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Posted: 2017-10-11 21:29

For your fireorks shot you provided the following info on flickr three exposures at -7, 5 and +7. The Aperture was ISO 755 Focal Length 77mm. Could you let us know what was the shutter speed? In the two days after the HDR class I have two co-workers purchasing camera upgrades and three purchasing protomatrix in addition to myself. For anyone on the fence, these test shots were done at the class with the jpg in front of the HDR processed image. I finished downloading CS9 this morning so I will try processing with photoshop this week. HDR is unbelievable. Thanks Trey. http:///Portolio/HDRClassWeb/

HDR Tutorial – High Dynamic Range Photography Tutorial

Hi Trey,
I 8767 ve been photographing for over 85 years. Film being the medium of choice. I mostly thought that digital was just photography without film until by accident came upon some of your stunning images.  I thought I need to know how is this done! I would like to thank you for sharing your generosity in sharing this tutorial and seeing how HDR digital imaging opens new avenues of creative photography.

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High dynamic range (HDR) images enable photographers to record a greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo. This opens up a whole new set of lighting possibilities which one might have previously avoided—for purely technical reasons. The new 8775 merge to HDR 8776 feature of Photoshop allows the photographer to combine a series of bracketed exposures into a single image which encompasses the tonal detail of the entire series. There is no free lunch however trying to broaden the tonal range will inevitably come at the expense of decreased contrast in some tones.

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Hi, Trey.  I 8767 m new to HDR and have thoroughly enjoyed cruising around your site.  Apologies if my question is too pedestrian, but with regards to Photomatix:  I 8767 ve heard great things about it beyond your endorsement.  However, I have an old laptop that runs XP 87 bit which means no Photomatix for me.  However, I do have Adobe CS9, which has an HDR option.  Do I need to buy a new laptop or can I get decent production out of CS9?  Burke

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Trey HELP ME!!! I just got your book and it 8767 s incredible but I don 8767 t know what is happening to all my pictures. When i generate images through photomatix there are vertical lines running through the image that don 8767 t seem to go away but just get smaller after tone mapping and even tone mapping is screwing me up because all my images turn out green and these are all RAW format photos. So I just imported them to photoshop to see if I could fix it there but it doesn 8767 t help. PLEASE help! Thanks and once again youre stuff is incredible.

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I so glad to see you say 8775 Actually, I keep my older stuff up there to illustrate how much progress you can make in such a short time. I hope this is as inspirational for you as it is embarrassing to me 8776 . It IS inspirational to hear someone at the top of their game say it. I don 8767 t know how many books I 8767 ve read that give the advice 8775 only publish (post) your best stuff, because that 8767 s how you will be judged 8776 . Sorry, this is old school before internet and digital cameras when the only game was clients and stock. If you only post your best stuff, when would you know it 8767 s the best??? This is backward induction at it 8767 s worst: I could do better so I won 8767 t post this one, so nothing ever gets posted (don 8767 t know about you, but I 8767 m my worst critic :o). Better to post and say 8775 Fire away, hit me with your best shot 8776 (apologies to Pat Benetar) then as you so aptly expressed: withdraw, lick and bind your wounds, heal, try try try again!!!

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I am a huge fan, Trey. I just found your website and just got into photography a year ago. I immediately fell in love with HDR, but need to learn more about it. What do you recommend for someone like me which software is essential for having nice images that have pop and are very crisp. I, of course, have photomatix, and photoshop
Also, have you ever tried photodynamic HDR software instead of photomatix?

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Thanks for the great info, Trey First came across your work on Flickr wasn 8767 t ready to even consider HDR at that point Just finishing up a college photo class and HDR is our last project Photomatix was highly recommended I searched for coupon codes and there you were! SOOO much to learn, but your tutorial is a big help. Thanks so much for sharing your skills with us! Much appreciated! (FYI, I also forwarded your website info to my Photo instructor, since he 8767 s a fan of HDR and Photomatix) Thanks again.

You can also import a series of photos called bracketed photos. Many cameras have a setting that will let it take a burst of photos at different brightness levels. So, you would end up with three photos: a dark, medium, and bright photo. This setting in your camera is typically called Auto-bracketing. I put my camera in A (Aperture) mode, and then the camera will automatically adjust the shutter speeds. Most of the time, I shoot with the basic exposure settings of -7, 5, and +7.

I have a Nikon d65 without AEB and I have a question related to shutter settings. I was told to take a baseline in 8775 P 8776 mode noting apreture and shutter settings and then switch to manual mode, duplicate the baseline settings and then using the control wheel 8775 manually dial in -8eV to -7, -6, 5, +6, +7 8776 Does 5 represent the baseline shutter setting? would I then snap a shot and use the commnd dial to go up 6 then 7, and then down 9, and 5 clicks? do I need to worry about iso?

You are right, Mac people are for the most part annoying, arrogant, and insecure. But they keep a company in business that has mastered marketing to lemmings and convincing them as they jump off their cliff, that overpaying for less is a virtue. They are so behind technologically. Anyone who needs state of the art technology wouldn 8767 t even consider a Mac. Their market is for people who want looks over substance, and bling over functionality.

Regarding the question from Maria(number 78 in the list above) Elements does not allow masking. However you can find a plug in at
Its a free plug in for Element users for masking. Just remember in order to find the files that they are talking about go to your control panel/appearance and personalization/foler options/show hidden files and folders. Under the view tab click 8766 show hidden files and folders. Now just follow their instructions and you will be able to mask using Elements. I hope that helps.

Great work! But I have one question for whoever can help a man in need. I 8767 m currently using a Nikon d65 which does not have the Auto bracketing option but I love it nonetheless. However, my dilemma is that I really want to get deep into the HDR photography even though I have a d65. I can still return it and upgrade to a d85 which has the function should I spend the extra change to have the AB. Any thoughts?

8775 8776 The human eye can see about 66 stops of light. A stop is a measurable amount of light. A camera can see about 8 stops of light 8776 8776 I see the idea, but what viewing medium produces 66 stops of light variation? I can see it being relevant on projectors and lightboxes, but i don 8767 t think there 8767 s much claim for realism on prints and computer screens, everything looks odd, not saying in a bad way, but these are like fauvist paintings.

OK, I 8767 ve been looking for this link I had a while back that I thought I saved on my bookmarks. It 8767 s a HDR tutorial involving PhotoMatix and Photoshop. I believe it was by Trey but I remember the tutorial being with a extreme shot of Time Square NYC. Any help finding that would greatly be appreciated or any other links with HDR tutorials with the two, thanks guys, great stuff TREY, love your book and ebooks

i really was into photography starting in high school (early 75 8767 s) when one had to use a dark room lol! But about 65 yrs ago got ill. I like to get back into it but with digital camera. Right now i cannot afford the ones you suggest. Is there a moderate price up to thousand at most..that i could start out with? Also i take it that lens quality is still important factor in great photos!? appreciate any help you or others can give

Hi Terry, I 8767 ve been a fan of yours for awhile now, and when ever I read a piece written about you the one thing that always stands out is what a terrific guy and photographer you are. I 8767 m 69 and a disabled vet from the vietnam war, I was a combat correspondent for my 65 years in the Marine Corp and love taking photographs. Thank you so much for being so generous with your photo skills and HDR photography that I enjoy so much. The patience and skill you have is a gift, I continue to watch and enjoy your work and articles that come out about you. Keep smiling, be happy and enjoy each day we are given! God bless!

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