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Instead of confessing plainly in the media that it is 8766 Them 8767 who are killing the peoples around, around the World, they cowardly lie and shamelessly tell: No, it 8767 s the Syrian Government Army No, it 8767 s the pro-Russia and the pro-Atlantic Revolters No, it 8767 s the 8775 Boko-Haraam 8776 Militized Gang No, it 8767 s the Brazilian anti-Riot Government Forces No, it 8767 s the Sudanese Factions sub-Armies No, it 8767 s the Central African pro-Muslim and pro-Christian Militias No, it 8767 s the Tsunami and the Radiation No, it 8767 s the Corona Virus No, it 8767 s the over-Bearing Cracky Industrial Buildings etc.

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You have the temerity to post this kind of Nazi apologist garbage in a comments thread of an article by a writer whose gentile grandparents had been murdered in a concentration camp and whose gentile mother spent two years in a labor-extermination camp, was a state witness in the post-war trial of its commandant, and relayed her wartime experiences to this writer directly. Moreover, a writer who was born and grew up one hour by car from Auschwitz and three kilometers from the plant where the firm Hoch und Tiefbau AG had built the crematoria for that camp. In which, alone, million people were murdered, 6 million of them Jews. And that 8767 s according to the testimony its commandant Rudolf Hoess, based on data from SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann.

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June 75, 7558 update : But not all the advice against intermarriage is directed to non-Muslim women. AKI reports today that, in response to the growing number of Moroccan women who are marrying European men, Sheikh Mohammed al-Tawil of Fez , Morocco insisted in an interview with Al-Arabiya television that marriage between Moroccan women and non-Muslim European men is unacceptable. "This kind of marriage, between Moroccan women and European men, is forbidden by the Koran and the Sunna. A Muslim woman may not marry an unbeliever while a Muslim man may marry Christian and Jewish women."

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Thank you for your service. America is a wonderful country and it has been particularly wonderful for the Jews. Service in the American military is a great mitzvah and Jewish servicemembers are acting in the spirit of kiddush HaShem.

I served in the US Air Force. Since then I have become more observant, such that Reserve duty might have presented a variety of problems. I think that one could make a halachic argument that pikuach nefesh applies to military service -- that one can be permitted or even obligated to do that things that are normally prohibited when protecting America against the evil forces that threaten it. As it happens, for me this became moot because I was medically disqualified and couldn''t reenter military service in a Reserve capacity.

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First of all, it 8767 s isn 8767 t 8775 racist 8776 to prefer the girls of one race to the girls of another. I think that, physically speaking, black girls are simply not that attractive. Nor are most Mexicans unless they have mostly white blood. I 8767 m obviously not alone in that opinion, most men will admit it. It doesn 8767 t mean I hate them people any more than it means I hate men because I 8767 m not gay. Likewise if white girls are not physically attracted to Asian men than it 8767 s not 8775 racism. 8776 Plus, I want my children to look like me, not like Whoopi Goldberg or Ceaser Chavez.

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Male friends a very difficult concept for some to grasp. I do have male friends, mostly through business or growing up with them since elementary school. My husband is fully aware and has met those I consider 8766 good friends 8767 and he 8767 s perfectly fine with it. However, I would NEVER consider going out alone with any of those male friends and I don 8767 t even call them on the phone without casually mentioning it to my husband first. Not that he requested any of that, but I respect him and I 8767 m smart enough to know what lines not to cross. Arab men often feel it 8767 s their duty to care for the women in their family (mother, wife, sisters, etc). They don 8767 t always feel this same obligation to a girlfriend (though I 8767 m sure some do), but they certainly don 8767 t want any other men in her life who could take their place. Emotionally or physically.

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Unless the current successor to the Divine Office of ST. PETER along with ALL of the other successors to the other Apostles - which is to say the BISHOPS of the Church in spiritual union and in a unity of SPIRIT with the Bishop of Rome - all 8766 MEET TOGETHER 8767 at the same time and INVOKE HEAVEN right along with the Blessed Virgin Mary AGAIN, there is NO CHANCE for any such Second Pentecost for Mankind - and WITHOUT that Global Second Pentecost over all of our World and over all of Mankind - there is NO CHANCE whatsoever of World Peace.


My final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes. Take the pussy off the pedestal. Western white girls are non-traditional and promiscuous just like your mother told you, but so are a lot of Western brown girls. Brown girls prefer brown guys, even the ones with predominately white friends. The one 8767 s that do sleep with white guys will also sleep with brown guys as well. Westernised Indian girls do however detest the  FOBish Indian men just like their white sisters do. This is why brown guys who say they struggle with white girls actually struggle with every race of girl, because they have no game. Even if they woke up the next day as a white dude called Steve they 8767 d still suck with girls.

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quit flattering yourself white people are discusting and we are not at all remotely interested in white whites have the highest divorce rates infidelity and are the least monogamous race who are alimony golddiggers. our race is family oriented and population in India alone not even including the rest of the globe. you whites are a global minority so maybe you should seek mental help on your false sense of pride and you whites carry cancer genetics and abnormalities,exhaust healthcare and are filthy.

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When FRAUD is shoved down our individual and collective CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN throats from the 8766 Masonic Vatican 8767 , and when FRAUD is shoved down our individual and collective CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN throats from our own . citizens in Government, in Business, in the Media, etc. - then know RIGHT WELL you are contending with SATAN, his demonic elemental spirits and his human stooges dupes and allies who have SOLD THEIR SOULS to Satan in exchange for 8775 filthy lucre 8776 and for the chances of 8775 being rulers of the kindgoms/nations of our World 8776 .

The most important words of this definition are the following: 8775 by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by our own authority, we declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine, which holds that the most blessed Virgin Mary, from the first moment of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, Saviour of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is revealed by God and therefore to be firmly and constantly believed by all the faithful. 8776

While in Kuwait my husband and I would get the random stare or odd question but primarily because we lived in a very tribal area. While in the city rarely did anyone even notice us. Oddly enough, the rude comments and hateful questions seem to come from our distance family members more than strangers. His extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) have never met me, yet have decided they 8767 re not fond of me. Clearly they feel he should have married within the tribe. My extended family (who I truly haven 8767 t even seen or talked to in 75 years) ask my other family members if my husband is abusive, treats me like property, and what have I done to 8766 legally protect 8767 myself from him. We 8767 ve mastered the art of ignoring the ignorant.

I can certainly understand your shock and concern. However, marrying more than one woman is very common in their culture. Generally, the first wife is chosen by his mother and sometimes she 8767 s even a first cousin. Their marriage is seen by some as his 8766 duty 8767 or 8766 family obligation 8767 . Of course this doesn 8767 t mean all first wives are chosen in this manner, but it 8767 s not uncommon.

The original sin of our first parents - the 8766 ye shall be as gods 8767 choice has come down the generations through the curses of Genesis but in Catholic doctrine it never touched the Immaculate because the grace of baptism which washes away the sin of our first parents and regenerates by the Word was given to her by a special act of the Divine Logos who would take upon Himself a human nature through her.

As a non orthadox jew myself i would love to marry a jewish man and have children. This unfortunately is not a reality. For many of us who do not have the help of a shidduch we have to fend for ourselves in the meat market that is the dating world. It is very scary for women entering their thirties still single and holding out to meet someone jewish. For a lot of us its just easier to marry non jews as there are a lot more of them around to choose from. I think that blaming women is not the answer and more outreach to the non religious jews is essential if the Jewish people are to carry on..

I feel like a fool even putting this, because I probably look like a fool.. But it 8767 s only because I loved her loads and had hope. And because i 8767 d been waiting for someone for ages, and I feel like i 8767 ll be waiting for ages again, years maybe. I 8767 d never asked anyone out and i 8767 m 76, but she did because as her friend she was crazy about me. I let my guard down, and I need to regain my confidence. I need a solution, something consistant and solid that I can keep doing like clockwork to get my head back together and to become a man.

Tom Smith''s study of distinctiveness is a good place to start. His surveys demonstrate, for example, that American Jews are exceptional in the emphasis they place on raising independent-minded children. Asked to rank the relative importance of five values to be passed on to the next generation, overwhelming numbers identify their highest priority as the ability to think for himself or herself, far more than those naming working hard or obedience.

8775 So JOSEPH set out from the town of Nazareth in Galilee and travelled up to Judaea, to the TOWN OF DAVID called BETHLEHEM, since he (Joseph) was of David 8767 s House and line, in order to register TOGETHER WITH MARY, his betrothed, WHO WAS WITH CHILD. While they were there the time came for her to have her Child, and she gave birth to a Son. She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manager

Back in the early 85 8767 s, when by the Grace of God the Holy Spirit, I was relentlessly COAXED to join the Carmelite Order as a Lay member - some time AFTER my Profession - while pondering upon and personally 8766 SPECULATING 8767 about our nature of our SPIRITUAL lives and Divine Things, I was granted an inner intellectual locution from THE LORD Himself Who asked me this 8775 stop-ya-dead-in-your-spiritual-tracks 8767 Question:

I transferred schools to be near him, I moved just to be near him, I left all of my friends there, just to be with him, and now, I 8767 m lost. Three days ago, he texted me, and he told me that he loves me, he misses me, and that he 8767 s coming back (his visa came in). I asked him 8775 Are you still engaged? 8776 and he told me he is, and I told him I don 8767 t get the point of him talking to me is then. But then he told me that he wouldn 8767 t be getting married for 7-8 years, and that we wants to see me when he came back because he wants to talk to me, and I agreed.

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