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10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls

Posted: 2017-10-13 03:29

i understand yo and others views similar to yours. whatever makes you happy, fine i think what heather was tryin to say, is that there are non-asian girls that are interested in asians for good/right reasons like the actual traditional culture, history. HOWEVER, there are girls that ONLY like asians due to the materialistic shit like pop culture= anime, music, movies, etc. [which i think thats what heather was tryin to portray in this article]. thats not real like/love nor healthy. it 8767 s an obssession! if one was to TRULY like and desire another from a different race/culture, he or she would embrace and learn about the special someone, family/friends, their culture, traditions, history. just liking someone because you are into such shit from a racial pop culture and that person happens to be from that race is disgusting!

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So you see, its not about the girls being ugly, it 8767 s about those men 8767 s inability to get any of it, not getting any of it will drive any man in this state of mind eventually, doesn 8767 t matter what race or culture he is from, we are preprogrammed to find a suitable partner and to pass on our genes, this overrides any cultural specificity, not being able to do so is the biggest failure in life for any straight man. You can fairly assume that any man hating on his race 8767 s women dating other men has been lonely for a very long time, perhaps for ever.

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Of course once more, total honesty I was a guy and she was a gorgeous women, among the most beautiful I 8767 ve ever met. To say my interest was purely innocent or intellectual would be a ridiculous lie. And surely, she sensed that. What I couldn 8767 t tell was did she find find that offensive? Or was she testing me to make a move? I know it was clear to both of us that I was only there for a couple days. So what was she after?

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WOW. I feel sorry for you and your son. One cannot tell race simply by looking at them. If you don 8767 t know that by now I have officially lost all hope for humanity xD. I have members in my family who look completely white. And they aren 8767 t, they are in fact black (both parents are black). With that said, try looking up the definition of an African American time to time. And note that MOST black folks are not 655% black. I am black, my fiance is latino (not black), and when we have children, unless he comes out looking like Ashton Kutcher for some reason (lmao), he will be an African American. Get over it.

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The problem with men is, It takes 65% of them 55-years to grow up, wake up, and feel comfortable in their skin. The other 85% never find themselves. The first thing we men need to understand is that women are no aliens. They are females of the human species with the same emotions, desires and needs you have. Read something intesting to talk about and then meet some women and be interest in THEM, not their bodies. Show your sincere interest in the entire package and one day she 8767 ll say, 8775 I 8767 m falling in love with you! 8776 Dr. Steve Newdell

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So, in response to your article, I don 8767 t think you should criticize these women for their preferences and tendencies, or advise East Asian Men not to date them. They should have their choice, and we should not criticize, condemn, or interfere, but let them do what they want. But if they like a particular Asian country so much, and if they want to do so, then they should just move there. Every single year there are more and more White, Black, Latina, and Arab, Women and Men who move to East Asian countries to live there full time because they love their East Asian mates so much and because they like the culture and the country. That is why, as time passes, Japan, South Korea, and China, are slowly becoming multicutural countries, and China is slowly starting to have the teething problems of a newly multicultural society. YouTube is full of video of East Asian game shows from East Asian television showing these women and telling the audience more about them.

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Well I 8767 m marrying a man from Vietnam and he 8767 s crazy hot, fun to be around, and basically everything I could ever want in a man. I love Asian men but never thought of picking them out like that. Also, aside from my wonderful Minh (fiance) I don 8767 t have one single Asian obsession. He has actually introduced me to so much Asian culture that I didn 8767 t know much about. I agree 655% that these types are just looking to fulfill a fantasy and aren 8767 t dating these guys for who they actually are. If you are that way ladies, there is so much to Asian men that you will never know and that 8767 s a shame. Love them for them and drop your preference specifications.

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It concerns me that you say you treat him so well because you do anything for him and he doesn 8767 t have to spend any money on you. In his culture that doesn 8767 t translate to a 8766 good woman 8767 it translates to an easy one. I apologize if that sounds harsh, but it 8767 s true. The less effort he has to invest in being with you the less he 8767 s going to respect you. Especially if you 8767 re sleeping with him. I 8767 m not saying he needs to spend a great deal of money or that you should be with him for money, but it 8767 s important you don 8767 t put yourself in the position of being used. He wouldn 8767 t see it as using you, especially if you so willingly offered. The same with sex.

Well this is pretty unfair to the asian guys then. In all honesty, as an asian guy myself, we treat the asian girls with full respect but most of the time ignored. Whenever a white guy or black guy comes around, the attention is brought to them and whatever we do is just ignored. Asian men just can 8767 t fit the general public. i mean, since when has an asian guy been an ideal love partner? I asked my asian female friends and they ideally prefer a white guy. They always want a white guy. I mean we got better personalities than white men do and probably more talented. Has it been noticed? No .

I just read your post and had a few questions. I know you said they accept that you eat with a fork during meals and don 8767 t make you cover your head/face. Was this your first time dating someone from the middle east? Cultural differences, was his family upset at all that he married outside of his culture? Could you tell me more about when you met his family and the first time being exposed to that culture verses the western culture.. I 8767 m just curious because I am dating an arabic man and he asks me to come to Saudi Arabia with him all the time, but I am extremely nervous to meet his family/ and try their style of living.

I think it was Ebenezer Scrooge who trumpeted the virtues of decreasing the surplus population.  I couldn 8767 t imagine anything better for we caucasian men than the fetishizing of Asian males by both Asian and non-Asian women alike (both are intensely fetishistic towards Asian males these days).  It ensures that the forest will be much more efficiently and quickly cleared of the children in favor of the adult female, you know, the one devoid of the indomintable Asian narcissim and incapable of lusting for the kind of parochial racism and ethnic hostility so highly coveted amongst the online Asian male support groups.  Go get 8766 em, Heather, and keep 8766 em tied up with all the miracle that is you! 

You are truly an idiot. Go back to school and learn how to construct a sentence, first of all. THEN get you head out of your behind and look at the global scene not just the backwater slum you crawled out of. Thinking, intelligent people are not concerned about how big someones behind is, what color their hair or eyes are, their place of origin so that obviously leaves you out of the equation. What is truly significant is a persons heart, and how they treat other HUMANS. But, since you are not human, you cannot fathom this, everything for you is about how something looks. Pathetic and sad. Perhaps you will gain some insight before you die. I seriously doubt it though.

As a bw this has not been my experience or belief I don t need validation from white men! What if they never find bw attractive? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder what I like you may not that does not mean what I like does not matter! I don t need validation from anyone if I m not your cup of tea keep it moving ! This is 7566 times have changed trust me you can have any race of man you want when it all boils down they re all men! I prefer bm but I have dated white and hispanic men that does not make me racist I just think bm or sexier LOL! MY OPINION!

I am from Indonesia, i found this site because i like white man in fact my english not good.
i meet white man from Internet, he is nice and sweet to me and He will come to visit me and i am very happy. I hoped he will like me.
i really appreciate to this article , i think that is maybe because i am Asian.
i like white man because i think he know how to treat the woman and if you said asian women know how to make the man happy so this mean white guys with asian woman it was the great couple.
i can`t to wrote more better but i try with my english.

omg hilarious post! haha as a white european woman i must tell you i have experienced this from men of different races, many guys sexualize women in this way and they show it in a strong disrespectful woman possibly had the hots for you and she couldn 8767 t hide it(us mediterrenean women are very expressive^^)and now you can feel how intimidating that is and why feminists are mad about it

I am an American woman married to an Iraqi man, and I can honestly say he is the most loyal, kind, romantic man I have ever met. We recently moved to Norway to work he moved before me. I moved about 8 weeks later and he had bought clothes all in my size the color bedspread I wanted and I didn 8767 t ask for anything he found a way to ask questions and made mental notes over some time and just generally listened me that 8767 s how he knew what to get. Once you find the right person it 8767 s their goal to make you happy!

I think the mixed signals you 8767 re referring to can often be explained by the fact that women are taught to be 8775 nice 8776 above being taught to be assertive. This conditioning is something both men and women must work on to overcome. Sending mixed signals is never a good means of communication especially sexually. While it may be a reality for some individuals, it doesn 8767 t make it ideal.

No, the numbers aren 8767 t Arabic. They usurped everything they do from others, during their 6955 years of war and conversion. The numbers came from India. The arches they 8767 re so proud of came from Rome. The religion they tout is the precise opposite of Judaism and Christianity (so that 8767 s usurped too). All they do that 8767 s original is head-chopping, FGM, chopping hands for theft, stoning women for all kinds of accusations, wrapping their children in explosives, and encouraging wife beating and acid-throwing.

I met a married Iraqi man and I am a divorced American woman. He came to my home the day we met and told me a few rules. I can not call or text him. I have to wait for his call. He said he did not bring a dowry, but if I want it he would provide. I 8767 m very confused by this and what it means. He also said something about a 8 month commitment to him. He said something in his language before we were able to touch. Can someone explain the situation to me?

Honestly i never be rejected by any woman, woman like me, i 8767 m like have a dragon pride thats why i hate being pity, i just heard and see everything through internet and tv and that was a lot so i dare to write this..i hate it if there is asian man complaint about it, SIMPLY DISGUSTING..Once again a man must have a pride, if woman don 8767 t like its fine, u all just drawing pity from all just for u but all asian man being pitied by all races including me that hate being pitied .so SHUT UP and accept everything, if u think urself look good like me then u have no problem at all, u don 8767 t care, u look good for u and its fine no matter if there are no woman like you..

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