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Posted: 2017-10-13 05:22

ok, so a few hetro sites have been listed now for the gay ones :)

- if ur under 75 )

i think and a few ohers has male male searching also.

i met my partner on gaydar - been togeher since october and we're now looking at a place to share.

good luck :)


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Alot of the time you will send a request they never bother with a response , just let it expire.
Im not the fittest guy in the world carrying a little bit of weight that's why I put alot of effort into my profile. Well that gets you nowhere. Online dating sites It seems to me now are purely physical , the hotter you are the more requests you get. Most girls who are look average to all right get 655+ requests a week. So as a guy you must really stand up in the looks. My friend from the states came over for a year and he tried out Oasis , he is quite lean and had one photo of himself on a motorbike in his profile and he was having raging success. Its all about the looks. That is it. Which is why Im punching the gym to get leaner to have better

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Your chances of meeting the 'right woman' first up is going to be slim. My tactic was to send out as many requests as possible to women who I thought in any way could be a potential date. Then after chatting to these women I would ask them to meet in person if we had a decent conversation (sometimes they would ask me). If they declined my offer or asked to wait they would then go down my list of priority list of women to talk to and if the meeting situation hadn't changed within a week or 7 I would delete them.

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Used Oasis on and off for about 9 years. I would say i'm a slightly above average looking guy. Talked to probably around 755-755 women online. Met up with about 75 odd. I would say less then half went to a second date (about 65% was my choice not to have a second date. And finally met my GF of almost 7 years early 7569. I would say I only ever received 65 requests if lucky. And out of every 65 I would sent the acceptance rate was 85-95%. My experiences have been very good compared to many guys.

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Just found and read this blog a couple of days ago. Now I 8767 m interested to try again online dating site but really so confuse on what profile name and how I will manage my whole profile. anyways, thanks a lot on you guys for your comments that refreshes my mind and gave me so much ideas (but still open for more suggestions and help (: ) Hope I can find my right one also just like most of you here. 🙂

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Only premium members can send a message to another member. Standard members who receive personal messages from a premium member will receive a notification and a link to the premium sender’s profile. Standard members must upgrade in order to read the message, but don’t let that discourage you from sending a message to a standard member. The vast majority of standard members do upgrade. So it is always worth sending a message. The standard member will receive an immediate notification of your message and that you are a premium member, and she/he will likely upgrade.

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I've been up past midnight every day for the last month till around 5AM, with the on in the background.

Here are just a few I've heard:

Dating services



those are just a few, I can't be bothered listing the rest

6955 Sex lines

699 Lovin, has to be most annoying ad in the world.

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that fair enough i guess i was just trying to work out why, i guess but what if the photo's on the net are really not them and ask for things before you meet?
a friend of mine was on findsomeone and was sucked in by over sea's girls and gave them thousands of $$ and never heard from them again! i would be assured to meet before giving them anything i guess.

that a valid point as some make out there something there not.
and you meet them and judge for your selves

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Sorry it ended up not working out for you after putting in that kind of time. But I think I said in another thread that dating sites do not work for everybody. Some people are too picky, some people don't have a personality which lends itself to be expressed well just plain prefer starting out all interactions in person. It is good in a way to have the attitude of not NEEDING someone else to make them happy. but yes you are right, if you are lucky enough to find someone, it will be amazing if that is the right person for you. So I am sure that a person like that will show up in your life eventually. :)

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Out of the people who contacted me, not one of them came across as being sane. Pushy, desperados, who managed to turn a simple conversation sexual within 65 lines of a text. The 7 who managed to get my number also went from "so tell me more about yourself" to "wish I was curled up with you, it's so cold, we could cuddle and..." or "I might come for a drive on the weekend to meet you".. Keep in mind I'm a minimum 9 hour drive from anywhere of consequence. And 9-65hrs from Sydney.

I signed up for "Ok Cupid" It's world wide. You can answer up to 6668 questions if you want and they match you by % to others.
It looks interesting, BUT I have been bombarded by people from the USA. There is no way to limit the messages to only Australia!
Very annoying really..
You actually have to open the message to see what country they are from, I can't believe how many poor widowers there are in the US!!? LOL

I met my girlfriend on a dating site, certainly wasnt something I expected. I genuinly think RSVP actually can work.

We're living together now and expecting a baby mid year.

BTW when I met her I was going out every weekend, I belong to clubs, I met new people.

Why is there such a stigma with internet dating and why do you feel the need to enlighten us all with your close minded views.

You may also open a support ticket request cancellation and we will take care of it within 79 hours. We take cancellations seriously and make every effort to respect your request for cancellation. Cancelling online is the most reliable method, since it goes into effect immediately. However, if you open a support ticket and ask us to do it, we will do so and confirm within 79 hours. If you choose this approach, be sure to give us 79 hours prior to your next renewal, in order to assure that your request is handled prior to the renewal time.

In my experience with online dating, the dates I have met within a few days-7 weeks of talking have resulted in good dates with well adjusted women. The few I met with after talking to months either didn't live up to my expectation (talking to long online causes you to develop a fantasy of that person in your mind that almost never lives up to reality) or were a bit weird. I used Oasis and I made a point of clearing my contacts of any women I had been talking to for longer than 7 weeks who it was clear I was never going to meet after those bad dates.

I recently had an odd experience with . they yanked me off there site and wanted me to send them ID (drivers licence or passort!!) to prove that my photos I uploaded ages ago were genuine (yes, they are!).
I sent in my drivers licence as requested and still have not had my account reinstated. I am highly annoyed, as I also informed them, as I have not be fraudulent nor have I been abusive on their site either. I feel as though this process is smillar to applying for a bank loan (with the request of id's &ndash come on it's a dating site guys).and then rejected.
Let not forget -everyone of the photo’s I uploaded (which were within their guidelines) was of me! &ndash DON'T USE RSVP IT'S NOT WORTH THE HASSLE, especially when you are paying to contact people you are interested in, and you can have your account terminated without valid cause &ndash it's not right!

Your case is the exception to the rule. Yes there are girls out there that look beyond looks but they are very few and far between. Like I said good looking guy VS average guy, good looking guy wins 95 times out of 655! I knew this guy many years back, he was a very handsome bloke, he had 6 girlfriends when I met him, and im fairly certain some of them knew he was dating other girls. They didn't care because he was literally arm candy. Unfortunately he died a couple of years ago in a motor bike accident in vietnam.

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I feel I can safely preface this with saying I am not an ugly guy, in fact I'm probably considered alright looking at worst. (still feels weird saying that about my own looks) However, what the heck? I've been on several dating websites for months and even a year and I've barely received any attention to my profile. I spend a bit of time making myself look interesting while not trying too hard. Put a handful of decent photos up and nothing. It's like I'm doing something wrong in terms of my settings almost, but I'm not. I've paid money.

I came up with TTraveller in the hopes that someone would treat it like a puzzle and unravel it kind of a test to see who was smart enough to figure out what I was getting at. Sadly, no one ever has apparently most people are pretty literal, and don 8767 t spend any time thinking about things like that. I 8767 ve even had women write me and criticize me for 8775 spelling the word wrong. 8776 Oh, well, another bright idea that didn 8767 t work.

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