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This is even a better question. I feel the same way sometimes. I think that it may come from a latent Calvinism that has deep roots in our American culture. There is almost a resignation or fatalistic view that comes about at times. Some of it is personalities- people deal with life’s stresses in different ways. But it resigns itself to the fact that God knows who will be saved and all will work out in the end.

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Okay. So I am naturally skinny and tiny(height). I 8766 ve gained a little weight but it is hard for me because my body is skinny naturally. So I can 8767 t really do much.. Many people think I am dieting and all but I don 8767 t I eat more than them! but that 8767 s how I was made.
And concerned with my inspirations:
I like Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan(as she as before) , Avril Lavigne etc.

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I 8767 m glad I stumbled across your article, Mr Eric Charles, because you discussed some very important points that people just don 8767 t seem to acknowledge. Women of a wide range of shapes and sizes can be considered attractive, and everyone has different tastes. The most important thing we all SHOULD be focusing on is simply our health. I hate to see women talk about 8766 skinny 8767 and 8766 fat 8767 , with some criticising models for being so thin and others making disparaging remarks about those who are overweight. It sickens me and I wish that people would stop wasting so much energy on something so irrelevant.

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Let me ask you something about your opinion of God, being a megalomaniac with self esteem issues, if a man can claim to be the greatest thing that walks the planet when he dies in a 655 years, hardly knows less than what could fill a single book, and spends all his time on himself why then would God be wrong in claiming He is the Almighty when He does not die, he knows everything and acts perfectly according to His (not your) definition of perfect and just action, and brought into as well as sustains all things do you not have air to breath and food to eat, be grateful for God has given everything that you have come to enjoy in this world.

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If you look at 6 Peter 8:6, it explains the questions very well. Atheists always say why crhistians this, why Christians that, but the truth is you likely have had some guy preach to you like this, and you likely thought him a nut case such is our world, the more you care the more you are treated badly, I find atheists often try to make Christians God by requiring more than they could ever deliver, just so they can 8775 feel 8776 sound in their beliefs of nothing due to the Christian falling to their standards.

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Very well put. And that was a nice touch to bring the importance of direct experience into play. It is indeed futile to even try to put this into words. However, my intention is not for an Atheist to read this and think: 8775 That 8767 s true! Praise the lord! Let 8767 s kill some children! 8776 I hope that someone reads this and thinks: 8775 Maybe not all believers are as stupid and narrow-minded as I thought. 8776

I liked Lindsay Lohan as she was in Mean Girls perfect. And I don 8767 t follow celebs that closely, but when Megan Fox came onto the scene a few years ago (I think Transformers made her popular), she was definitely smoking hot she probably still is, I just don 8767 t pay much attention.
Avril Lavigne never did all that much for me, but she probably has a good body. I certainly wouldn 8767 t object to Avril Lavigne.
So I think those girls are hot, but that 8767 s just my own taste. There are definitely tons of men out there who don 8767 t find those women hot but find another type hot. Different strokes
My ideal girl would look like the hot secretary chick from 85 Rock. That is a devastatingly hot girl man
Again, my ideal not every guy 8767 s.

why do you think I 8767 m a deist (like mentioned WAY up there?) God does not do ANYTHING (in our universe). God does not answer prays, cure diseases, or anything of the sort. MY endeavor into science has helped me with my faith. It 8767 s not MY fault you have no faith, and it 8767 s not MY job to 8775 convert 8776 you. You need to find God on your own (like I did). And all I am saying is this

This is so different from the Christianity that is seen overseas among people that do not grow up with deterministic philosophies. The problem with your atheism is that it too is has deterministic tendencies. It usually takes the form of biological or genetic determinism or economic determinism (Marxism). I don 8767 t pretend to have the answers but I know that denying God solves nothing. It will lead to its own despair.

In all three of my LTRs, my easy-going nature (lack of jealousy, playful, high libido, not easily offended) was mistaken as a lack commitment.  (Men have so many feelz!) In all three I was cheated on, and when it came time to confront the cause for their betrayal, with all of them it was supposedly because they felt I wasn 8767 t 8775 in love 8776 enough. (See: my fault) My easy-going nature made me appear 8775 easy 8776 (. low-class, a slut, whatever), not committed enough. Even though I was 655% loyal and had 5 interest in other men, apparently NOT being a possessive psycho hurt their egos ???? Crazy.  Don 8767 t let men fool you, they are not as easy to please as they proclaim themselves to be. The requirements are many and often totally contradictory  (Thanks Whore/Madonna complex!)

This is really just beautiful. I don 8767 t have anything further to add to the discussion it 8767 s like sitting in a room full of (mostly) intelligent folks, and just listening to humans be humans, and talking about the things that are closest to our hearts, and farthest from our heads. I 8767 m not an atheist. I 8767 m not really a Christian. But this whole plethoric mass of dialogue made me remember why I 8767 m still searching for something that makes sense.

lol, wow you seem to have issues with woman altogether. Yes we can be very emotional,but you have to understand that is part of the science that makes us different then mean. In alot of cases where men Think, we Fee, We are Creatures of the Heart. And I do understand many of the complaints you have,like a girl taking to long to get ready & caring too much about how she looks (which I sadly fall victim too,lol). However, think a bout what we go through, from childhood to adulthood. Most of our mothers nagged & picked on our looks, if we weren 8767 t looking 8775 accordingly 8776 , we grow into thinking that men care #6 about our looks, regardless. Also our worth is based highly on our looks, do you look like someone a man would want to show off, like a 8775 trophy wife 8776 , or even 8775 trophy girlfriend 8776 . Yes, these things may not matter to you, but think how many smart,wealthy, not so attractive women are married to hot men, can you think of any?

I don 8767 t know about you Denise, but I don 8767 t spend much time with people who don 8767 t have control over their reptilian brains. And as wise as it is for a woman to make sure her man feels good being with her (this is new info? really?), it isn 8767 t any more important than a woman feeling good being with the man she 8767 s with. BOTH genders evaluate. BOTH genders may have criteria unique to them that factors into their evaluation process. If you feel comfortable believing men and women are fundamentally different, that 8767 s your perception, it 8767 s not universal.

So thick or thin it 8767 s a tragedy to hate what you look like. Accept yourself, and know that we all have things that we deem flawed features. And for those who tend to comment on those flaws please keep in mind that most people have feelings, and when you say something negative regardless of how much you say it with jest, it hurts even if we smile through it. Be polite, and as it was said by Thumper in the movie Bambi If you don 8767 t have nothin nice to say, don 8767 t say nothin at all!

Eric is right, it 8767 s not about the number that pops up on the scale when you step on it, it 8767 s about how your body is proportioned, how healthy you are, and how confident you are with yourself. I may not be perfect to everyone, and my ass doesn 8767 t giggle for a half hour when I get spanked, but I have features that some men appreciate. I have strong arms, strong legs, a great personality and I 8767 m among the healthiest people I know.

You are a soul Florence, you have much to learn, the body is only a shell, we are all beautiful in our own way, if we all looked the same we couldn 8767 t learn to love eachother or ourselves, plus the world is so much more beautiful with all the variety of beings here on earth. to judge a person based on looks says a lot about you, the way you talk about people negatively says a lot. You should learn to love yourself dear, what you put out into the world is a reflection of yourself.

Laura, I could have posted a very similar comment to yours. I too consider myself in the lower 55% of workers I 8767 ve had a lot of mental health problems that have seriously interfered with my work over the years, and I made really poor choices of college major and grad program, as well as some other bad choices in general. I have an unimpressive, all-over-the-place resume, mediocre people skills, and no marketable expertise. As suggested below, I currently work in a job not too different from data entry, with a small part-time customer service job. I thought for years that I was terrible at everything and my prospects were hopeless. My current job actually plays to my strengths, though I am great with detail work. I also have gotten several pieces of fiction published, which finally makes me feel like I am someone. But neither of these things happened until my 85s, and I still share your anger that our society kicks unsuccessful people in the teeth while we 8767 re down.

You become an Atheist. You tell yourself things like: 8775 Religion is for weak people. I am not weak. I can live with the truth. And the truth is that in the end, nothing matters. I will die and so will all my friends, and mankind will vanish and the universe won 8767 t give a s**t. I don 8767 t know how the big bang came about, but I have the strength to do exactly that: to say 8766 I don 8767 t know. 8767 8776
(Many people stay in this stage.)

He doesn 8767 t provide any details about the situation he 8767 s referring to with his son, but from the context it makes me wonder if Craig is referring to struggles with doubt within his own family. Craig, of course, explicitly denies the possibility of honestly doubting the truth of Christianity, since unbelievers are 8775 without excuse 8776 and 8775 Their unbelief is culpable because it is maintained in the face of the evidence and in defiance of the Holy Spirit 8776 (Question 96, 8775 Is Unbelief Culpable? 8776 ). Given the harshness and certainty with which Craig consigns unbelievers to hell, I 8767 m sure he 8767 s rather troubled if someone within his family has admitted doubt.

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