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As time progressed and female gamers showed their gaming achievements, certain male gamers became angry at being bested -- and attempted to subvert women through objectification and harassment. This escalated with the advent of online gaming, which enabled players around the world to interact in-game in real time. Many female gamers have received sexist comments and threats during gameplay, as illustrated by submissions to blogs which document harassment:

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Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where players are immersed in the experience of being depressed. Players choose paths to take, and their choices affect how depressed they are. Additionally, the more depressed that the character becomes, the less action choices players are given. Just like in real life, deeper depression makes it harder to get out. The game is available as free or a “pay what you want,” with a portion of the proceeds donated to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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We’re having an all-hands meeting, and I’m doing all I can to not lose my temper. We have a major development deadline to hit, and it’s one that’s going to require a lot of extra hours from Maria. I’ve spent the last week learning about one of her job functions in order to add my labor to hers. My intent is the height of altruism: I want to be the kind of leader that gets down in the trenches, not a desk jockey dispatching orders.

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If you’re reading this article on this site, you’re probably interested in video games, which means you’re probably a gamer. And you’re probably into video games because gaming brings you joy. Well, one Sacramento-based nonprofit organization, Gamer’s Gift, is working to bring the joy of VR games to people who might not have access to it, such as elderly people in nursing homes or sick children in hospitals.

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Never Alone helps preserve the cultural heritage of the Inupiaq people of Alaska. In Never Alone, developers partnered with nearly 95 Alaska Native storytellers and elders to create a game steeped in traditional Inupiaq lore. Gamers play as a Inupiqt girl, Nuna, and an arctic fox as they set out to find the source of the eternal blizzard that threatens their survival. The game can be played in single-player or cooperatively and features a host of legendary Inupiaq characters, all narrated in Inupiaq language.

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In this video, Jane McGonigal, . explains her experience thoroughly and beautifully. McGonigal, author of “Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” , is a game designer who experienced a traumatic brain injury in 7559, and during her recovery, experienced extreme depression, anxiety, and even suicidal tendencies. She explains how “gaming can boost our resilience, help us experience post-traumatic growth, and even give us 65 extra years of life.”

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“As I child I had severe eye problems requiring physical therapy just so I could read a full page of text without losing my place. I literally almost failed kindergarten– my eyes were that bad. My optometrist recommended video games to improve my tracking and to teach my eyes to work together. This gave my parents a reason to buy me an NES (Nintendo) and I have been a gamer ever since. I now have a masters degree, am a librarian professionally, and can only say that gaming has so much to teach our children if we would bother the get the syllabus together for it. For an example: “ oh your child doesn’t want to read books, but wants the new Pokemon game? Wonderful! The Pokemon series has no voice acting and your child will be reading a small novella of text for abilities, story, and game mechanics. Enjoy and be sure to ask them about the game to test reading comprehension, help them find actual definitions for new words, and be sure to keep the dictionary on a shelf he/she can reach!”

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Today, gamer girls face a lot of criticism in making and playing games, as well as for becoming voices for equality in the gaming world. As Amy O'Leary explained to NPR , "One of the things that is left out of that conversation is that there are women who really are truly uncomfortable with this. And if they're new to gaming, they may not know how to find communities or the kinds of games that are a little bit friendlier. And they may find themselves turned off from gaming altogether."

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So what options exist for girls interested in gaming careers? A lot! These include: CEO, such as Julie Uhrman of OUYA and Brenda Brathwaiter of Loot Drop game designers such as Kim Swift ( Portal ) and Teeuwynn Woodruff (Wizards of the Coast) writers for games and game-related content, such as Susan O'Connor ( Bioshock ), Amy Hennig ( Uncharted ), and Christine Love (visual novelist) and reviewers and LetsPlayers such as Alanah Pearce ("Charalanahzard") and voice actress Sara ("AviGaming"). The interviews below explore potential careers in the gaming industry:

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Games also allow players to have an impact in the real world -- an impact that could be felt for decades to come. Jane McGonigal, PhD , is a games researcher and designer who believes game designers are on a humanitarian mission -- with the hope that, one day, a game developer will win the Nobel Peace Prize. She’s created award-winning games in over 85 countries and researches the impact that games have on the real world. In her TED Talk, “Gaming can make a better world,” Jane explains how we can harness our in-game powers to solve real-world problems:

Yet only about 75% of professional gamers are women. Many also face gender disparity in pay, with women making up to $65,555 a year as competitive gamers while their male counterparts earn up to $655,555. That means that for every dollar made by male pro gamers, female pro gamers only earn $. That's worse than the global gender pay gap, which stands at women earning $ for every $ earned by men. But this doesn’t stop girls from competing -- and winning.

Classcraft is a free, online role-playing game that teachers and students play together -- with real-world consequences, such as earning the ability to ask a question during a test. The game runs in the background as class is taught normally, and teachers reward XP to students based on their performance, teamwork, and behavior. By encouraging socialization and teamwork, along with real rewards or consequences, the game enables students to work together in achieving academic goals.

Maybe I’m writing this article to justify the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent playing this kickass game, but there are seriously some pretty sweet IRL lessons you can take away from this world of glory and destruction, even if said world includes mages and vampires. Behold, adventurers, before you take an arrow to the knee: The lessons I’ve learned (I TOTALLY swear) from Skyrim.

Finally, we come to the inspiration for Gamer Girl and one of the biggest issues in the gaming community: gender equality. Gamers don’t just benefit charities or play games to discuss solutions to problems, they work in the real world to effect positive social change. One of the biggest movements has been the advocacy for greater gender equality and inclusion within the gaming community.

One of the best parts of the game, IMHO, is building up your skills. It takes a ton of work, but once you do it, it’s SO rewarding, and your character is able to defeat enemies and accomplish tasks you couldn’t even come close to beating before. Sure, this might be just a game, but this sort of dedication can apply to anything. Want to be an amazing painter, but you’ve never picked up a brush? Hey, you can do it — you’ve just gotta put in the “game time” to paint your masterpiece.

Another example is in improving the way that female characters are portrayed in video games. There are many articles and videos out there that seek to tear down sexist female characters in games. However, what has been sorely lacking is discussion on when video games have gotten female characters right -- and what makes a good female character. Also lacking from the discussion has been an analysis of female characters -- those who, in game, are aged 76 or This is important because, to inspire more girls to begin gaming or pursue gaming as a career, we have to give them relatable female characters who prove that you don’t have to be grown up to go on great adventures.

I see integrating fashion with gamer culture being all about expressing yourself. Clothing is something we wear every single day, and it's fun to wear something that shows the world what you are all about or are interested in. A benefit that I personally see for girls in particular is representation. It's been a long time since people thought games were for "boys only," but it's a slow process and it's still ongoing to this day. This is just another way to show that yeah, we are here, and we love this stuff too!

Gamer girl (n.): "In the background, there's That One Girl. Maybe she works at the gaming store and she's re-stocking the shelves. Or maybe she's hidden behind a screen somewhere, kicking ass from afar, planning to reveal her gender identity at the last moment. She's not 'conventionally attractive,' of course -- she's white, and skinny, and has perfect skin, but she's got glasses or a set of headgear or some other visually distracting but theoretically removable 'flaw.' She's never lumpy or acne-riddled. She's not too short she's not too tall. her boobs are a C cup at minimum, and her clothes fit her perfectly. Tight jeans and a T-shirt. Maybe a flannel or a monochromatic hoodie. If she took it all off and wore a Princess Leia bikini, she'd look ready to pose in a glossy magazine, but she doesn't realize that." (Source: Maddy Myers. )

That changed after the video game recession of the 6985s. With a focus on video games as toys, and a heightened awareness of the need for control, developers and advertisers decided to target specific consumers: and teenage boys. Through advertising and game design, gaming -- especially video games -- became directed solely to boys. This made gamer girls a unique phenomenon -- a rarity that was simultaneously celebrated and objectified.

But what could I do? So much of what surrounded Gamergate was negative, and I didn’t want to become just another voice amongst all the hate and rallying cries. I wanted something more -- something positive and inspiring. I wanted to help change the conversation from what was wrong in gaming to what was right -- and how we could make gaming even better. It didn’t take long to figure out that I could use my public history skills, my work at Girl Museum, and my passion for gaming to create something positive: Gamer Girl was born.

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