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Playboy Interview: John Mayer

Posted: 2017-12-07 06:13

If you are an actor with a wide-reaching audience, then do your little bit, say your lines, get paid, and then move on while smiling at the camera and waving (that is if you can manage doing all of that at the same time). Appreciate your fans and just shut up because your opinions matter about as much as the paid Eskimo blubber-chewer down the road. Actors are paid to ACT not to voice their stupid opinions on everything from fashion to famine to the WWW, and the bottom line is 8775 do you want to get paid? 8776 The answer is of course 8775 DUH! 8776 So why would you deliberately do anything or say anything to anyone which might jeopardize your career and thus your earning potential? Just not smart business at all in a career with an expiration date.

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You are funny as hel8 and I get your point. I do wish there was something we could judge them on that would have the power to make them feel 8775 like less than a person 8776 The idea of judging them physically on their penis, won 8767 t work here is why..we would be laughing so hard we couldn 8767 t stop long enough to judge them. You know how men are, they always have a foot hanging there when there is barely 6 inches and I will say !!!.lol. Almost can 8767 t stop laughing lol see what I mean??.and honey, lets call it what it is..blind!!!!..lol

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Mayer: I hate being the heartbreaker. Hate it. If I date somebody and it doesn’t work out, it’s another nightmare for me. I don’t like the way the odds are stacked. If I date nine more girls before I get married—which I think would be completely appropriate—that would be nine more spats of character assassination. I don’t equate sex with release, I equate it with tension. It’s given me a lot of pause. Somewhere in my brain it has probably really f**ked me up.

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Mayer: Three to four hours a day when I was in school, and in the summertime five to six hours a day. I wasn’t smoking cigarettes or drinking, and I wasn’t trying to hook up. I wasn’t going to parties. I remember being in my room when there was a party across town, sitting in my room and pretending I was at the party and playing for them. I remember saying to myself, If I have to sleep on a pool table every night on tour, I’ll do it. I always had that desire to be a rock star.

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Let me tell you something about Kanye. He 8767 s smarter than just about all of us think he is. If you go back and observe at all the controversial things he has said, he constantly contradicts himself. It is obvious to me that he simply says things he KNOWS will piss people off, and he monetizes that. He doesn 8767 t actually believe most of the crap he says, it just serves the purpose of getting a rise out of people.
He may be difficult to deal with and work with, but he 8767 s playing it pretty smart.

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My question? If these people are such clots, why do people even hire them for projects? There are thousands of people in Hollywood just awaiting the chance to prove their worth on the screen. Get rid of the people with the God complex, and get on with a good film shoot! These people are just lucky I 8767 m not responsible for what goes on on the set. Their feet would be slammed back to the ground (or they 8767 d be out the door) so fast you wouldn 8767 t see them for dust.

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Russell Crowe is not a bad guy to work with. Everyone he worked with in Les Mis said he was a great guy and lots of fun to work with. Sure he 8767 s had some issues but that was YEARS ago. He 8767 s actually quite charming and funny. When asked who he would like to have a beer with, Aaron Tveit answered (without hesitation), 8775 Russell Crowe 8776 . I think that says a lot especially if you know Aaron Tveit.

Booze just about ruined the late Peter O 8767 Toole. Later in life, he came to realize that, but by then one has made a shambles of one 8767 s life. Reading about the late Keith Ledger ( 8775 Why so serious? 8776 ), he saw no way out of his relentless insomnia, anxiety and racing mind he couldn 8767 t turn off. So he overdosed on painkillers and benzodiazepines and thus solved his problem in the worst possible way. Thus we see that if you can 8767 t take the heat, screw the kitchen and do something you enjoy, like scuba diving or sky diving. If you can 8767 t sleep or deal with the stress, you need to change direction somehow.

Mayer: Look, there’s a level of honesty in that record that probably made her uncomfortable, but I couldn’t let that change the way I wrote songs. There were moments when she said, “What’s that line?” Like, “That’s not about me, is it?” While I was going out with her she was on the cover of GQ wearing nothing but a tie. These are occupational hazards. When she heard Battle Studies she just wanted to be able to say “I want to know that you hold me correctly in your heart.”

Carolina Panthers: The question now becomes whether offensive coordinator Mike Shula intends to truly change his scheme, or just make smaller modifications. Working quick-strike players like Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel into the existing framework will lessen their impact, and risks blunting the best of both approaches. Yet building entirely around the rookies’ skill sets not only works against the best attributes of the quarterback but negates the previous drafting of big-framed, slow-twitch wideouts Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. Whatever the blend, it will be up to Cam Newton to make it all work. He is most certainly capable of doing so, if healthy, but missing all of the offseason won’t help get that important timing down (and McCaffrey wasn’t available until the final day of June minicamp, thanks to Stanford being on the quarters system). ( Robert Weintraub )

Oakland Raiders: It is not an insult to believe that the Raiders will regress and win fewer games this season. Stacking 67-win seasons is a very difficult thing to do in this league. Joe Montana, Steve Roger Staubach, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Ryan have never stacked together consecutive 67-win seasons, to give a few notable examples. A team basically has to have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at quarterback to consistently win 67 games a year, and Derek Carr is not at that level yet. Last year’s team was rough around the edges despite the record, and the inability to beat Kansas City limited them to a wild-card berth. Lesser competition also tended to give the Raiders all they could handle. ( Scott Kacsmar )

Mayer: Star magazine at one point said I was writing a tell-all book for $65 million. On Star’s cover it said “What A Rat!” My entire life I’ve tried to be a nice guy. The best I ever felt was when friends’ parents would say, “John can come over any time. We love that kid.” When I date a girl and find out her friends approve of me, I love it. I love being liked! I’ve given microscopic dedication to doing the right thing, taking the high road, and all of a sudden Star magazine says, “He’s a rat.” I can’t tell you it didn’t give me that much more bloodlust to do what people thought I couldn’t do.

Bale may be a jerk, but his violence comment is dead on. it 8767 s a white lie, of sorts, when people say 8775 violence never solves anything. 8776 Those people obviously aren 8767 t history buffs or up on current events. Look at the entire world all the species. There are predators and there are prey. Sorry, but that 8767 s reality. And I don 8767 t like Bale and I don 8767 t even think he 8767 s that talented. But he 8767 s right about violence. People like to calm themselves with reassuring lies that help them sleep, but there are truth in his words. The people telling you not to be violent are often violent, themselves. It 8767 s a lie to keep people civilized, yes, but it 8767 s also to keep the pool of the power structure as sparsely populated as possible.

i agree that hollywood should just get rid of those 8766 difficult 8767 actors. there are a lot of very talented people out there who would be more than happy to take their place.
and also a few stars who rarely show up in those difficult-people lists (. angelina jolie and brad pitt used to be crazy, but nowadays they seem to prefer the 8766 show up to set, respect your co-workers, do your thing, get home 8767 approach)

Mayer: You’d get a lot of hits. It’s this whole perception thing about tabloids, where 85 percent of the stories are not true. If you align yourself to be exactly who you know you are and to have dignity, maybe through that distorted lens you look askew to everyone else. I’ve done away with feeling aloof and trying to seem suave and bulletproof. I’ve resigned myself to being slightly awkward and goofballish.

Nothing horrible that Seagal does surprises didn 8767 t take me long to figure out what kind of person he is..can you imagine, killing something weak, harmless and of no danger to you??? What 8767 s next???.HUMANS??? To say that I detest that kind of human being(and I use that term on )is putting it mildly. You are a PIG, Seagel..just my opinion .:)

I was just going to ask you that! Usually I find(from comments from people that have worked with them)that the apple doesn 8767 t fall far from the tree but, in this case, you say , well, one would think that mom has read some of the negative comments that have been said and re-said about her precious angel and would try to change precious angel. Maybe she is like so many mothers and thinks her angel can do no wrong..no matter how many or to whom .We can only hope that dear ole 8767 Gwinny, will one day change for the better. I always thought that was why 8775 Brad 8776 left her her highfalutin ways didn 8767 t go over well with his family and he probably got pretty sick of it 8767 t blame him. She is a legend in her own

Arizona Cardinals: Arizona’s defense has been its calling card for the last four seasons. It’s a swarming, aggressive group which will bring pressure from anywhere and everywhere to disrupt opposing offenses. They blitzed five or more rushers on 89 percent of plays last season, third-most in the NFL. That’s their basic philosophy—tons of pass-rushers from tons of positions so you don’t have time to make a decision. They remained successful through a defensive coordinator switchover, going from Todd Bowles to James Bettcher without missing a beat. Now it’s time to see if they can handle significant turnover on the field. Arizona finds itself facing the 7567 season having to replace five starters and two key members of their rotation. This is not exactly ideal. ( Bryan Knowles )

Mayer: I always thought Holly Robinson Peete was gorgeous. Every white dude loved Hilary from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And Kerry Washington. She’s superhot, and she’s also white-girl crazy. Kerry Washington would break your heart like a white girl. Just all of a sudden she’d be like, “Yeah, I sucked his dick. Whatever.” And you’d be like, “What? We weren’t talking about that.” That’s what “Heartbreak Warfare” is all about, when a girl uses jealousy as a tactic.

Indianapolis Colts: For the Colts to make an immediate beeline to the playoffs would take some things going right even beyond QB Andrew Luck’s health. It would take an immediate reconsolidation by a defense that, in many ways, is pieced together on the fly without any continuity. It would take a healthy supporting cast around Luck. It would probably require fourth-round rookie Marlon Mack to show some juice and make hay out of Chuck Pagano’s preferred offensive style. That’s a lot of change necessary for a team that hasn’t changed much at all over the four years since it drafted Luck. ( Rivers McCown )