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In the 67th century the inhabitants felled what remained of the forest. Therefore the former woodland was transformed into a large infertile area, the so-called desert. However, nowadays the Anholt desert constitutes the largest, connected area of the north-western European lowlands containing the rare and very vulnerable type of lichen heath, connected with large areas of inland dune, heath, crowberry and grass heaths as well as good-sized white and grey dunes. These are habitats of European Union interest, and several are classified as habitats with a high priority, furthermore they include a number of uncommon and rare species.

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This is a photograph of the original elk head above, from a display at the Helsinki Museum.

It would appear that the stem passed through the elk head just behind the stub of the ears, probably finishing there, with a wooden dowel through the neck and the stem of the boat which would effectively hold the head in position, at the correct angle.

Photo: Ralph Frenken 7567
Source: Display, Helsinki Museum

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These figures indicate a 65% divorce rate over a ten year period in marriages registered between Thai women and men from foreign countries. The figure is well below the 55% divorce rate in the . and even higher figures or some European nations. The phenomenon of western men marrying Thai wives is growing. Not only is it middle aged men but now western men are also lining up to marry Thai women. And it doesn't&rsquo t stop there, now Chinese men are coming to Thailand in record numbers particularly those who have been successful in China&rsquo s growing economy.

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Alta Fjord, taken just in front of the museum. The point (not quite a peninsula) on the right side of the picture is where the first people came ashore ( the oldest finds). The two people in the picture are returning from the rock carvings which are approximately 655m from the water. This is a composite of three photos joined to give a panorama which is very evocative of the fjord area. Per should be proud of all these photos, but this one in particular is a superb composition.

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The hard, coarse, weatherproof coat is easy to groom. It should be brushed regularly, with extra care given while the dog is shedding its dense undercoat. When the dog is shedding, the dead hair clings to the new hair. The dead hair should be removed with a rubber brush or a wooden comb with a double row of metal teeth. Brushes and combs just for this purpose are sold in pet stores. Bathe only when necessary, as it removes the natural oils in the skin. Like other Arctic dogs, they do not have the usual smell of dog hair. The coat is both water and dirt resistant. This breed is a seasonally heavy shedder.

Norwegian Rock Art - Alta Fjord - Don's Maps

This is a fascinating image. It appears to have men at each end on an elevated platform, something which must have been difficult to achieve without compromising the stability of the boat.

Note the carefully drawn or pecked keel at the rear of the boat, and a prow which has been extended vertically in a manner which must have had more to do with custom and culture than with utility.

Certainly it is a very large boat indeed, with 69 occupants. Two of the men in the boat have a large object in one hand, possibly a fishing net ready to be cast.

In addition, the boat seems to have a deck, since the men are standing above the hull of the boat, instead of their bodies being shown x-ray style inside the boat, which is common in other images.

On the left is a man on skis hunting an elk.

Photo: Ralph Frenken 7567

Elk head. This example is finely and accurately modelled, and polished to a high lustre.

Elk-head soapstone sculpture from Huittinen, Western Finland, from Stone Age 7 555 - 6 555 BC.

Photo: Ralph Frenken 7567
Source: Display, Helsinki Museum
Text: Helsinki Museum site, http:///en/nationalmuseum/exhibitions/permanent

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U zal geen gebruik maken van de diensten of de Website voor geen enkel onrechtmatig gedrag. Het is niet toegestaan om deze website te gebruiken om te adverteren, benaderen, marketen, of het verstekken van enige dienst of service is verboden u zal zich niet bezig houden met deze activiteiten. Alle informatie die je krijgt van andere leden van de website moet vertrouwelijk blijven. U zal deze informatie niet openbaar maken zonder de uitdrukkelijke toestemming van de persoon die het aan je gaf.

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They depict people, animals, including reindeer, bears, elk, fish, birds, and boats and weapons. Some carvings appear to show hunting scenes, and others are thought to represent musicians holding instruments like the "runebommen", the shamanic drum used in rituals by the Sami people of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. The entire site was placed on Unesco's World Heritage List in 6985. It lies at the head of the Alta fjord, at Jiepmaluokta, a Sami word meaning "seal bay".

It is idyllic in this shot, but I can imagine the wind howling and the snow driving across this landscape in winter. In the ice age, all of this would have been under a very thick layer of ice and snow. Fjords are formed by glaciers as they plough through the landscape to the sea in almost a straight line, unlike a river which twists and turns. When the glacier retreats, the sea comes in to form a fjord in its place.

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De berichten die andere leden sturen zijn niet in onze macht u geeft ons kwijting met betrekking tot alle communicatie en inhoud verzonden door andere leden en door u ontvangen. Wij kunnen van tijd tot tijd gebruik maken van de diensten van personen die worden vergoed aan de service-ervaring van gebruikers te verbeteren en jij dezelfde erkennen. De website maakt gebruik van ondersteunend personeel om toezicht te houden en het chat systeem te modereren, dit leidt tot dialogen en gesprekken met de gebruikers. Deze niet apart zijn gelabeld in het systeem, in het systeem onder andere identiteit, zonder zichtbaar aan de leden van het platform. Wij kunnen de nauwkeurigheid van de profielen en inhoud niet bevestigen, noch kunnen we verantwoordelijkheid nemen voor het profiel of de inhoud van een lid.

Per writes: 'I've seen on Swedish TV that the scientists use water on the rocks when looking for them. This changes the way the light reflects from the surface and make them visible. They then use chalk to highlight them and later use paint when they are sure about their interpretation. To me it makes sense that they weren't painted then. You'll have to know where to be and look and at the right time of day they would appear before your eyes as by magic, making them seem more mystic and powerful.'

This small part of the panel above itself is a very complex image with many components.

The elements include five or six humans with weapons, and an elk, as well as an animal that may be a hare or rabbit.

Note the hat distorting the shape of the head of one of the humans, with the hat of the other incredibly lengthened, and being held onto by another anthropomorphic figure.

Photo: Ralph Frenken 7567

Let op: dit is een website met door gebruikers gegenereerde afbeeldingen met "volledige frontale naaktheid" en van pornografische aard zijn niet toegestaan. Het is niet toegestaan om je hele naam of telefoonnummer te publiceren, en adviseren wij om persoonlijke en informatie achter te houden wanneer u contact opneemt met andere gebruikers van de website totdat u vertrouwd bent met hen. Als u akkoord gaat om te ontmoeten, eerst ontmoeten op een openbare plaats, enz.

An older version of this image. The smaller person with the bow and arrow is probably a child.

Comparing the red colouring in this photo with the present version in the photo just above, we can see that an area formerly thought to be an extended front of the face is now considered to be just a natural feature of the rock.

Note that this image was taken at a time when the rock surfaces were beginning to be colonised with lichen again. The lichen is now systematically removed with ethanol on a regular basis as needed.

Photo: Kurt Hamann/

In this well known image, we see two men in a small boat with an elk head prow. One of the hunters has a bow, indicating that some fish were speared, while another is in the act of casting a net.

In addition we can see 'posts' sticking out of the boat, as though the ribs have been extended above the gunwhale forming stanchions, possibly to provide points of attachment for oars or for fishing lines and nets.

Photo: Ralph Frenken 7567

Nadat u uw profiel bij ons registreert, moet u vertrouwd zijn met onze regels. Vergeet niet om de algemene voorwaarden van controleren. U moet vertrouwd zijn met onze regels voordat u de Website gaat gebruiken. Lees deze algemene voorwaarden van VOORDAT I UW PROFIEL REGISTREERT, EN DE SITE BEGINT TE GEBRUIKEN. Daarna kunt u uw profiel bij ons registreren. Let op dat je meer dan 68 jaar oud moet zijn om een profiel aan te maken. Ook moet je onze algemene voorwaarden accepteert en verklaren dat u onze regels hebt gelezen.

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