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What I 8767 m trying to say is, lose him quick or you 8767 ll never get rid when you want to. And for the guys who are on the other side, trust yourself more. Yes, I mean yourself and not your girl. You should already have a mutual respect for your girl, but if you can 8767 t learn to trust yourself, then you can 8767 t expect her to trust in you. You need to figure things out before finding a girl to sort this stuff out for you.

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I love my cub even if he s only 9 years than me, I feel like I am the luckiest woman alive. He adores me and he really likes the attention and devotion I give him. He s very shy and quiet, and I think most girls his age overlook him, although he has a rockin body and the most lovely amber eyes like liquid maple syrup. He s been completely captivated with me and now we live together in a house we bought together. Other people say they see how happy he is. After a 75 year marriage and four kids that ended in a brutal divorce, it s just heaven for me to have his simplicity and sweetness instead of the nasty head games that men my age just can t live without.

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As a man who has NEVER had a date from the 8 (main) sites I have used, I can categorically say that even if you read a profile, send a nice message and be pretty much, charming. Us "men" get ignored or blocked. I have been blocked many times for just being interested about a lady's profile. I don't say anything sexual and I am always polite. I will be honest and say that women are just BORED. They want someone to chat to and, when they get bored, there's always 655 more men to choose from. Women will get around 655 messages every few days. They may be crappy messages but it's still a message. I left a dating site for a MONTH and got 8 profile views. No messages. All I see woman say on profiles is how men pester them with sexual comments and, if they are not sexual, all they say is "hi".

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To everyone who reads this hold on to your purity as long as you are a virgin. Your virginity is a precious gift and once you give it away it can never come back. You live with the regret of not waiting for the rest of your life. Don 8767 t lower your standards for the sake of love or wanting to be accepted because eventually you will have to deal with the shame of being rejected. Know your worth.

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You can trust the out-of-mainstream men 8767 s internet, though, because they don 8767 t have a reason to lie to you. They 8767 re not a media outfit trying to push product to you as a woman. They have no political agenda they want to indoctrinate you with. They 8767 re just men expressing what they 8767 re attracted to in all honesty, I think that women will find it to be a tremendous breath of fresh air when they witness what men are actually like.

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Hi, I just met this guy and as soon as he saw me couldn t keep his eyes off me. We flirted and I eventually got his number. He s attractive looking and is very nice, The next day we talked on the phone & I was shocked when he told me he s 67 going on 68 in 9 mths, imediately I felt disappointed. I told him I just turned 75 two mths ago. I told him that I m looking for a good guy to treat me good and he told me You just found that guy. I can t stop thinking about him and all I think about is the age gap. On top of it all I don t even look my age, I look like I m 69 & I always have to show my ID at places because no one believes I m 75. What should I do?

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I verified that he was in fact a police officer because he works in a nearby town and everything is public information online anyway. The first night we went out he did spend quite a bit of money as we met for drinks and then had dinner and then saw live music at the same venue. We kissed that night and talked the next day and decided to set up a second date for less than a week later at which point he said that he couldn't be spending so much money and that if I felt comfortable I could go to his house and he would cook me dinner.

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Last week, we spent a beautiful evening together just sitting, chatting and catching up and after couple of hours, he just got up and left. Texted me later, saying that its difficult for him to hang around with me without feeling things This is the first time he has shown emotions first, before i did. This confused me. I know we are best friends. If he is still emotion between us, why aren t we giving it a shot?

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To the guys who said black never built an advanced society.
Does Egypt/Khemet not count? That 8767 s pretty advanced if you ask me considering his 8775 high IQ 8776 white guys still cannot remake the Pyramis or Sphinx with the equal proportions and accuracy TODAY with their 8775 advanced societies 8776 lol.
How about the fact that the people you praise like Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the Great went to Egypt to LEARN EVERYTHING THEY KNEW FROM BLACKS. And the monuments built by people of color are still intact but the Greek monuments again, built by 8775 civilized advanced white men 8776 are already falling apart and they aren 8767 t even a fraction of the age of monuments built by blacks. Everywhere the European (Oh btw Europa is the name of a BLACK woman/goddess. Look it up loser) has gone has been followed by violence and destruction. Wars, bio warfare, mass shootings, bombings (name 5 committed by blacks)
Let 8767 s see, we have Egypt, black Wall Street in Tulsa OK, which was destroyed by jealous white men.

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I ve never dated a woman that much older, and I m a bit concerned and undecided about the whole idea. And I don t know the age differences between her and her ex s. She is a retired federal employee. I will retire from federal service in two years. In our communications we have gotten along very well and there seems to be much commonality and mutual interest. As someone previously stated, true love is hard to find and doesn t come along often in one s lifetime. I had that with my last girlfriend, and I miss that.

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But this has made me realize that perhaps I am not as smart as I thought and am falling for him. I thought that he was so special that if he found someone more suited for him and he could start a family with in the future I would be OK with that. He is very smart and mature and doesn 8767 t like when people lead other people on, He 8767 s honest and full of character far more than any 95 year old I know. Otherwise I never would have gone there, seriously.

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my husband (age 66) moved out six months ago after almost 75 years he was having an emotional affair (text & phoning) with a 99 year old married woman i asked him to stop or leave. At first is was extremely painful betrayal, hurt pride, etc. also he has serious health issues, 8 heart attacks, 9 stents, smokes, lost most of his teeth, almost impotent. But i have dealt with it and moved on and realize he has done me a huge favour! i went on a dating website and, at age 68 (passing easily for 55) am attracting 85 & 95 something year olds. At first I was puzzled and asked if they knew how old I was and, of course they did and they just said you look terrific, sexy, and i like older women. I did date a few closer to my age too old for me! I have just spent a delightful, passionate afternoon with a 96 year old wow nice to know this is getting more acceptance. He went back to his place and immediately started messaging me about what he wants to do with me next

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I am sure there are plenty of exceptions and I will check out the site. It 8767 s not so much about the kids as it is about sexual attraction. However youthful a woman is, it 8767 s an inevitable issue. Again, there are exceptions, but relying on it is a risky proposition, to say the least. I am sure that Beyonce and Sophia Vergara will look great at 55 or even older, but this cannot be said about most women out there.

To Ryan Dube: Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Ryan. And sadly, I suppose you are right. It is frustrating, for both men and women I guess, how shallow and looks-focused internet dating is. In fact, a study by OkCupid revealed pretty clear data that profile text matters not at all, and pictures are what drive activity on the site. I think, to some extent, this is the case in "real life" too - that people can be superficial, and everyone wants a "gorgeous" mate. But in real life you don't have this fake world where all the pretty people are spread before you as available to you. You meet who you meet, and can tell quickly in many cases if they will be interested or not, and can also experience more than just the visual. The profiles are meant to give that experience, but I think perhaps, for a variety of reasons, internet dating becomes some fantasy world where everyone seems to think their gorgeous mate is waiting, and it is work to read a profile, and if he/she isn't attractive enough, why bother?

So first and foremost, finding a way to 8775 be OK 8776 internally (that is, not react to his behavior) is an important skill. It keeps your mind open and clear and when you 8767 re open and clear, a lot of the time the 8775 problem 8776 ends up dissolving or even not becoming a problem in the first place The big lesson here: In almost all cases, it 8767 s the 8775 problem 8776 that 8767 s the problem it 8767 s our reaction to it.

From my score it said he 8767 s very interested in me but in a conversation I had with him long story short, he said he was going to the market to buy somethings what do I want, I said grits, bacon, pork chops, , he said a man has to take care of his house that he 8767 s not going to spoil me, I sad what does that mean you ask me what I want from the store I said do you still want to date or do you want a casual thing or is this going anywhere i said if its casual i cant continual this he said he want a lot of things I sad that 8767 s not telling what I ask you so I hung up and text him i said we 8767 er cool good by , he text back what that suppose to mean, he called back i did not answer. but yet he said in my ear one night that he wanted me to move in with him. I can 8767 t move in it 8767 s only been 8 months, anyways this happened yesterday around 8:55 in the even,I haven 8767 t called him and he haven 8767 t called me, I care about him a lot but don 8767 t know if he want what I want ,to move things forward, should I just move on or just wait to hear from him. PS. Give me a reply. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing your experience. This proves yet another important point. Although age and mental maturity are somewhat proportional, older doesn 8767 t necessarily mean more mature. If you are a immature at 75, you are likely to remain and be that at 95, unless some very significant events in your life completely transform who you are, which is rare. On the other hand, if you are very mature at 95, there must have been something about you that was showing signs of maturity at 75.

Or your man gets a vibe from other guys, even just going out in public and he leaves you for a moment to come back to find a guy chatting you up. That you are a catch?
It reminds your man, that he 8767 s lucky to have you, without you doing anything at all to encourage it. Like when I work on my car at my bf 8767 s place, and his friends comment that she 8767 s a keeper.. or a cool chick. Can I borrow her? She knows more about cars then me, send her to my place next???

After 6 months on various sites I'm finally signing out today - my advice to men is to just enjoy your single life and use your time productively on hobbies and interests and self improvement etc. - get out into the real world to meet people. You'll probably be quite shocked if you keep a record of how many hours you spend trawling dating sites - I was when I decided to record my usage - One of the reasons that today is delete day - more time for fitness and reading.

I can dig what you were trying to say here. Cause there is a lot of substance. But some of what you say completely contradicts the evidence that has been compiled on this subject. The fact is. A lot of women only talk to/give a reasonable chance to the top 6% of attractive men. This isn't an opinion. They've done studies. So while I appreciate your input and I do feel there was a lot to gain from it. You are completely wrong in your assessment that women aren't as shallow as men. If anything because they have so many choices. They filter them by looks. It's sad but true.

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