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There are plenty of reasons why you might want to hide or delete your Plenty of Fish online dating profile. Fortunately, this is quite easy to do by following some straightforward instructions. If you choose to simply hide your profile, your profile will still be visible to some users, but you can unhide your profile at any time. On the other hand, if you delete your Plenty of Fish profile, it will no longer be visible to anyone. But deleting your profile is permanent you will not be able to reactivate it.

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There 8767 s a whole bunch of different pages to go through during the sign up process. The first page is a quick, 85 second input, and the rest plays out like a survey. It does help you get more matches, and overall increases the effectiveness of the site, but it 8767 d be nice if they let you fill in the information later for once. When you 8767 re all finished, you get a results page, which lists what the site thinks what kind of person you are. It 8767 s..an interesting feature I haven 8767 t seen before. Plenty of fish has many nice things to offer, like testimonials to prove its worthiness, and a special 8766 points system 8767 that allows you to purchase virtual gifts for other members. There are lots of things available for a member, like messaging, mail, browsing, and photos. The only thing that could be improved on is the layout and style. For some people, they may actually prefer it above a regular website. Interestingly, I couldn 8767 t seem to find any links for upgrading your profile, which is a little odd.

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First off, I haven 8767 t been able to get on POF for about that long either. I am in Hermosa Beach, California. Where are you? I saw this map on another site that showed much of the US affected. I can actually get on, but no one sees me! Then, poof! I 8767 m gone!
As for the 8775 lad 8776 , is he a friend of yours? He said some things that I 8767 m sure were just put on for effect. He seems to have this 8775 personna 8776 that he brings online that is brash, irreverent, and shows him as a total womanizer. as long as they are thin! I wonder what he is really like and why he has this need to show this macho personality. Probably some old impotent man who has seen lots of rejection from women. Why else would he say such terrible things. Plus, people really got on him (me included) for his mysogonistic comments. Who knows what cave he has run into to lick his wounds. So, he is your friend, huh?

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It says nothing. Every once in a while I find it by accident and all it shows is a map of North America with dots on it. The one thing MadMac said that makes sense is that pof is computerized ( i know every time I get on I get a letter from Markus !). But there must be someone somewhere that knows what is going on. Oh, one more thing when I do get online and no one can see me and I try and go around the site I get a warning sign that says don 8767 t go here. So there must be a huge virus! But someone has to know. Some people pay!

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Thanks for the little detail story. Although I really am not sure what the hate on him is about, I can 8767 t see any of his comments, only yours and others.
Mad Mac.. and I met on here a few weeks ago he was very pleasant to me! But I seen him not so pleasant to a girl named arieirlla ( maddie) but then they got on good from what I seen. I ended up leaving this page but since I STILL can 8767 t get on POF, I thought I 8767 d see if anyone else was still having this issue. But I see maddie and Mac have left Mac without causing a ruckus I see lol.

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Plenty Of Fish had a humble beginning. The domain name was first registered in 7556. By 7558 the site was active and members were joining. Created by the website 8767 s founder Markus Frind as a one man operation from his apartment located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The popularity of the dating site grew rapidly in a very short period and started expanding world wide. POF USA and POF UK quickly started obtaining massive amounts of traffic. During the time Plenty Of Fish launched most dating sites and other online match making services were not free.  In fact, they had a hefty charge of well over $85 per month in some instances. To avoid monthly fees, people used places like AOL and MySpace to search for love online. Markus filled the need for free online dating by allowing people to chat with each other in hopes of a romantic connection.

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Well then I have a question since you are the almighty pof guru. How is it that when I go online, I can see other people, read their profiles, send them messages (that I doubt they get). Why isn 8767 t the whole site shut down? And don 8767 t you think if it than the five or six people here would be complaining? Don 8767 t you think pof would have an obligation to say something, especially to the paying members? Tens of thousands of people must be on pof. Don 8767 t you think someone should say something?

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First of all, I don 8767 t think calling us bimbos is very nice. Secondly, someone somewhere is collecting all that money. Pof is for profit, honey. If the money stops someone is going to be a bit unhappy. We understand what autonomous means. Perhaps if you open your mind to the fact that you are not the only person who can think, Stop pontificating. Stop calling women names and listen. That is what civilized people do.

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That is why we geared our site especially for Native Americans. If you are eager to start meeting new people but don't have the time or patience for spending a long time searching for such people, then look no further. You can do that right here with us. We are not just a site for Native Americans who live in the USA either, but we are also a great way of meeting others of Native American descent if you are living in a foreign country, and indeed we have had many members who have used our dating site for that very purpose.

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From Canada.
Hmm I know he can be a pain.. but I 8767 ve not seen him be cruel!! Like I said, him and maddie had words, but then they too, became friends. The 8 of us had fun on here. Actually, maddie and I teamed up against in lol. all in good fun tho. He wasn 8767 t mean to us at all. So I 8767 m wondering what has changed? And you 8767 ve not seen the name arieirlla or maddie while you 8767 ve been here?
How long have you been on??

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Plenty Of Fish pretty much ran solo those first years, but currently employs around 75 employees, in areas such as developer, sales, marketing and improved customer service. The site remains largely self-policed. The over 55,555 daily photos, endless forum posts and user-behavior largely depending on member reporting to find and weed out offensive content and conduct. This won 8767 t get you a ban on pure hearsay, though. It does get you under the microscope.

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There is one more reason why careful planning of your PlentyOfFish login might also be important. Even though POF is free, they do charge for small, insignificant upgrades. One of these upgrades is the capability to change your username or login. Unless you decide to upgrade your account, you will never have the ability to edit your POF Login name. Having a creative block? Why not search other profiles to see what others are doing. Pay attention to those pof login names that catch your curiosity. Remember, this is a dating site that allows you to view profiles without signing up in any manor.

In order to obtain a POF login, you will need to navigate to the Plenty Of Fish website. On the home page you will need to fill out a few fields of information. This only takes about 85 seconds. Mobile users can get a POF mobile login using the POF mobile app. Download the app and follow the instructions to create a POF information you enter for your dating profile will be the same as you would enter on the dating website.

Sorry babes you won 8767 t, by my reckoning! Mind you, I 8767 ve never upgraded, so don 8767 t really know where you stand there . my bet is you 8767 ve lost the money. Why upgrade anyway? Only benefit of that is it allows you see see WHO has viewed your profile, and WHEN someone viewed your profile .. not really worth it, huh? If you 8767 re interested in someone, you send them a message .. you can do that without upgrading, and if someone is interested in you, then you can read the message they send, also without upgrading! Don 8767 t see the point as to WHY folks 8766 upgrade 8767 on free dating-sites in the first place, for all the crap 8766 benefits 8767 you get from that upgrade!!!!!!!!!!

You know you have this moniker 8775 MadMac 8776 and I suppose you have to live up to it. So you strut around and spew all kinds of horrible things, mostly against women.
BUT. you are on POF, as am I. Possibly looking to find that one-in-a-million person to love. I don 8767 t think you will find it like that. Oh, perhaps you will find the lonely desperate women who lost their self esteem a long time ago. And perhaps you are just looking for sex. But, love? It comes in all sizes and shapes. You just might miss the opportunity, MadMac, as you sneak out the back door.

It is possible to log into the site with a Facebook account. However, the application needs to be allowed by the site to gain access. Should this not be set properly, a login error will be shown.

Further assistance can be found within the 8775 Help 8776 section of As previously, the layout of this page is streamlined and all third-party interactions are quite secure. The same two fields are present and any errors such as a lost password will be rectified through one 8767 s online mail address.

And it makes no difference if yer a paying up-graded member or not . profiles are being deleted by the system for some perverse reason at random, regardless of which country you 8767 re in too!!!!!!! Pain in the butt. The site has been 8766 hi-jacked 8767 by some sort of malware, and with it being an 8766 autonomously-operated 8767 site, there 8767 s no REAL human-beings at 8766 their 8767 end to sort it out, basically!!!!!!!!!!!!! You 8767 ll def. get back onto it, just bide your time for just now .. could be hours, days or weeks the site itself will decide when it lets you get back on . you 8767 ll get back in with yer original login details, BUT you 8767 ll have to start from scratch all over again with setting-up your profile again, I 8767 m afraid!!!!!!!!

Additionally, by simply constructing a online dating site completely void of the many constraints, such as required lengthy sign-up process, POF instantly grew by leaps and bounds. In fact, as of today there are over 87 million members and estimated 7 billion page views per month! Its clear this simplified signup process is partly responsible for the rapid buildup. Even addressed inside Eharmony commercials where the founder himself comforts a Eharmony member complaint about this arduous sign up process.

AND I know about the way POF is operated .. there 8767 s a lot of internet sites esp. the 8766 dodgy 8767 Russian and Thailand ones who are operated purely by scammers . and THEY run them 8766 autonomously 8767 and anonymously because 8766 scamming 8767 is deemed globally illegal. That way, the authorities can 8767 t trace anything back through 8766 cyber-space 8767 to an actual human-being. Now I 8767 m not saying that POF is run by scammers it 8767 s not BUT it 8767 s still nonetheless operated autonomously . no humans involved in the operation at all. THAT 8767 S WHY you can 8767 t get a HOLD of anyone when something goes wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I have been on here about 8 days. I think this is my third day. Like I said, I haven 8767 t been able to get online for weeks. This has never happened to me before. I thought it was just me. I keep trying to get back on, but no one can see me when I get on. Then I 8767 m gone. Really I thought it was just me. So I was glad when I found this place. The only name that has stuck out is MadMac. I think he is from Scotland, that is what he said.

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