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9. I bet that at the moment, you feel frustrated and hopeless, and like you 8766 should have 8767 figured everything out by now. The truth is, 79 isn 8767 t that old. It 8767 s old enough to start taking your career seriously, but not so old that people aren 8767 t going to be willing to believe you can settle down in a job. It 8767 s going to take a while, but you can absolutely rebuild your work history.

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One way to show that you are commited person, and to help with employment gaps is to volunteer, for a few years, posssibly in a shop, and use that time to work on your people skills, this will enable you to open up a door for part time job with the company in the future, and also a reference, just like you i am not a team player, and working in that enviroment, has forced my to learn ways to improve how i work with people, one thing i have found important is taking the initiative, not waiting to be told what to do with employers, in a subtle way i communicate to my line manager or supervisor, 8766 just tell me what you want, leave it with me, 8767 i do this by taking charge of my work and just giving regular feedback to keep the managers in the loop, and they still thinking they are the Boss, i can not take managers or people who says, do this, then do that, then this etc.

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For example, a live person answering customer service calls is less efficient than having an autoresponder or robot take the call, but customer feedback indicates that it vastly improves the customer experience. It isn 8767 t 8766 efficient 8767 , but it IS effective. It 8767 s an overall cost/benefit analysis along with sustainability that drives effectiveness, whereas efficiency generally only takes in the immediate or short-term cost/benefit analysis

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(It seems all of my ideas are complex creatures that require a lot of things in place in order to make it work. I like the word 8775 emergent 8776 and how the little things come together at the right time to create a bigger more powerful, effective organism or result). Maybe all of the little pieces are just a stall of some sort. But funding is very important piece. Thank you in advance for your comments and help, I appreciate it.

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I am writing this comment because I am in search of some advice. My biggest challenge is socializing. I know in order for me to live out my purpose, I am going to have to socialize and let people know about my ideas. I am used to living in my own world to speak. If I want to socialize, I have my family and my two close friends. I feel as if that 8767 s enough, but I am also missing out in life. How as an INTJ( who despises small talk) become more outgoing?

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ENTJs have a positive self-image and are not emotionally needy. This is good for other Thinking types who are not inclined to provide such emotional support. However, ENTJs will occasionally become overwhelmed by emotions. They tend to suppress these bouts of sentiment, believing them to be weaknesses. These suppressed emotions may manifest as ill-founded value judgments at later times, or as them overly focusing on insignificant details.

I 8767 m 68 years than Susan I believe, but yeah, serial monogamy was definitely part of the mix, as it still is at that level of the SMP (these women were easily in the top 6%). The spring break fling I mentioned was with a woman who was very interested in an LTR. She had been in two that I was aware of. The fact that they had both been with very impressive men was what led to my flaking as I felt that I wouldn 8767 t measure up. As Mike said her call, not mine. I made the wrong one.

Find groups of people you don t feel like you re wasting your time with. Not sure what you re into, but as an INFJ i absolutely love everything science and thinking related so i started to look for, lol nerdy people. Not sure what their profiles are, but we get a long great. Still haven t found a girl that i can fall in love with typically my intution finds the issues right off and then i m caught in the typical situation of date her for fun or break up in a nice way. Lately i ve been doing much of the latter i found that getting involved with the wrong person is wrose than being single 😛

Now I have what I think is one of the best set-ups for an ADHD person who doesn 8767 t want to take medication: I work part time. Three days a week. On the off days, I freelance. And I LOVE it! Having to go into work for only three days a week has made all the difference in the world and has turned my office job from the center of my life to just another thing I do, like I do my freelance work or my creative work. Honestly, I prefer this set-up to pure freelancing (which I tried for a while) because it gives me structure. Not so much structure that I suffocate, but enough to give the week a sort of anchor. Sometimes I even look forward to my dayjob, because my long weekends are so stuffed with freelancing and creative work that it 8767 s honestly a bit of a relief to be bored for a bit. Sure, I 8767 m never going to be promoted, but I sort of don 8767 t really care? I 8767 d rather be contented than ambitious.

I also liked your efficiency and effectiveness observation. It takes a lot to disturb my emotional equilibrium but being surrounded at work by people who I think are ISTJs that focus too much on specific performance metrics instead of our ultimate goal really annoys me. It 8767 s such a waste of time. It 8767 s tiring trying to get them to understand a system at an enterprise level and how long term strategy shouldn 8767 t be ignored. As you can see, I 8767 m still working on that thing called communication. I 8767 m going to make sure my next job has more NTs. I noticed that I am turned off by certain types more than others. ISTJs didnt usually bother me when I was I appreciated their candidness. Probably because I felt no need to get their buy in on things we disagreed on.

These individuals find that they prefer to accomplish tasks on their own and provide independent contributions that do not involve working alongside others for the greater good of the project. They are more likely to score highly in the Realistic, Investigative, and Artistic General Occupational Themes, as well as Basic Interests Scales such as Visual Arts & Design, Nature & Agriculture and Science. Just because individuals lean toward this pole does not mean that they are ineffective in team settings, however—they just prefer to rely on themselves and their own actions rather than those of others. Therefore, these individuals often lean toward occupations that appreciate their individual accomplishments but allow them to succeed in group settings as well.

I would recommend either working in a newly created position or at a startup. This way, you don 8767 t have to wait months for a more senior staff member to be 8775 nice enough 8776 to give you more work. A newly created position can be really hard though for the first few months, you 8767 ll eventually get lots of responsibility but you sometimes have to wait til problems happen that create the new work. Same for a startup, though the ramping up speed at startups is much quicker.

Unfortunately, as advanced fields become more advanced, the wheel spinning method of other ways of thinking *seem* like they garner real results faster, simply on the basis of the system being more difficult for 8775 people 8776 (those who hold the purse strings) to understand. I 8767 m sure you all toil with this every day, INTJ or not. I read a lovely quote that said that the ENTJ is the best problem solver, and the INTJ is the best problem preventer (obviously we can problem solve too but it is so very frustrating that someone let it get that far in the first place when the problem was so very evident on the horizon!).

In an anthology edited by Susie Bright, who blogs about sex, one woman said: “It surprises me to no end that the sexual fetish of cuckoldry, once thought of as a disability, could be shared by so many people. The cuckolding fetish has an element of surprise, along with a bittersweet emotional masochism. Another key to the fetish, from the perspective of the cuckold, is that of eroticizing as a defense mechanism.”

7. Challenge yourself. Be faster, more accurate, more efficient than any of your co-workers (and in many cases, if you are honest with yourself, that is going to be quite the challenge, no matter how menial or tedious the task). Try to understand every detail of your work not just how to do it but why to do it that way and the impact it has in the great scheme of things. Become the go-to person who can answer the difficult questions and fix all the problems. Figure out the shortcuts to doing things better and more efficiently, work on them until they are perfect and foolproof and then try to sell them to your manager (and if you are discovering one per day, they are probably not that great). Every job I 8767 ve ever had had room for improvement. Many people never look beyond the surface of what they do. Once you prove that you are great at your job and really know what you are talking about, many managers will give you a little leeway (but proving yourself will probably take more than 8 months )

It 8767 s really a matter of what you 8767 re ultimately trying to accomplish. Feel free not to see it as 8766 becoming more social 8767 (unless you 8767 re also trying to solve a double problem of loneliness), but rather specifically seeing it as 8766 communicating my concepts 8767 . Your solution will be topic and context dependent, which gives you more creativity and breathing room in how you go about that.

Those who score high in the Enterprising Theme can often be found persuading, leading discussion or talks, managing others, or making their clients happy on a typical workday. They are often described as having a high level of energy and confidence, as well as a healthy level of optimism. They are organized and are always aware of the task and goal at hand, while still being adventurous with their ideas and willing to take risks to be successful. They can typically be found in work environments such as government, larger corporations, financial institutions, private businesses and large for-profit firms.

I hope you see this one day… I also know that even though I 8767 m excited to have identified with so much of what you just said, I must not expect some huge response from you… Because it 8767 s a year later and as you read this reply, you 8767 re of course not in the same frame of mind you were in when you wrote the original comment… You could be eating a sandwich or doing anything else in general so I don 8767 t expect you to run to me with hugs (a very INTJ thought, huh?) LOL. Crazy how we foresee things to the point that we annoy others But I do want you to know that everything you just said is so me… And I totally get the whole idea of want but I do want you to know that everything you just said is so me… And I totally get the whole idea of being crazy-frustrated because things seem way over peoples heads… It 8767 s not an ego thing, I wish I could explain it to others who are not INTJ 8767 s

Instead, I will recommend that the original poster does two things to improve his or her situation. First, he or she should get any full- or part-time job he or she can. To get low-level work, you must apply to hundreds of jobs. Second, he or she should work on obtaining skills that will lead to rewarding, gainful employment. To do that, he or she should consider enrolling in community college, albeit with an emphasis on a specific skill (., accounting). In my experience, if you focus your efforts on school, you will think of your job as a means to an end and likely keep it.

My son could have written this letter 9 years ago, when he was the same age and had a virtually identical work history. Add to that no college and a GED. (Mom 8767 s theory: very smart, great personality, but *extremely* late bloomer in the maturity dept.) He ended up in what looks from the outside like a pretty lousy, menial job, but lo and behold, it turned out to be the right industry for him. Working in a field that he found interesting and that his innate (and previously unknown) talents matched, and having employers who saw those talents and gave him room to expand on them (albeit without the matching pay), he has blossomed. Although he has no references from before this job, he has great ones from during it (owners let him use their vacation condo!). He 8767 s been there 9 years now, so that might just prove to be enough to get him to that all-important next career step.

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