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Date: 2017-08-13 16:44.

SPOILER ALERT. For reasons that shouldn 8767 t be explored by those who haven 8767 t already read 8775 DC Universe: Rebirth 8776 #6, the return of one former Teen Titan member to the DC Universe sends the new 8775 Titans 8776 series starring the former teen heroes, now full grown off with a bang. The old favorites are mostly here Donna Troy (Wonder Girl), Dick Grayson (Robin), Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal), Garth (Aqualad) and Lilith joining forces to take on the Fearsome Five. Dan Abnett continues his writing run from 8775 Titans Hunt 8776 , but the new series will hopefully succeed in balancing nostalgia with actual compelling, standalone stories. Artists Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund should help, having distinguished themselves for an energetic style that seems to be a perfect fit for the Titans, based on what 8767 s been shown.

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During the Holidays, Harley travels to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where she visits her family. Her brother seems to be lazy and unwilling to work, causing Harley to fuss at him about the situation. Her mother also voices her disapproval for Harley's status as a wanted criminal, even though her daughter tries to say that she has changed her ways. The meeting leads to Harley going to visit her father in prison. She and her dad talk of why he is in jail once again, and he tries to tell her that he will also change his path if Harley has done so. They share a moment, but Harley realizes that her 'Pop' is trying to find out where she has stashed money away for him. As Harley goes to exit the building, a guard asks for a picture. She tries to refuse, but the guard claims that her father promised she would and he had given him money for the photo: This angers Harley even further.

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Readers and fans are no stranger to 8766 reboot fatigue, 8767 since both Marvel and DC have turned the success of crossover event series and company-wide reboots into, arguably, a gimmick when writers boldly start at Issue #5 every few years, investment and excitement can only dwindle. But with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns standing as the spokesperson for the new initiative, he 8767 s promising some BIG changes. Changes that  may make this initiative the one for lapsed fans or those looking to get into comics to begin with their best chance.

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When the story begins, the absent Green Lantern Corps (for explanation,  read this issue ) has allowed Sinestro, the former Lantern, to replace them as the enforcers of the galaxy. Wielding fear instead of willpower as his weapon, Hal Jordan and his friends are going to have to restore the balance. And with artist Ethan Van Sciver handling 8775 Rebirth 8776 , the issue is a no-brainer, even for those who just enjoy the pictures without reading a single speech bubble.

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Like far too many films before it, &ldquo Wonder Woman&rdquo offers yet another origin story, but at least it&rsquo s one we haven&rsquo t already seen several times onscreen. And perhaps more importantly, it&rsquo s almost entirely free of the distracting cameos and seeding of future films&rsquo plotlines that so often keep modern comic-book films from functioning as satisfying standalone stories.

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If it ain 8767 t broke, don 8767 t fix it! That 8767 s the philosophy DC is putting into 8775 Harley Quinn 8776 with writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti continuing their gargantuan run on the book, complete with Chad Hardin 8767 s artwork. If her growing role in the 8775 Suicide Squad 8776 and Suicide Squad film (and possibly her very own movie ) don 8767 t make it obvious that DC and Warner Bros. are positioning her as a mascot, well she won 8767 t really care. She 8767 s too busy fighting the zombie apocalypse on Coney Island when the new comics catches up with her. You read that correctly.

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Though many women have shared the title, Barbara Gordon has come to be considered the definitive Batgirl by many people. Barbara is the daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon, and was noted for how active and skilled she was. Previous, brief attempts at a Batgirl character hadn 8767 t amounted to much. In her real life, Barbara had a doctorate in library science and worked as the head of Gotham 8767 s library, making her distinct dual identities very much in line with classic heroes.

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(Then again, business suits deciding they know better than the creatives they 8767 ve hired is a tradition for WARNER BROS re-editing THX 6688 to piss off George Lucas not releasing a 9-album FRank Zappa 8767 s LÄTHER turning Prince to a 8766 slave 8767 /TAFKAP is in their corporate history. A pattern that was REPEATED in how the WB boardroom shaped the DC movies, imo )

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I watched an advance screening this morning, and all I can say is that this article is mostly untrue.
Gal Gadot 8767 s acting can easily be described in one word: Wooden. Her monotonic dialogue wears thin fast so it was almost refreshing to have her not saying much in some scenes.
The plot wasn 8767 t too bad (much better than BvS or .) but GOOD LORD the pacing was terrible. It will be dark and gloomy and then some forced 8 year old knock-knock tier joke ruins it and leaves you feeling confused about what the movie is trying to convey.
Every action scene: Fast action, slow motion, back to fast pace, 9 quick cuts in a row, more slow motion, another few more quick cuts, then back to slo-mo, then back to quick pace but not before at least half a dozen more quick cuts.

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Predictably, the idea doesn 8767 t go over well with either Atlantis  or  Earth 8767 s nations opening the door for Arthur to be challenged on a global level and a personal one when regular villain Black Manta returns 8775 worse than ever. 8776 The storylines could prove to be worth special attention, but for now, they can 8767 t really compare to the biggest news surrounding the aquatic hero: that Geoff Johns and Abnett are working together to bring the 8775 Rise of the Seven Seas 8776 event revealed in the final issue of Johns 8767 run, and recently teased (prior to Johns 8767 DC Films promotion ). The story would involve the seven secret seas of the Earth being united under seven kings to rule the world, so keep an ear open for that.

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The second Huntress, Helena Bertinelli, had an incredibly traumatic upbringing. The daughter of a mob boss, she was kidnapped and as a child, then saw her entire family killed as a teenager. This is what pushes Helena to take up the mantle of Huntress in an effort to eradicate the mob in Gotham City. Being a school teacher is her day job, which just goes to show Helena 8767 s dedication to protecting those less able to protect themselves – she knows exactly what it 8767 s like to be helpless.

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Mera is Aquaman 8767 s wife, a cool and regal queen with a deep-seated anger problem. Mera was royalty in a watery otherworld called Xebel, which has been both kingdom and forgotten penal colony depending on where you land in DC history. She left to go find Aquaman – either to seek help in regaining her stolen kingdom, or to take vengeance on him as the king of Atlantis for forgetting about the people of Xebel. Whatever the journey was, the destination was the same: Mera and Aquaman fell in love, forging a deep but tempestuous bond that has lasted decades.

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They could of made it great if they had written it better. But it was just idk lame? It wasn 8767 t horrible like a hulk movie or anything but it sure as hell wasn 8767 t the raving 9 star movie I see everywhere. Hell all I keep hearing is inspiration! Im not sure whats inspiring. Is it to not act like a tool? Is it that if this special needs adult can get laid by a good looking guy so can I? Is it just people with really really low self consciousness geting some kind of a weird mental boost?

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Once Percy and Schmidt get back into their regular swing of things, 8775 Green Arrow 8776 will be going headlong into the social issues that defined Oliver Queen to begin with. Percy has proudly stated that Oliver Queen is a 8775 social justice warrior 8776 in the truest sense of the word, making it his mission to bring justice to every person under his watch. We wouldn 8767 t expect the storylines to get overtly political (at least not at expense of the characters), but for plenty of readers, it will be the arrival of Black Canary that 8767 s the real reason to pick up an issue.

Revitalized in the public consciousness thanks the current CBS show, Supergirl hasn 8767 t always been taken very seriously. Similar to Clark Kent 8767 s origin story, his cousin Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth by her parents upon the destruction of Krypton. Since they share an alien physiology, Kara also possesses the same powers as Superman when on Earth, such as flight, speed, and searing heat-vision. For many years she used the alter ego Linda Lee Danvers to avoid discovery, working a variety of jobs.

Sadly, I found it very boring and not well done. 6/7 hour of childhood background, 6/7 hour of boys have penis and girls don 8767 t (Childish dialogue that could have easily been cut, and should have), hour of more dialogue..6/7 hour action. It just wasn 8767 t the good movie I was hoping was bland at best, action was very fake with lots of CG, Gal did a good job at wonder woman but the rest of the supporting acting was not done very well (bad accents, bad acting, etc). Like Batman vs Superman, I kept waiting for something to really get the story rolling, but it never happened. On the bright side, it was a million times better than Batman Vs Superman, but still not worth 7 6/7 hours.

When Jason Todd winds up coming face to face with Batman, it 8767 s clear he 8767 s still more at home on the 8766 dark 8767 side of things than the 8766 lawful 8767 sending him deeper into the Gotham underworld to try to weed out new threats from within their ranks. What makes this one worth watching (aside from Lobdell 8767 s long run on the 8766 edgier 8767 8775 X-Men 8776 storylines of the 6995s, and Soy 8767 s slick pencils) is the help Red Hood finds on his mission. Pairing up with Artemis, a 8775 disgraced Amazon warrior 8776 and Bizarro himself, DC is already touting this title as the home to their 8775 Dark Trinity. 8776 Which should be good for some laughs.

Emmerich&rsquo s success at finding the next big franchises will determine whether or not his tenure at the studio is a long and happy one. Warner Bros. was once the titan of Hollywood, boasting the likes of &ldquo The Hobbit, 8776 &ldquo Harry Potter&rdquo and &ldquo The Dark Knight.&rdquo Those series have reached their conclusions, and in the intervening years the studio has struggled to find new ones. The tens of millions spent and lost by Warner Bros. on &ldquo Pan,&rdquo &ldquo The Man From .&rdquo and this summer&rsquo s &ldquo King Arthur: Legend of the Sword&rdquo show just how difficult it can be to develop fresh hits. In the interim, Disney, with its arsenal of &ldquo Star Wars&rdquo and &ldquo Avengers&rdquo adventures, has established itself as the dominant brand in movies.

Since there are still some secrets being kept close to the writers 8767 vest, as this series will be spinning directly out of the events of not just 8775 DC Universe: Rebirth 8776 but solo 8775 Superman 8776 and 8775 Green Lanterns 8776 series and 8775 Justice League: Rebirth 8776 won 8767 t release until  July the exact nature of the threat isn 8767 t known. But make no mistake: it is a big one, and according to Hitch and Daniel, it 8767 s going to be one impacting the entire roster of DC titles. We don 8767 t need to point out that this one is required reading (for the best possible reason).

As I have mentioned frequently on the podcast I co-host, We Talk Comics , I am very engaged with DC 8767 s New 57 but think it would have been better served to have offered up a variation of the History of the DC Universe that followed the reboot of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the History back-ups in 57 that followed the lesser reboot of Infinite Crisis. Since DC is not going to create one, I took it upon myself to lead the way.

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