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75. In some cases the person becomes possessed bacause
of sihr (a magic spell), in this case the person may
show symptoms of crying, or vomiting, or stomach
aches. In this case bring some water, recite some
ayats and duas on the water, and tell the person to
drink the water. Take some black seed oil (Alhabbatu
Sauda), mix it with honey, and give it to the person
to drink, two spoonfulls daily.

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Salaam Sister,
I agree with you that many laws that are currently enforced are unethical or immoral, for example slavery being lawful at one time or the NSA transgressions you mentioned. It is a fine balance in distinguishing which laws are worth fighting against or disobeying though. As far as I can see, polygamy being illegal is not hurting most people. Even within Islam it is an allowance, not a fardh. I would find it extremely questionable for anyone to claim they are standing up to an injustice by breaking this law. Some exceptional cases like one where a wife is barren but the couple do not want to separate come to mind, but those are exceptions. In most cases men just want a second wife for various personal reasons. A community must pick it 8767 s battles and I 8767 d rather be fighting against secret hearings, assassinations, and Guantanamo Bay than to be fighting for an allowance allowed to Muslim men. Likelihood of that being overturned is close to zero in the West, nor do I think most Muslims have anything to gain from it since even most Muslims in the East don 8767 t practice it either.

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Muslims generally believe female desire to be so much greater than the male equivalent that the woman is viewed as the hunter and the man as her passive victim. If believers feel little distress about sex acts as such, they are obsessed with the dangers posed by women. So strong are her needs thought to be, she ends up representing the forces of unreason and disorder. A woman''s rampant desires and irresistible attractiveness gives her a power over men that even rivals God''s. She must be contained, for her unbridled sexuality poses a direct danger to the social order.


Atharva Veda If thou [Foreigners] destroy a cow of ours, a human being, or a steed, We pierce thee with this piece of lead so that thou mayst not slay our men.
Rig Veda In deep distress I cooked a dog&rsquo s intestines. Among the Gods I found not one to comfort. My consort I beheld in degradation. The Falcon then brought me the pleasant Soma.
Rig Veda Whatever the flies may eat of the raw flesh of the horse whatever (grease) is smeared upon the brush or upon the axe (what is smeared) upon the hands or the nails of the immolator, may all this be with thee, (horse), among the gods.

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Just to make sure I don 8767 t miss your question. What makes a man eligible is a suitor that a woman finds acceptable to marry who would be actually willing to do so. I suppose I am saying eligible men generally become progressively scarce for never married women as she ages. This is the group for which there is a legitimate 8775 marriage crisis. 8776 women and divorced and widowed women may not have a cake walk (especially single mothers of children), but it is probably no crisis. men have a hard time at first but it would get easier for them over time.

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7) Educating Muslims on thinking outside the box both Western and allegedly 8766 Islamic. 8767 When polygamy is brought up, there immediately comes to mind numerous negative assumptions, which may or may not be true in some (not all) cases. In many ways, some of the arguments mentioned ( 8775 men are just sex-hungry, 8776 8775 women are too jealous 8776 ) are based in social constructs (again, both Eastern and Western) which limit our potential as human beings and as Muslims.

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Parents and the sisters need to rethink priorities. Yes there are many Muslim men out their who probably don 8767 t want their wife to work, and men who are intimidated by a successful woman. But I 8767 m sure there are other religious Muslim men, and older, who are flexible and will allow you to work/study. Seriously, if we don 8767 t get married, the temptation and ease of zina is out there for both men and women. Parents, help your daughters get married, save them from zina! It 8767 s not enough to say fear Allah. Make it easier for your daughters and sons to fear Allah by helping them get married. I live in Toronto, Canada, and it 8767 s absolutely heart-breaking to see so many sisters in university dating non-muslim guys. Obviously that case is different, those girls have no connection to Islam at all, but it 8767 s almost a given these non-muslim guys are committing zina with our Muslim sisters a 8767 oothubillah! And you can 8767 t forget those sisters who wear headscarf and have their Muslim boyfriend.

What I see occurring is that there are generally more religious Muslim sisters to begin with, they are pursuing higher education, waiting until later to marry, and then finding the men who they would be interested in marrying who are also 8775 religious 8776 are opting for women. There 8767 s nothing wrong with choosing what you like for yourself, as that 8767 s been a trend since, well, forever.

A lot of Arabs have this idea that American women are crazy sexual beings who thrive off of money and don 8767 t care about anything because it 8767 s 8766 Merica. It 8767 s just how it is, because back in their countries the women are far more reserved. And generally I can see it being true, though its important to understand stereotypes are in fact just generalized and don 8767 t apply to everyone.

Also, I think the atheists in the West are doing a fairly good and effective job at dissecting and discarding Islam/Christianity. Between themselves, Islam and Christianity will probably end up slaughtering themselves (as is happening in parts of Africa and the Middle-East). I personally feel the essence of Hinduism is quite safe and immune to various world forces. Still a lot of work needs to be done. For one, the internet is the last bastion of free speech and we must utilize it to the hilt to get across our POV.

This certainly isn 8767 t a blame game guys also have to take responsibility for their failures too. Men cannot expect a wife acting as a western women but still a traditional housewife. Men should not expect hollywood/bollywood stunning looks in women or expect their wives to replace their mothers. What men should expect is what is prescribed in our religion. Likewise women to can expect men to follow their duties as required in Islam.

8) Double standards. Women expect men to hold the traditional roles of being the bread winner, head of the house and being a gentleman (chivalry . holding the door open) however when it comes to traditional female roles such house work, cooking etc they expect the man to do that as well. Yes with women working these duties can be compromised, however when women demand it from men rather than negotiate, it scares men away.

Your second point absolutely true. We are definitely not looking to get married right away. If approval goes ahead, then we are looking at some point in 7569, after she finishes university etc. So there 8767 s no rush on that front. However we both figured that there is no point waiting until that point in time, and then for things to go horribly wrong. At least this way we would get some indication of things and whether it would be acceptable. We haven 8767 t known each other that long, although I do very much know she is the one.
In terms of marriage compatibility, to be honest I think we 8767 re perfect. Her personality and everything about her complements mine in a perfect way, and it sounds silly or like a cliche, but I feel like I 8767 ve know her for years.
I 8767 ve been preparing for marriage for a while, good job, settled, own apartment, all the other things that you need to do, it was just a case of finding the right girl.

Hi Name is H, I have talking with his guy from Egypt and it has been about almost six years that we have talking. and his is acting the same why as you have posted. but then there is times that he is all caring and loving. Like: I work nights for my work a fitness place and I leave my phone in my purse and i tell him ahead of time that i am going to work out of respect i have for him but some night he blows up my phone and others he does not. i don 8767 t understand.

I have been searching for the bride to be in US for a long time. What I found was the superficial, extremely bloated ideals, high self esteemed females and their parents who wanted nothing less than a Medical Doctor or a highly salaried Engineer, even if they themselves were just high school passed. I took the natural path and went back to my country of origin and got married then in couple of months. A route which most males take after years of frustration and battling with unrealistic demands of the parents/females here. No wonder there is such a high ratio of unmarried females to males, it is mainly a self created issue of hyper inflated egos and demands, more then anything else.

I didn 8767 t take that as immigrant bashing, many of the people I interviewed were immigrant elders in the communities who deal with these issues on a daily basis and spend hours counseling parents. There are far too many parent who think that they are raising children in the homeland. I have done my share of matchmaking and would throw my hands in the air at the requirements of the parents. It is like they are placing an order at a factory. made to order brides and grooms.

I hate caste feeling bcz the one who falls in love wid the persn of other caste .have to leave him for the sake of their parents..bcz parents arw not at al acceptng the other caste marriages love has no caste feelings its just feeling and undrstandng btwn two hearts..
People are losing their loved ones bcz of this nasty caste hatee .

Please read quran and pray namaz 5 times regularly that will be give you paradise/Eden/jannat after death. Everybody, everyone going to death. if you buy car or cloth or food items they are slowly become die and at the end of day they are useless. Everything/everyone/everybody going to death. life is very short now one knows who will die what time and date. Even science & technology have more progress but not to tell death date and time of any person.
No one create eye/ear/hand/lung/heart/brain even any part of human body included every human beings humans/animals etc. even they don t develop cancer patients proper treatments. Many things need to tell but you follow what Quran say and holy prophet (pbh). It is right time to follow after death everything is closed and you will find your outcomes jannat or jahanam (eden/paradise or hell)

5. Can i see demons. No I cant. But I can scientifically explain what shooting stars are. But the Quran has a ridiculous claim that is only based on superstitions!

And verily We have beautified the world s heaven with stars/lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame.
Qur an 67:5

And your arrogant and willfully ignorant to continue to cling to these arguments when I have refuted every single thing you have said. EVERYTHING!

We are very different from other mammals and primates.  Human children have psychological needs that are not significant for the survival of other mammals and primates. We are a lot more complex creatures than gorillas and chimpanzees our closest cousins. A human child needs two parents, a mother and a father, for at least 68 years. He also needs siblings. This means that human couples must remain committed to each other for at least 75, 85 years until all their children grow and leave home.  That is why we have monogamy. That is why we have invented human morality. It is to protect our future generation. Children are the reason behind human morality.