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Ok so I just met this girl at an airport. We where both on layover heading to Maui. We talked for like -8 hours about stuff. I made her laugh blush whatever. I drew her a picture which she fell in love with and it seems she likes me. This was 8 days ago. We both leave on Friday-Saturday and I wanna see her one last time before I neve see her again. She won 8767 t text me and we talked about hanging out before she left to go back east. She 8767 s from Kentucky me Cali. What do I do?

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ok so i met this girl on facebook, lives about one town over and just moved here from california. we talked for about an hour once(that was probably 7 weeks ago) and she really liked me, the next day i asked her if she was doing anything and gave her my number, then she gave me her number and said to text her. i had but no message back, then a few days later on facebook i messaged her, nothing back bout a week later called her, and again nothing. the fuck

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Think of the 8775 faking it 8776 part not so much as lying but as being conscious of what your physical behaviors are so that you are communicating what you actually want. It 8767 s actually a well established practice in animal training. Animals are very sensitive to behavior. They 8767 re primary means of communication is body language. If you 8767 re nervous, excited, happy, relaxed, this all translates into how you stand, how you breathe, facial expressions, etc.

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No, but other aspects of your personality that she cannot personally experience over the internet may give you a chance. For example, reading a profile online can t tell me whether a guy I go on a date with is going to actually pay attention to what I m saying, or stare at my breasts the entire time, whether his sense of humour and mine match up, or whether we re just going to have any chemistry at all.
But I can tell all of those things over the course of a single conversation in person.

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But in truth, I don t want to lead. I just want to think I m worth a damn. Confidence is not my issue, it s self worth. The two are related, no doubt, but I couldn t ignore the voice in my head telling me to stop lying to myself and others. I have good posture, I talk slow and steady, I breath slow, my shoulders are fine. I just really don t think confidence is my issue anymore.

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It sounds like you 8767 re a nice guy, a really nice guy. You are very available. Too available. You should follow my texting guidlines and instead of having intense conversations through your text, be slightly aloof. Use your texting to set up real life dates and build a small amount of comfort. If you text her too much and seem too eager it can come off as needy, which is bad. It sets off memories of her ex boyfriends that stalked her after they broke up, or went mental when she rejected them.

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It doesn t. But maybe he s done something that they haven t. If what he s done someone else also did and it didn t work for them, okay, cool, then they need to find something else. But someone else might be doing something different and then Lee offers some suggestions and they go, Oh hey, okay I ll give it a shot. It s the blanket dismissal that is annoying. If you say, You know I tried it and it didn t work for me then cool.

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So 8-9 days later I decided to just ask her outright what the deal was and that was when she said that there was someone else in her life and she was undecided as to what she should do, stay with him or move on and continue hooking up with me. I said ok no biggy just let me know if you ever want to hang and if I 8767 m still available I 8767 d definitely be game to get together. There was no response but the next day she text me in the late afternoon and asked if I wanted to 8775 cuddle 8776 ? I thought about it for a moment and figured what the hell so I said yes. She came over that night and thats exactly what we did just cuddle. I guess I didn 8767 t mind that much because she is cool and I did manage to get more out of her as to her situation. She said that she had a bf and the reason they became estranged was because he worked alot and was never available. So I asked if she was still with him and she said no but that she broke up with him after she hooked up with me. Shes kind of a tough nut to crack and isn 8767 t very vocal about how she feels so getting that much out of her was an accomplishment.

Wow you 8767 re a moron who has no right to say anything about a person battling a mental illness. You are not a doctor or psychologist and therefore has no idea how a person 8767 s mind works, let alone a person battling an eating disorder. Mental illnesses are just as real as a physical illness like cancer. 75% of people who have anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa die from their disease, yes disease. You are an idiot and you are putting more harm into the world than good. You are awful.

yo man i aint trollin but keep after that guuuuurrrrrrllllllllll .if she is as awesome as you said homie, turtle her butt till she finally wants to go out turtle is just being her best friend while she es datin another holmes till dey break up..then u r her best homie then you get her homie. Remember .mi nombre es Juan yo voy al Y AMOR HOMIES!

Of course, short is relative what we consider 8775 average 8776 height varies depending on geographic locale and someone who 8767 s 5 8767 6 8798 would consider someone who 8767 s 5 8767 9 8798 (the average for American men) to be lucky. But hey, that 8767 s cold comfort when women are putting 8775 six feet tall, minimum 8776 in their dating profiles and your friends all call you 8775 Short Round 8776 .

Hey Tony, I got a weird situation going on. There is this girl who is texting me for about 7 months now. But every time I try to set up a date, she has something to do. I already deleted her contact from my phone like 8 times, but she keeps texting me back. I told her it 8767 s not gonna work out if we don 8767 t see each other, but she just keeps talking. I mean she is hot, I would love to sleep with her 😀 what do you think? Should I block her? Or should I try some new tactic?

I work out. I lift. I eat right. I have a small waist and visible abs and I weigh 685 (at 5 8767 9). I know that if I was taller the ass I would pull would he much higher in number. But one thing I don 8767 t do is get mad that women aren 8767 t as physically attracted to me than to other taller guys. Because at least I lift and take care of my appearance. But I do know women basically hold the keys to sex so I can 8767 t be mad when a better looking guy outdoes me. Such is life man.

You are the best and I so much enjoy reading your blog plus I 8767 ve learnt a lot and I 8767 m still gonna learn more. Sir, there is this girl I just met via facebook. She added me on fb, and after some minutes upon accepting her request, I message her and she did replied and it seems we are good. She then ask me to call her but I couldn 8767 t and I let her know. She then pleaded with me to text her. I agreed but did not until later in the night. She didn 8767 t text back, so I called. She claim, she couldn 8767 t here me and me too can 8767 t. I called a couple of times and got like I don 8767 t want to be like I 8767 m a clingy person. That will be a wrong impression. Tony, pls I like her but she hasn 8767 t text, call or facebook me and I don 8767 t literally know what to do. Pls come to my aid o. Thanks brother..x

What do you mean by being exposed as a liar? Having good posture isn t a statement that can be falsified, nor is speaking slowly and clearly, or making more eye contact than one is used to. Making conscious changed to one s behavior isn t a lie. Nobody can tell that when you approached someone last week, you were much more visually nervous than you are now. People behave differently in different circumstances, on different days, when they have more energy, and that s okay. Nobody has to know that some of that variation is consciously put on to make oneself more likeable.

I need help. Right now I 8767 m in a situation where I just have hope. I was seeing this girl for about 6 or 7 months. We had ups and downs, but at the end we were clicking in everything. We traveled to Boston together and from there we got really close, but then after she began to shut me down. I didnt realize the answer after a few days that after Boston she thought I was expecting something more from her and she could not provide that. From there I told her that I would still like to be friends, but she kept pushing the situation and was asking are you sure. So from there we chatted and I explained the situation and at the end I told her I would still like to be friends, but she ended with I guess you have to find a new friend because I dont want to be friends with you. I understand and will eventually move on, but there is some hope left that she will text me back. I just need advice on what I should do because she was something I never expected myself to get but did and it just sucked that I lost her.

First and foremost: embrace monochrome. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is to wear clothing with a strong contrast a white shirt, brown belt and blue jeans for example. The problem with this is that the sudden color change from white to brown to blue creates a visual interruption. The eye doesn 8767 t travel smoothly down your profile the sudden change cuts you in half, truncating your torso and skewing your proportions. Instead, you want clothes that are relatively consistent in hue. They don 8767 t have to be perfectly monochrome  you don 8767 t need to dress head to toe in black, for example but keeping things within the same color-scheme helps the eye track over your body without stopping. This is one of the benefits of suits the uniform color scheme helps create a unified silhouette.

Again, this is how online dating works. This ability to narrow searches/matches by different attributes is what people claim makes it so much better than face to face. Which of these 8775 things 8776 do you want to pinpoint? His photos? His location? His age? His weight? His diet? His eye colour? His pets? His smoker status? His drinker status? His vehicle situation? His employment? His housing situation? His match percentage? His shared interests? Or if we 8767 re on OKCupid in particular, any of the answers to the thousands of questions that they could have possibly shared on their profile.

I replied by telling her that I was 8775 stumped 8776 with reading and subsequently asked her how work went. Which brings me to today she finally replied to me and apologize for the late text, along with the usual 8775 things got crazy 8776 followed by asking how my reading went. keep in mind, this was two days after our first hangout 8775 date 8776 . Now, I was and still might be getting to like her. But the days to reply thing (this actually peaked in the days leading up to our ice cream date) is killing the momentum for me. And unlike the 8775 me 8776 of a year ago, I wouldn 8767 t regret ceasing communication with her as this is a peeve of mine. And I 8767 ve seen the LJBF/not really interested thing before and I favor just 8775 getting out before 8776 before allowing the inevitable come into fruition.

Honestly, I m less than convinced that attraction and charisma are the same thing or related but if you are short and you ve noticed it s a problem for you, the advice of developing presence is good. It s not magic but you may as well work on it. Drama classes might be a good idea. Regardless of what I think is and isn t a barrier for me in my own life, I know my training in amateur and professional theatre helps me in life. I am not the dancing monkey but I know how to perform. I have a good sense of humour (I ve written other people s stand up routines and a comic play) and have been described as being witty and having a quick wit. It doesn t do what I d perhaps like it to but these qualities do at least help me make friends with people and open up the social circle a bit.

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