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Their secret was very simple: they were fun to hang around with. If you talked to them, then you were going to enjoy yourself. They knew how to make people  feel good.  They were genuine interesting people with stories to share and a genuine interest in getting to know the people they talked to. They made friends wherever they went. The bouncers, the bartenders, the waitstaff they all loved these guys within minutes of meeting them. Everybody knew who they were. Everybody wanted to hang out with them.

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The men who have the greatest number of dating opportunities have more than five good traits. After all, there are a lot of people out there. Those who are regularly very successful with the opposite sex are often a combination of funny and confident and passionate and attractive. Of those, the ones who are respectful have the best luck keeping women around. As for intellectual curiosity, I would have to say that s a function of the Doctor s fanbase. This sort of material is going to attract more women who have that trait themselves and who seek it in their partners.

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I don t know why there was a difference in how men and women rated attractiveness there could be all sorts of reasons. But I just checked the survey again to confirm, and it says right there that by messaging they meant had *sent* a message, not just received one. Most women were messaging a wide range of men, primarily in the low to middle range of what they d rated as attractive, and most men were only messaging the top third most attractive women. I think actions matter a lot more than random numerical ratings, and the data shows a clear willingness of women to consider and even pursue men they don t necessarily think are the most attractive. Much more than the reverse. It even says in the article, re: one of the graphs, This graph also dramatically illustrates just how much more important a woman&rsquo s looks are than a guy&rsquo s.. Even the article you re sourcing disagrees with you.

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I ve tried sending polite, well-written messages and gotten polite, well-written rejections, so that approach doesn t seem to be working. I suspect that I m just putting too much out there, and women are able to figure out that I m not what they re looking for without actually having to date me, and I m not getting any real feedback on what the problem is. I figure I might have better luck getting first dates, if not second dates, if I m more of an enigma, and first dates might at least provide me some feedback on what the problem is. It was all going fine until I mentioned Star Trek


And I know what you re saying, I just don t actually believe that it s true. I know teddy bear type men who are very popular with the ladies. You re making assumptions without any data to back them up. Maybe a conventionally handsome man who s also charming, funny, and passionate will have more dating opportunities than a less conventionally handsome man with the same qualities, but in my experience a not so handsome man who s charming, funny, and passionate will have more dating opportunities than a conventionally handsome man who s dull and humorless. So it seems to me being charming, funny, and passionate matters more in the long run.

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But as Mel says, fun in this article isn t so much about how you meet people as how you interact with them when you do and I think there are plenty of heterosexual guys who aren t interested in sewing who could still think you more fun because of your enthusiasm for sewing, if you can talk about it in an engaging way that s accessible for someone outside the hobby.

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Oh, and by the way, again, you should probably try *reading* your sources before you use them as proof. The Men s Health survey was specifically of character traits , which means attractiveness wasn t even an option (that s a physical trait, not a character trait). And the other link, not only was it not a survey at all (it was just his memory of various women he s talked to), but he includes attractiveness on the list, and says the list is in no particular order , which means he could very well think attractiveness would be in the top five if he ranked them.

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You know, this whole conversation is starting to make me wonder... is the whole fake geek girl phenomenon a result of men being unwilling to be up front about their geekiness for fear of ostracism? Therefore geek guys assume any woman who publicly defines herself/her interests as geeky must be fake because no one who really was would fly their geek flag proudly? I think I might be onto something here.

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That s all I m talking about! I don t mean to be insulting by suggesting that you *should* feel like you could do better, nor that you d casually wander off if someone more superficially attractive came along. I m really just suggesting that willingness to commit stems from the sense that the one you re with is worth keeping, and lack of willingness comes from lack of that sense! Is that so controversial, really?

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Granted, it s not to the same extent as women make it out to be, but I do think the naturally beautiful woman who doesn t need any of those perks and who also doesn t waste the man s time or money on grooming is actually a less attainable ideal than the traditionally hot woman. (It s kind of like wanting a hot guy who doesn t get obsessed with lifting or do girly stuff like worry about his hair or his clothes. A few people can pull it off, but it s pretty hard to find in the wild.)

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I mentioned something like this in my post up above, but, yeah, sometimes the sexy women as prize! kinda pokes at my tender spots. I try not to take it too seriously when coming from the Doc, because the perspective of the Less-Than-Physically-Attractive, Average-Personality woman just isn t usually acknowledged in media. A lot of times it feels like the whole women who exist are either Physically Gorgeous or Ugly But Fabulous. Not a whole lot of room for us average uglies. BUT can we really blame anyone for forgetting we exist if we re such a hidden minority?

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Also, I really would like to see the guys who claim men are perfectly happy with average looking women to get together with the men who claim it s totally natural for men to ignore all but the most attractive women (since why would they want to pursue average women?) and discuss the matter between themselves. Y all are obviously on completely different sides of this issue and yet you spend all your time trying to convince those of us in the middle rather than each other. I bet it would make for an interesting conversation! 😉

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I think most men feel the same way. However, all things aren t equal. A woman who puts a lot of effort into makeup, hair, and clothing looks more attractive than a woman who hasn t covered the blemishes on her skin and has her hair in a ponytail. When a lot of guys picture the relaxed woman, they re picturing a woman who s naturally attractive enough that she doesn t benefit much from those things rather than the way the same woman would look if she removed her makeup and opted for an easy to deal with hairstyle.

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If your strategy with women is, Date me, since it beats being alone, I can guarantee you most women will say, No, it doesn t. Especially if you re older. Most women who ve been around the block a couple of times perceive men who are needy and don t have a lot on offer as kryptonite they see them as men who just want to get someone in their house ASAP to do their laundry and have obligatory sex with them without offering much in return. You have to offer *something*.

I d disagree with that idea (if it is what Dave is saying). I mean, unless your idea of fun is serial killing or something. Yes, if your version of fun is nerdy things, that might be a turn-off to some women but those obviously aren t the women you should be dating. There are lots of nerdy women for whom a guy who s only enthusiastic about sports and partying would be a turn off. I don t think there are many hobbies and interests that *no* women find remotely interesting if the guy is enthusiastic about them. Which is why attitude is key.

The prize for being interesting and fun is not a partner, but to have activities that mean you don t need a partner. A partner provides a shared future/goals together and hopefully regular sex everything else (and sometimes including the sex) you can get from friends/other people. Having had a quick look at building an attractive lifestyle and five places to meet women articles other people have already pointed this out.

Oh, so it s about appealing to the broadest range of people possible? To me, I d think that it s better to focus on being fun with things that you actually enjoy you might have fewer people who jump at those activities, but they d be people more suited to your personality. Like a person who either would like to partner dance herself, or who isn t particularly into it but thinks it s cool that you do it would probably be a better match for you than someone you d meet if you said you like to do whatever the activity most popularly considered fun is.

Except the article really isn t about choosing lifestyle activities. Its about the way you socialize with other people once at those activities. The premise is that attractiveness is determined by personality, especially things like sense of humor, active listening, genuine interest in other people and the ability to make them feel good about themselves. That s just as useful for meeting people in Magic tournaments as it is in white water rafting. So...yeah, apples and oranges.

I ve considered distraction osteogenesis, but I don t think it s terribly practical in my case, especially given that my apartment building doesn t have an elevator. Sadly, full-body electrolysis, which is something else I ve considered, isn t so patently impractical. One advantage of focusing on height as a scapegoat rather than body hair is that it spares me the pain and expense of full-body electrolysis.