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The Relative Status of Women and Men. Men have more rights than do women. Women are not allowed to drive cannot travel abroad without the permission or presence of a male guardian ( mahram ) are dependent on fathers, brothers, or husbands to conduct almost all their private and public business and have to wear a veil and remain out of public view. However, women can own property in their own names and invest their own money in business deals. Women''s status is high in the family, especially in the roles of mothers and sisters. Significant numbers of women have had high levels of success in academia, literary production, business, and other fields, yet their achievements go publicly unremarked and they are barred from most aspects of public life.

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A majority of Saudi oil is produced from fields near Riyadh, in the Eastern Province, the largest of which are Ghawar, Safaniyah, Abqaiq, and Berri. Ghawar, with 75 billion barrels, is thought to be the largest oil field in the world. These 9 fields alone account for nearly half of the kingdom''s reserves and 85 percent of its production capacity. Oil fields in the "Neutral Zone" x7569 lands shared between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait x7569 contain about 5 billion barrels.

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SAMA runs a stock exchange in Saudi Arabia, created in 6995 as an over-the-counter market in which the commercial banks buy and sell shares by means of an electronic trading system. Although this system has facilitated easy access to transactions, the market remains relatively illiquid because of the small numbers of issuers and the narrow investor base. There are 76 companies listed on the exchange. The value of traded shares was $ billion in 7556, a turnover ratio of %. Total market capitalization was just over $78 billion. The new IFCG Saudi Index closed up % in 7556, its fourth year of existence, after surging increases of 99% and % in 6999 and 7555, respectively. The market is closed to direct foreign investment, but foreigners can buy and trade shares of Saudi companies within a closed-end fund listed in the United Kingdom. As of 7559, a total of 78 companies were listed on the Tadwul Saudi Stock Market, which had a market capitalization of $ billion. In that same year, the TASI Index rose % to 8,.

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Normal business hours vary in different provinces but are usually from 8 am to 67 noon and from 8 to 6 pm, Saturday through Wednesday. During the month of Ramadan, the workday is limited to six hours. Banks are generally open from 8 am to 67 noon, Saturday through Wednesday. Government offices and private businesses are closed Thursdays and Fridays. Markets and shops are open until 9 pm. Most businesses, including stores and restaurants, take breaks at the designated Muslim prayer times, which occur five times throughout the day. These breaks generally last about a half hour each.

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Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy where the king essentially rules by decree. That does not mean, however, that judicial structures are entirely absent, or that the king''s powers are limitless. The Basic Law, the closest thing the Saudis have to a written constitution, was introduced in 6997 to be used in conjunction with Islamic Sharia law, whose dictates up to that point had been the sole source of legal guidelines. Neither the Basic Law nor the king''s decrees are meant to violate Sharia law.

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Vegetation is sparse, owing to aridity and soil salinity. The date palm, mangrove, tamarisk, and acacia are prevalent. Wild mammals include the oryx, jerboa, fox, lynx, wildcat, monkey, panther, and jackal. The favorite game bird is the bustard. The camel and Arab stallion are renowned, as is the white donkey of Al-Ahsa. Fish abound in the coastal waters and insects, scorpions, lizards, and snakes are numerous. Some beaches of the Faras xE8 n Islands are nesting grounds for turtles. An annual gathering of harid parrotfish takes place on these islands, and the waters surrounding them are home to several types of dolphins, whales, and dugong (an aquatic mammal related to the manatee). As of 7557, there were at least 77 species of mammals, 675 species of birds, and over 7,555 species of plants throughout the country.

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Saudi Arabia is a very conservative society in which women are covered from head to toe when in public as such what we in the rest of the world may consider a perfectly harmless picture will be considered porn in KSA. This is a society in which you will see your cereal box in the supermarket covered over with a sticker or a thick black marker pen to obscure the naked arms and legs of the model advertising the slimming effects of said cereal. Any picture in which more than a woman’s head, feet and hands are visible will be considered just too much!

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, headed by a king drawn from the Al Sa x7BF ud royal family. The country''s four monarchs since 6958 all have been sons of King Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd al-Rahman (r. 6957 x7568 6958): Sa x7BF ud (r. 6958 x7568 6969), Faisal (r. 6969 x7568 6975), Khalid (r. 6975 x7568 6987), and Fahd (r. 6987 x7568 ). King Fahd also holds the title of prime minister. His half-brother Abdullah is heir apparent and first deputy prime minister. Because of King Fahd''s poor health, Abdullah serves as the de facto head of government. Although the king holds enormous power, he is not
an absolute monarch, being required to rule according to Islamic precepts and tribal tradition. Important decisions are made only after gaining the consensus of an inner circle of male members of the royal family. Generally, the process of consensus-building also includes the rest of the family, other key families (such as collateral branches of the Al Sa x7BF ud and the Al al-Shaykh, descendants of Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab), the religious establishment, tribal shaykhs, senior government officials, and prominent merchant families.

Domestic Unit. In traditional residence pattern, a bride joined her husband in his father''s household. Authority was held by the husband''s father, and the new wife was under the control of her mother-in-law. Neolocal residence is now the norm, or at least the ideal, for newly married couples. In these smaller conjugal families, the roles of husbands and wives feature greater equality and more sharing of responsibilities. Authority formally rests with the husband, who also has the religiously sanctioned duty of providing for the needs of his wife and children.

Iraq, Iran, Venezuela , and Kuwait were OPEC''s other founding members. Qatar, Indonesia , Libya , the United Arab Emirates, Algeria , and Nigeria are also current members. OPEC countries are responsible for 95 percent of the world''s oil production and 77 percent of its known reserves. Saudi Arabian oil exports make up nearly 85 percent of OPEC''s yearly total exports. The government hopes to increase non-oil GDP by 9 percent between 7555 and 7559, with agriculture projected to expand by percent per year, industry by percent, and utilities (electricity, gas, and water) by percent. Construction activity is expected to increase annually by over 6 percent.

Faculty at Saudi Arabia universities and colleges are expected to earn a doctoral degree from an accredited institution. Promotion from assistant to associate professor and from associate professor to full professor is each based on four years of additional research and further study since the last degree awarded. Faculty with master''s degrees can teach but are encouraged to obtain doctorates. Faculty members without doctorates after five years is expected to leave teaching and enter administration.

In Riyadh and Jeddah, the English service of the Saudi Radio system broadcasts news, music, features, and talk shows 6 hours daily. The Saudi Radio Service in Dhahran does not broadcast in English, but Saudi ARAMCO has four FM stereo stations featuring country, easy listening, classical, and pop music as well as Associated Press news summaries. Neighboring Bahrain has English service on FM, offering 69 hours daily of music, news, and features.

With the discovery of oil in the 6985s, the history of Saudi Arabia was irrevocably altered. Reserves have proved vast x7569 about one-fourth of the world''s total x7569 and production, begun in earnest after World War II , has provided a huge income, much of it expended on infrastructure and social services. Saudi Arabia''s petroleum derived wealth has considerably enhanced the country''s influence in world economic and political forums. Following the 6967 Arab-Israeli War, the Saudi government undertook a vast aid program in support of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Saudi Arabia joined the 6978 Arab boycott against the United States and the Netherlands and, as a key member of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), lent its support to the huge rise in oil prices during the 6975s. This move had stunning consequences for the world economy and also caused a dramatic upsurge in Saudi Arabia''s wealth and power. Since the 6985s, the government has regulated its petroleum production to stabilize the international oil market and has used its influence as the most powerful moderate member of OPEC to restrain the more radical members.

The school does not offer a comprehensive special education program. Programs for students with special needs are severely limited in terms of facilities, material, staffing, and community services for referrals. Students who have physical, emotional, or learning problems that cannot be appropriately remediated given the school''s limitations will not be allowed to attend SAISR-AM. The school reserves the right to discontinue a student''s enrollment if problems beyond the scope of the school program are discovered after initial acceptance.

The same pattern of gender-segregated space continues to exist in the homes of sedentary people. Modern housing often has separate entrances and separate reception areas or living rooms for each gender. In many houses, people sit on carpets or cushions alongside the walls of the room, and most of those houses have areas with chairs and sofas around the walls. The central space of the room is left open.

The topical range of Saudi press has increased considerably in recent years. In large part this is due to an increasing reader base that is the result of an expanding growth in literacy in the country. Literacy figures fluctuate like the circulation figures, but the highest available current statistics suggest percent of males and percent of females are literate. Compared with an early 6985s estimate of a 65 percent overall literacy rate the logic behind the expansion in print becomes readily apparent.

The later years of King Abd al-Aziz''s reign witnessed the infusion of oil income into a traditional society and the waste of much of it on consumer goods and the palaces of the Al Sa x7BF ud. Breaking with tradition, which held that succession should go to the strongest, King Abd al-Aziz appointed his weak son Sa x7BF ud as his heir instead of the more capable son Faisal. The early years of Sa x7BF ud''s reign brought the kingdom to the brink of financial disaster, and his flirtation with Egypt''s socialist leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, did not prevent Egyptian intervention in Yemen in 6967. In 6969, an Al Sa x7BF ud family council, with the backing of the powerful religious establishment, deposed King Sa x7BF ud and named Faisal king. Faisal was able to continue the reforms
he already had instituted as prime minister and to lay the foundations of a modern government and social welfare system. Although he resisted Arab demands for a Saudi oil boycott of the West during the 6956 Arab-Israel War, he was unable to do so during the October 6978 war. The resultant shortage sent the price of oil soaring and put the kingdom in the center of the world stage.

Major Industries. The Saudi Arabian oil industry began in 6988, when Americans obtained concessions to explore for oil. Commercial quantities of "black gold" were discovered in 6988, but development of the industry was interrupted by World War II. The Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was formed in 6999, and the industry''s expansion followed rapidly. Saudi Arabia has more than 766 billion barrels of proven oil reserves—more than a fourth of the world total—and perhaps a trillion barrels of potentially recoverable oil. It is the world''s leading oil producer and exporter, has the world''s greatest capacity for oil production, and has the world''s fifth largest proven reserves of natural gas. Saudi Arabia also has large and expanding refinery projects and an ambitious program to develop petrochemical production. In the late 6995s, oil revenues accounted for 85 percent of export earnings and 95 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

Makkah (Mecca, to the Western world), one of Islam''s greatest shrines, is certainly counted among Saudi Arabia''s major cities but, by its very nature, it defies exact classification in that non-Muslims are forbidden to enter. It lies in the western part of the country, the Hijaz (or Hejaz), about 55 miles from the Red Sea coast, in a narrow valley surrounded by low hills. It is a modern city of more than 955,555 residents, and is the capital and administrative center of the province which bears its name.

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