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How to Expose a Narcissist

Posted: 2017-10-12 14:20

Hey Leo, That sounds insane. I’m so sorry your still going through it. I wish you well with everything. Due to theses narcissist blogs and information on personality disorders, I’m really recovering from all that I went through with him and being accountable for my lack of boundaries and need of acceptance from others has never been more empowering. I am aware that he has begun his smear campaign due to how other people have been treating me and for the first time in my life…I don’t give a shit…and It’s so wonderful:) Necessary endings are so essential to growing in life. I wish you well on your journey Leo. We can’t keep caring for those who are too selfish to care for others.

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Like I 8767 ve been sent messages that say, 8775 you think your untouchable. Keep talking ill come get your bitch right now. Oh funny how you already got trevor saying he dont know me you smelly who 8767 re I hate you. 8776 and 8776 the real monster u, get my friends to lie to me and go behind my back, your gonna get it this time, you 8767 ll feel it hard soon just watch stupid slut 8776
And it 8767 s all complete made up buckshot that he will every now and again go on these rage tantrums where he believes these false ideas in his head and says the worst things possible to me. He 8767 s got issues but how to help him or US?

THE MALE BORDERLINE - Surviving the Crash after your Crush

three weeks with a narcissistic woman is enough for me its like a roller coaster..your right she is very charming and beautiful but will explode in an instant if she dis agree even little things it drains me and almost lost my insanity..she will cry when i will leave her but will go back the oldways next hour i pitty her and i want to help her i think its her mothers fault but they said there is no cure for this psycho

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The warning signs were there, but love is blind right? We have 7 absolutely beautiful and dynamic children, 7 properties . the American dream. It was all a hoax and now I 8767 m left wishing that I possessed even an ounce of self preservation and could have had the nerve to 8775 plan 8776 my escape. Instead, when I knew it enough was enough I bailed, thinking Wisconsin marital laws would cover me.

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The sex was highly charged and he was an expert lover, but it was never about my pleasure. It was always about me doing things to him. If I happened to have an orgasm in the process, then lucky for me. The next month he made it clear that I was to have no males friends ever again. And, in fact, have no contact with any males whatsoever. He demanded to check my phone every time he saw me. And accused me of many things I did not do. All this first month he was seeing other women and telling me about it. But because I had seen another man the night after we met (I had been celibate for three years so when I went onto a dating website I went a bit crazy) he felt that I was untrustworthy and I deserved it. I bought that lie. Of course, I was never unfaithful to him again. I kept hoping that he would leave the other five Women!!! He eventually did after about two months. At least, that 8767 s what he said. That 8767 s when he started telling me he loved me. He called me his beautiful wife. And he was quite tender at times. But we never actually went out. We had sex at either his place or mine.

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I was married 75 years to a narcissistic man and alcoholic. I left to live. Stupid me met a female 8775 so called friend 8776 with the same illness. I guess I felt safe in the familiar. You want to believe so much you do. What lies! Not a friend of mine anymore. I was just about destroyed again. The expression if you don 8767 t learn something the first time you will be given it again. I will not let this happen to me again. I want to keep my soul.

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I think I really realized when he was sick when he said to me you deserve to be because I was when I was 66 years old by family member and he said that and I cried and cried and cried and then he said it three more times in the last time I seen him he 8767 s like why don 8767 t you go call you know this person and I just looked at him and I know he 8767 s sick I didn 8767 t I didn 8767 t even get upset I just like oh my God he 8767 s sick cuz nobody does that

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It does not matter if the Narc fooled the Target into believing they were as 8775 sweet as pumpkin pie 8776 . Targets (for lack of a better word) don 8767 t benefit by thinking of themselves as poor, victims. Targets need to know that if they choose the Narc. they can also make the choice not to have the Narc in their lives. Or find a way to deal with the Narc. I am empowering the is a powerful tool.

Why is a Narcissist Trying to Get You Back?

Areej, yes.
They do not have consciences ~ we must realize, no matter how we want it to seem, or be they don 8767 t CARE ~ only about obtaining admiration, recognition, any form of attention, positive or negative for themselves ~ for the supply that is so central to their functioning.
Believe what your instincts are telling you ~
I know about that darkness ~ and it is an evil we must flee from, and never return.
It 8767 s the only way we have hope ~ we must break that cycle of violence.
We have tremendous courage, and we can save ourselves.

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I HAVE seen what Sandra describes though. This chick I used to run with…it was the most bizarre ish ever in LIFE. She had big azz over the fireplace pic of herself. She wasn’t single. It wasn’t a bridal pic. It was a studio pic of her. Not her son, not her husband, not all of them together…her. In fact there were pics of her all over her house. :no: I don’t think I have SINCE seen no ish like that really. And I was thinking what woman house had I EVER been to and found or seen a solo tribute to themselves…ZERO. Zilch.

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While you were still employed, you could have begun a legal proceeding if the boundaries between employee and employer had been overtly breached. Of course, this would have caused a great deal of discomfort for you. Friends of mine who registered formal complaints against the management team that I spoke of in my first reply to you were removed from their jobs as soon as the complaint was registered with the company and had to battle in court for years justifying their claims.

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I always asked myself 8775 what the hell is wrong with him 8776 why can 8767 t he just stay! Truth is he could not even if he told himself he really wanted too. He supposedly is in therapy and hopefully she will be able to diagnose him properly and for his sake help him. I pray for him, but at the same time so angry with him. Feeling very lost and alone by all of this. I lost someone that I really never knew. Makes no sense of to me right now. As time passes perhaps someday my mind and heart will be free

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She said she didn 8767 t need to keep promises. She would break them, not apologize or even speak about them. She would be violent towards me. I complained and she said I should be embarrassed because I 8767 m a man and she 8767 s a girl, but if someone hits you with boots or kicks you in the chest, it hurts. By the end, she constantly was telling me how her friends were trying up hook her up with other men and she deserved better, I should treat her better, but nothing was good enough for her. Plus I felt unloved myself I refused to give her this admiration she felt she was entitled to. I became more obsessed with her rather then in love.

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All SIX female narcissists I dealt with were the same. Quick to criticize, blameshift, abuse and insult. But if you were to even say one thing back,
boy could they not handle it watch the rage and sparks fly! All were insecure (believing a ton of makeup would fix that), all had entitlement factors through the roof, wanted to control who I saw, wanted to dictate where I went (although they would be 8775 allowed 8776 to hit the clubs every week), even wanted access to all online profiles!( fair enough, but I wasn 8767 t allowed access to theirs).

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pray for myself and my sons i married aman 67 years ago i trusted he has physically finacially emotionally mentally but im strong he stole my identity what tomorrow i find out wont shock me he is a animal im not a criminal ive worked hard for 75 years and this creep cant get away with this im pressing charges tessa rettig soon taylor gathering attorney fees now im self employed but he has took money out of bank also took me off as a signer of a payroll account god wants men to be good to women

Not just once, but twice he was caught hot red handed with his hand in the pie. Afterwards, he said that I 8767 ve been planning on breaking it off with him (and by the way yes I have). Every time, he just acts like nothing is happening or has happened. Don 8767 t get me wrong, I started falling for the schmooze, however, not enough to lend myself to his working me until I fell for him totally. And yes, you know that he is only interested in himself. In my gut, I really did know and should 8767 ve trusted it before I got burned.

I helped him through the death of his dad. He acquired a great job quickly. He was about to move out of the house he shared with her and things were actually looking up and good for a while. He asked me to move in with him, which I was actually a bit shocked by. I asked him if he was sure and he said he was. So I agreed. Not too far after we became pregnant. We spoke about it for a few days and he was sure he wanted our baby. So he immediately went about telling everybody he knows. We even told his mother together as well as my son. Soon thereafter we moved him into his apartment.

Once I even tried to broach the subject when I was dead set on leaving my husband after a particularly nasty incident and he screamed and cried in such a painful way I had to promise him it wasn 8767 t ever going to happen. (I still feel badly about it and worry I scarred him for life). He just lost it. Said he hated me, said he wished he was dead (autistic kids can have something called catastrophic thinking which he can have) so that was the end of that. We rarely fight in front of him and generally he is a smiley happy, laughy kid. He would not be if we divorced.

I have tried to piece together his childhood but he was closed mouth about any of it. I know his mom died when he was three. Rumors I heard was she had committed suicide AND his dad had actually killed her. He and his older sister were mainly raised by his dad 8767 s mother. What I thought so strange is that how dad went on to have several more children and brought them all to his mom to raise!!! I thought what in the hell is going on over there!!??

It is so painful when the narcissist is your wife. Like mine. Society doesn 8767 t believe women are abusive and she 8767 ll complain about how abused she is and people buy it without question. It 8767 s like her mission in life is to prove to me and the world that I 8767 m mean and abusive. I 8767 m not. I 8767 m soft hearted and try to be fair, kind, and respectful to people. The worst part is she is constantly trying to drive a wedge between my kids and I. The kids are mostly grown and they know Mom is difficult but have no idea of the distorted 8775 truth 8776 she spews. She constantly sees herself as the victim and me the bad guy. She is so hyper-sensitive to things whether real or imagined and is the master at setting up scenarios where she 8767 s the victim. She never let 8767 s anything go and what she says I did up to 77 years ago is still used as ammunition. If I leave it will only get worse as far as the defamation goes. She 8767 s cute and pretty and talk 8767 s to others in her 8775 Barbie 8776 voice and they believe her BS. My life is hell and there 8767 s no good way out.

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