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Furthermore, why is it that in the beginning, the author says 8775 it 8767 s what you do in the hole that matters 8776 , suggesting size itself isn 8767 t all that important, but then she mentions 8775 less than satisfactory package 8776 and that when your size exceeds expectations, women will generally be pleasantly surprised if what you do with it is THAT much more important, then how does a woman know if your junk is less than satisfactory before you actually get to work, unless she judges it by its size, and why would she associate bigger dongs with better sex?

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the only reason you whites are obsessed is you want to steal our culture as you already tried with trying to steal our swastika and claim you are Aryans when the rig veda mentions nothing of Aryan invasion nor Europe and there is no indo European nor Eurasia as that is a speculation theory by white scholars which got debunked because no proof no shared linguistics with asia and Europe. whites are NOT Aryans! quit embarrassing yourselves and drinking tea doing yoga and marketing a quick buck out of our inventions you are don 8767 t want anything to do with you! gee looks like you came to our land to pester us and other non couldn 8767 t you piss off!

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quit flattering yourself white people are discusting and we are not at all remotely interested in white whites have the highest divorce rates infidelity and are the least monogamous race who are alimony golddiggers. our race is family oriented and population in India alone not even including the rest of the globe. you whites are a global minority so maybe you should seek mental help on your false sense of pride and you whites carry cancer genetics and abnormalities,exhaust healthcare and are filthy.

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ya if that 8767 s so then how come india invented the number zero counting the numeric system the abacus the first university in the world takshashila university and also made it possible for you to be even using the internet you projecting white stinky glueheaded idiot. ya without our number system and zero internet wouldn 8767 t exist and you wouldn 8767 t be here typing you ignorant fool! only people stupid is whites that 8767 s why they were never self sufficient and are always going to be regarded as self entitled crooks on aboriginal land.

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My pleasure. I feel sorry for Indian guys in a way they come here just like any dude they want to bang some chicks. Hey we all do. They dont realize with White women they will be taking black dudes sloppy 897th. I couldn 8767 t have anything to do with a white woman agaian ever. I know how many black dudes they have banged and they probably have aids. A white woman is only going to leech off of an Indian to work and pay for her, she will be sneaking around behind his back banging black dudes while hes working, Ive known many white women this is the fact. Sorry I dont think even these loser dorks have any interest in overweight old white chicks that have banged hundreds of black dudes.

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Also, I think part of the problem is that many men have problems approaching women at all they d probably rather spend 7-8 hours in private grooming or preparing instead of actually having to approach someone ). Because if you don t have the courage, nothing is going to happen at all, that much seems to be certain. The biggest problems still seems to be approach anxiety and some of my friends simply don t try anymore and they ultimately come to the conclusion that it is easier for women to get to know people. Because even if they d spend 9-5 hours grooming and preparing, it will still be a zero sum game for them.

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However, and here 8767 s the drawback for goris like me, their families hold complete power over them all their lives from cradle to grave. Thus if an Indian guy wants to shack up with his LTR girlfriend, or even marry her, even though both of those scenarios fall well within the parameters of sexual morality, his family will prevent him from doing so. They want to choose his bride and they want to even live with the couple!

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But setting that aside we re in one of the most population dense areas in the US. There are hundreds to thousands of tech companies in the area, which means he can also go outside his specific company, and in general there s a LOT of women in the Bay Area, and it doesn t take much to find single s groups that are set up both by companies and outside companies, there s meet-, there s just loads of opportunities to meet women in warm-approach environments.

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You said 8775 Not only are we expected to be well-groomed and look good, but we are also expected to be athletic, hit the gym four times a week, be competitive, outgoing, assertive, altruistic, nice to our peers, have a masculine body language, have a sense of fashion, be intelligent, be able to make a woman laugh, overcome approach anxiety, be confident, know how to connect with women, drive a fancy car, have a nice apartment, have a good education and career, have a good social network, have a full schedule with a lot of activities, be a great conversationalist and so forth. 8776


Of course, porn has been around, in various forms, since the dawn of mankind itself if cave paintings of naked women or silent film loops of blowjobs at stag parties didn&apos t give men erectile dysfunction, why would porn suddenly be causing the loss of hundreds of thousands of boners now? But it is true that thanks to the advent of tube sites like PornHub, which is one of the top 55 most visited websites in the world , porn has become much more accessible to a much wider audience, not to mention much more varied. To many adolescent males, this is miraculous x7568 but to those who claim to suffer from porn-induced erectile dysfunction, like Deem, it is nothing short of a disaster.

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Indian men FOB ones though sexually less experienced don 8767 t engage in causal sex unless they see them building a LTR. Some India guys refused sex with other Indian girls because they were not sure they are going to be married in future. Indian men FOBs know that they can get an Indian girl who is educated who will cook, clean for them, will be loyal and respectful. She may not be as sexy as white girl but sexual compatability is never top priority for Indians. Building a family which is stress free, peaceful and tranquil where he can aim to be the CEO of the company. Here you have the American dream for an Indian.

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Yes, CC, I think this is just me scraping my self esteem off the ground. Suddenly feeling NORMAL again! Like someone fun to spend some time with.
After months and months of staying home, wondering why the EUM wont see me in person if he´s been texting me every day telling me I´m the most attractive being on earth, and how much he desires me feeling terribly frustrated and insecure because the only intimacy we have is virtual Actions never matching his lovely, captivating words. (And me speculating for hours: is he impotent?secretly married? gay? weird? am I weird?)

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If he hasn 8767 t sorted himself out, he shouldn 8767 t be involved. It seems lame to me. He 8767 s looking for something to magically fill in his own shortcomings, and that 8767 s not what dating is for. He can 8767 t look after himself, and it 8767 s not up to you to do it. Not only that, it makes you feel like you 8767 re not enough. How many hours in an average month does it make you feel rubbish? Most of them by the sounds of it. He doesn 8767 t mind leaving you hanging and has total control, it 8767 s selfish. We all need to be selfish at times but he should recognise it and be sorry, instead of letting the whole thing revolve around him.

Smiles I enjoyed reading your article hit many revelations squarely on the mark. Your words took Me back many years. To when I started asking deep serious questions of Myself and Life. And when the 8775 light bulbs 8776 started going on! It has been a wonderful journey since then. Full of challenges and revelations ..And in the process meeting and getting to know some Truly Amazing Men and Women on a similar path

I am going to make a tiny gesture toward fairness here and say that I ve lived in half a dozen places, some of them quite different from each other, and that in all of them people who are single tend to complain that many of the people available for them to date are in some way unavailable or objectionable. Complaints that the dating scene is worse for people of their own type than that of the people they desire often follow, as do negative comparisons to dating scenes in other cities.

Synco, the city I 8767 m currently living in just happens to be a college town. All the women I 8767 ve tried to start a conversation with, the talk leads up to 8775 what major are you going for? 8776 and when I inform them that college is financially impossible for me, they get awkward and silent. Dating sites (okcupid included) are all the same too. I write a lot of people, hardly any response. When I 8767 m at work at one of the two jobs I have ( a rarity in today 8767 s economy) the passion I have for what I do shines, but everyone there seems to have the mentality of 8775 get what I need and get out. 8776 I could be grilling a restaurant quality prime steak and tons of people pass me by like I 8767 m non existent. And in the end, I end up home, alone, and a little more dead on the inside.

I 8767 ll admit, it 8767 s true, 6 8798 probably is perfectly enough for most women, and gets the job done when/if a guy can put in excessive effort, anyway. However, you 8767 ve got NO IDEA the way it feels to be well-endowed: the shock and surprise in their eyes, the intensity of their reactions, the pool of liquid covering 75% of the bed, hearing them scream 8775 OMG, ITS SO BIG, ITS SO BIG, ITS SO BIG, 8776 while they tear their nails down your back, etc. I 8767 ve literally had a woman tell me: 8775 You know when you TRULY fall in love the first time, and you realize all the other times you were in 8766 love 8767 was actually just infatuation? That 8767 s the way I feel about orgasms now after being with you. 8776 And trust me, they may be scared of it, but it 8767 s NEVER too big. Even if I 8767 ve gotta 8767 be gentle at first ease it in. Size DEFINITELY matters.

A popular TED Talk by Your Brain on Porn author Gary Wilson reaffirmed that view, arguing that as the brain creates more and more dopamine, it tires out, prompting a need for increasingly more frequent and intense stimulation. If a man masturbates to porn too frequently, Wilson explains in the video x7568 which now has more than 8 million hits x7568 by age 77 or so a guy&apos s sexual taste can be like deep roots in his brain. As they watch porn that gets increasingly more hardcore and aggressive, this leads men to seek out porn that is more and more extreme, or porn that no longer matches his sexual orientation. The only solution? To quit masturbating to porn entirely. Once that happens, Wilson explains, his taste can revert back to normal, because brains are plastic.

Just be aware of fashion, you don t have to be so aware you could host your own version of What Not To Wear. Have clean and maintained hair, you don t have to look like you got your hair done for a wedding (some of the cutest and best looking hair styles I ve seen have been on friends when we were 9 or 5 days into a week-long of camping and they just did something quick to keep their hair out of their eyes). Wear an outfit that makes sense within itself, you don t have to spend three hours agonizing over which accessory best goes with an outfit.

So after contemplating and actually getting balls one day I decided, guess what, I am not going to be the wallflower anymore and I did the asking/approaching. Hell yeah I got rejected more times than I actually remember, but at least I didn t feel as pathetic as I did when I just sat there and did NOTHING. It s quite empowering and the Thanks but no thanks. doesn t sting as much.

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