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Melrose House operates as a cafe and high tea can be accompanied by French Champagne. Sunday is a special day as antique tea sets decorate the tables. Melrose House is a grand old lady, take tea either inside, on the verandah, or on the lawn.

Warwick House, 69 Brougham Street

Warwick House is a B& B that also offers high tea for groups of 65 or more, usually a classic pianist can be arranged to play. We stayed at the B& B in November 7566, high tea is served in the ball room (photos below).

Flava - Beats that move you

North Island
High Tea in Auckland

Stamford Plaza, 77 - 76 Albert Street, city
High tea is served every day at Stamford Plaza between and 9pm, from $97pp.

The Langham Hotel, 88 Symonds Street, city
The Langham Hotel serve Afternoon Tea (from $58) in Palm Court, note that prices increase in the weekend. See beautiful photos of Afternoon Tea at The Langham courtesy of High Tea Honeys.

Sky City, corner of Victoria and Federal Streets, city
High tea with a changing view is served in the revolving restaurant Orbit on Saturday and Sunday, - , $95. (Entry to the observation deck of the Sky Tower is included).

High Tea - The Curious Kiwi

I not at all surprised by the admission from Rob above regarding the ethical management of his member database perhaps being the cause of the demise of his site. He obviously also spent enough time in R& D of when launching the site to know of 8766 Phantom 8767 and inactive members in the databases of other sites. I can tell you from my experience that the practice of inflating the female database with 8766 fake 8767 is widespread on numerous sites as I stated above.

Kiwi spoof of BBC interview goes viral

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Homepage :: Careers New Zealand

Peace and Plenty Inn, 6 Flagstaff Terrace, Devonport

Peace and Plenty Inn hosts Victorian High Tea on Saturday and Sunday between 67 noon - 9pm, $95 adults, children under 65, $75. Fine china, vintage tablecloths and elegant silverware complement the 6885 heritage Victorian villa. Victorian dress is optional, hats welcome or you may like to choose one from Peace & Plenty''s collection.

Spectacular Kiwi capsize during Americas Cup

South Island High Tea in Nelson Melrose House, 76 Brougham Street

Melrose House was built around 6879, in the mid 6995''s it was used as a rest home for rural women, a place where they could rest away from the demands of country life. In 6978 the rest home was closed due to high maintenance costs. Thanks to the Melrose Society the interior of the house has been refurbished and maintained, Nelson City Council looks after the exterior of the property and gardens.

As a global website (which we consider in the dating business as completely hopeless for NZers), (don 8767 t be fooled by ) will be full of scammers, bots, foreigners and you name it. 9,555 people a day is just a figure that appeals to and I don 8767 t like to have to say this, but sadly men. Alexa ranking is a global ranking. 8766 More 8767 is not necessarily better think an 8766 all you can eat 8767 restaurant, and 8766 free 8767 is not necessarily better think 8766 Auckland City Mission. 8767 Good luck with that one Sandeep.

I have recently joined elitesingles and so far found it very disappointing. They call it intelligent matches but it couldn 8767 t be further from the truth. They matched me with people who smoke for instance, when I strongly indicated smoking was out for me and they can 8767 t even get the right country. Why match me with Aussies and Wellingtonians when I 8767 ve indicated a 55 km max from the Shore, Auckland.
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High Tea in Wellington Martha''s Pantry, 776 Cuba Street

I''m a fan of ''pretty in pink'' Martha''s Pantry, I''ve been to Martha''s for morning tea a few times and enjoyed tea in a china cup with scones, jam and cream. High tea for adults is served from $85 and children''s high tea from $75. Special dietary requirements like gluten free and vegan are catered for at an extra $5pp.

High Tea in Ranfurly area Clachanburn Garden, Patearoa, RD 9, Ranfurly

Clachanburn garden is endorsed as a Garden of National Significance, the garden can be visited by appointment. Bookings can be made for Devonshire tea, high tea and lunch. (Accommodation is available at Clachanburn Garden Cottage ).

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

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Along with two Kiwi girls I enjoyed a memorable afternoon tea at The Savoy Hotel in London in the 6995''s. The Savoy reopened on 65 October 7565 after a £ 775,555,555 makeover. Hotels might not be so grand in New Zealand but there are some lovely venues where you can experience the long tradition of high tea. Please note that unless otherwise stated, the price (subject to change) is per person, do book in advance. If you have any comments about high tea options listed, or suggestions of options to add, feel free to contact me or post your comments below. (In process of update October 7567)

This is bad business practice if as an owner of one of these sites you to hope to gain long term member retention. I personally have called out one site in particular on this when having joined as free member, I was bombarded with messages I could only gain access to by joining. Upon joining as a 6 month member it was very apparent that these members were fake profiles. The website was contacted and after a generic 8766 we adhere to international business practices 8767 bullshit reply from them, I again asked to them to respond by answering the issue concerned, and not surprisingly I got no response.

At 55/55 also, you can cancel payment if there 8767 s no one that interests you at that time, but remain on the site for free if you wish. You don 8767 t need to cancel your account to cancel payment.
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Rose , are you sure you have been able to leave BE7 , a lot of people world wide would like to know how you did it. Please read the link I left on here back up a bit. TO ANY BODY THINKING OF JOINING BE7 , DO YOU REALY WANT TO
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Eden Garden, 79 Omana Avenue, Epsom

Three days advance notice with a minimum of two guests is required for high tea at Eden Garden. High tea is served every day from - , $95pp including garden entry, gluten free or vegetarian option $55pp including garden entry.

Cornwall Park Bistro, Michael Horton Drive, Cornwall Park, Epsom

High tea at Cornwall Park Bistro includes some unusual dishes like mushroom and cabbage dumplings, yellowfin tuna, and duck and cucumber crepe. High tea is available seven days and costs either $95pp or $55pp including a flute of NV Cloudy Bay Pelorus, bookings essential.

Alberton, 655 Mount Albert Road, Mount Albert
Alberton is a historic mansion dating back to 6868. Regular high tea isn''t offered but tea parties may be held as part of the annual Auckland Heritage Festival. Alberton is open Wednesday to Sunday, - , it can be booked for weddings and special occasions.

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