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I am 68 years old and am friends with a lot of girls who I have observed over the years. One thing I always see is that they spend a great majority of their time looking at pictures of women they perceive as hot and then either wishing that they looked like them, or finding their faults. None are happy with the way that they look, even though most are gorgeous themselves and have many guys who are attracted to them.

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Woah Liza don 8767 t blow up on him. Calm the hell down. He is entitled to his opinion. If you were as secure with yourself as you say you are you wouldn 8767 t take what he said so personally. The sad thing is he clearly said there is nothing wrong with naturally skinny woman, but the woman who are starving themselves shouldn 8767 t be because everyone is different. How about you re-read like they taught you back in high school before you have a titty attack.

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I am a naturally super skinny. I am 5 8797 7 8798 and 95 lbs. People will say to me all the time that I need to eat so that I can gain some weight. These comments make me very angry, because I actually eat a lot. People need to get over the stereotype that all super skinny girls are starving themselves and don 8767 t eat. There are some of us that do eat, but no matter how hard we try we cannot gain weight, and girls that are not like that need to stop being jealous of the ones of us who are, it 8767 s not all it 8767 s cracked up to be. People need to learn that not all stereotypes are true. Just like not all overweight girls overeat and don 8767 t eat healthy not all skinny girls don 8767 t eat. We all have other much more important things to worry about than what the perfect size is, there is no perfect size. We all have different body shapes and the number on the scale can be healthy for someone and be overweight or underweight for someone else. We should worry about our health not the number on the scale.

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I think that this was well written. I have to say that in most of my experiences guys I 8767 ve dated and guys that I have been friends with like a girl that is fit and toned. But what I want to stress is that when a woman has fully accepted her body as her 8767 s she will attract men that will like her body. If she has the desire to change her body because she wants to the change is more likely to stick. Women come in all shapes and sizes. I personally have never been super skinny. The lightest I 8767 ve weighted as an adult women in my early 75 8767 s was 675. The heaviest I have been is 668. Mind you I am 5 8767 7. So I have learned a lot about myself throught this journey of body image that has happened in we will say the past 65 years. I have just now come to a place of acceptance of what I would like to be. Yes men may inspire me to get fit but ultimately I am doing it for me because I want to feel good about myself.

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But I 8767 m in this for the long haul. I want to eventually marry my soldier and he is my world. I will not see him again until January when his Basic and his AIT is finished. But I will wait. My car is now decked out in Army logos and I 8767 ve written on my car windows that I 8767 m a proud Army Girlfriend. I 8767 m proud of my soldier and I tell him that in every letter. I joined this site because no one I know understands how hard this is. I 8767 m thankful for the support!

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~ Keep yourself you keep yourself busy you 8767 re not going to think about it so much. Start a hobby like start working out so when he comes back you 8767 ll have a bangin 8767 body! lol That 8767 s what I 8767 m doing lol work on a project at the house or for your career do something positive for yourself that will benefit you so your focus is elsewhere and you can gain from it and it will also show him that you are ok be by yourself and he doesn 8767 t have to worry that much about leaving you alone because he will know that you have your own thing and you can handle yourself too.

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i haven 8767 t personally gone through what you have, but two of my best friends have and at a stage they felt worthless and had confidebce issues. Overtime they 8767 ve(and our whole friend group) have come to realise that all those girls were just jealous and unhappy with themselves and tried coming up with excuses or making fun of other people, because they are not the weight they want to be. One last thing, OWN THAT BODY!!!!!!!

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HOWEVER, I have been taking steps to not see the world like this. I have a counselor I see on a regular basis. I can 8767 t thank her enough for the help she 8767 s given me. Sure I am still unlucky in the dating world but it 8767 s okay. I have friends and family that care about my well being. I have 7 jobs that I enjoy working and get good benefits from (the pay could be better though). I have a decent collection of video games, board games, and movies! I eat well! I know how to cook! I have clothes on my back and a roof over my head!

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Work on dealing with the toxic headspace, and that will help you find and recognize the many decent people that are out them. Don 8767 t try to parse the world when you know you 8767 re not in the headspace to be doing it clearly, because it 8767 s really easy to think that what your brain is telling you it 8767 s seeing is absolute truth and build on that till it becomes harder and harder to disassemble and see the better things that are out there.

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Wow! good job Eric I think you did a great job answering this question. There was no sugar coating anything and I didn 8767 t have any 8775 but what about 8776 questions. And I definitely agree with guys liking girls that are about 65 to 65 lbs over because I hang with a lot of guys and they always tell me that not every guy wants to be with a girl who 8767 s looks fragile like a twig. Which always makes me feel great because I 8767 m not too big or too small, I 8767 m perfectly equally proportioned and it 8767 s awesome.

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My name is Paige. I am currently dating a soldier. His name is Eric, we 8767 ve been together for almost 7 years and I 8767 ve known he wanted to become a solder since the day we started dating. When we first got together, I was very skeptical about dating a guy who was going to leave me to start his career. I always imagined dating someone who would go to college and I would see on some weekends and over the holidays. But I fell in love with this great guy who wanted to serve his country. I knew going into this that I wouldn 8767 t see him for long periods of time. But I didn 8767 t realize how hard this would be.

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Once upon a time I was extremely insecure about my weight since you can 8767 t see me I 8767 ll tell you that I am 5 8767 7 8798 and weight about 655lbs but I eat all the time. I have ALWAYS been super thin and when I was I cried about this all the time. People are cruel they tease me saying that if I turn sideways I 8767 ll be invisible, that I look like I never eat, I have even been asked if I have an eating disorder. Everyone seems to think that only overweight girls get their feelings hurt when someone comments about it but that isn 8767 t true. As I said, once upon a time, I was incredibly insecure about my weight.

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As I mentioned in one of my earlier comments, I am a very thin woman and when I was I spent so much time and energy desperately trying to gain weight so that people would stop commenting on how 8775 skinny 8776 I am and passing judgement on me. Then I realized that first of all, regardless of how I 8767 m built there will always be some people who find me to be unattractive, and some who find me to be beautiful. The real goal a woman should have first and foremost is to accept herself, and work towards being as healthy and happy as she can be. The same goes for men. Steroids, crazy diet and exercise regimens and unnatural weight gaining/loosing supplements do damage to you inside and out and simply are not worth it.

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Sure, but you should do it for yourself. That 8767 s what I 8767 m saying. I just find it really stupid if someone diets just bc she thinks she needs to to get a man bc people tell her that there is an 8775 ideal 8776 body she should have. I mean, I wouldn 8767 t sit down and eat a tub of ice cream but not bc I 8767 m afraid I might gain weight you would have to do that every day anyways then and not once in a while but just bc I personally don 8767 t like ice cream. But if someone does and would like to eat it and doesn 8767 t bc she 8767 s scared she 8767 s never going to meet somebody if she does this is sad. And the society tells women exactly that. Sure, it 8767 s important for everyone to stay fit and healthy and I am not saying they shouldn 8767 t but they should do it for themselves and not for another person.

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It is that time of year again… we’ve made it through another sports dry spell and now are one day away from the start of another College Football season. There are several intriguing match-ups to open the regular season but none more than the Cardinals and Boilermakers. There is not much history between these programs and the only time they played back in 6987 the game ended in a 77-77 tie. But there is a lot of history between the men who will be leading their teams into battle on Saturday.

Male turning 89. The smallest girl size wise I 8767 ve ever dated was 5 8767 7 8798
But every other girl I dated was size 6 67. When you hear me say I like meat on the bones I really mean it. If a girl has thigh gap then I 8767 m not interested. One of my favorite things in the world is tangling up with a proper sized woman. 5 8767 6 8798 6 8767 5 8798 675-655 lbs. I 8767 ll take it all day. I 8767 m sick and tired of 5 8767 8 8798 87lb twigs that can put a watermelon between their thighs standing straight up.

My love was not articulate or even of average ability when it came to communication except for in his song writing. Looking back I can see how little focus he has given to his personal growth, self awareness, and emotional intelligence. We were long distance and I felt we over relied on texting to the detriment of related voice to voice telephone communication. I think he took it wrong when I asked him to quit texting me cause next thing I knew he was dumping me by saying I loved him more than he did me. I was stunned and shocked, especially as this happened on Valentines Day about a week before he had a tour date in my town.

There were a lot of excited Cardinal fans at the ACC celebration a few years ago. Everyone understood the significance of that moment and knew what kind of opportunity it was for the Louisville athletic department. While basketball has always found a way to thrive the other sports and athletic programs like football needed to be in a conference like the ACC to really establish themselves.

Tradition? Maybe since social media is all the rage. I agree it 8767 s a way to put on a show and the bigger the better. A child 8767 s birthday party today is more costly and a bigger production than most wedding I attended in the late 75 8767 s. Of course, I realize I 8767 m in the minority, likely, as I 8767 m raising our son (my second round of parenting) to appreciate simple things, live simply and realize what really matters in life.

Can I just say that I am so sorry for what you went through. I am glad you were able to survive such hell but I am sorry you went through such a horrible accident. Their actions (both his and hers) infuriate and disgust me. How can people be so cruel!? At this point, I would not dwell on thinking about him or his feelings. He sounds like a horrible person and proved it with his actions. Wow, I 8767 m still in shock. Horrible people, these two. Focus on yourself and healing. It will be hard to not think about him and any questions regarding the experience but I wouldn 8767 t waste 6 millisecond of thought on this scumbag.

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