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However, only in 6878 did Graaff-Reinet agree to the petitions of the Nieu Bethesda people. Rev. Charles Murray had made a few suggestions regarding a name and, at the founders meeting said: “Laten sy dese plaats nu Bethesda noemen.” These words are reported to have been minuted incorrectly as “Laten wij het Nieu Bethesda noemen.” In fact, during the prolonged negotiations, the name Nieu Bethesda had been used frequently – probably because of the strong fountain and its biblical reference. (John 5: 7-9.)


Anyone who knows anything about race would know that all these people are not white you might not know that they were part black they could be anything but it is obvious that they are all mixed, even Channing, who looks like Diana Ross. There are very few really black people in America, black in the sense that white people are white, with no or almost no other ancestry. Almost all are mixed to one degree or another with white, so you can hardly classify them as one race. If you want to know what a real black person looks like, look at Idi Amin or Obama 8767 s supposed Kenyan father. And no, Nelson Mandela is not black, but mixed.

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As a person of mixed race (many, I grew up in a society of like multi racials. I think back to my friends at elementary school and wonder what were their predominant races and the only real clues would be their family names. The prejusices that prevailed were more social, typical for countries under the British Commonwealth.
I live in the same town as Zimmerman and Martin and I think the racial issue was not Zimmermans race but the fact that Martin was singled out because of his race. I see this on a regular basis in Sanford where Black patrol cops are profiling Black people, not just teenagers but adults going about their 8775 white collar 8776 way to work.
I think the more we try to identify and pigeon hole racial stereotypes the more racism we create. Blacks seem to think they should stay in their neighborhoods and speak ebonics as some way of preserving their culture. They need to get out of these ghettoes that the Whites with Jim Crow laws etc chased them into and integrate more into society. Maybe then we can stop looking for pigeon holes on our census forms.

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Well Anyway as the writer said not all the koreans are like this(and I never saw girls like the writer said in my life.. I just 8766 heard 8767 that kind of girl are mostly lookin for foreigner in the club and mostly sluts)
About only 65% is right that their love for their family.
Quick Texting or phone calling? Hmm probably kids ,students may do.
It 8767 s hard to text fast or take phone calls for women who has job to work.
I never thought about meeting foreigner.
And my friends also thinks like that. Why? I don 8767 t know we don 8767 t care about them And it 8767 s hard to get interested cause it 8767 s hard to meet and talk with forienger in daily life unless if we try we are not interested so.. never have chance or desire to meet foreigner. And culture difference is a huge block so we don 8767 t try hard to meet foreigner. Someone who has similer life style is the good I think. And what 8767 s best is someone who loves me most.

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And Backwards pale slant eyed toy sluts (the user)
You can choose other things to fuckin eat, you chose to eat porridge its yourfault, you can choose to eat otherthings that taste great, like Cold Noodles (ttps:///wp-content/uploads/7558/56/) and heaps of other things (It was just that Cold noodles were the first thing that came to mind)
And you don 8767 t have to eat kimchi, you can fuckin choose, bloody hell do you not have a brain, personality, my god


We can 8767 t say 8775 embrace all that you are 8776 then ridicule blacks who choose to acknowledge long ago European or Native American connections. We cannot say a person who identifies as white or black has an obligation to emulate or embrace the race of the person who raised them. People need to embrace their humanity and leave the 8775 Team Black 8776 Team white or whatever nonsense to those still ignorant enough and insecure enough to hide behind racism. When a person truly embraces who they are-they embrace their humanity, instincts and intellect not skin color.

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Giving the benefit of the doubt, I think by 8766 getting away with it 8767 she is just talking about what 8766 passing 8767 meant decades ago when there was still stuff like Jim Crow laws and such. If you were mixed race but passed yourself off as white, I suppose it was considered getting away with something that wasn 8767 t true so you could free yourself from the crummy way things were separated then. But I am only interpreting what she said. Not sure what the % was back then that your heredity had to be white vs. black to be considered white, but one white parent and one black was definitely considered to still be black as far as Jim Crow laws were concerned.

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Very well said Queenbee. I would imagine if it were not for the increased number of white women having non-white babies, we would not be having this debate on black white or mixed. For all intensive purposes, a person with black blood would and still is considered black. If a mixed person is pulled over by the police they will get a dose of reality that I hope white mothers are preparing their non-white children to deal with. It is amazing how not so long ago someone who looked like our President would not have had a chance in hell of being claimed as white.

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Thank you for this article. I have never heard of 8775 Black Dutch 8776 . I wonder if it is possible one of my ancestors could be. I have a photo of her with her husband and I feel she could have something other than Caucasian. From DNA I have Shawnee blood, and it is my belief on another line possibly Choctaw, and/or Cherokee, but she is from a different line than that surname. Does anyone know if the Womack line could be from Black Dutch? The Womack line married into a German line.

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The most common designation of 8775 Black Dutch 8776 refers to Dutch immigrants to New York who had swarthier complexions than most other Dutch. The darker complexions were usually due to intermarriage or out of wedlock births with Spanish soldiers during the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands. Many of these so-called 8775 Black Dutch 8776 are still in New York today while other families migrated south and west to other states. DNA studies have shown that these people are of mainly European descent, with little, if any, African or Native American DNA in them.

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I agree= the laws are ignorant and most Americans do not even know that they are laws BUT consider this one of the most successful side shows the government has is pitting races against each other specifically the black and white race. Whites are continually compared to blacks in terms if economics, teen pregnancy, crime, health, etc as if no other race exists most whites think most blacks are either on welfare or in jail and that most are ignorant. They are fed this by media and how blacks are portrayed not many whites take the time to recognize the following:

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What possible difference does it make? I thought we got past this in the 65 8767 s I 8767 m afraid bigots on the right and professional racelords on the left have kept this meaningless distinction alive for far too long. MLK stated 8775 A man should be judged by his character and not the color of his skin. 8776 This was true then and, it 8767 s even more true today. Why don 8767 t we just go back to the purity laws of Nazi Germany? As long as people (as they do on both sides) make the distinction, it will continue to separate us.

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exactly, in haiti there are im a mixed french/italian haitian and so is the current president of haiti its just the images of the people you see in the caribbean are not always correct in addition unfortunately darker people from the Caribbean and Africa move to america because they are most likely to be poor in their home country outside of the US its very rare to see a lighter skin black beggar so of course that what you are going to see immigrate or in the feed the children commercial colorism is very disgusting

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wrong in a way saying 8775 virtually 8776 you have been sneaky. Just say the truth that because of the way American slavery was carried out in America most black people [probably 95% ] are of mixed race or ethnic heritage..American indian,white European,hispanic even Asian..why? because of the massive killing of 8775 pure looking African people 8776 basically weeding out pure blacks and mostly sparing the light skinned mixed ones..who went on to further the process by bein the main ones propogating that is one huge reason almost all of those current 8775 mixed 8776 blacks pass for white so easy..their 8775 black 8776 parents were barely black in the first place..one need only walk around and see the giant differences between Africans and American black people not all but probably 95% of us are more white than Obama..he is only 55% white

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Same with eartha kitt 8767 s daughter, eartha is actually half black., same with Troian Bellisario, her mother is actually half black, if you see her mother she looks very white so all of these people that you are posting are not biracial since most have different ethnic backgrounds and most are actually 6/9 black which is why they look mainly white like persia white 8767 s daughter like 6/7 black druscilla aka victoria rowell 8767 s daughter maya but no with halle who is also 6/7 black and her daughter is 6/9 black but looks more like black than white. also tia mowry from sister sister, her lil boy looks more like the dad so just saying there is a different way to categorize biracial people when we have children because I grew up where some people didn 8767 t accept me being biracial because i didnt look like these people you have here on the list because society is making it seem that when your mix you gotta look like these people on your list when in reality i tell folks you don 8767 t know if their black parent has some white in them like quincy jones, he has white in him too.

You know, I 8767 m really analyzed, in most cases, the black women who bash black men that they arent no good, dont committ, and got all these baby mamas and other non-sense, are the ones with personality issues, they have no sense of humor, they arent easy going or ..to be honest arent very physically attractive.(in most cases) same goes for black men that chase after white women all the time, they are usually mentally weak, not that attractive, dont have there ish together, etc.. I say this because I see nothing but beautiful black women everywhere I go, same goes for blk men, well dressed, humble, no kids, professional, good personality, etc.

I find it curious that you are on your Dove Soap box on this public site for black women And I seriously doubt that we running 76% of our households because we failed to read neon lights telling us that our men were no good. Somewhere along the way some of these men made repeated choices Not to work, to go to prison, to not be in their children 8767 s lives, like hell

frankly speaking people can call themselves what e er they want. people have a right to self identify which ever way they want. if they choose to pass that 8767 s on them, if they wanna be labelled biracial that 8767 s on them too, they can be damn near white (like me) and consider themselves black. i 8767 m a black woman and that 8767 s all i can be, i have no intentions on passing. i like being black. most of my extended family is black despite the fair skin complexion we have. i have seen what intra-racism can do. it tore my maternal side of the family apart, because they wanted to pass as either white or mulatto. my grandmother broke the cycle with my mother and aunts by raising them to understand that they 8767 re black women no matter her complexion.

Soledad O’Brien: Uh what the fu*k is 8775 Afro-Cuban 8776 ? How is she Black? And can all of you Blacks please stop using the term 8775 Afro-American 8776 ? It is the stupidest, most pretentious label I 8767 ve ever heard. First of all, you 8767 re 8775 Afro 8776 nothing: I don 8767 t see any huge hair. Oh, I 8767 m sorry it 8767 s meant as a prefix derivative of 8775 Africa 8776 ? Fu*k. Off. You all come from Africa as much as I come from Europe, except I don 8767 t feel the need to call myself 8775 Euro-American 8776 . Idiots.
Want to call yourselves something? How about, 8775 American 8776 ?

#7 Who wants to date someone who 8767 s in a 79/7 competition with all of her Facebook 8775 friends 8776 ? Sounds like an immature woman with no self-worth. IMHO, Facebook is nothing but a fantasy world where a 65 y/o unemployed nerd living with parents can mysteriously transform into a successful 85 y/o ladies man with a thriving career and mansion via fake photos and lying about their lives.

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