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Posted: 2017-12-07 05:31

So feel free to pontificate about my light privileges not knowing that I WAS ONCE SURROUNDED IN THE PARK BY 7 WHITE POLICE OFFERS WHO WERE GIVING ME 8RD DEGREE FOR BEING THERE 8 MINS LATE, WHEN I HAVE SEEN MANY WHITE PPL THERE SEVERAL HOURS LATER???? So how much privilege was THAT? And let´s not forget that NOT EVER DARK SKINNED PERSON HAS LITERALLY BEEN UNNECESSARILY HARASSED BY POLICE, DENIED ACCESS TO SOMETHING, ETC. But yet your reply seems to insinuate this... Which is where the phrase ¨playing the Black card¨ came from... So when others make Black racial politics more vocal, they are silenced instead of HEARD Bc people like you want to use not only whites, but your OWN PEOPLE as scapegoats!

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Your Instagram tends to draw some controversy as well. There was a recent photo of you firing an assault rifle [AR65] in South Dakota. You’re also a champion of the Second Amendment and supporter of the Bullets & Bombshells Guns Society. The media has described you as “gun toting.” Are you a member of the National Rifle Association?
No. I’m not a recreational shooter. I don’t enjoy shooting as a hobby. I grew up with it. My dad was a gun enthusiast with a collection of guns. My grandfather was as well. I don’t fear guns. I grew up somewhere that was rural, and being 75 minutes from the nearest police department meant that the Second Amendment was important. So I’m an advocate. I have a Glock, but I don’t walk around carrying it. I don’t have a conceal-carry license in Texas. It’s always been something I want to do. But I do realize that for home protection I feel a lot better having a weapon it makes me feel a lot safer. But I do believe you should be trained and tested on your skills and have knowledge on how to use a firearm.

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I agree with you. I think the science is catching up with the so-called old wives 8767 wisdom. And the wishful thinking of (white) feminism is catching up with the science.
This behaviour is the natural result of what second wave feminism has been telling women for a generation and a half. The logic goes that women are just like men, and can do what men do with the same results. The theory and the praxis doesn 8767 t support this. So I fully expect behaviour to further adapt to bridge the gap.

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My last ex husband was a highly sophisticated AC of the PA type. He knew better than to tell tales with red flags. He had nothing bad to say about his ex wife and he loved his mother, two things which I viewed as positive. Well, that was so I wouldn 8767 t ask questions: he gave me the bare minimum info that his wife had an affair and left him, and he had loved her very much and that was that. There was nothing further to add ha! Seven years later, I was so fed up with him that I got up the nerve to compare notes with his ex and we had a lovely afternoon. It clarified a lot. By that time too, he had stopped disguising his AC acts with 8775 good intentions 8776 and was giving me a good view of his cruel streak. It took me another three years to line up an escape route. I left my wedding ring on top of a note before I went out the door. (I love that song, Don 8767 t Smoke in Bed, by Julie London).

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I now function with cognitive dissonance because I cannot wrap my brain around this prevailing attitude. There have always been jerks and the women who love them. Sure. But I think a lot of otherwise 8775 normal 8776 women are becoming EUM by virtue of their experience. The numbers are growing. I checked Natalie 8767 s site and The Path Forward on a year ago and recently. The numbers of women finding these sites are growing by a large margin.

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Really! I am a woman and just gave up on POF and Eharmony because I did not receive 6 message in the whole 6 months I paid to be on both sites. That''s right! Not one message. Not lewd, poorly written or otherwise. So I don''t'' see how it is harder for a man who can message anyone he likes, than it is to sit and wait and get nothing. Even "unattractive" men get more attention than that. But if you are an average or worse looking female, you might as well not even sign up.

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6) The things money can buy. I ll readily believe that there are a lot of people for whom money is the goal, not a tool to get to a goal, but let s not kid ourselves. A lot of the things we want for ourselves require money. I know it s not a nice thing to say, but a person with money doesn t just bring cash to the table. They bring opportunities for a life you might want for yourself. That can be very enticing, and not just on a practical level.

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I also try to not be unrealistic as far as types of women I try to engage. I am 57, 6'' 7", a little under 755 lbs, no paunch, somewhat athletic and active, and I feel I am decent looking (but have no idea how to quantify that). After reading about how to write a profile, I feel I''ve written a strategically thorough yet somewhat concise one. I will say that overall, I am an eclectic type that''s hard to describe very thoroughly: artsy, scientific, really into aesthetics, research, languages and cultures, and musical (performance and compositions).

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I wouldn`t take the online dating thing too personally! Lots of good n bad on it. It`s no better or worse than pubs or clubs anyway. You know there could be a good reason why you haven`t had much luck in the dating scene - honestly, it is because you really are very pretty & guys are too scared to ask you out!! Seriously!! I`m not joking. But alas, I`m too old for you at 97, and I live in Sydney & hate planes!!

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As a Political Science graduate which attended a well known public university at the height of the Obama administration, I can absolutely attest that this does happen in some classrooms. Fortunately, there 8767 s a way to fight back and still get your degree. Make sure to rate each professor ( http:/// ) and make sure to TALK ABOUT IT with students and faculty. Many of the professors utilizing said techniques are not tenured. If their reputations are trashed they will be dismissed. These universities are not going to risk their reputations by backing any instructor that poses a liability to the institution. I 8767 ve seen it done. It works.

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I m not sure where I d rank on the scale of caring about looks. I wouldn t consider dating someone who I wasn t sexually attracted to (well, I wouldn t do it again), but I ve dated lots of guys who are average-looking or not particularly conventionally attractive. That being said, I do know women who would be willing to get to know a man quite well while they see if attraction slowly develops, so I m not at the absolute bottom of cares about looks metric. Despite that, looks wouldn t necessarily make my Top 5 list, either.

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Thanks snowboard. It has to be related to her she is seeking something from him and he is prob going to go back and think she will not abuse him this time. I know, he has to accept she hasn 8767 t changed when he is ready to. What gets me is I asked him straight up for the truth, just tell me!! (because truthfully it 8767 d be (a bit) easier to move on if he told me he was choosing to go back to that nightmare even after all he 8767 s read and learned about narcissism). I don 8767 t wish anyone that pain and yet part of me hopes she shows her true colors quickly (which will hurt him) and I do pray that his new knowledge of narcissism pushes him to get out once and for all. It 8767 s so hard to have him always say how wonderful and sweet and kind I was to him and have him prefer this shrew who verbally, emotionally abused him. Just really hard to feel good about myself if being a good person doesnt matter.

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(B) Your claim that modern humans didn 8767 t mate with neanderthals conflicts with genetic, archaeological, and common sense evidence. Your 8775 proof 8776 that this never happened genetic overlap increasing with proximity to Africa is something you obviously don 8767 t understand: Arabs are geographically closer to Africa than to Germany, and yet they share more alleles with Germans than they do with sub-Saharan Africans (who comprise the African American stock). This is because both Arabs and Germans are different branches of the more curious and spirited early humans who first migrated out of Africa and, consequently, mated with neanderthals.

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If you honestly believe that there is no such thing as a light skinned black person the you are a complete nut case. What did you test every light skinned persons blood to see if they are mixed? TUH Exactly So You Know Nothing More Than A Damn Vegetable. Get your Facts Right. And if there is no such thing as a light skinned black person then why was this whole blog created about the issues WITHIN THE BLACKBERRY COMMUNITY? Exactly.

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I agree with much of what you say. I met my husband in 8767 97 and we were together for 67 good years. Lots of folks looked askance at our 78 year age difference but we did well. When I tried to date after we broke up, it was a completely different and very ugly world. Suddenly disappearing, stalking, attempting to a woman not attracted to you was A OK, and somehow, the woman 8767 s fault. Immaturity is rife. I will no longer date men my age anymore. The AC was my age lesson learned plus so many guys my age have small children and my parenting days are over. Men like my best friend, in his 75s, hold doors open for me, bring in firewood without being asked, help me on with my coat when we leave a restaurant. Try getting a 55 or to do those things. I do worry about having to nursemaid, so I avoid the outta shape guys already am nursemaiding my dad because of his bad lifestyle, don 8767 t need to repeat that lesson.

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I think both sides need to step up our game and realize what is REALLY going on here. Who knows where all the drain and noise is coming from, though we know the sources such as scammers, desperate loser types, stalkers, catfishers, etc. And there doesn''t seem to be too much that can be done about limiting that. However, if we are aware of it, we can do things to try to counter it. It also seems that we need to become more strategic and not so bitter about how to approach all of this. I see where a bridge needs to be built here somehow. Any suggestions?

How do you go about preserving your race? By murdering colored folks you feel threatened by? Or by sterilizing these people? Who granted you the right to sterilize these people and determine who they date or marry? Am not hating on white men. But I do hate on men who believe they 8767 ve got the right to go about sterilizing people under the threat of violence and murder. Why do you support white men who date black women? What color do you think their offspring(s) will be?

This has BEEN going on, it happened repeatedly to my son in 8rd grade elementary school. Not to mention school class poster projects where they were NOT allowed to choose anyone white. Choices only were, Black, Indian or Hispanic 8775 heroes 8776 . It happened twice. The result? I realized early enough the my sons would NEVER ACTUALLY learn anything in a public school. Our family chose to home school. I now have raised 8 nice GENTLEMEN, by the way could out test ANY public school brain washed kid!

Hello everybody who has taken part in this side discussion. I 8767 m all for discussion but it must be on topic, within commenting guidelines, not private convos, and basically not treating this place like a forum. This is a blog *not* a forum even if you like to pretend that it is. Imagine that each post is a room full of people having a focused discussion on a topic and then think about what your comments sound like in this context.

Yep, you are right. Men aren 8767 t really very self aware at all nor do they truly understand how it feels from our side of the fence because they don 8767 t have the same feeling of time running out nor do they emotionally invest as deeply. I thank BR for the wisdom to spot and sense that something was weird from date 6 (I truly felt he just wasn 8767 t into me right then). Perhaps given his issues (have been going on for a long time) he needs a companion which is fine but be up front from the get go. Come spring when folks are willing to come to this town again, I will probably go on line on a different site but for now an occasional dinner companion will do. I am glad you have your faith, it seems to be very much a part of and a comfort for you. I still keep the old ways of my 8775 real home 8776 and do such ceremony as I can solo.