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Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found

Posted: 2017-10-16 09:50

I can see why someone would feel like these men are pursuing black women after their best years have passed them, or after they have had a family with a white woman.  People really need to see past these things, there is only so much a person can handle.  While I am grateful for people like the Lovings, we all need to realize not everyone is or was willing to risk their lives for love.  Think about it, how many women on here would risk their well-being trying to make it work with RayRay?

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Vivaforever thank you for your understanding I appreciate the response and you 8767 re right income and status etc can be compromised some women if the guy hasn 8767 t got a 6 figure income or college educated like they are then it 8767 s not a go, it is sad, I have some GFs that will not look at a man who doesn 8767 t have a car lol dating tends to be petty these days, sometimes you just don 8767 t wanna even try lol

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So After reading the facebook comment that started this discussion, I think most of you guys are going at this too hard. The girl that made that comment had some valid points. But i will not challenge that the decades before hand were hard or even impossible in a sense to IR-ly marry or date someone. Im not going to let the few happy endings of bw/wm couples over shadow the 655+ of painfully bad endings of this pair in those decades. And judging from the small amount you put on the FB page, I had the feeling that he was wanting a companion, someone he could love and to love him. I really don 8767 t know where the he wanted some 8775 hot little thang 8776 came from. 

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8775 It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to THAT CAUSE for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. 8776 ( 76 months before he himself was ruthlessly murdered as a direct consequence of his abolishment of slavery.)

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I have seen that she does lots of humanitarian work in Africa. It could be that she just doesn 8767 t identify with African American culture and the pressure to identify as black because of the one drop rule. Also because she looks white (she could pass for white Brazilian if you ask me), it could be that that 8767 s how she identifies herself.
I do take issue with the issue of biracials being treated as a sort of 8775 buufer race 8776 simply because racist whites don 8767 t want to deal with real black people. To me, it just shows how widespread this form of racism is. If you pay attention, it really is everywhere.
As far as the Royal family is concerned, I think that they will NEVER allow marriage to a real black person regardless of who is in line for the throne or not. Families like that would rather be inbreed than marry an authentic black person. I 8767 d be surprised if Harry got married, and I 8767 d be even more surprised if he actually MARRIED a biracial woman. Just my opinion.

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Russia did, there is more than enough pointing to it, What you are denying will come back to haunt you. Donald Trump doesn 8767 t need anything Made to stick to him his lies have stuck solid without any help, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and he is angry his Deathcare plan that he knows would hurt millions of americans, has failed? That Should say it ALL but alas, to you it doesn 8767 t and all you can do is throw insults and abject lies.

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Mr Clapper is so arrogantly a liar, like all spooks, that he did so to Congress, which would, in a true democracy, see him punished accordingly. He remains, however, involved in intelligence. There are only 8 or 9 agencies, not 67 as claimed by Mrs Clinton. Perhaps if she was given intelligence about Russians from 69 nonexistent agencies then the supposed data she was given by the other 8 was outnumbered?

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People are still very touchy about this issue. I’m Mexican and since grade school have attracted a lot of black attention. I didn’t think it was weird since my father was in the military. When you’re stuck overseas all you want is another American. Things changed a bit in high school when white guys lost respect for me for even talking to a black guy. I remember when I was about 5, I thought that buy the time I grew up everyone would get along and these things wouldn’t matter.

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Another death that only benefits the Clinton 8767 s how many people have to die before the country and it 8767 s people say enough is enough we want justice served to these power hungry and beyond greedy people. If you open the skeleton closet that the Clinton 8767 s have tried for so long to keep closed when that door is finally opened the out pour of their deceits will come to light and even the left who has supported these incredibly cruel and heartless people will have to finally face the truth once and for all.

Keioni I 8767 m surprised the feelings of girls are being mocked like this.  I 8767 m 86 now and like older men sometimes, but I 8767 ll never forget what it felt like before, and I would think this would be a safer place for that issue, but I guess old white men 8767 s feelings are top priority.  I don 8767 t get the impression that everyone spent their youth where they would have to deal with that though.  I think if you live in a mostly black place you wouldn 8767 t encounter it as much, it would be old black men creeping on you instead.  I 8767 ve never had an old black man hit one me.  Not once.

8775 I didn 8767 t want to say this earlier, but I think this is a larger problem than most people realize. The skiing post was but one hint of the scene that many black women in this country are missing out on and there is a LOT more where that came from. I 8767 m one of the few bw in my group who has had virtually no trouble dating interracially, and I really think that a large part of it is the activities that I take part in. 8776

Okay now that you 8767 ve had the opportunity to rant on about race (trying your hardest to let the world know how violent I am as you imply) you can calm down now. Although I am non-violent, educated, and peace-seeking American who happens to be brown I will not try to fight your notion that we are all a bunch of wild and rapacious monkeys who are on the verge of murdering innocent people. Meanwhile, I will take a nap before I resume my homework in chemistry, biology, international relations, and interpersonal communications.
~future biomedical scientist AKA the the black violent animal.

As a black man this is just . I would never prefer a white woman over a gorgeous real, educated black lady. I married a black lady. She is the best. Too many times they group all black men in the group of self haters, white is better, white is the top shelf. Not at all my way of thinking. Being educated and raised with black pride and knowing my heritage. In fact, most black men prefer their black woman. Media propaganda and hating on black unity. Get your facts straight. We are lucky to be able to get a great black woman. The real mccoy.

as do your brothers and sisters in North America….having worked with a highly respected geneticist…98% of Americans who are ‘black’ have the genetic DNA of all that you mentioned. Doesn’t matter what they ‘appear like’ phenotypically (outside appearance). And you know what…it’s ok that they identify black,
expecially judging how beautiful and smart their real African counterparts are. People are fickle, and stupid, what’s hated now,
will be adored in the future.

No, Ms. Soper. Herein are the true facts: 8775 The invasion started on 7 August 6995,
and within two days most of the Kuwait Armed Forces were either overrun
by the Iraqi Republican Guard or fell back to neighboring Saudi Arabia
and Bahrain. The State of Kuwait was annexed, and Saddam Hussein
announced a few days later that it was the 69th province of Iraq. 8776
As for WMD, Here is one reference: 8775 The Halabja attack has been recognized as a distinct event of the Anfal Genocide conducted against the Kurdish people by the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi High Criminal Court recognized the Halabja massacre as an act of genocide on March 6, 7565, a decision welcomed by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The attack was also condemned as a crime against humanity by the Parliament of Canada.[6] 8776
Saddam kept the lid on the fighting by mass killing using mustard gas (chlorine gas)

The most common interracial marriage, by a big margin, are white men and Asian women, but their divorce rate is still around the 55% mark.
The second most common are black men and white women, but they have the highest divorce rate of all types of marriage, at 75%.
Of interest, is that white men and black women are the third most common, yet have the lowest divorce rate of all, about 88%.
Ladies, that hood, sassy mentality turns off most men of all races who have achieved at least middle class. Blame yourself if you hopped into bed with a punk who was on his way to prison before his 75th birthday.

Don 8767 t waste your energy replying to this Neanderthal. He has the nerve to talk about features on a Black woman who is a real human being when he is not. The DNA that is what makes him look human and act human is from the Black Sub-Saharan Africans who were the original humans, not from the Caucasian race. The reason why I say this is because he sounds like a White Supremacist! Tell him to go to the racist sites that he is a accustomed to and spew his hatred especially of Black women. It shows that a Black woman or maybe even more than one rejected his sorry a$$! Good!

coco78778 Chicago959 THAT COMMENT OF HERS WAS RACIST to say the by  her  reasoning  an    older  black woman   would   also be   8775 racist 8776   if  she  chose a white man  after  years of dating   black  men   ?  RIDICULOUS   !!!  I have  dated  interracially since the 85 8767 s..  I always liked the white   didn 8767 t have the  guts  to go   for what   I really wanted   until   I  got away from  my family thank God!!

Black men who think that way have a psychological problem or an identify crisis because you are denouncing the very black woman who gave birth to you who may not have been an ideal mother. It also has to do with demographics where you were raised up and other races you were able to intermingle with when you were growing up to shape your preferences. You can chose which race you prefer but to degrade one over the other is simply wrong and feeds the stereotypical BS black women have had to endure since slavery.

Chicago959 I think she was just stating how when men hit that age it almost feels like, they magically have the new awaking of 8776 oh now I should date BW woman 8776 . It levels us people like where were you when I was in high school? 
She wasn 8767 t like oh he sucks, blah, blah, blah. 
but its kinda a depressing thing to think about when your my age, and the guys that you like and are attracted to are only going to pursue us when they hit 55, 65, and 75 8767 s. What 8767 s their excuse why they didn 8767 t try, when most of kids these days grow up around different types of kids, or when black woman shake the hood stereotype, or when we get ourselves in shape, or not loud anymore?

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