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According to a couple informal polls I 8767 ve taken of my female friends, our generation has, in general, been so fucked up by romantic comedies that many women expect the meet-cute to be part of their romantic story. 8775 We met on OKCupid 8776 just isn 8767 t as good a story as 8775 well we were both at the salad bar and we both reached for the salad tongs at the same time and it was true love! 8776

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Just be aware of fashion, you don t have to be so aware you could host your own version of What Not To Wear. Have clean and maintained hair, you don t have to look like you got your hair done for a wedding (some of the cutest and best looking hair styles I ve seen have been on friends when we were 9 or 5 days into a week-long of camping and they just did something quick to keep their hair out of their eyes). Wear an outfit that makes sense within itself, you don t have to spend three hours agonizing over which accessory best goes with an outfit.

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Let 8767 s be honest: more often than not the men who complain most about this are the men who would prefer  not to be approaching women themselves, whether due to approach anxiety , a fear of rejection  or even just not being sure whether or not she 8767 s interested. As a general rule, men who are able to approach women aren 8767 t too concerned about why women won 8767 t make the first move because they 8767 re more than happy to make the move themselves.

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Another problem is that people are more exposed to unrealistic standards of beauty than they were for most of human history. Better healthcare makes maintaining beauty easier. The mass media of the 69th to 76st centuries like newspapers, movies, television, the internet exposed people to more physical beauty everyday than previously possible. This probably raised people s expectation in romance to rather unrealistic levels.

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Congrats! Now you look like a proper man! There’s only one more issue to address how the hell are you supposed to style it at home!? One word: pomade. If you’re changing styles drastically, that tin of pomade is going to be your best friend. Lucky for us, a lot of manufacturers realized not everyone wants to ruin their pillow cases and have their hair combed one way for a week, so they’ve made a lot of water based pomades (Shiner Gold, Suavecito, Bona Fide). They’ll hold just like Murray’s, or the gold standard, Sweet Georgia Brown, but will wash out as soon as they touch water and shampoo.

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For perspective, I read a women-and-money series that takes an equally hardass attitude toward women. It was really, really hard to see how I d absorbed some toxic lessons about money from our culture, even though I didn t think I had. I didn t want to be lumped in with flakes and gold-diggers and princesses but some of the behaviors that seemed very normal to me were actually predicated on some of the same ideas that produce behaviors I despise. Taking a hard look at myself in the context of gendered expectations was immensely painful, but it s made me a much better (and more solvent!) person. I know I m not in the Doc s target audience, but I read him because I very much appreciate that style, and in my personal experience, it works.

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Not only are we expected to be well-groomed and look good, but we are also expected to be athletic, hit the gym four times a week, be competitive, outgoing, assertive, altruistic, nice to our peers, have a masculine body language, have a sense of fashion, be intelligent, be able to make a woman laugh, overcome approach anxiety, be confident, know how to connect with women, drive a fancy car, have a nice apartment, have a good education and career, have a good social network, have a full schedule with a lot of activities, be a great conversationalist and so forth.

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feminist is the furthest thing from empathetic or emotionally balanced. It means you follow a doctrine which dictates that accomadationd should always be made for one gender while the other should be shamed, subjugated, and harmed: do you call that empathy?as for emotional , do you really think that a group of people who can 8767 t relate or even attempt to relate to half of the world doesn 8767 t have severe emotiojal issues? Deep down you know the answer to these

Synco, the city I 8767 m currently living in just happens to be a college town. All the women I 8767 ve tried to start a conversation with, the talk leads up to 8775 what major are you going for? 8776 and when I inform them that college is financially impossible for me, they get awkward and silent. Dating sites (okcupid included) are all the same too. I write a lot of people, hardly any response. When I 8767 m at work at one of the two jobs I have ( a rarity in today 8767 s economy) the passion I have for what I do shines, but everyone there seems to have the mentality of 8775 get what I need and get out. 8776 I could be grilling a restaurant quality prime steak and tons of people pass me by like I 8767 m non existent. And in the end, I end up home, alone, and a little more dead on the inside.

Seriously, there s not a woman I know in the area that isn t single and looking who doesn t complain that the dating market is weak because men they meet seem to either be gay, taken, of so massively misogynistic that they can t function around women and said women don t want to do all the work, and I know a lot of women working for Google, Facebook, Ubisoft, and other tech and video game companies in various roles never mind all the other professional fields that have high ratios of women.

Setting all that aside, there s all sorts of mixers and meet-ups in the tech industry and especially in the Bay Area that even without online dating options there s so many things to do that are based around meeting people, including singles only meet-ups and singles adventure clubs based around getting single people together that I just don t buy the idea that there s just no women to be found.

Men are generally more reasonable than women, none of my guy friends are looking to hit it out of the park with a 65, in fact most of us agree that your average 65 in the looks department, is going to be a world of hurt because of the massive attitude. We are all quite reasonable and merely want cute, nice women. I get told all the time by women colleagues that I m handsome with nice eyes, and I m 6 7 and muscular. I m bookish and nerdy with a quirky sense of humour, so definitely not an alpha male douche. So, you d think that I d be not too badly off in the dating pool, and yet I spend most of my time alone. It s gotten to the point where my friends and I can t even be bothered to go out to try and meet women and I ve done my share of nutting up and approaching, but even when I ve gotten numbers women always flake on me. Online dating is useless as the women definitely have unreasonable standards judging by the late 95s fatties with 8 kids who message me.

Another friend of mine in college accepted an offer for a date from a pizza delivery guy, and her friends practically held an intervention. &ldquo You can&rsquo t go on a date with this guy! We don&rsquo t know him! You could DIE!!!&rdquo She wasn&rsquo t even intending on going somewhere private with this guy just meeting a strange man in public who knew that she was unaccompanied was enough to scare them. Admittedly, this was in Texas, which is pretty conservative I&rsquo m sure the attitude is different in other places.

I have a qualm with the Men Take All The Risks section. The Doctor has spent numerous columns about why *you* should take all the risks, but now he states that the notion it s necessary is bullshit and then proceeds to list all of the reasons that women *don t* to take the risks. He kind of sinks his own argument here by absolving women of responsibility, does he not? Or is he trashing the notion that women are lazy, entitled or just get off on having men subjugate themselves ?

So? The women at the events you recommend will also know 8 men in their field to every 6 woman. The ones who are interested in dating men in their field probably already know plenty of other guys. Heading to a meetup where they re gathered to network with other women and educate themselves doesn t magically make them forget all the other techy guys they know. If anything, it s likely to be met with hostile responses by women who are at the event specifically because they wanted to avoid a meat market atmosphere.

Though any chemical process can potentially damage the hair, black hair is more susceptible because of its naturally dehydrated state. This hair type requires intense and consistent moisture, so a hair dye can cause some degree of damage. This is important because most African American hair is dark, so any drastic color change (for example, from dark to blonde) requires bleaching. The process is extremely damaging and should always be performed by a professional. Even then, it is recommended that ethnic hair not be lightened more than five levels from its natural state, and it is healthiest to only lift three levels at a time. For those who choose to make a drastic color change greater than five levels, note that the hair may experience a change in texture and begin to feel straw-like.

I have gone out to concerts and looked around at bars and walked around on campuses full of well-kempt women. In none of those cases have the men payed even a tenth as much attention to their appearances as the women. Grooming, for men, means taking a shower and combing their hair for any woman, it means showering, blow-drying and styling their hair, putting on a layer or two of make-up, and assembling a coordinated outfit. We too are expected to hit the gym repeatedly each week (do you think this is a *genderized* activity?). And saying that women are not supposed to have personality traits is well, to be blunt, one of the stupidest things I ve ever heard.

In a world where your POV is constantly put down . , women and/or minorities in a space which white dudes continue to insist is a meritocracy even as they continue to consistently minimize and exclude us there are * reasons * you sometimes want a little time away from the majority POV that exists in places where your own is continually discounted.

Instead of clinging to the idea that women are 8775 in charge 8776 because of bullshit ideas about how easily they can get laid or what 8775 all women 8776 are attracted to, spend more time thinking about whether their interests match up with yours. Talk to her with the aim of finding out whether or not she 8767 s as cool as she seems to be. Is she someone who has something going for her besides her looks? Does she live a life that you would like to be a part of? It 8767 s easy enough to decide off the bat whether or not you 8767 d want to be balls deep in her by the end of the night, but is she someone you could have an engaging conversation with  after you 8767 ve blown your load?

6- It is a fact that any girl can get any date AND SEX, not just sex, but dates as well with almost any guy any time. The dating scene gives women power over men, just like Nazie Germany gave Aryans power over the Jews. It is the system that needs to be changed. Adjusting to the unfair system and fixing a problem with another, by giving it excuses and telling men to just get over it, doesnt do any good. Two wrongs dont make a right. If women can get sex any time she wants, then how come men cant ? Because there is ALWAYS shortage of women in every social gathering.

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