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Cancer people are known for their changing moods and emotions. They usually hide their emotions behind their humor and are good at retaining their memory. Cancer people treat every incident differently and learn from their experience. Sometimes you can see them extremely active and enjoying their time but sometimes they are also seen calm and lost in their own thoughts. They like to day-dream and they are often lost in it. They don’t like to chase fame but if they get it then they know how to maintain it. They are kind and loving. They like to be around their family members and close friends.

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anyways, im a virgo engaged to a cancer man. very sweet, kind hearted, great brother to his sisters, and great son true he is kind of a mamas boy. hes boyish passionate and consistent a waterbaby, hes kind of a daredevil loves cuddles and sweet words ladies if u got a cancer and want to keep him, be affectionate and thoughtful as he responds more to feelings. but to those who want to catch a cancer, dont be straightforward. let him lead. and be urself. he doesnt want a perfect woman. he wants u for who u are. he might hate drama, but if he loves u, he wouldnt mind it and when he loves, he loves he can be an ass sometimes, bcoz he can make fun out of everything including u

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well im was dating a cancer man we meet at our work he was my we start going out and for the past 6 month it been really slow but ok in 7 occasion i have ask where we are standing and all he say is for me to have patience is always working and we don 8767 t talk that much. we text sometimes , and in one occasion i told him that if he wasn 8767 t going to do a little more that i want to leave whatever it is that we he told me he didn 8767 t want me to go he was going to work in his issues , so a few days a go i needed to talk to him and he prefers to do it by text i snap and told him that i cant deal with keep saying that i have no patience..but how much patience you have to have when you can talk to someone when is really he is not telling me if he want to be back in the limbo of so call dating or not but i told him to let me go..but he keep saying for me to have patience..or i don 8767 t have any patience or i don 8767 t understand what a cancer man mean about patience how long does it takes to make a decision for a cancer man??? how much time do i have to give him??

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Cancer Men love their mothers above anything else and they find those people who love their mothers more attractive than anyone else. So if you are to start a conversation why not try to drop something about your latest bonding experience with your mom. He will surely get him talking and you will be surprised how interesting Cancer Man can be. You can also tell him his resemblance with his mother if you there is a picture of her on his table, which is most probable.

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I have been on about three or four dates with this Cancer man, and each date is absolutely amazing but then I will not hear from him after each date for a few days, (a couple times he called me after a date but he sounded real moody). I don 8767 t understand what is going on with him, because he totally acts like he likes me a lot ,and says 8775 I love being with you 8776 and things like that, but I am also worried he may still be in love with his first wife (whom he has two children with), because he supposedly told my mom (that he rents his house from), that it was a mistake to divorce her (the first wife) and get married to the second wife (he has no kids with). But I am at a loss with wondering if he likes me or not! Please anyone tell me what to do!!! Thanks so much!

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hi.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so.. theres something about cancer men,, that they do some bad thing to test your reaction.. my opinion is.. dont just let anything go so easy.. iam not saying you should scream or swear at him.. but if that man I was planning to meet send me that kind of msg ,, inside my head I would sayomg what a mothafucka.. I would get so mad ofcourse.. but i will do my best not to show it.. one bad thing about cancerians is that they are sooooooo hesitant,, in EVERYTHING.. so after sending me that bitchy text what I would recommend doing is to ignore him for two days minmum.. and after that when you reply a call from him just act call and say you were busy,, and when you talk deeply and if he asks you did you get mad about the msg? that you answer sth like.. l 8776 listen,, i just advise you to not try to fool me again and dont tell me to do onething that you are not sure you want and then withdraw for no obvious excuse 8776 and next time he does any mistake just show him in a smart way that you wont take no shit.. and the more respect for yourself that you have,, the more scared he will be to do any other mistake with you again.

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I 8767 m connected to this cancer men and we only chat and exchange text for a week and we talk a lot abt future and share lots of things together. We text So many hours non stop. Until one day he didn 8767 t text me for 65 hours and I turn crazy bcos he didn 8767 t tell me that he 8767 s busy with work. But soon after we text and talk abt it we are fine. But on the day we are suppose to have our first date on Sunday but suddenly he text me this,
Shall we meet? Been thinking I 8767 ve found out we are different in so many ways it was good for a start but I guess I not ready yet. My work, my schedule, my lifestyle. It doesn 8767 t really suits a family

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people are moody which affects their emotions also, thus cancer people can be difficult to predict. They can be easily hurt by harsh have tendency of hiding themselves after getting hurt they would not meet new people properly and significant change in their nature can be seen. They can be possessive lovers and can become jealous. Their nature of taking responsibility can create burden on them. They often live in their past and can’t let go of it. They can have problems in their relation due to their past.

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my advise is,, if you have time,, then you can invest in him,, but if you dont have time then you should probably let go bcoz cancerian are very slow and need much time.. other than that I just advice you to let him be the man as in let him text-call and set dates,, dont do the opposite not with him or any other man.. and when he disapears you disapear too and spend time with your friends and just get busy with anything except him or following him.. good luck

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I met this Cancer guy at work and he is driving me CRAZY. I 8767 ve never felt so drawn to someone before, literally I 8767 ll be fine and then I 8767 ll look at him and it 8767 s like, 5 to 65 my god. It 8767 s really intense. We have talked on the phone a few times and hung out once, but it 8767 s soooo not enough. I don 8767 t want to scare him away, though, so I 8767 m trying very hard to be like a friend/casual but it is pure torture to be near him but not allowed to touch. What is it about Cancer men that is so irresistible??

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Natalie , im cancer and I think you need to leave his crabby ass you deserve to be treated like a queen and nothing less then that. & when he calls you tell him that your busy. And as far as you 8775 NEEDING HIM 8776 you don 8767 t need no man for anything , you can find your own hustle because in the long run hes going to need you. So with that being said there 8767 s plenty of fish in the sea so go fishing girl and love yourself first.

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Morgan is now certainly an advocate for women taking the lead, of questioning doctors, not taking their word for it, of getting a second opinion. “The consequences of getting it wrong in primary care are huge”, he concludes. “Be aware of your body. When you spot a change go to your GP, don’t be deferential. Insist. In fact, badger them until you need to to get what you need. That’s not something they want to hear but it could extend your life chances. We only became aware when it was too late. We weren’t proactive.”

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Cancer person is shy of new places and people so it will take some time to adjust with all of them at office or in their professional life. Once they overcome it then they are ready to work properly. They stand for what they think. With their creativity, power of observation and knowledge they can be very successful in their life. They are happy at what they have and are independent. They can be good business-man as they have ability of investing and predicting the demand. They are also good at handling the money. If they try not to mix their emotions with professional life then they can be successful professional.

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6. We overanalyze the sh*t out of everything. 
 You can imagine what it's like to finally score a hot date with that guy you've been eyeing for awhile now, only to spend the entire time psychoanalyzing everything that comes out of his mouth (sometimes without really hearing a word he's saying). We're really attentive when we want to be! Also, flirting with a Cancer via text can either be really sexy or the absolute worst. It's not our faults that your abuse of emojis sends us into detective mode — what the heck does the penguin emoji mean, anyway?!

I am a cancer female and I like a cancer male..I gave him a Christmas gift that i made ( a gift basket) I probably should have gotten him a watch but I didn 8767 t any he had given me some compliments about a month ago and I did it in a letter..I told him I think he is amazing, sharp, intelligent, funny and cute,,just a great man..I don 8767 t want to scare him away but it was how i feel so i said it the next day he was crabby and didn 8767 t pay me that much attention but he wore my favorite shirt that i gave him a compliment on in a thought he was mad at me but the next day he was very sweet to me..he kept staring at me and he did the eyebrow lift thing. I like him but how do i get him to ask me out or how do i get in with him? He is so cute! I want to pamper him how do I show it without sexual harrassment? I put all these pampering type things in that gift basket. HELP!

The symptoms worsened throughout the next twelve months and a second misdiagnosis, this time for gastroenteritis, preceded Angie’s self-admission into A& E. Within a week she was finally diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Such is the difficulty in diagnosing this cancer that almost a third of all cases are diagnosed in A& E and half of the women concerned will die within a year 65pc of women are diagnosed when the cancer is already in Stage 8 or 9, by which time it’s too late. 

I think cancer men like to test women like crazy! I fell for a cancer man who worked me up after a year of pursuing me! We spoke nonstop for 7 mos with him inviting me to visit for a month. Finally after everything 8767 s said and done. Even told his family about me, he goes distant. Tells me he has a lot of work. I believe him give him space. Weeks go by with just a text here and there. I finally find out he has a gf! He tells me I don 8767 t understand? Really what 8767 s there to understand!

Telling your Cancer Man that you like him straight and forward may be the first thing you need not to do. They are withdrawn, which means any form of flattery or confession to them gives them the creeps of a foreseen pitfall and failure. So instead, slowly make him realize how you feel for him. Always be gentle and slowly build his confidence in you. A good manifestation of your success in getting him attracted is when he started seeing you after office hours instead of staying late for work.

What 8767 s a good response to the cancer male (only been dating for two months) when he ask me if I have missed him? Yes, I 8767 m glad to see him but I can 8767 t say I MISSED him. I don 8767 t want to hurt his feelings at all. But, I need/want to do this slowly so my fear is if I lie and say 8775 yes 8776 then I would be moving things forward too fast not to mention lying. Now, I 8767 m a scorpio and I want him to continue to like me. He 8767 s a great guy! Thanks!

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