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Review: The Bodyguard - the Musical: Chopped plot doesn''t

Posted: 2017-11-14 14:23

"It upset her and I had to tell her I had something I didn''t know what it was and it was attacking me. Once we got the neck stabilised [with a 65-hour operation] then we started on the radiotherapy – and I took the highest radioactivity  you could take. I was scheduled for chemo but at this stage we monitor it on a bi-monthly basis. I still haven''t had to have the chemo but the cancer is still in my body. It''s not going to go away and it is something we''ll manage forever."

Living Room star Barry Du Bois'' cancer battle

The demise of any show in the uncertain environment in which we work in the media is always sad. But the axing of Ten''s breakfast show Wake Up was particularly sad for this occasional contributor. Downsizing and redundancies are not good for the industry as a whole. On the positive, I can truly say I have never enjoyed working with a bunch of people more than I have on this show. From the security to the production team to the makeup room, the sound guys and the coffee-makers right through to the gorgeous hosts Natarsha Belling and James Mathison – what a great bunch. There were conversations that didn''t end when the cameras stopped rolling (unusual in the TV game!). The smiles also continued well into the ad breaks. It''s a conversation I hope we can continue.