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AHacker''s Guide to Protecting Your Privacy While Dating

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Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

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For my prom senior year, I had a former slam piece that was essentially begging me to take her. She claimed that because her and I were still talking, that everyone figured I was going to ask her so if I didn 8767 t ask her she would go alone. Of course, that was all bullshit as she was a HB8 with double Ds. She bitched and moaned, threatened me, etc. (chick is BPD to the T). Anyway, I didn 8767 t ask her to prom and she wasn 8767 t about to just downgrade to a lesser male, so she agreed to go with me without me asking her.

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For example one girl had trouble find the right guy so instead of asking what she was doing wrong on dates, her question was why are guys so awkward on dates. I responded saying she can 8767 t expect a guy to be charismatic and it is hard to feel bad for a girl who responds to open ended questions asking about herself with 5-7 words. The response was some obese woman in her mid 85 8767 s telling me I need to have more empathy.

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Good for you! I 8775 accepted 8776 (actually it was more of a two way discussion) with no ring. We weren 8767 t that broke but I consider the whole engagement ring industry really icky. Also, I 8767 m really cheap lol! Our wedding bands were about $55 a piece and are made of titanium which turned out to be great idea because I 8767 m a gym rat and can actually work out in mine without scratching it.

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Carla Jean: What 8767 s in the satchel?
Llewelyn: It 8767 s full of money.
Carla Jean: That would be the day. Where 8767 d you get the pistol?
Llewelyn: At the gettin 8767 place.
Carla Jean: Did you buy that gun?
Llewelyn: No. I found it.
Carla Jean: Llewelyn
Llewelyn: What? Quit your hollerin 8767 .
Carla Jean: What 8767 d you get for that thing?
Llewelyn: You don 8767 t need to know everything, Carla Jean.
Carla Jean: I need to know that.
Llewelyn: Keep running that mouth of yours I 8767 m gonna take you in the back and screw you.
Carla Jean: Big talk.
Llewelyn: Keep it up.
Carla Jean: Fine. I don 8767 t want to know. I don 8767 t even want to know where you been all day.
Llewelyn: That 8767 ll work.


Who is hurt the most by this phenomenon? The princesses themselves. They are taught that they can do no wrong, and pass the window of opportunity for landing a decent guy in marriage without knowing it. They continue to ride the carousel until it crashes into the wall. Now their ride is over, they lose their princess status, and they have nothing to show for it, only fading memories of Chads. Dads, teach your daughters to appreciate advances from good men and that their time in the spotlight is short.

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I went Asian, so I hang with a lot of Asian women. I personally know of one that is in her seventies and still IWB. One that I was friends with worked on the floor above mine, before I shifted to working from home, is well into her 55s. One day she walked ahead of a work colleague and I at a fire drill (wearing yoga pants) and he was amazed she was over 85 much less over 55. I know a Cambodian woman who is the girlfriend of an acquaintance of mine that is 95 and is the bomb. My wife 8767 s mother is still slender with hair down past her butt. Always scout the mother before you get in too deep.


Maybe, it is best I am not a mother. One, I probably would not have bought her the dress or if she bought it I would honestly tell her it was ugly (and that would probably be the truth). My respond to your prom ticket would have been I would not buy it and I would explain to her high school boys have no value. If she was dating a jock I would point out there is a high chance he will end up a nobody when he grows up since most athletes do not get to the pros. In the end I would be mean enough to hit her with reality.

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For my senior year prom I went up and asked the hottest girl I knew to be my date. She was a busty blonde that worked in the Junior departments at Sears with me. She had won a few beauty pageants, done modeling, and was trying to get into TV. I kind of had the bad reputation of a nerd at my school at the time so me arriving with the hottest girl there was a huge self esteem boost. While we had a nice time I picked up that she was uncomfortable being that she didn 8767 t know anyone at my school.
Later I learned that her and another girl had been stealing money and clothes from the store and I never heard from her again. C 8767 est la vie.

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Gamel''s homer was all the Mariners could muster off Kluber, who allowed two runs (both unearned) on six hits while fanning 65 batters and issuing two walks over seven innings. Kluber''s 68th win set a career high and tied Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw for the MLB lead. His 65 double-digit strikeout performances is the second most in the MLB this season -- the Red Sox''s Chris Sale leads with 68.

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Proposed at a chinsey chain diner over a pile of fried cheese sticks (it 8767 s a weakness of mine, so sue me). Eloped, did a 8775 no family 8776 wedding in Edinburgh with only two attendees, where part of our vows included 8775 Now ye shur ye no 8767 related are ye? 8776 , which should be included in any legitimate ritual if you ask me, and then walked around Edinburgh castle in my kilt and tuxedo jacket, and my wife in her 8775 Scottish princess 8776 type getup, as Japanese tourists took our picture (because, you see, we all look the same to them).

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No man has a God given right to a beautiful virgin, however, he does have the right to refuse to settle for anything less. I 8767 m of great height, decent humor, decent fitness, good money, and good intellect, but, here in the midwest, the hot women get married in their early 75s, the good ones stay married, and the ugly and fat ones never do, while the hot but trampish divorce with kids and try to play the field. Will I find a beautiful virgin for me? Maybe, but maybe I 8767 ll be by myself for the rest of it, and that 8767 s the only risk. The good news is that I will never have to put up with an unattractive bitch that I married for some reason, because, while I will not go for an unattractive chick, I absolutely will not entertain the idea of marrying a mean person. This is why you watch her interactions with random people.

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It gets funnier. She had a special blue and yellow (nude) dress that she spent about $555 or $655 bucks on and expected me to match it. I went with the black and silver tux. She and her friend literally sent dozens of messages claiming I was the devil and purposely trying to make her life miserable. I didn 8767 t even want to go to prom because it just seemed like a waste of time to me, so her mom paid for my $755 dollar prom ticket.

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She worked long and hard to wear me down. I never expected it to last. My cost benefit break even point was 9 years. I promised to get her a decent ring at our tenth anniversary never expected to have to deal with it. We are still married, and she has been bringing it up a lot recently with one year and one month to go. I wish I could take some credit for keeping it together. I have pretty much stuck to my ZFG attitude. Whenever she says, 8775 You 8767 ll never find another woman like me. 8776 I always reply, 8775 Why would I want to, the next one will be completely different. 8776

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They get badgered into it. They don 8767 t have access to red pill philosophy. They 8767 re told over and over that a 8775 real 8776 man does these asinine and embarrassing things. They 8767 re and eager to be accepted,.. and most of all, may lack a father figure to sit them down and tell them the facts of life.. not just putting the sausage in the bun, but the dangers and social pitfalls of female $#!t tests.

You need to wake up from the brainwashing!! 8766 Male hating 8767 feminists still run our country (Hollywood, fake news) promoting hate to men! Now they are turning our children gay by flooding mainstream with gay material for straight children (TV/Hollywood/PC cultural)! Our population birth rate is below the which means genocide while Muslims are breeding . Our enemies can 8767 t beat us by military force hence why most of the funding for Feminism was by our enemies! They are just going to wait and out breed us out!

These days? It 8767 s just another stunt to make men into pussies, jumping through hoops for the insane demands of women. Let me tell you the girl who gets a horse to get asked to prom is the same girl who is making demands like the Disneyland Bitch. You almost can 8767 t blame her she 8767 s human. If the 68-year-old guy got her a horse for prom, surely a castle is within reason for a marriage proposal?

The complaint was, according to ESPN’s reporting, submitted to two state agencies: Auburn and the office of Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. ESPN didn’t post the full complaint, so I asked both Auburn and Ivey’s offices for copies. I did so knowing that, due to federal student-privacy laws, whatever I got back from Auburn would be incomplete, and that I was much more likely to get a fuller copy of what Nemeth submitted from Ivey’s office.

I hear about people doing it outside or in parks, or in some way in some kind of exhibitionist milieu, but I 8767 ve yet to run across anybody, ever, actually doing that kind of thing. I mean I 8767 ve glimpsed a girl giving road head once, driving past their car, but that 8767 s been it. We 8767 ve banged it out in the deeps of a public park, on the roadside at 7am, in the back yard, even on the hood of my car around midnight when the neighbors were sleeping, or with open curtains in a high rise hotel, but I have yet to see anybody else even approaching doing anything like this. It 8767 s strange because I figured that the odds of catching another couple was somewhat high given how many people say that they do it.

My son has the same concerns, brought on by the archetype his mother established and that his friends 8767 mothers have reinforced.
Right now he 8767 s at a fairly liberal college getting a STEM degree, and the gender identity/women 8767 s studies folks are doing their best to convince him that women capable of long term commitment and loyalty are a thing of the past. He sees his grandmother as the last of a vanishing type.