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Miller has also stated that the world of All-Star Batman and Robin takes place in the same continuity as his very well-received The Dark Knight Returns. (Apparently, this is a prequel.) If nothing else, the Caped Crusader 8767 s behavior in this arc explains why he is completely alone and miserable by the time that beloved comic rolls around. It explains virtually nothing else that happens, however.

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Conor McCreery and Neil Gibson came to comics from the world of business and used those skills to build the award-winning series, Kill Shakespeare and Twisted Dark. These ideas started as comics and have moved into the worlds of theatre, merchandise, board games, audio books and film and television. The two friends will discuss the entrepreneurial side of their journey. From learning how to raise money, to working with other creators, to courting publishers, Conor and Neil will teach you how to make your creative idea into a creative business.

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What made the Marvel superhero comics different from the competition was the sense of place. While DC 8767 s heroes fought criminal capers in made-up cities like Gotham and Metropolis, Marvel 8767 s heroes lived in the all too real New York City. Spider-Man swung by the Empire State Building on his way back to Queens. Sure, there were a few fake places like the prehistoric Savage Land and the hyper-advanced African nation of Wakanda, but most Marvel adventures took place on a recognizable Earth.

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DC made things extra baffling, though, by establishing in the miniseries Lois and Clark  that the family had been there since the beginning of the Justice League. Lois and Clark had been on Earth-6 for nearly a decade, watching another Superman and Justice League come together. Yet Clark didn’t just sit by and act like an average joe. He suited up in the black Supes suit and was secretly helping people the entire time the New 57 Justice League was fighting King Orm, Darkseid, and the rest.

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The book was an overnight success, and Lee worked with Kirby and other artists to get more like it on the market. Fantastic Four was joined by an insecure web-slinging teen named Spider-Man, a reanimated Norse god, a scientist who transformed into a menacing monster when he got angry, and dozens more. Captain America and other older heroes were brought into the fold as well. They faced off against equally innovative villains, from the despotic ruler of a fictional European nation to a literal devourer of worlds.

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The other fathers are all well-drawn characters who I want to get to know. There’s of course romantic subtext, but even though I’m totally ready to bone down with Mat, the hot barista, I’m also enjoying just learning more about him. He’s an awkward guy, his coffee shop is covered in band puns (I ordered the Godspeed You! Black Coffee), and he used to be in a band. In fact, the first time you hang he invites you to a PUP concert, which is one of my favorite real-life bands.

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The main point of Convergence was establishing that all previous universes and characters who were ever introduced in the DC Universe still existed after Flashpoint. Yet even this has become rather pointless, because with D C Rebirth, it 8767 s seemingly been established that everything has been changing on the whims of Dr. Manhattan. At the time,  Convergence was a confusing read, but even within the space of a few years, it 8767 s become one big contradiction.

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Donna, like Wonder Woman, has several different origin stories. While Diana’s many beginnings are reasonable, the story behind Ms. Troy gets more puzzling with each retcon. Donna has been everything from an orphan found and raised on Themyscira as Diana’s sister to a creation from part of Wonder Woman’s soul to a mirror image clone of the Amazonian princess. In the pre- Flashpoint era, it seemed like every couple decades, Donna got a new origin story that completely changed the previous one. In the late 6985s,  New Teen Titans even ran a story arc called “Who is Donna Troy?”  to clean everything up, but even that was retconned later on.

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Company executive Kevin Feige realized that Marvel hadn 8767 t licensed the movie rights to the core Avengers, and Marvel raised funds to produce an individual film each for Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, then put them together in the Avengers. It was obviously a huge success. The films referenced each other in subtle and non-intrusive ways, building on plot elements to create the continuity that fans craved.

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The basic gist of Final Crisis is that Darkseid invades Earth, and due to his signature anti-life equation, things get very weird and complicated very quickly. The villain is eventually defeated thanks to Superman being able to sing him to death (not a joke). Oh, and Batman dies. Wait, sorry, Batman doesn’t die, he 8767 s just sent back in time, but his body is still around looking like a charred skeleton for reasons.

The Ultimate Universe percolated along in its own little corner for a while, but mainstream Marvel also found its way back to relevance. Hot artists and writers delivered character-defining runs on books, including Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon on X-Men. This quality-first approach helped the company claw their way out of bankruptcy, but serious issues still remained.

The final moments of Barry Allen in   Crisis on Infinite Earths   are a weird but well-known comic book “death.” The real craziness immediately precedes that heroic sacrifice. For about the last 75 issues of Barry’s original   The Flash   run, the comic was embroiled in a straight-faced legal drama. Barry was on trial for the murder of the Reverse-Flash, after the latter tried to kill   Barry 8767 s   fiancé.

This is not to be confused with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the shared fictional reality that Marvel movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy , as well as TV shows like Jessica Jones and Agents Of . , take place in. That universe does not include Marvel properties like the X-Men or Ghost Rider but as of the last movie, does include Spider-Man. We 8767 ll explain more in a bit.

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Odyssey was DC’s attempt to reboot Wonder Woman for the umpteenth time. Odyssey did away with all the continuity that had been in the series since Crisis on Infinite Earths,  instead opting for a Diana who not only wore pants, but had no connection to anyone she had been interacting for years in the comics. Odyssey feels so disconnected from everything else, it 8767 s almost an Elseworlds story just one that was supposed to take place in the main continuity.

While in theory a way to streamline DC 8767 s timeline, the  Crisis on Infinite Earths  event caused more problems than it fixed. One of the big causalities of Crisis was Power Girl. After Crisis,  she was no longer the cousin of the main Superman (or any Superman, for that matter). Instead, Power Girl learned that she was an Atlantean. While she kept her superhero moniker, she got a brand new (even more garish) costume, and for decades, she believed that she belonged under the sea in a reverse Little Mermaid situation.

According to Mister Mxyzptlk Superman had been split into two beings (New Earth and Prime Earth Superman) by a power beyond even his own. [69] At the end of the battle with Mxyzptlk, his son Jonathan remerges his father and mother with their Prime Earth counterparts. Mister Oz reveals that this action caused the New Earth and Prime Earth realities to merge into a new reality both familiar and new. [75]

Marvel 8767 s interconnected world was predicated on the idea of 8775 continuity 8776 each issue of a comic book was part of the same massive story, told by different creators. It all 8775 happened. 8776 As their characters gained popularity, Marvel started giving them more individual titles Spectacular Spider-Man hit stands in 6976, followed by Web Of Spider-Man in 6985. The X-Men were joined by the New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force, X-Calibur and myriad other spinoff teams. And the storylines in each book were connected together, requiring fans to buy them all to keep up with the narrative.

Super Identity takes place in a world where Supes exists as a fictional character. A teenage boy named Clark Kent is teased for his similarities to the comic book hero growing up, but suddenly, Clark develops the exact same superpowers as his idol. He then decides to start dressing up as Superman and saving the world in secret. To put the weird icing on the strange cake, Clark even ends up dating and getting married to a woman named Lois.

Though this is another story is written by Grant Morrison, this is somehow easier to explain than Final Crisis. Evidently, while penning his legendary run on  Animal Man , the writer decided that telling the adventures of a little-known superhero with a silly name wasn’t enough of a challenge for him, so Morrison decided to write himself into his own comics. It 8767 s akin to Stephen King making himself a character in his Dark Tower series, but this one isn 8767 t completely terrible and self-aggrandizing.

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