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Clearly, you 8767 ve no clue what socialism really means and need a lesson. The Soviet union was a socialist country, Cuba is a socialist country, North Korea is too. Sweden however, is NOT and has never been. It 8767 s a so called *welfare* state that relies heavily on a free market economy and a private industry with very little regulations. Notice the words PRIVATE and FREE. If Sweden was a socialist state, US would be one too, as US also has several state funded institutions such as public schools, police department, fire fighter department, postal service etc. It 8767 s just that this is more developed in Sweden and many parts of Europe than in US.
In a Socialist state however, EVERY means of production is cooperatively owned, often by the state, often run through horrible planned economy. Hence there are NO private companies in a socialist state.


Stockholm features a large variety of restaurants. However, dining in Stockholm can be expensive, if you aim for something else than the fast food bars, the run-of-the-mill British-style pubs or the ethnic restaurants that dominate the budget bracket. Be prepared to pay around 675-755 SEK or more for most main courses at quality restaurants. If you are on a tight budget, self-catering is probably the best option.

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Also, when you say 8775 [if an] American guy opens his mouth about anything political, he’s probably not going to be successful. 8776 Is it because Americans are far more conservative politically? If that is the case, I can see that being a big issue here. So many 8775 issues 8776 in America are non-issues in Sweden that arguing for/against (especially against) gay rights, abortion, universal health care would fare poorly with a Swedish girl.

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Ahh yes, and finally, I am not looking to get married right away as I want some time for my own development. But I also do not want to just hookup and definitely do not want to get girls drunk to do so. Does this exist? Some girls will become devout Muslims when they marry guys from those countries because it is exotic, the girls are naive, and the education system and media are too politically correct to criticize it in the way they have lambasted Christianity for decades. And some like African men, even asylum seekers with criminal records because they believe in the myth, because of the taboo nature, or because they think that they can be some kind of agent of social change.

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As an American woman who has a lot of Swedish male friends and spent some time over there I really love the fact that things like the money situation in a date setting are seen that way. I never did get why one person (namely the man) is always expected to fork out the cash. If I have it on me, cool beans. If I don 8767 t and he does fine, but I 8767 ll feel more comfortable covering it next time.

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David..as you stated 8775 English speakers 8776 and not the usual 8775 America 8776 ..I 8767 ll have a guess and say you 8767 re a Brit?
You have to remember that if you remove America from the equation then England and France have been at war and hating each other for centuries!
England ruled France for a time France ruled England for a burnt Joan of arc alive!We killed thousands and thousands at Waterloo and Agincourt! To name just a couple. Unless we 8767 re helping them out of a sticky situation,they don 8767 t like us! So they certainly arn 8767 t going to be polite and kill themselves to learn English just for our benefit.
It 8767 s like you being Jewish and having had half or most of your family (at that time)gassed in the the year 7565 you 8767 re unlikely to say 8775 ok enough times gone 8767 ll learn German and be nice and helpful whenever i meet one! 8776
But yeah,the short version is they 8767 re rude ignorant arseholes lol.

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They pretty quickly change their mind though when they finally figure out the game and good for them that swedish men are understanding and forgiving about past and smarter with money considering wellfare isnt a new thing in sweden. Its like yeah we might drive a volvo and i guess for the outside eye that doesnt look very flashy but then again the volvo dude probably have a big fat house , stabil economy and ready for family , you think the bmw guy has that? nahh they have 7 familys living in 7 bedroom apartements so they can afford keep up apperance when out flashing. So ill take my chanses with my volvo. Atleast i know i dont have a golddigger on my hands, wich may be another reson to why swedish men holds back on the cash for the woman just to see who holds out and dont just want the flash. This is what i think. And trust me im a bartender in this country ! have to agree on some of the cons though swedish men really go out to get smashed when they go out and sometimes its not pretty. Since we raised the price of redbull in our bar where i work and lowered the alcohole price all of a sudden there are just swedes in the bar again funny eiigh !

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The things i would call out on swedish guys are probably that we 8767 re obsessed with looks. Since we 8767 re a shallow people (girls/boys) we pay much attention to how we look. For example i 8767 ve seen american dudes that dont care AT ALL about their apperances, don 8767 t fix their hair, no proper clothes etc, and still end up with good looking women. I always say, if those american women would come to sweden, they would be shocked with how fit/good looking/sensitive but manly a swedish guy is. Not shy, drunk and boring. But hey, focus on the negatives.

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However, the mountain is worth a visit for more reasons than its impressive cliffs. Mount Roraima, part of Venezuela’s 85555-square-kilometer Canaima National Park, is the site of the highest peak of the country of Guyana’s Highland Range. The mountains of this range, including Roraima, are considered to be some of the oldest geological formations known, some dating back to two billion years ago. Its near daily rains have also created a unique ecosystem which includes several endemic species, such as a unique carnivorous pitcher plant, and some of the highest waterfalls in the world.

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Hello ya 8767 ll!! i am from the USA and i have a great interest in Swedish women! the first ever Swedish woman i have ever talked to was over Twitter she sings for a metal band and since she was the first Swede i ever talked to i find they are very nice people and kool!! i need some help on something what do Swedish women think of Americans? and musicians? me being one playing bass ) haha! i have Swedish blood in my veins so i have traits of the Swedish i am 6 8797 8 8798 tall blue eyes and brown hair and pretty shy and dont talk much but when i do like Swedes it is short and to the point!! i am 69 btw! i have grown more fond of Swedish women as times goes on!! i like that Swedish women are strong i find it really kool!! and they will ask a guy out! or so i have heard? lol well peace out for now!!! \m/

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This is kind of a chicken and egg argument. As a Canadian, I found Swedish women to be very aloof, unless they were drunk. In that case, they were content to be just another piece of ass. Amazing transition. And despite their air of superiority, most Swedish women will settle for pretty much anyone as a boyfriend. No self-respect at all. So, Swedish women 8766 Looks 8767 thumbs up! 8766 EVERYTHING else 8767 thumbs down!

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This is not isolated to one site either. Theres been guys on every site i 8767 ve been on (and that 8767 s lots) who seem to behave this way. This never occured in England. I am totally 655% convinced it 8767 s because i 8767 m a foriegner, and cannot speak good Swedish. They take advantage of this to have a laugh at my expense. Oh i can 8767 t wait for the day when i understand! The shit will hit the fan!

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hi everybody,im guy who likes blondes,welljust x the outside,ighuees,ihad meet many swedish n ithink they r not friendly open people ,as somewere i had read ,ibeen travel lot n everywere they just are open with another sweedish people,they r sure that they r best in the world n they r more than anybody,they r to proud to be swedish ,is to much,that this just make me take swedish to the bed n dont think morte than this,ill never take a swedish u really know sewedish people as i do u ll figure out.

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In sweden, it was just plain ridicoulous, akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Latin guys are not that common, and just by being there at all I had their attention. They would be very happy that im just talking to them and some of them displayed this nervouness shyness around me towards me during initial contact. Most were happy I chose them over the other countless pretty girls there. In there I definitively had an edge over the local men, both as a foreigner, and possibly as someone that by their standards is a bit exotic looking. It took no work to meet new friends over there. I could say whatever I wanted almost and it would work well.

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Yes being with someone besides ur own culture, colour is truly exotic, see i am seeing a swede and me being tanned (native american/canadian), she goes crazy about my skin colour, my hair my language, vice versa for me, its different and the culture, hair, etc attracts me as well, we were two different people, in race, culture, language etc and we were instantly attracted to eachother, so voila! we are married and together :D

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i don 8767 t see them as sluts one bit. i have met a few and there great!! in which are like most women or ladys out you talk about how much balls a man has?? in my opinion i see how far will i take it? do i want to go to jail or go home? insted of hurting people and myself i choose a more 8775 civil 8776 idea. in which is not harming others or myself.
im 8775 american 8776 im shy . givin the situation. maybe ya should give the swedish men more credit. you and others have no idea whats going through there that man wishes to respect you in matters of maybe crossing bondries. who wants to do that on top of who wants to put themselves in a situation they may potentualy not want to be in.. anyhow i see your point and it makes sense to me. i wish the best for you and others!! keep looking its right around he corner.

Whoever said that bit about people not stopping to either intervene or help out in drastic public situations was right. God forbid human interaction is required, lol. I have been appalled on many, many occasions by this, myself. If an old person needs help HELP THEM! lol it is your duty as a person to at least offer dang. You are lucky to be and strong. If a kid is getting picked on and smacked around by much older kids speak the hell up and help that child!! I don 8767 t give a damn if it is your kid or not it is your responsibility as an adult to watch over the children of your community and protect their rights to safety and fair treatment. Many Swedes DO just walk right on by with their eyes averted la la la pretending to see/hear nothing when they should be speaking up. It 8767 s totally strange and I dare say seemingly pathetic. I say *many* because I don 8767 t know ALL Swedes not because I have actually seen a single one intervene in these kind of situations I have not.

Or, indeed, that all Swedish girls are blond and beautiful. I 8767 m not going to go into how problematic even 8775 positive 8776 national stereotyping is, but come on, now: you 8767 ve lived in Sweden for a fair bit surely you 8767 ve noticed that homely or plain-looking women abound just as much as the gorgeous ones? You 8767 re opening yet another can of worms if you begin to equate 8775 gorgeous 8776 to 8775 tall, blond and busty 8776 by the way. Internalized sexism and internalized racism, that is. I 8767 m honestly really sorry if you feel like you aren 8767 t beautiful just because you don 8767 t look like this ridiculous 8775 white ideal of beauty 8776 that 8767 s been touted since forever by those in power.

6. I saw that pretty sweet girl on my first day of uni in one of my lectures.
Many times I noticed her looking at me from a far and sometimes even smile.
But the thing is, everytime I looked at her she looked away and when I smiled back, her reaction was like she was searching some place to hide!
One time we arrive at uni at the same time, she coming from a another direction. I noticed that when she saw me she hurried up a little and opened the door and hold it to me. I smiled and said 8775 tack 8776 , then tried to start a conversation. But she just grew pale and looked like she was scarred of me. So, I just let it all be!

Most crimes against tourists are crimes of opportunity, such as pick-pocketing, bicycle theft, auto theft, and auto vandalism. As always, do not leave valuable items in your car, and watch your bag in crowded places. Most shops and all major taxi companies accept credit and debit cards, so there is no need to carry a lot of cash. Be more aware of your belongings in crowded areas such as festivals, nightclubs, markets, airports, and public transport areas.

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