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Sexual Relations Between Elite White Women and Enslaved

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With progressive civilisation most of the above cultures are fading off. Today alot of men now see it as very romantic to cook for their wives, job calls even makes this moreso. Most men cook beautifully now. Men dont want extra wives again but may still womanize if a married guy is dating you, he most likely will never marry you. African men ds days consult their wives extensively and take joint decisions. African men have even started emphasizing small nuclear family orientation ds days. The truth is that civilization has changed and is still changing a whole lot of general orientation.

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Instead of reading, you better go there. View from overseas, even from Europe, USA doesn 8767 t look that good, and African American are seen at the bottom of the society
I met an AA who went to Nigeria and thought he was tough. He came back, because he met tougher people than him. Now he got respect for African people, because he couldn 8767 t survive neither compete with them.
Ruling the continent has nothing to do with being good to date. Otherwise, how about AA who doesn 8767 t rule NOTHING? Undatable!!! 

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Family crisis scams: At some point, often fairly early, they will begin setting the stage for an emergency that only you (and your money) can solve. They generally don't ask for money directly (although they can). Instead, they lay out a scenario that appeals to your sympathy. The son or elderly parent suddenly gets sick, and they send you messages with regular updates, clearly showing their anxiety. But the illness or the surgery they need isn't covered by insurance. Or the only place that can perform the surgery is in another city, and they don't have airfare to get there.

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Black men aren 8767 t our 8775 knights and shining armor. 8776 They aren 8767 t our protectors and they don 8767 t treat us with respect and love either. In fact, they are the reasons why our situation seems so hard. Most men of other races value their women, but it 8767 s not the same for black men. The only thing they do is tear us down and disrespect us. We should get tired of this and stop running back to them and being so loyal.

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I felt his disgust and I m sure the obese bitch/skinny father with a big dick (that can reach past the fat!) combo is a thriving reality in most maternity hospitals, it s as if many women decide once they ve become pregnant and /or has a child, that they re no longer responsible for what happens to their bodies using pregnancy and motherhood as the ultimate justification for becoming obese! Not all but far too many! Combine with them the betas who think they can prove their manliness by becoming a father/breeding! which is nothing special, all animals do it! ugh! It s frightening

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I would encourage tourists to not just stick around the beaches and Senegambia area when they do visit The Gambia. Most of these places are obviously hot spots for opportunists. Please bear in mind that 98% of Gambians live in poverty. “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” ― Mahatma Gandhi. May I add that there are also poor Gambians who strive to better themselves in humble ways.

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Black men drop black women as soon as they reach a certain level of success, don’t
they? While plenty of rap stars, athletes and musicians may choose to date or marry interracially when they achieve fame, the same is not true for the bulk of successful black men. By analyzing census data Toldson and Marks found that 88 percent of married black men who earned at least $655,555 annually got hitched to black women. The same is the case for educated black men of all incomes. Eighty-five percent of black male college graduates married black women. Generally, 88 percent of married black men (no matter their income or educational background) have black wives. This means that interracial marriage should not be held responsible for the singleness of black women.

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Dated a guy and he showed almost all the signs above. He finally broke up with me and gave me a stupid excuse. Well I let him go because I am not going to convince you to love me. You have to want me. He tried calling me. I ignored his calls for 7 months. Now he texted me and says he is sorry, he misses me and wants to talk to me Like I have been sitting around waiting for him to finally know he wants to be with me. Whatever. Men are complicated. All women want is to love you and be loved no other hidden agenda! mscheeew.

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Well done Buba. I still cannot fathom how most of these women fail to see the real picture. My question is, are you going to The Gambia to enjoy the sun and sea or to secure hot-blooded men? I know a Swedish lady who is on her third Gambian husband. She is in her 65s and all these husbands are at least 75 years She brought the two previous husbands to Sweden and they both left her after getting their papers. My family warned her but she 8767 s given us a deaf ear. If you honestly believe a 75-85yr old would fall for a 55-65yr old, you are deluded. What is it with Gambian men that is so appealing? Is it the things they say to you? Is it the sex? Is it the idea of being with a much man? If they are so atrocious according to this thread, why even give them a time of day? If they are so appalling, why keep going back? Why are these women in such a rush to marry these men? I am genuinely curious. If someone is too keen and in such a haste to marry you, you need think rationally. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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Many many stories they tell. Example 6: Getting caught with weed and needing £755 bail money. When that didn 8767 t work, I got told that his 8775 mate 8776 bailed him out and now he owes the mate the money and that the 8775 mate 8776 has his car as a guarantee and if he doesn 8767 t pay the mate, he will lose the car!!! Example 7: the tax man came into his shop and demanded £755 for the yearly tax or would close the shop!!! His English , much older wife who lives in the UK always caves in as it is the only way she can keep him, totally delusional. She defends him to the end and yet knows he is a liar and a thief. He married her for visa years ago and will never let her go as she has funded his whole sorry lifestyle. Yes, will watch Holiday Love Rats Exposed on Channel 5 tonight as there are bound to be a few Gambians on there but will people learn? No, because their man is Different.

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im african. this post is completely ignorant and stereotypical. pls stop generalizing and get to know individuals. african men aren 8767 t neat because they didn 8767 t have the opportunity to take things for granted. there are plenty of rich africans who are neat and plenty who moved abroad without struggle and with money. we don 8767 t all have large, 8775 fun 8776 families. while the article points out positive things, all of these things are generalizations that need to apply to individuals, not a whole continent of men. ridiculous

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My reaction a lot of this article are true, I am African and married a sweet african american wife and i really like her also she is a muslim like me,
She is dedicated n like African culture like her parents, who went to a lot of afrcans countries n like it a lot, they are planning to move africa
my only problem my coworkers know i am married but they dont stop giving me attention n i dnt wana hurt there feeling,
The only thing u have to be careful with africans guys its in a beginning to tell what u like n dislike but some afro american want to much its why a lot of african date n married white girl just example with all my friends married to white girls i am the only with african american because no matter what i like to stay with my race

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Edit: remember women have boxes that they want to check off. Physically they want someone six foot with a six pact (not 6%, more like a 66-67%). They prefer a white collar job with a college degree vs a blue collar job with a trade. The actual degree doesn t matter. It either have, or don t. Doesn t matter if a guy is an electrician making 85K a year. On paper he is going to loose to a grant administrator making 65K.

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Irie Greetings..I have no petty for all of u women to be poor is a crime yes..it makes me sick when I see u old out of shape women walking around the Gambia with the poor boys shame on u if that was somewhere else like Europe people will laugh at u all..but this is the Gambia where I live so its acceptable where the natives are poor and dont know better education is the key for a better society and a better nation..im a rastaman living in africa I have seen the distraction u are doing to the life of the nation of gambia..give a man fish and he always depending on u but teach him how to catch fish and he will never go hungry think befor u jump

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This is a stupid article. There are a lot of black women on dating sites who get approached by ALL men. I am one of them. I get letters from black , white , Hispanic , East Indians, Asians, Arabs, etc The thing about it is that NONE of the men who are writing are of any quality, so I don 8767 t respond. I think it doesn 8767 t have anything to do with the black women and men not wanting them on dating sites, I think it has more to do with THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN ON DATING SITES in general. And if there are, it 8767 ll take a while to fine them.

Then you wonder why
BW have attitudes! Rather than have an attitude, I rather go where I 8767 m
being treated well, in the arms of WM or other race! Ain 8767 t nobody have
time for BM practics and BS! Those days are over especially as much as
you put WW on a pedestal for over 95 years, you really need to STFU!
You didn 8767 t have any kids and didn 8767 t do a damn thing with your life! Your
White wife was the breadwinner while you stayed oniine whining about BW
and chasing WW P*ssy in your spare time, You wouldn 8767 t even help your
wife with her business! SMDH

My husband is 95 from Gambia I am 96 from Michigan. We 8767 ve been married 8yrs. All this stuff I read is crazy. I met my husband here in Dallas 7yrs after I moved here. He has always treated me with the upmost respect. Very loyal and faithful husband. He CHOOSES to have only one wife. He was married before. He has one child from the marriage. They are no longer married. She remarried and lives in Sweden. Maybe I got blessed but this so called research is ridiculous.

Hi Hayley,
yes I cut and pasted some of the stories and sent them to her she says she 8767 s not stupid and knows but that 8767 s not the impression I 8767 m getting. She told him that she would go back and fetch him and he can stay with her for 8 months with her at her villa in Spain now I 8767 ve just found out that he 8767 s not 57 but 88 he wants her to go over on her own she 8767 s 8767 m banging my head !!! She 8767 s fallen for all the lovey-dovey words he 8767 s saying to her on the phone

Hi, i marrierd a gamgian man ,i met him on facebook ,well he got in touch with me i was not looking for anyone but things happened that i went out there and met him , we got married within the 7 weeks i was there , almost soon after we are sorting paperwork for visa , i,m back in the UK ,still sorting it out but it has always been in the back of my mind why does he love me he,s 79 i,m 65 , i,m also thinking yes he just want,s to come to the UK, ,because i know i,m too old for him ,maybe yes he,s has a wife and kids ,he,s always on the phone site,s not to me only somtimes to see how i,m getting on with the visa to see if i can pay it from here , on viber whasapp, also messenger on facebook ,. hoe do i find out if he has a wife and kids just ned to know before he get,s the you for reading in advance.

Lola went to an owambe party and met Segun. Segun chased her and eventually Lola gave Segun her number. Segun calls Lola the following day and they talk. Lola tells Segun that she is a single mother of 9 so any man that is going to be with her has to be able to step up. Segun says no problem. He loves children. He has not been able to start a family yet even though he is 95 because he did not want any baby mama drama, and he has been waiting for the right opportunity. So Lola says ok. My colleague is having a party for her mom later tonight, why don&rsquo t you meet me there so we can talk some more. Segun is delighted and gets directions to the party.

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