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Posted: 2017-10-13 00:23

Marrying a Jew is the most important thing, when one Gd forbid marries out the faith,it plays into the hands of those in history who have gone all out to destroy Judaism. Building a Jewish home is the biggest victory over the nazi''s and those before them who tried to destroy us. Whilst they are no longer we continue to build forever. It is noteworthy that many of those who do marry out the faith, later in life have serious regret when the come to realize the harm.

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The video shows these couples &ndash none of them religious &ndash describing how the major obstacle in their marriage is the issue of Jesus. We don''t always realize it, but belief in God is an essential part of our identity. Ask your son: Do you find the idea of praying to Jesus repulsive? Do you know that in the mind of your future spouse, Jesus is the ultimate image of yearning for spiritual transcendence? It''s engrained from day one &ndash the same way that your Jewish imagery is engrained.

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I''m sorry, but I agree with Jessica. It''s just trying to beat discrimination with more discrimination. Besides, if you liked the guy, you could''ve asked him to is that just not enough? I feel it''s rather insulting to say something like this. If the other party is not Jewish, but they love you and want to help you preserve your Jewish identity and pass it on to your children and grandchildren, and they want to become Jewish, I don''t really see the all. Your trying to rationalize your point makes things a lot worse.

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I''m sorry, but you are 655% incorrect. I was Catholic before converting, and NEVER have I EVER been told I should marry another Catholic. Sure it''s nice to, but Catholics intermarry all the time, and it is not frowned upon. Nor have I ever heard of a Catholic ever signing anything saying they''ll raise their children Catholic. Why, just recently, one of my cousins, a Presbyterian by faith, married a lovely girl in a Catholic church and they had an intermarriage ceremony with the priest and reverend. Actually, Catholics recognize all other denominations as being Christian and can receive communion at any church. The other way around doesn''t do that, but ok. Point is, I''ve never heard of this, and again, I was raised as a Catholic growing up.

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I know Jewish women (going out with women who are fine being called Jewish girls may be part of the problem) who completely fit the JAP stereotype. And then again, I know Jewish women who are some of the most kind, caring, genuine, thoughtful people I''ve ever met anywhere. I''ve met non-Jewish women who also are incredibly honest, sincere, etc. And then I''ve met non-Jewish women who are completely insincere and in fact fit the JAP stereotype. It''s a false choice to say you are choosing between JAPs and nice non-Jewish women. You can find both kinds on either side of the fence. So if you can meet a nice Jewish woman or a nice non-Jewish woman, why not find a nice Jewish woman? And if you aren''t finding those types, may I suggest you look for other social circles where they definitely do exist.

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The truth is that some of these people who have written the above comments have adopted the non-Jewish attitude toward us-we have no right to exist. All other religions are allowed to protect themselves but a Jew? What are you talking about? You have to be tolerant even if it means self destruction. All other peoples can decide who they want to marry based on any reason they want. But a Jew? What do you mean, you want to stay in your natural habitat and stick with the religion of your ancesters,( a four thousand year old religion, by the way)? How dare you Jew even think of such a thing? You bigot-you racist! I wonder what some of the above writers think about the right of the State of Israel to exst.. If we want to protect our citizens does that also turn you off and make you embarrased to be a Jew? Are we allowed to fight back and protect our borders or is that only for Americans and other nations? Yes, Mr. Wolfgang, you are right. You just forgot one point-what''s permitted for others to do without even giving it a second thought is one thing- but we Jews ? Absolutely not.

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The telling point you make is that the vast majority of single girls are in the conservative and reform streams. Reason? simple, the men in these streams do not think it is wrong to marry out of the faith. This is a comparatively new phenomenon and it does not bode well for conservative and reform jewry. yes, it does require a certain commitmemt to marry within the faith but there are six million Jews in the US and six million in israel and about two/three million elsewhere. One cannot find a spouse amongst all of these?

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What can I say? I grew up in a traditional home and became more observant. You get tired of girls caring more about the size of your wallet over anything else. I started mingling with my non-Jewish friends more and started admiring the honest more natural relaxed shiksa. Sadly, I am torn. Do I want to continue down the road of one Jap after another leaving me in a depressed, miserable state or do I trade it all in for a relaxed, down to earth, real Irish girl that actually cares about my feelings (and not just her status, like most of the Jewesses)

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We see the agenda of Aish - you really, truly, want to be Jewish? Better follow Rabbis who say a book was written by God and is the same, and unchanged for 8,555 yrs. In the Diaspora to remain Jewish without being Orthodox is an uphill struggle, perhaps an impossible one in the long-term. Thank God we have Zionism and Israel - a nation where Jews can be Jewish while being liberated. Please Aish, don''t ruin that one thing for us!

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My desire to marry a Jew was a deep-seated decision spurred on by simple logic and reason. My Jewishness was so important to me that I wanted to have that IN COMMON with my future partner: that he, too, should feel the same way about HIS Jewishness, for otherwise, how else could he respect and appreciate that in me? I did not want to merely be tolerated, nor humored, or compromised with. I did not want what was MOST important to me, to be, at best, secondary to my husband. This is not racist. This was clear, honest, logical thinking, based on the facts AT THAT TIME. That thinking was borne of a strong connection to my heritage: not the evil desire to rid others of theirs, which is racism. At best you could accuse me of exclusivism: which I''m happy to admit to, because I decided that I wanted an exclusively Jewish life, with a husband that felt the same way. If this is racism, then I need a new dictionary.

Dear Barbara, All your life you have been a wonderful example for your children. Despite your struggle, you stood by your convictions. Now you are at the stage where you want to pass the baton to your children. However, they still need you, and their sterling role model. Your Jewish values are lifelong, and in order to pass this on to your children, which you so clearly desire, you still need maintain and therefore live by those values. This is particularly true for your son, who is taking momentous steps in his Jewish observance, but perhaps even more acutely for your daughter, who will be absorbing your resilience and faith regarding your own life circumstances. I truly Bless you that G-d help you, and all your children, find your Jewish basherts.

I want to emphasize that your daughter must feel that your decisions and attitude are based on HER and her good, and never YOU. This means that you are not acting based on your personal feelings of what people will say, how it will affect you or your own status in your community etc., but rather because you understand that this is detrimental for HER and HER life. It is a huge difference to a child, and our children immediately sense your motives, and react accordingly. If they believe we are acting in their best interests, they are more likely to accept our decisions.

No, you obviously have no idea where I was going with it, because you are deliberately missing the point. I can match you sick/weird story for sick/weird story & yet *I* still managed to find a wonderful man & marry him. *YOU*, OTOH, have generalized your way to an excuse as to why *you* cannot get married. You 8767 ve decided to blame *all* women 5- all *Jewish* women for the failings of a few. Now, why didn 8767 t *I* do that about men ?

Now my lovely, amazing children, are growing up to learn both christian and jewish relions and understand how closely related these two religions are. It makes for great understanding of each religion and appreciation. I do however miss the Jewish religion in many ways since I have lived in the country for years and rarely bump into any jews. The jews I do bump into are in hiding..they never disclose their religion for fear someone will judge them SIR, like you are judging others.

I believe this is the factor that can make the difference. The factor that needs to be nurtured in our communities: caring. Caring about the Jewish people. Caring about our heritage, our legacy. Caring about the past, caring about our future. Caring about the future generations. Caring about our parents, caring about each other. If we want the Jewish People to survive, we need to care about all these things, more than we care about ourselves.

Remaining single and childless for the sake of Jewish continuity is, of course, a paradox. I think the essential thing is to date and marry someone with whom you are compatible, Jewish or non-Jewish. If Judaism is very important to you, a compatible non-Jewish spouse will likely be willing to convert or to help raise your children Jewish. In my case, marrying a Jewish man was what was right for me, but that doesn''t mean that it''s necessary for everyone.

As a convert, I would like to point out that converts are Jews, so if the author''s hunk had converted, she would NOT have been marrying outside of the faith. If you''re Jewish and really in love with a Gentile, you don''t lose anything by asking them if they would like to convert. Their answer may surprise you (not to mention, if they do convert, you have brought another Jewish soul into the world--all without having to give birth!).

That night, alone on my top bunk, I whispered Shema , tightly blanketed by the thick darkness of the mountains, and wondered how Colin would draw a meaningful closing to his day, how he would enwrap himself in safety in the midst of a G‑dless night. I thought of my grandmother who, decades earlier, lay motionless on a wooden bunk in a concentration camp and prayed for salvation using the very same words I was praying. Tradition, culture, I am blessed. I cannot disappoint.

It is very hard when kids overhear or get it third-hand that their parents are complaining bitterly about their new romance. I know this is hard but if you are upset about your child 8767 s significant other, try to keep it between you and very close family members and make it clear that this should not get back to your child. It will only make them more resentful towards you and closer with their partner.

Mychal, I must say that I have the utmost respect for converts. Out of all the frum people I know--FFB, BT, and gers, I have to honestly say that converts are incredibly special people who are THE most committed and knowledgeable Jews. The frum world can learn a lot from gerim about strength of character, devotion to religion, and riding against the tide, as it takes an incredibly special person to grow up is a gentile world and then choose Judaism for themselves. Since the conversion process is so arduous, it is inherently obvious that gerim must be 655% committed to a Jewish life. What I don''t understand so few Jews in the world, why are we making it so darn hard for people to convert to Judaism? I understand that we need devoted members, but at the same time, I don''t think we need to make our religion some exclusive country club, either! Hatlacha Mychal, and welcome to the tribe!

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