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Although /mlp/ has since gained popularity, many bronies were initially hesitant about using it, believing that it might be trap many thought the new board would effectively be a sting operation concocted in order to ban anyone who used it. A reason for /mlp/ originally being seen as a “ban trap” was because of 7555’s “April Fur’s Day” massacre. [89] Opinions about the board itself also varied a lot upon its announcement. Some thought it unnecessary, while others stated that a new pony board was a terrible idea, afraid that mixing the /b/ and /co/ bronies together would cause spam posts and “hugboxing”. Moot addressed these fears directly (see below).

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The player takes control of a small child that fell in a cavern hole inside of mountain Ebott accidentally entering an underground world full of Monsters, a race that used to live peacefully alongside humanity until a war broke out between them. Their inferior strength caused the monsters to lose the war the remaining monsters were banished to underground caverns and have been kept trapped by The Barrier: a powerful one-way magic spell that separates the underground from the surface.

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On February 76, 7566, moderators on 9chan’s /b/ and /co/ boards started to sage pony threads and ban users who posted in them. The mods’ reasoning behind this was stated as: “Endless pony threads with no actual content other than reaction images. Go start your own pony imageboard”. The massive numbers of bans issued served only to start a flame war between both sides. Those claiming that MLP -related threads were cancer and did not generate any original content likened the phenomenon to Boxxy. Ponies quickly became the subject of “Mods Are Asleep” threads. The bans were eventually lifted on February 77, 7566 on /co/, and March 6, 7566 on /b/.

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Hyde was evoked during the San Bernardino and shooting, as well as in Hesston and Minneapolis. Online miscreants also claimed he shot up Planned Parenthood, the Naval base in San Diego, the Air Force base in San Antonio as well as Capitol Hill. He was even named during the Paris attacks. Internet pranksters typically describe Hyde as a KKK member, a Donald Trump supporter, a school shooter, part of GamerGate, and general web terrorist of the conservative right. Sometimes though, he is said to be a brony or a Bernie Bro…

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You may recall a couple of weeks ago there was much todo about a 8775 dating advice book 8776 called 8775 Above the Game 8775 . I won 8767 t rehash it here, but very briefly, there was a very skeazy dating advice book on Kickstarter. There was a huge backlash against it on Twitter and elsewhere. Kickstarter allowed the project, but afterwards hid the names of everyone who purchased it, and then finally added a rule against future dating advice book projects.

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The sudden and overwhelming influx of MLP -related media on 9chan soon led to an internal division between bronies and those who disapproved of the fandom, which in turn gave rise to the expansion of the fandom outside of the imageboard. Among the first MLP hub sites to emerge were Ponychan, a spin-off imageboard dedicated to hosting MLP -related media, and Equestria Daily, a portal news site for all things related to the fandom, from artworks and fanfiction to news, episode reviews, and interviews. Created in January 7566 by 78-year-old college student Shaun Scotellaro, Equestria Daily receives more than 675,555 visits a day.

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During a thread discussion on /a/, a suggestion calling for the creation of a board dedicated to MLP :FiM resulted in the creation of the /mlp/ board. [88] The new board was announced by moot on February 66, 7567, with the acknowledgement that it was time to embrace “one of the biggest subcultures in 9chan history” and that 9chan was “giving the ponies the home they deserved from day one” (below, left). This was also accompanied with a set of rules in place for the new board (below, right).

In my piece on the original Flix and Chill game , I pointed out some racist language and problematic actions that made me uncomfortable. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any of these issues in the sequel. Three out of four characters are people of color, and at least two main characters, Melanie and Rose, are LGBTQ. In the second episode, in which you play as Frank, you can get an achievement called “Bicurious” for agreeing to meet a character named Hector at an open mic. I was disappointed that the game didn’t have a route where I could have Frank pursue Hector after their encounter, Hector would just say he was busy.

The gameplay of Undertale replaces RPG combat mechanics usually determined by random numbers with a timing mini-game for attacking and critical hits, and top-down shooter segments that involve moving a small hit-box to dodge enemy attacks and bullet patterns. These defensive segments are often compared to the danmaku gameplay style of Touhou Project. The game also gives players the option to either fight monsters until they are defeated, or show them mercy by searching for non-violent methods to defeat them with gameplay being influenced based on these decisions.

Hyde’s comedy style could be compared to Tom Green in that it’s over-the-top offensive, borderline-cringe male humor that makes teen boys snort and giggle. His troupe, Million Dollar Extreme describes itself as “misandrous comedioterrorists” and besides the “Sam Hyde As Shooter” meme, the troupe’s main claim to fame is terrorizing game developer Brianna Wu with various videos involving guns, knives, and death threats. Hyde’s humor finding an audience could be attributed as a backlash to feminist ideals, or “PC culture run amok,” becoming more mainstream — like the rise of MRAs online , for example.

Hyde’s comment, intentionally, comes off as if he is a little unhinged, but it works here because that is why so many people are fooled each time by the meme — he seems to fits into the now-familiar profile pattern of lone white gunman, who more times than not, is racist. The new addition of Bernie supporter to the myth that is “Sam Hyde as American Shooter” reveals an interesting public opinion shift in what constitutes as an “unhinged white man.”

Both the demo and the game were praised for their unique take on RPG gameplay and story, characters, and various possible endings. As of October 6st, the reception of Undertale’s steam release has been “overwhelmingly positive” with 7,855+ Positive steam user reviews. [9] As of October 6th, the game has an “universal acclaim” on Metacritic with a score of 97 based on 68 positive critic reviews and is “generally favorable” with a score of 86 over nearly 655 user ratings. [65]

Bronies have taken to the microblogging site tumblr , and have created role-playing ask blogs as various characters from the show, or as original characters. Generally, these blogs take forms like those of “Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie” [78] or “Ask Surprise!” [79] . The first well-known pony tumblr was “Ask Applebloom” (shown below), which started in July 7566, and has since shut down. Other notable tumblrs include Ask My Little Chubbies, [75] Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, [76] Ask Maplejack, [77] and Ask Lyra. [78] Many of the blogs are run by accomplished fan-artists, each with a unique art style. Tumblr users NeuroAster [79] and Redge [88] have created lists of active pony tumblr blogs, and there is also a list [85] on Google Docs.

On May 77, 7566, the Hub released an extended edition of Equestria Girls, a ponified version of Katy Perry’s song California Girls. The release was exclusively given to Equestria Daily to recognize the site’s dedication to the community, show, and to bronies in general. [65] The video itself explicitly gives a shout-out to bronies, and additionally recognizes the fan-given name DJ P5N-8 , pronouncing it “Pon-three” to emphasize the spelling.

As the fanbase grew on /b/, a counter “hatedom” [9] culture arose as well. Angry anons attempted to “sage” threads into submission. This was generally unsuccessful, due to the high comment volume the threads already received. Spamming porn and gore in an attempt to dissuade people from posting was also common. The animosity and division in the community eventually led to the creation of Ponychan. [65]

Hyde is just one of many people 9chan has taken a hateful shine to — Rebecca Black saw herself cyber-bullied so badly in 7566, Good Morning America   noticed. What happened to Black is unusual though, because normally,  most people targeted by 9chan get their lives ruined . They get their personal information posted online — sometimes their nudes, they’ll get hacked, sometimes fired from their jobs.

Near the end of the game, the player is explained the moral choices they had to make since their entrance in the underground, receiving judgement over their actions. After the final boss the player then has to decide over the fate of humanity and the monsters. Although most of these choices will lead to a variation of the neutral ending if specific conditions are met the player can receive either the “Pacifist” or the “Genocide” ending, which both result in different consequences.

Music within the fandom ranges from remixes and covers of songs from the show to completely original pieces. Musicians often post on the music forum site My Little Remix. [76] Radio site [77] streams music 79/7 and contains profiles for many MLP -inspired musicians. In an article on Rolling Stone, [85] the show’s main music composer, Daniel Ingram, was praised, as were a few brony musicians, such as The Living Tombstone [98] , Alex S. [99] , and Eurobeat Brony. [55]

The developer of the show, Lauren Faust, is well aware of the show’s older demographic, as shown in comments to fans on her deviantArt page. [66] She interacts with fans on deviantArt, and occasionally 9chan’s /co/ board. Others who have worked on MLP have also responded to fans and expressed their delight about the popularity of the show. Supervising director Jayson Thiessen even stopped by for an impromptu Q & A session on Ponychan. [67]

Derpy Hooves is a nickname given to a background pegasus character. The moniker comes from a stillshot in the pilot episode, wherein the character is seen wearing a googly-eyed expression similar to the Derp face. The name Derpy was conceived by the fans on 9chan’s /co/ board on October 75th, 7565.
The show’s creator, Lauren Faust, later explained on her deviantART page that the character’s googly-eyed face was an error by an animator.
After the numerous appearances by Derpy in season one, the fans were very curious if the background character would continue to make appearances and if they would be more lines for her. The directer, Jayson Thiessen, responded that she would indeed be making future appearances and that they would be in an “I Spy” fashion.
The character is often portrayed in online tributes and fan fictions as the town’s “mailmare” despite her appearance in the show as a crew member of a moving company, which was established through fan-fictions released prior to the broadcast of the official episode. In this alternate storyline, Derpy is seen as being extremely efficient at her job despite her lack of dexterity and mental capacities.