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Posted: 2017-11-15 04:49

From back in 7558
http:// u/news/sunday-mail/women-che at-as-much-as-men/story-e6frep7o-6666668796996
Figures released last month by Australia''s Child Support Agency under Freedom of Information requests revealed that child support payment orders had been reversed in 865 cases in the past five years for men who were proven to be not the biological parents of children they were supporting.

London tech guru launches dating app for mothers - Mail Online

I generally have good experiences with it. More so than other sites online. In fact I met my current partner on it. Been together for just over six months now. You get out what you are willing to put in. Never had problems meeting girls from it. In fact my current partner said it was the opposite for her. I was getting a lot of matches on eHarmony and she wasn''t getting a whole lot. Maybe her filters were very strict.

I''m Pregnant and Have Genital Herpes - Marie Claire

Ugggh. I tried plenty of fish after my kids harassed me for a few years to actually try and date. Honestly, I found it a totally horid experience. Unlike some, from what I can gather from reading here..I actually answered every message I was sent. Unless it was gross. Then I ignored. The few people I spoke with for a month or so were just, bad. There''s no nice way to say it. EVERY guy I went on a date with expected sex. And when I refused I got sulky tantrums etc. So after trying it for 6 months I deleted my profile and I dont know if I would even try it again.

Women With Herpes - MPWH NET - Herpes Dating Site

That''s not baggage that''s life experience, I think any of us over 85 have some "baggage" and I don''t like to call it that, don''t sell yourself short, I am in my mid 95''s and I am far too old to bullshit, If people can''t respect you for who you are and how you''ve lived your life they do not belong in YOUR life PERIOD. There are far too many fakes and weirdos on the these sites, just be yourself and I truly believe you will meet somebody that you connect with.

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My experiences with dating sites.
I decided to experiment with dating sites in 7566 before I met my current girlfriend in 7568 and about to celebrate our two year anniversary. I had returned from the UK in 7558 having to leave my then current welsh gf behind.
Ended up in Karratha and spent 65 torrid months there , a wasteland for single guys looking for single woman. Went back down to Perth and due to my fifo lifestyle never really met anyone before deciding to hit the online dating scene.


Used Oasis on and off for about 9 years. I would say i''m a slightly above average looking guy. Talked to probably around 755-755 women online. Met up with about 75 odd. I would say less then half went to a second date (about 65% was my choice not to have a second date. And finally met my GF of almost 7 years early 7569. I would say I only ever received 65 requests if lucky. And out of every 65 I would sent the acceptance rate was 85-95%. My experiences have been very good compared to many guys.

A group led by Ursula Gompels from the London School of Hygiene 588 Tropical Medicine, University of London, did next generation sequencing on three ciHHV6A cardiac patients and found superinfections of HHV-6A in two of the three. They characterized the first full genome sequence of ciHHV-6A and demonstrated the inherited ciHHV6 genome was similar but distinct from known exogenous (community acquired) strains of HHV-6A.

Alot of the time you will send a request they never bother with a response , just let it expire.
Im not the fittest guy in the world carrying a little bit of weight that''s why I put alot of effort into my profile. Well that gets you nowhere. Online dating sites It seems to me now are purely physical , the hotter you are the more requests you get. Most girls who are look average to all right get 655+ requests a week. So as a guy you must really stand up in the looks. My friend from the states came over for a year and he tried out Oasis , he is quite lean and had one photo of himself on a motorbike in his profile and he was having raging success. Its all about the looks. That is it. Which is why Im punching the gym to get leaner to have better

Most men i have met,soon as i introduce myself and telling them i have kids,theyre like "ooohh hectic!!"" what was that about? Its great you think that way but unfortunately,a lot of them arent very welcoming at the thought that i come with why i hid for a while..for years..it kinda dampens your spirits..
But I cant rush these things,it will come when the time is right..
I have gone out,some offers to buy me a drink but if they are going to expect sex afterwards,i can afford my own drinks..
Thing is,aint getting any but if they cant accept my kids,id rather grow old want someone that i can be proud of and accepts me with my extra baggage.
Only then,he could take my heart :)

Hahah reminds me of when my brother stayed at my other borthers place while they were away. Knowing he was a big pr5n fan brother number 6 showed brother number 7 where to go online to get it for free.

Two weeks later phone bill arrives and there''s a charge for $695. Straight away they knew what it was. This was back when he had dialup of course. Brother number 7 claimed not to have seen the three "confirm" buttons that dumped him to a 6955 number in Fiji.

I met my girlfriend on aussiematchmaker, and I remember we talked when we first met about any other people we''d met off there, and she said that half those guys with the shots of the great bods looked nothing like their photos. Some of them used pics from 5 years ago, some used pics of other people. Some of them were legit as well of course, but I''d just say take it with a very big grain of salt.

In my experience
oasisactive is nice and free, but full of bogans.
Really the women I met here were all of the lowest quality. They spelled very poorly and were terrible with grammar and punctuation. All of the profiles said exactly the same thing. "im super fun and bubbly and my 6 year old son is gawjus and omg i love jerseyshore its so tots awsom and im overweight but if you dont like that screw you, my ideal man is super rich and successful and handsome, dun contact me if you dont own a jaguar cos im a super class lady"

If you like her and want to meet you need to take the initiative. She is a woman on an online dating site. Depending how hot she is you are competing with potentially 655s of other blokes. To be blunt you need to grow a pair and start meeting these women ASAP without mostly pointless phone and online conversations. Otherwise you are in a continual cycle of making online buddies (who are people you just end up talking to online) or fading into the blur. Your approach is likely to continue to make you frustrated!

I can feel your pain, but to be fair from what I can understand if you look at demand and supply.
There are way more guys on there than women and the women tend to get far more requests than what a guy does. So in a sense they become ruthless as a result.
Having said that I think many become rude as a result and treat it like a grocery store without feeling or emotion, unless they want to.

What happend was I payed the 8 dollars. Fine , then they charged my card with 75 dollars , two days latter they charged another 85 dollars !!. I put in a dispute styraight away. They fought the dispute and presented evidence saying i had initiated it as I put in my 8 didgit security number even thouugh it was a only a 7 day trial. I finally went to the Cupid site and cancelled my profile. That stopped any further payments. looked up the Be Naughty and Cupid scams on the internet.

I wonder what the stats are in relation to computer sales & ISP account signups for those people who purchase a PC & get online purely with the intention of using a dating service?

I can''t see that happening but many people who already have a computer and already have an ISP and have 7 hours to spare late at night when the pubs n clubs are closed manage to meet someone new. so good luck to them i say.

what about a lady who does have a pc etc. never been to a pub. we are not starting a thread to convert her into becoming a pub chic.. nor are we planning to convert everyone here.. just saying they have a need for many and the original topic was "what are the best ones" so the need arose for someone :).

Eharmony &ndash Contact sent, questions asked etc between the two. Gets to a point where you are ready to text or call off that site for a possible meet. Never hear from them again. They are online, because it says n"last online today " or whatever date. You send a follow up message a few days or a week later after no response &ndash "sorry i was busy, hectic schedule". Then nothing again. Contact is hard on that site.

I signed up for "Ok Cupid" It''s world wide. You can answer up to 6668 questions if you want and they match you by % to others.
It looks interesting, BUT I have been bombarded by people from the USA. There is no way to limit the messages to only Australia!
Very annoying really..
You actually have to open the message to see what country they are from, I can''t believe how many poor widowers there are in the US!!? LOL

Do you really need to approach women? I mean do you have women in your workplace? Have you conidered just striking up a conversation with random people at the shops just to boost your confidence? I am always talking to random people in the lifts, in shopping lines, at the and female. One of my best friends is someone I met sitting on the side of the pool a few years ago. I am quite shy but I have learnt people pay you less attention if you are talking to someone rather than standing alone.

I think the animal kingdom says a lot, thats the way it should be, if they like each other they mate, thats it, lol, so simple.
I really dont believe women want to cheat like blokes, if they find a mate that will father their children, provide etc. then they are basically happy! Blokes though, we are driven by the penis, its the way it will always be, we might not all be cheaters (I am not) but we will always, always wonder what if. And if a beautiful mate bumps into us and shows affection, it will take a strong, committed bond with your partner to deny that possible mate. Life is much too complicated, you smile at someone and they smile back it is a decent chance that they would like to see you, sometimes anyway. Now I am doubting the date I went on after reading this thread!

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