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Both of them turn their attention to him and begin to undo his pants, leading him to believe he’s going to get in on the action. Suddenly, they stop, backing away and laughing at the confused RA. Taunting him and calling him gay, the man leaves hurt by their cruel ruse. In his room, his pain becomes a cold thirst for vengeance, while the sapphic pair begin to make out again. Their action gets hot and heavy, distracting them from the stealthy entry of the RA. He smacks one of girls on the head, knocking her unconscious, the other too shocked by the sudden violence to even move. Swiftly advancing on her, he wraps a length of stout cord around her neck and strangles her from behind.


As the cord tightens around her throat, her eyes open wide, a desperate panic reflected in them. She tries to scream, but nothing comes out and her chest burns, starved of air. She reaches behind to strike at her attacker, to claw his face, to ease the pressure crushing her throat, but her attempts are futile. Her naked body thrashes and bucks, but she soon weakens. Eventually, her eyes roll back into her head and her tongue lolls out of a slack mouth. Now dead, the man rolls her off the bed and onto the floor, and moves to the other girl.

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The prostitutes were innocent, but not in the eyes of the Chekist. They were scourge on society not to be trusted and most importantly, not needed. girls mostly, these, barely above teenagers were lead to the chamber. The guard had his job. Countdown the firing squad. They huddled in on last effort for connection the feel of warmth of life. Then the shots rang out and there bodies flopped lifeless to cold, dirty concrete. They placed them on the cart to be disposed of later in large pit in the countryside.

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They tickle the girls well, removing their boots and socks to tickle their feet, making sure to get in their armpits and thighs. The girls still haven’t talked, so they step up their game, and take out the big hitachi vibrator. Javier uses it on one of the girls while Captain Bottom forces the other to give him a blowjob. She sucks his dick until she cums on her face, meanwhile Javier is forcing the other girl to cum with the vibrator.

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Once they’re finished with the girls, Captain Bottom takes his leave. Javier decides he must finish off the girls, so he strangles the first one on the bed, using a bit of rope he had in his pocket. She squirms and struggles, her tits bouncing everywhere as she kicks her legs and gasps. She finally dies right as the other girl is trying to call for help. She’s weak and moving slowly, and Javier gets to her before she causes any trouble. Using the same rope, he secures it around her throat and tightens, constricting her airway as she gasps for breath and kicks.

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Captain Bottom and Javier are working together on a quick deal with some ladies. Javier has it all set up and Captain Bottom is skeptical, but he assures the Captain he knows what he’s doing. Soon, the girls come in who are suppose to have the goods, but instead of handing them over, they use some power that omits a blinding flash of white light, knocking the two villains to the ground. They begin beating them down, kicking them on the ground.