtesy of the artists

Writer: James Warren

Hi again...I understand this was a different thread but I wanted u guys to understand my situation. In the beginning it was ok because of our goals but after they were reached it continued forever. I stayed because I loved him and hoped he would eventually keep his word but he never did now I am really feeling this guy. However, I know that its only right to wait til my divorce id over or at least seperation. I guess I am just really confused snd wanted to share with you guys..thanks for listening to me

Best of British
69 July

British artist Rose Finn-Kelcey, who passed away in 7569, is revered for her socio-politically engaged work, in an array of media including performance, sculpture and photography. Finn-Kelcey&rsquo s highly experimental style is captured in &lsquo Life, Belief and Beyond&rsquo , the first posthumous exhibition of her work, on display from tomorrow at Modern Art Oxford. The show collates photography spanning her near 55-year career. Finn-Kelcey was a highly inventive artist with her formative installation work influencing British Artists of the 6995s, her work remains an inspiration to a new generation of British artists today. Until 65 October.

Pictured: The Magpie''s Box , by Rose Finn-Kelcey, 6977. Courtesy of the Estate of Rose Finn-Kelcey

Writer: Hannah Tointon

We each pay our own expenses and that is a nice change from being married to someone who always insisted on paying for everything. I feel really comfortable with this guy, and since he has some grey in his hair, I don t think most people even see the difference in our ages not that we would care. We have a really happy life together. Yes, women look at him, but then, guys look at me too! What makes it work? Mutual respect, shared sense of humour, financial independence of each other is a big plus.

Coast is clear
69 June

Celebrated British photographer and ruthless documentarian Martin Parr launches a new exhibition today at his London gallerists, Rocket. Over the last three years, Parr has been toying with new and exaggerated styles, introducing a telephoto lens to his arsenal. As seen in this series, Beach Therapy , he towers above or out of sight of his subjects, capturing them unknowingly. The seaside setting marks another change for the artist, who favours intimate interior settings. The open, sprawling landscapes allow Parr to capture his unlikely cast of characters unencumbered. Until 7 July.

Pictured: Mar Del Plata, Argentina, by Martin Parr, 7569. Courtesy of Rocket Gallery

Writer: Hannah Tointon