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Posted: 2017-10-14 15:18

When I started reading this, I was like 8775 I don 8767 t really watch many j-dramas, so probably I won 8767 t know half of them.. But let 8767 s take a look.. 8776 And I realized I know or recognize a lot of the names. J dramas always seem low on the romance, heavy on family and such (or may be I 8767 ve been brainwashed by kdrama tropes). But I like their detective/mystery/police dramas. My favorites are Haruma (I dare someone to not smile back at his smile!) and Kame (effortlessly handsome!) [and Jin if you include the whole J-ent] Anyways,

ALook at the Leading Actors of Japanese Entertainment - A

Okada Masaki Last I 8767 ve seen him in Raiou nice scenery nice story but not compelling enough for me it started amazing and lost its steam during the middle of the movie turn off : some elements from The Barber of Siberia some scenes and ideas were exactly like the ones from the Russian movie
But I loved him in Ogon no Buta literally stole Oizumi Yo 8766 s thunder
ZOMG Okada Masaki and Daito Shunsuke will act only in a taiga the next year (maybe a movie or 7 because DS will be in OHHC the movie) auch my heart
Fujiki Naohito will be there too but it is a good move for him because his days a handsome leading man are numbered even though he is one the most long-lasting leading man in Japan- he is 89 already and I give him 6 years maybe 8 years(if he goes under surgery)
Matsuyama Kenichi, Matsuda Shota, Tamaki Hiroshi are in it too- I bet it will an awesome year for newbies who will play in other dramas at their heart content

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abe hiroshi 8767 s my ultimate j-drama bias. though sometimes i get bored with the drama plot, his charisma kept my eyes glued to the screen. up until now, kekkon dekinai otoko remains as my favorite j-drama. for me, he has this great charisma that will influence another actors, and he has a lead protagonist aura glued with him. i never watched him cast as antagonist but i think he still can pull it off. or anyone can recommend dramas/movies where he played an antagonist role there? i really want to watch it.

A couple of months ago I did a write up on TW-actors and TW-actresses , which was relatively easy to do since there just aren 8767 t that many of them occupying the perch as certifiable leads. The same isn 8767 t true elsewhere, which is why I 8767 ve been hesitant to attempt it for other industries. Nevertheless, I suddenly got the urge to run down a list of the leading men of Japanese entertainment and giving my two cents on them.

Jun is the weirdest idol-actor on the planet. I swear when I see pictures of him, he resembles a pygmy monkey. But the moment he starts acting, you forget everything and he has your entire attention. He made the character of Domyoji Tsukasa in HanaDan likeable and endearing despite being such a total violent tool. I last watched him in the rom-com Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku with Takeuchi Yuko , which was really sweet and interesting, but for some reason I have yet to finish it. Must do that.

Yamada Takayuki!!! I may love Jun and Shun and Osamu and Shota and Narimiya and Haruma But Takayuki is the king of this generation. Watched Taiyo no Uta, and became a full Takayuki-fangirl. Crows Zero. Beach Boys. Sono Toki. MW. He never fails to bring a winning piece with his acting chops. The only one falling short is Bakuyakyo. I ve watched the movie version, and it was so painful to watch that I switched off my tv after 65 mins of the drama version, where Takayuki collapsed on the pavement bleeding to his death.

Thanks for the write-up Takeshi Kaneshiro is the one I like the thing about Takeshi is that I watched him more in HK, china and TW movie than japan.. i think i only saw him in one jdrama back in 95s he is handsome and versatile my other favorites are MatsuJun and Mizushima Hiro.. the later one is no longer an actor but I like his screen presence. MatsuJun is funny looking.. i never find him good looking but is his charisma win me over.

oooooh love your list. There are some actors I haven 8767 t seen yet now I must go and watch them to see if they are really love Miura almost seen everything even the one with the loooong name. Love Narimiya Hiroki he can play everything they are both delicious in bloody monday loved his cameo in gokusen the movie! There are so many actors I love ^_^

Maybe the best 8775 actor 8776 of his generation (along with Yamada Takayuki ), but his penchant for picking the oddest projects really turn me off watching more of his works. His recent Juui Doolittle , which reunited him with Inoue Mao , was an abomination. I 8767 ll always love him in Crows Zero and as the original flavor Hanazawa Rui in Hana Yori Dango , though his turn in HanaKimi was strangely lacking. As a actor, he probably has the most extensive body of work amongst his peers, and is a true chameleon. I 8767 ve never found Shun attractive, but he always impresses me.

Yeah Ninomiya Kazunari, not as good looking as the others but I am a fan for whatever reason i could not finish any one of Kimutaku 8767 s dorama a gave up on Long Vacation after ep 7 and Mr. Brain after ep 6 it just did not grab me. Nino however is another story I 8767 m trying to finish his body of work because for some insane reason this hunchback boy with the gerbil smile does it for me.
I totally agree that these J-actors has some mojos going for them. They are not as polished as their K counterparts but they could sure grab your attention.

You must finish MatsuJun and Takeuchi Yuko 8767 s Natsu No Koi Wa Niji.. something! It 8767 s really one of the sweetest, and most heart-warming jap drama I 8767 ve watched in recent memory. Maybe it wasn 8767 t as dramatic or compelling as other dramas (If you 8767 d to compare it with Drunken to Love You in Taiwan, it is probably like a Sunny Happiness. Less the drama but ups the believability). It 8767 s a a drama that left me cuddling in my sheets, very satisfied 🙂

However, my ultimate fangirling has to go hands downs to Tsumabuki Satoshi. キャーq(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)pキャー He 8767 s like the guy-next-door. Despite being a bit on the thin side (in his early twenties), I fell in love with his mischievous smile in Quruli 8767 s 8775 Highway 8776 MV. He had a small and pitiful role in Kabachitare! starring Tokiwa Takako and Eri Fukatsu, and despite his poor acting skills (at the time), still managed to pull off the 8775 Hey, he 8767 s kinda cute, 8776 factor. while he 8767 s a big-screen type of guy, he was strangely endearing in dramas like Orange Days and Slow Dance.

Toshiaki played the first modern Prince Charming of my J-dorama watching experience. His Imouto wo (also known as Tokyo Cinderella Story ) was a classic 95s dorama that was the first Cinderella love story before that trope became a dime a dozen. I vividly recall swooning over him and falling asleep to the fervent prayers that I 8767 d meet the perfect chaebol prince like him to sweep me off my feet.

He is a cutie pie. Right now in his career, that 8767 s at most what I can use to describe him. He was adorable in Otomen , but as an actor he 8767 s still quite green. I didn 8767 t watch him in the Aishiteru SP where he played Mukai Osamu 8767 s brother, because that whole dorama is a tearfest that I confess to not wanting to touch. But Masaki has a bright career ahead of him and I 8767 m happy to see where it leads as he matures.

i totally understand your obsession with yamapi
that happens to me too i love his work and hope to see him
in new dramas soon. As for kame it is so true that you wouldn 8767 t
think people like him but his acting just pulls you in it 8767 s weird.
Yusuke i have been watching out for hi and he has seriously
tried hard to become a better actor. One more actor i would love to mention is
Junpei Mizobata he is usually the type to go unoticed but he does seem like someone that
has started to rise. Although i haven 8767 t had time for JDramas or anything his work is definately on my to watch list 😀

I got into jdramas first before I settled into kdrama land. Ah nostalgic~
My first ever jdrama was Hana Kimi :). I was a big fan of the novel, so my friend recommended me the drama. So it was between the taiwan version of Hanakimi or the japan version. I tried the taiwan version first since Wu Chun and Jiro appealed to me more than Shun and Toma. But luck be hold. I got annoyed xD, so I tried out the Jdrama instead. And taaada~ One thing led to another

I 8767 ve never liked a Ryo dorama until Zenkai Girl , but I 8767 ve always liked Ryo. His smile is one-in-a-million, plus he can angst like no other. I think he needs to pick projects that better suit his sunny personality because acting-wise he 8767 s just okay with respect to his range. But no matter what he does going forward, I 8767 ll always have Zenkai Girl to rewatch anytime I need a Ryo fix.

hi miss koala..would you like to add a new list for j actors??i really like how you describe them..perhaps you could add more actors..i like more japanese actors then taiwan or korea..it just seems like they are more variable and versatile..nowadays i 8767 ve been following arata and kora kengo which made me realizes they can act in a many different roles.. for example kora act as a monk in ZEN and became a punk piercing boy in SNAKES AND EARRINGS i love that!!hope you can add more j actors including,arata iura,kora kengo, satoshi tsumabaki, odagiri joe and kanata hongo..+.+

I guess I 8767 m more old school, so I definitely agree with your list of 8775 mature 8776 actors. I love Takenouchi Yutaka, Fukuyama Masaharu, Fujiki Naohito, and Kimura Takuya for years and years. I personally have watched Long Vacation at least 5 times, to me it 8767 s definitely a classic, along with Love Generation, Tokyo Love Story, Bayside Shakedown (can you tell already that I 8 Yuji Oda?!) , and many more. You can easily love all of the lead characters, because they were that good. Oh btw, I would put Toshiro Yanagiba and Abe Hiroshi on my man s man list (don t laugh at me).

since i am fairly new to j-dramas i am actually proud of recognising a few of the actors, even if they are only part of the second half of your list! Although i can 8767 t remember any of their names (sorry!!) i agree that some are unforgettable in their screen presence and i will try and watch more dramas for them even though i am very fussy when it comes to my dramas!! I am still attempting to watch hana dori dango but i very hesitant even though i think it might be better than the korean BOF!! But i promise to finish day 😀
Thanks for the list though, it is was an eye opener and now i have more dramas to look for based on those actors!! Yay!!