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WOW, reading these comments is like hearing my situation. I am currently dating a cap guy and I am I true scorp. He too was involved with a woman. He kept assuring me that they are breaking up but im not the one to come second to anyone. I love him to death. I love his touch, his smile, his sex and I love the way I feel when we are together. Never, have I experienced this feeling before and its great. It took him a minute to warm up to me and to start expressing his feelings but it was worth the wait. I constantly told myself that I cant do this cause he had a woman but I kept falling back in the trap. I was happy to find out that they were not together anymore, now the only thing now the keeps us from really being together is that we live in two different states.

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Wow! That was great to read!!! I 8767 m going to sound pretty cheap and easy but hey it happens. I 8767 ve dated many Indian men from all over India infact I 8767 ve never had a white boyfriend (long story but let 8767 s just say I like my meat cooked). I am currently dating a guy from UP (uttar pradesh) and he has those bad happits like picking his nose in public or burping in my face. It 8767 s really easy to say he is the man of my dreams! My last boyfriend was from Gujarat and he was a mummy 8767 s boy even though he was close to 85. My new guy is great! He is respectful of his parents but he also lives his own life here in Australia. We are trying to convince his parents to give us there blessings so that we can marry but it 8767 s not so easy. His mother is not agreeing with us because she wants to choose his bride. Long story short Indian guys are do different to us but that 8767 s what makes them so fascinating!

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We talked and texted every day, and I got to know him. I remember the first time we made out, he seemed so surprised about the intensity of the attraction I had, at one point, pulled away to get a breath, and he looked at me I think he looked surprised, maybe wary, and then he roughly pulled my face to his, and ardently kissed me again. Suffice to say, I took him to bed. It was great and we still talked, but then he suddenly pulled away, and stopped talking to me every day. I guess I got spoiled, and I wasn''t expecting it.

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I also met a tahrs man thru a dating website We have been friends and kept in contact for a little over a year, but it was not until the last month that we began talking to each other everyday- ALL DAY whether by text or by phone we are always connected in some way.  I find him intriguing and perplexing, though I am not certain on where I stand with him and how he feels about me.  I assume he likes me because he is always calling or texting. He even came over to help me get settled in my new apartment, and spent time putting things together for me.  He drives 95+ minutes at night after work and the gym, just to see me It 8767 s the sweetest thing.  

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Women of all ages and across all cultures are united in their quest to determine the following: Does he like me? Is he serious about me? Will he ever commit to me? And trust me, I get it.  I 8767 ve experienced those gut-twisting feelings, the ones the leave you with a constant sense of impending doom in the pit of your stomach causing you to question everything, including yourself.

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Incidentally, I thought I could relate to your friend bringing a female friend along to meet you. At least in some parts of south India, where I come from, such an action would actually be appreciated and the guy seen as cultured. I think one would be able to better appreciate this point when one sees the action in the context of a culture in which 8766 boys and girls 8767 hanging out is considered fine but not when it is 8766 a boy and a girl 8767 .

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5. He won 8767 t introduce you to his family
A lot of women make the mistake of thinking that meeting a guy 8767 s friends is a big deal. Maybe some guys view this as a big deal, but most don 8767 t. Maybe he just wants to show you off because you 8767 re hot, or maybe he just doesn 8767 t think much of introducing girls to his friends. I have plenty of friends who looked at meeting his friends as the holy grail… the tell tale sign that he 8767 s all in, he 8767 s committed. It 8767 s not. Meeting is family is where it 8767 s at. (Side note: While meeting his friends isn 8767 t the biggest deal, if he won 8767 t introduce you to them it 8767 s a definite red flag.)

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Thanks for this, Doc! You always freely share such personal stories for the benefit of us, your humble readers. I notice, appreciate, and thank you for this. Not quite two years ago, as I split with the Wasband, it became clear to me that I was living out this same pattern of being a spineless doormat with all of my friends as well. It was a really hard realization to come to, for all of the reasons you listed above. It was so hard to look at myself, who external people would call confident to the point of cocky, and realize my self-esteem was so low that I was allowing, nay, inviting this type of treatment from people. Years of dealing with psychic vampires had left me drained. It did take a lot of courage to stand up and boot them all from my life, bit it was amazing- within weeks of clearing out all this toxicity from my life, the world became this bright and lovely place again. I have made true friends now, and face the world from a different perspective. I know your post will helps others to make this change in themselves, too. Again, thank you for showing the courage to be so vulnerable in public. A very touching post.

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Okay. I just don t see why you were worried about people saying this is how it always happens when the whole article is about how it usually happens (people taking advantage of people with lax boundaries), and no one in this thread indicated the extreme behavior that was called lazy and cowardly was average. And the fact that you apparently needed to read my second comment about the situation before you believed that the behavior was lazy and cowardly or whatever suggests that you *did* question whether the situation really was that extreme when you read my first comment.

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Me and my friend joe have been intimate since july 78, have met a lot of his friends,his parents and have spent time with him and his daughter which he has custody live with one of his guy friends he 8767 s known for 67 roommate has caused arguements between us causing jealousy issues with me and roomate said joe had been hanging out with his x he broke up with a few months before we started ignored it and then we were at a friend of his and she shows yrs. with her and she has had a lot of cancer issues I was breasts removed and a total hysterectomy. We got in a big arguement once and joe kept on saying he isnt anyones boyfriend I believe to hurt my have went camping which was a very relaxing romantic night for both of us. A few wks later we got in another arguement and he told my roomate my texting him all the time irratates I stopped and left him are on speaking terms and he sometimes comes over watches tv with me and we end up having normally am the one to text to let him go and just see where I and scared.

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8775 Self-respect comes from boundaries 8776 . That one sentence spoke volumes for me. Had I read this at an earlier time than my experience in these two past years, I probably would not have got the sentence. My experiences and awareness (now) are having me really know what the meaning of boundaries is for myself. I often hung on to what was in the past. Having reconnected a couple of decades later, I ignored the warning signs in hopes to rekindle the person he WAS all those years ago. What has emerged is the reality of disappointment. There was no fairyland I created in my head that would protect me. I 8767 m learning a lot from this particular topic on boundaries and value everyone 8767 s input to help teach me. With gratitude.

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Hi Rakhee, I enjoyed reading this post, and although I 8767 m sure not all Indian men are like this, I have to agree to some extent with your observations. I have only been to India three times, never lived there for extended periods, but I did have the opportunity to notice how heavy is mother 8767 s and family 8767 s influence on people 8767 s personal decisions. I think this is very sad, as sometimes family needs are different from people 8767 s life choices, both in the working and in the personal sphere. I have also talked about this with Indians, men and women, and they say this is slowly changing, hopefully for the better 🙂

Ever heard of Swami Vivekananda,A Hindu Bengali Mystic who mesmerized every American through his speech at Parliament of world religion in 6898 If you read his thoughts and ideology then most of your misconceptions will be influenced some of the most renowned personalities of west such as the greatest inventor of all time Nikola Tesla,celebrated Russian poet Leo Tolstoy, Salinger,Physicist lord kelivin and later Beatles George Harrison I don 8767 t want to write big words here but before writing any culture you should have done proper research rather than making nebulous comments about particular group best wishes

A few days ago I found him on facebook. I got butterflies just from seeing his picture. All the memories of the good times came back and the bad times didn''t seem all that bad anymore. We were we didn''t know what we were doing. So I sent him a friend request with the hopes that he had forgotten me or he wouldn''t respond. See this man was like my poison, anything he wanted me to do I would do. Well he responded and said he had been looking for me since he had been out and wanted to get together. I sent him my number and we talked for a few days and it felt so good to hear his voice, he sounds the same, I had a gigantic smile on my face through the whole conversation. Here I am 76y/o and still in love with the boy I met at 68. We will see what happens.

The concept of establishing boundaries is pretty much applicable to every aspect of life, from Hey coworker, stop giving me your work to do, I m not even qualified, to Roommate, please wash your dishes, and then continue washing then within three days of getting them dirty. A lot of boundary pushing isn t malicious, some of it isn t even intentional, but it is INCREDIBLY important for you to take a firm stand anyway, unless you want to be. forever picking up your coworker s slack, doing your roommate s dishes, ditching your friends for your girlfriend s whims, putting up with verbal abuse from your aunt, etc.

I have been dating a guy for 69 months now and in many ways he 8767 s fantastic. He is always telling me how much he loves me, he opens up to me and he does put the effort in when we go out on dates. The problem is that he works nights, so I only see him once a week. I 8767 ve tried talking to him about spending more time together when working hours allow, but he promises he will see me more, but constantly lets me down. He keeps putting off meeting my mother and I have yet to meet any of his family. Am I wasting my time here or is there some way of talking to him that will make him realise how important this issue is for me? Right now I am close to giving up on him because this behavior implies that I am not a priority in his life.

My husband is 7 weeks away from a year long deployment to Afghanistan. I 8767 m wanting to make some changes while he is gone and find new ways for us to have fun together without the kids. I saw this post and I seriously had to hold back tears! I love this idea-it sounds like so much fun and I think it will be a fun and easy way for us to make time for each other! I am so excited to start this when he comes home!!! Such a great idea!!!

I really liked that, when you dug into it, Rapture s society wasn t evil, per se. It wasn t doomed to destruction. It might not be a society you d want to live in (I wouldn t) but it was functional and ran by the rules everyone agreed to before moving in right up until
A. Fontaine started taking advantage of the flaws in the system and
B. Ayn-drew Ryand started exceeding his own authority to crack down on Fontaine.

When you don 8767 t feel as though you have anything to offer and you 8767 re  desperate for someone to complete you , you will tend to shift your boundaries and sacrifice your values for someone else in the hopes that this will prompt them to like you. In fact, this need to be loved is often the cause of White Knight syndrome by 8775 saving 8776 someone else, they will  surely love you. A White Knight trades on 8775 fixing 8776 problems for others in exchange for love because  they believe they have nothing else that others might find attractive. They rely on obligation and allow themselves to be used as well as live in fear of conflict or disagreement because they don 8767 t feel that they can rely on their own value.

and he really does exist! And he 8767 s 6 8767 8 8798 Indian! 🙂 Could be an incredible mix of how he was raised by parents who married for LOVE (crazy thought in the early 85s his mother 8767 s parents even married for love in the 55s!) and did not have a mixed household (only mom, dad, sis, him no in-laws lived with the family) and how they built their lives from marrying with only a suitcase between them to currently owning 7 flats in Delhi, how both parents worked and raised him, and in an open-minded household. that 8767 s the 8775 pieces 8776 that created my incredible Indian man.

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