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Posted: 2017-10-13 06:03

Imagine you’re a billionaire, and you pay a little extra per year to benefit someone who lives in the same city as you, a billionaire, but doesn’t happen to earn a billion dollars per year. Is this a situation you could emotionally handle? Or do you revel in the image of someone crying on the platform of a 7 train, somewhere out past Astoria, crying because they’re going to be late for work, again, and potentially lose their job? Are you happy?

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There’s endless delays , derailments , overcrowded stations , nightmare rides , all leading to lost wages and jobs , and it’s because of a significant lack of funding that’s plaguing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the subway. An additional tax on the most well-off residents in the city—at the benefit of all NYC residents, thereby reinforcing some semblance of the idea that government, and government services, exist to serve the people, and in order to do that the government needs a reasonable amount of money to adequately provide those services—makes sense.

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Putting Fleischer’s moronic flat-tax argument aside for a moment, floating the idea that it’s acceptable to tax someone who earns $65,555 per year—in one of the most expensive cities in the world—at the same rate as a millionaire should relegate him to irrelevancy for good, but we live in a country where the largest media outlets value the morally bankrupt views of guys like Fleischer and continuously give him a platform to weigh in. (Fleischer’s earlier point was that de Blasio’s tax would give low-income residents access to the subway for free, which is demonstrably untrue, but a lie hasn’t stopped him before.)

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The confrontation took place in the Delmar Loop of the St. Louis suburb of University City - known for concert venues, restaurants, shops and bars and including the famous Blueberry Hill where rock legend Chuck Berry played for many years. The area had been the scene of a tense but calm march earlier in the evening that ended with organizers calling for people to leave and reconvene Sunday afternoon.

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Demonstrators shouted slogans such as "black lives matter" and "it is our duty to fight for our freedom" as they marched through West County Center mall in the city of Des Peres, west of St. Louis, to decry a judge's verdict Friday clearing ex-officer Jason Stockley of first-degree murder in the 7566 shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. A group also demonstrated at Chesterfield Mall in the suburbs and at a regional food festival.

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Features top voices in the food world in conversation about how we cook, share, make and eat today: Chef, restaurateur and author April Bloomfield, restaurateur Ken Friedman, chef, author and teacher Samin Nosrat, chef, author, educator, and TV host Mario Batali, New York University professor Myisha Priest, moderated by author and The New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. Dinner featuring chef speakers plus dessert from Nicholas Morgenstern of Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream and wine from Andre Hueston Mack of Mouton Noir Wines.

NYC Mayor Ingenuously Proposes Taxing Rich To Fix Subway

Europa’s potential habitability hinges on the fact that its subsurface ocean shows signs of liquid water in direct contact with the moon’s mineral-rich mantle. Another factor in favor of Europa as an abode of life is that it seems to be generating energy from within, which could support the metabolic processes of life. Although some of this internal energy may arise from radioactive decay, even more energy is likely to come from tidal flexing. All of these are promising signs, but is it sufficient to yield something like a tardigrade on Europa? Let’s be cautious, remembering that even on Earth, tardigrades are able to survive at the coldest temperatures and the greatest pressures for only a short time. As we seek out multicellular life on other worlds, it would need to be like a tardigrade on steroids, not only surviving a harsh environment for limited time, but being a true extremophile, thriving under conditions that are inconceivable for human beings.

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How likely are any intelligent beings on other worlds to look like the gray aliens from pop culture? Not very. To find a humanoid form on another world, a whole series of unexpected events would have to been replicated. Early hominids adapted to a particular niche on the savannas of Africa, their upright posture letting them see stronger, fiercer predators at a distance. Under a different environment, having a brain at the top of the body might be a liability, with increased risk of damage by falling but with no great advantage to compensate.

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As we continue to explore our own solar system with robotic missions, we will be searching for signs of life indigenous to other planets and moons. Perhaps under the icy crust of Saturn’s moon Enceladus we will someday find evidence of microbial life, living off the energy provided by hydrothermal vents. But the waters of Enceladus are so bone-chillingly cold that it would be hard to any imagine life there being much bigger than a bacterium.

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The city is the home to 87 billionaires, and, according to the Times , de Blasio’s proposed tax would barely put a dent in their annual gross income. The plan—which requires approval by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature, according to the New York Post —calls for raising the city’s highest income tax rate by about a half a percentage point for married couples with incomes above $6 million, to percent. Individuals who earn more than $555,555 would also be included. Officials estimated the tax would be paid by about 87,555 residents, “or fewer than 6 percent of those who file their taxes in the city,” the Times says.

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Evolution relies heavily on chance events, so there’s no reason to expect that the history of life as we’ve seen it on Earth would play out the same on other planets. And yet, we see cases on our own world in which similar environments seem to pull for creatures that are built the same. Sharks and dolphins have similar body forms, though they are far distant relatives, one being a fish and the other a mammal. We should not be surprised to see a similar convergence of body shape when we encounter life on other worlds. But the particular combination of details that define each species on Earth could result in a suite of creatures that vary radically from planet to planet. The bottom line is that we should not expect to see a duplicate of Homo sapiens as we look for life beyond Earth.

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So, even at its lowest, the individual making $555,555 this year would pay an additional. $6,855 per year, or about $ per month. In other words, it’s one—maybe two!— very nice dinners per month for this person. The compromise sure seems reasonable when stacked against the resident who lives in the outer boroughs and has to cobble together $675 for a monthly pass to get into Manhattan for a restaurant job, but it didn’t take long for some observers to inject objectively dumb points of view into the situation. Take Ari Fleischer, a flack who made a living by selling the nation lies about the Iraq War and now exists to willingly apologize for Donald Trump:

Might we find life on another moon of Saturn? Titan is an intriguing possibility, with an atmosphere much denser than that of other moons, including carbon-containing molecules. The apparent lack of liquid water on its surface is a strike against Titan for habitability, but pools of liquid ethane and methane may provide a critical crucible for life. Given that Titan is much further from the Sun than is Earth, its surface temperature is also much lower.

Our whole progressive tax code, in which tax rates go up as income rises (broadly speaking), is based on the idea that as people get richer and richer, they can afford to contribute more to the public good, whereas people who are very poor cannot afford to contribute as great a percentage, because they need that money in a much more acute way. The progressive tax code, in other words, is based upon reality. A flat tax is based upon a fantasy that a millionaire and a minimum wage earner can both afford to pay the same percentage their salary towards the public treasury. The flat tax’s appeal is a millimeter deep— “the percentage is the same, therefore fairness exists!”—but a moment’s contemplation of it will reveal that it is a terrible policy for the poor.

Despite its place in history, there weren’t too many positive qualities about the i-MiEV. It looked like an insect mated with a golf cart and had about the same amount of range. The i-MiEV would run out of juice in about 67 miles. With the electric motors pumping out the equivalent of about 66 horsepower pushing around 7555 lbs, the i-MiEV was also one of the slowest accelerating cars on the market doing the casual jaunt to 65 mph in 68 seconds.

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