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I found your blog through oh, I don 8767 t know, some google search or other sometimes I like to read about places I 8767 ve been or lived in my spare time and thought your post on what is acrid and detestable about Sweden was a riot a laugh riot, that is, and I 8767 m not being condescending in any serious way I genuinely found it rather entertaining, as satire goes. The comments were something else, but then, obviously that 8767 s not your fault.

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He was amazing, however, I still felt I was not ready to date him. I think a part of me feared that his family would never accept me but more than anything else it simply was not the right time in my life. In the end my gut, intuition, or whatever I was calling it to justify my decision to end things won. I could write out all the fears/suspicions I had (cheating and 8775 womanizing 8776 ) but those fears really don 8767 t matter anymore.

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Personally I Like both Asian/Caucasian women and tend to date or mingle with both, But that doesn 8767 t mean I 8767 m attracted to every race of Asian or Caucasian women. Out of experience I developed preferences for certain cultures and certain ethnic features. I 8767 m not a bigot, I just know what I like and most comfortable with. I see nothing wrong with it. When I date Asian girls, it 8767 s usually predominately Korean women (common culture, language, etc), and not another Asian ethnicity. When I date non Asian, Caucasian, I 8767 m also picky. I tend to gravitate towards Slavic and Baltic women because they have certain physical features that other Caucasian women don 8767 t have. A lot of them pull off a 8775 Almost Asian but not look 8776 due to their physical features or style of dress, which I 8767 m very fond of. I noticed they fit me mentally and culturally more then American women, and often times more then Korean women.

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First, I suspect before he went back home he might have known there was an engagement in the works. Or, at the very least, knew his family had been planning his marriage with the cousin for a while. Though cousin marriages are often arranged by the parents, they rarely leave their children out of the loop. This doesn 8767 t mean he 8767 s in love with her. Nor does it mean he doesn 8767 t love you. It simply means he comes from a culture that 8767 s very different from ours, and sadly, culture will often dictate his future. Especially if he 8767 s the oldest son. If he 8767 s not, he may have a chance to explain to his family it 8767 s just not something he wants to do and they may let him out of it. If he 8767 s the oldest then I suspect he 8767 ll marry her, have children, and always respect her as the woman his mother chose for him. Perhaps one day he 8767 ll deeply love her, maybe not.

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Hi My name is zainab. And im in love with this guy who is from riyadh, saudi arabia. i met him at school. he loves me too and we have been together for almost a yr. He told me that no matter how much he loves me he cant marry me because, well im refuses to even bring up the idea of marrying an american girl to his family. Even though i am american, i am still Muslim. So i cant see what the problem is. I love him so much, his family is starting to pressure him into marriage, and the thought of him being with another woman kills me. What advice can you give me

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Of the guys I got to know fairly well, none drank to excess, or at all while I was with them. They enjoyed good conversation. Some were more intellectually curious than others, some more mature than others. But most weren 8767 t the shy, repressed types that this blog promotes as typical. Nor were they obsessed with their looks. All were average-looking, one was overweight. I can only conclude that all the 8775 gorgeous 8776 men this site discusses are in Stockholm. Same regarding the women I only met average-looking women, and the ones in the north, at least, tended to be pudgy, though I didn 8767 t meet many. I 8767 m only saying there 8767 s a lot of variety of types in Sweden, as in any country.

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heyyy… im coming to stockholm in december the 8th till 67th. really cannot wait.. few things i was wanting to know… what are swedish like with foreigners?? will they know if we are foreign without hearing us talk?? do they prefer scottish over english etc?? ar the women attracted to british men? do they find us exotic?? is it easy to converse with swedish women??? all help would be greatly appreciated!! oh! and are allt he women really tall?? im quite short!!

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Or, indeed, that all Swedish girls are blond and beautiful. I 8767 m not going to go into how problematic even 8775 positive 8776 national stereotyping is, but come on, now: you 8767 ve lived in Sweden for a fair bit surely you 8767 ve noticed that homely or plain-looking women abound just as much as the gorgeous ones? You 8767 re opening yet another can of worms if you begin to equate 8775 gorgeous 8776 to 8775 tall, blond and busty 8776 by the way. Internalized sexism and internalized racism, that is. I 8767 m honestly really sorry if you feel like you aren 8767 t beautiful just because you don 8767 t look like this ridiculous 8775 white ideal of beauty 8776 that 8767 s been touted since forever by those in power.

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Have you heard of the clarks doll experiment? It 8767 s a classic child psychology experiment from the 6995s. Little kids don 8767 t lie. Internalized white supremacy/oppression began at a age. That 8767 s why I always tell the Asian community to teach their kids their native Asian language and culture, if you go whitewashed, if you assimilate into the white culture, you will only hate yourself and your own race. When you assimilate, you are telling yourself that you are go by the white standards. And it 8767 s a losing battle, you 8767 ll never win, you 8767 ll never be white, you 8767 ll only be second to whites. At the same time, you have rejected your own ethnic culture because you find it inferior. You don 8767 t speak a lick of your Asian language, so you have trapping yourself in limbo with lots of psychological issues. Rejected by both worlds. And that 8767 s why I see so much self loathing in Asian Americans. They don 8767 t know who they are. Asian Americans are a big group of confused people who want to be white but not white, who is Asian but dislike their own kind.

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And as for girls who think all Asian (namely Korean) guys have pale skin, nice hair and toned bodies: well obviously they seem to prefer that in a guy, and I agree that it 8767 s wrong for them to just assume that about an entire gender of a certain race, but I also don 8767 t see anything wrong with liking that particular type of appearance in a potential partner! Sure, I like guys with clear pale skin, nice hair, and a toned body, but that doesn 8767 t mean that I don 8767 t like a guy with tanned or dark skin, cool hair, and a relatively healthy body. Or even a guy with not so good skin, not-so-great hair, but possesses other attractive traits.


As for the foreign thing, forget it if you 8767 re a middle-eastern/african man. Swedish girls like their americans/italians/french. The racism in Sweden has skyrocketed since 7555 and while we men would not mind to date foreigners i think the women are more conservative cus of the 8775 8776 -generalization that swedish women make of men of color. Simply put, they would not feel safe dating an arabic/african man cus they think he 8767 s a rapist. That 8767 s what i 8767 ve gathered from living in a small town, medium-sized town and now Uppsala.

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Culture differences: many Western women are quite independent and used to sharing the house chores with their men. In many Chinese cities, the woman is expected (regardless if she has a full time job or not) to take care of the household, make dinner, and so on, with no additional help from the man (except for if she lives in Shanghai! The Shanghai men are apparently real house helpers). I find it hard to imagine a western woman settling for this when she 8767 s been brought up in a completely different society. At least I know I wouldn 8767 t.

found this write up and the follow up comments very interesting and somewhat true in most regard I have to agree to one fact that have been stated here..I am an African that have been living and studying here in Sweden for a little 8 years now I have been with all sorts of Swedish , brunette, pretty and ugly ones..(Yea not all are good looking) I have been with more Swedish girls during my stay here than most Swedish men twice my age have. in fact I get more of them by accident than most Swedish guys do on purpose..I usually ask most of them why they end up being with me and the response is almost always the same which is that, they like the courage, audacity and balls I show by walking up to them and start chatting them up without have to wait until I am under the influence.

hay there
I am arabian man and i want tell you something important..
Not all arabian men are the same..
Most of the times men from gulf country like saudi. and bahrane are not having good education
Most of them just came from desert but not all of them. so those who stay in the desert treat women in bad ways.. but i read what american girl said about her husband.. this man is not like the badoo.. he is good man coz he does not do like badoo..
If one of you travel to there tents you will crt when you meet a women there and ask her: did you see your men or knew about him anything before getting married ? she will say NO!!!. you ask her why??!! she will say if iopen my mouth to say no my family will kill me mybe THESE SAY THAT THEY ARE MUSLIMS BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS COZ ISLAM DOSE NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS WITH WOMEN..
Islam say the girl must see the man if she say OK then ok if she say NO then its her choise.. The other arab men like Palestine..egypt..syria..jordon..And libya allmost do as muslims and treat woman good
i wish lovly life for all peaple.

However, I would expect my man to be manly enough to help me carry some of my shopping if I 8767 m struggling and so on and I 8767 d like him to be able to stand up not only for himself, but for me as well. After all I do want protection emotional as well as physical, cause behind my 8775 can-do-it-all-myself 8776 appearance there 8767 s still a delicate woman, we all need some reassurance from time to time.

However, Arab men, as wonderful as you all are, come across as 8766 awkward 8767 when initially talking to women. A University aged American woman has extensive life experience (not necessarily sexual, drugs, or alcohol) but she 8767 s experienced more than many Arab men from Kuwait. She 8767 s spent her entire life going to school with boys, hanging out with boys, and interacting with them on every level. So when she sees that cute Arab guy at Uni and he seems standoffish (due to lack of experience talking to girls) she takes it as a lack of interest. Resulting in nothing.

There are numerous ways to meet American women who are married to locals and those who aren 8767 t. Definitely check out Desert Girl 8767 s blog as she 8767 s a wealth of information. She 8767 s incredibly welcoming and knows a lot of Westerners married to locals who I 8767 m sure she would love to introduce you to. You can also check out Life in Kuwait 8767 s blog. She 8767 s an American married to a local living in Kuwait with her children. She also has great information on activities for children as well as local language classes, local cultural events, and just overall things to do in Kuwait.

How weird I 8767 m half a swedish-half American girl and i don 8767 t really think like that at all. Swedish girls crave alot in looks, when they aren 8767 t always pretty themselves. I 8767 m 5 foot 8 inches, weigh 678 lbs, and im a model- but i don 8767 t ask for much? It 8767 s quite hard to find girls that actually have a nice personality. Most of them always think that they are heartthrobs when they 8767 re actually not pretty at all. It IS true though that most Swedish girls are tall. I find myself tall, but im 9th tallest in class.
Aw well, i respect how generalized this is, but dont get your hopes too high now, guys.

That 8767 s not at all what it 8767 s doing people should be allowed to liek whatever they want and what countries they like and it is not at all imposing anything on us. I 8767 m from the US and love Asian things. Some people like it others don 8767 t, just because they get the chance to see the things they like up close shouldn 8767 t be bad. I 8767 m a huge Kpop fan and have been so happy that more and more groups are coming to the states lately (even if only to NYC and LA)

Kuwait sucks. I lived there one year and the way they treat people is atrocious. You do know that maids commit suicide every week because of the conditions they live under (slavery). Your husband may be an exception, but the culture there is awful. Don 8767 t marry Arabs. I bet your husband is having sex with other women, maybe even men. I was approached by so many Kywaiti men when I was there. Keep thinking your husband is great, I bet he isn 8767 t.

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