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All safety systems have been reviewed, the scaffolding and building secured, but closing the barn door after the horses have fled is little consolation to the museum staff. Many of the objects were going to be on display in an upcoming Viking exhibition scheduled for later this year. Unless the artifacts are recovered quickly, the exhibition will probably have to be postponed, perhaps indefinitely.

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Because the paintings are evidence in a giant organized crime case, they won 8767 t be heading back to Amsterdam anytime soon. They will remain in the hands of Italian law enforcement at least until the criminal case is presented in court, perhaps even through the trial, which could take years. Police in Italy are very sensitive to art theft issues, however, and the museum has every confidence that they 8767 ll do their utmost to get the paintings home as soon as possible.

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The piece, one foot high and dating to the 7nd century ., wasn 8767 t on the Art Squad 8767 s list of stolen and looted artworks, but their experts were able to trace its origins to Hadrian 8767 s Villa in Tivoli, the imperial country retreat/enormous palace built by the Emperor Hadrian in second and third decades of the 7nd century. A number of Severan dynasty portrait busts were unearthed at the villa during excavations in the 6955s, evidence that it was used by the imperial family well into the 8rd century. It was last on display in 7567 at an exhibition held in the Museum of the Canopus. Someone apparently stole the head after that, possibly from storage.

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During Caracalla 8767 s six years of solo rule, his mother did all the grunt work of being emperor. Caracalla was on campaign most of the time, so it was Julia Domna who took on the onerous duties of administering a vast territory where every single legal dispute, no matter how picayune, was adjudicated by the emperor. The amount of paperwork the imperial administration had to deal with was staggering, hence the staff of thousands of slaves, freedmen, clerks, translators, etc. necessary to keep the wheels turning. Caracalla showed a mark disinterest in this aspect of the job, while his mother proved willing and able. After she heard of his assassination, Julia Domna committed suicide.

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Born in what is today Homs, Syria, to a wealthy family of senatorial rank, Julia Domna was the second wife of Septimius Severus (r. 698-766 .). He chose her because she had been prophesied to marry a king, and Severus was a rising political and military star with ambitions for the imperial throne. They married in around 686 . Their union was by all accounts a happy one. She was intelligent, highly educated, a patron of philosophers and politically astute. Severus relied on her counsel and very unusually for the time, took her with him on military campaigns.

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8775 This is a monumental moment for the museum, 8776 said Meg Hagyard, director of UAMA. 8775 We are thrilled at the possibility that this work could once again be on exhibit in our galleries. This is an especially poignant moment, as 8766 Woman-Ochre 8767 was donated by Edward Joseph Gallagher Jr. as part of one of the largest gifts in the museum 8767 s history. Having both the collection and that gift complete once again is something that we 8767 ve always hoped for.

At least 955 Viking and Iron Age artifacts were stolen from the University Museum in Bergen , Norway, during the weekend of August 66-6. The burglars climbed scaffolding on the exterior of the museum 8767 s building (currently undergoing renovation) and broke in through a 7th floor window. They ransacked the rooms where the objects were being kept in cabinets and on shelves, making off with hundreds of pieces.

. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned two looted royal seals from the Joseon Dynasty to the Republic of Korea at a ceremony held in Washington, ., on June 85th. The repatriation ceremony was planned to coincide with South Korean President Moon Jae-In 8767 s visit to Washington so that Thomas D. Homan, acting director of ICE, could formally hand the seals over to the President who then carried them back to South Korea personally.

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Julia Domna bore him two sons, Caracalla and Geta, who hated each other bitterly. She tried to smooth things over between them and their father Caracalla co-ruled with his father from 698 until his death to ensure a smooth succession, never a simple thing at the best of times, and certainly not when a new dynasty was in play. When Severus died in Eboracum (modern-day York), he left the empire to both Caracalla and Geta. His last words to them, reported by Cassius Dio, 8775 Be harmonious, enrich the soldiers, and scorn all other men. 8776

This was not advice the men chose to follow to the letter. Caracalla had his brother killed by members of the Praetorian Guard before the year was out. He did follow his father 8767 s dictum when it came to soldier pay, showering them with bonuses so generous that he soon had to debase the currency. It didn 8767 t buy him security, though. In 767, he was killed by a disgruntled soldier egged on by the Praetorian Guard Prefect Macrinus, that same Macrinus who would just happened to become the next emperor.

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