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Date: 2017-08-12 13:30.

I had my account disabled because Facebook didn 8767 t want to hear or read about Native American History. A bit biased I think and discriminating towards a race. Facebook allows racial comments and post towards Native Americans on Facebook and don 8767 t block them. That really is the only reason and that is not a violation of their standards, it just offends somebody so they blocked it probably because their great grandfather was one of the European descendants who was involved with slaughtering Native Americans so they don 8767 t want the truth out. I just created 5 more accounts and I 8767 m going to work even harder to keep Facebook busy. This makes me want to share more history, thank you facebook for the motivation.

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I am a theatre artist from Pakistan. Visiting United States these days (Feb-7567) I am also a victim of thi shitty thing. Day before yesterday when I was checking a cell phone on facebook store 8775 I click on a button make an offer 8776 I automatically logged out from my facebook. I tried to login again but it says 8775 Sorry, your account has been temporarily disabled as a security precaution. Please Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Account Disabled so we can help you resolve this issue as quickly as possible 8776 what the Fuck!!!

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It seems the date went ok. But then it 8767 s not for another 8 weeks before she initiates another text, then another two weeks after that. Each time she always sounds as affectionate as ever. I can play back the sound of her voice on the WeChat voice messages to verify that I wasn 8767 t hallucinating that sound. So after about two weeks of silence again, I initiated contact with her last Monday.

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I have not heard from her since. That was 5 days ago. My question isn 8767 t so much why won 8767 t she txt me back. My question is does it sound like I should try txting her again, or just wait for her still? Maybe I am giving up too easily. Women want to be seduced, right? I prescribe to the whole natural game thing and it sounds like you do too, at least a bit. Every women wants to be in a love story.. So how do I know when to give up or when to pursue her? Or maybe I got too excited about her, because her friend telling me that she thought she was hanging out that night because of me, and her asking me to walk her to her car and whatnot also got my hopes up, perhaps unrealistically and I should just forget the whole thing.

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I bumped into this girl who i knew of back in high school but we never realIy hung out or talked, anyway so i got her number and i called her the following week and talked to her but didnt ask her out. then i called her twice more after but both phone calls were short because she said she was busy doing things. So at that point I thought she was not interested at all, then a few days later I got this text 8776 sorry for being so short on the phone with you when you called, but I have been really will message you if and when my schedule frees u. Have a good one 8776 . So is she interested or she 8767 s just being friendly? What should I do now?

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I need some help. There is this girl that I really am attracted to. I got her number, but I have never had a face to face conversation with her. I attend a University(freshman) in her town and she goes to the local High School(Junior). We met at a Track meet where she congratulated me on doing well in my event. She gave me the best feeling and no girl ever came up to me after my races. Anyways I have always had my eye out for her and I finally found out who she was. It was just coincidence that I go to the University where she goes to School. I found her on facebook and messaged her. I told her about remember when she congratulated me and eventually got her number. We text very little. I can see that she reads my messages and she has told me that I am cute. Texting doesn 8767 t seem to be going bad. She often just drops the conversation. I texted her this morning saying 8775 Hey:) 8776 and she read it, but no reply. This happened last time and we didn 8767 t talk for weeks. I have tried getting a date arranged but it seems like she avoids the conversation.

Thank you for putting this out there. I live in the city, but have many mom friends in the suburbs and a partner trying to convince me to join them. This is something so many of my friends privately complain about. While I agree with other commenters that this Queen Bee phenomena can happen anywhere, there is a kind of isolation that happens in certain communities where there aren 8767 t many places to meet/socialize with women and that exacerbates how one may feel if not part of the clique. In the city there are just more opportunities to meet new people/couples/parents and to distract yourself from any Queen Bees. I hope more moms write articles like this and we all learn to treat each-other with a little more compassion and understanding.

When I moved to a wealthy small community a few years ago and went to my son 8767 s preschool, I was pretty surprised how no one made eye contact or said hello to me. All of the women had the same luxury SUVs, handbags, jackets. What was even more surprising to me was how it made me feel awkward, sad, embarrassed. I 8767 ve never had trouble making friends and I 8767 m used to walking into rooms where I don 8767 t know anyone and can hold my own. I hadn 8767 t felt this uncomfortable since being the new girl in JUNIOR high school. A few years ago I would 8767 ve laughed at these women hysterically. But becoming a SAHM must 8767 ve changed something in my psychie, so I am grateful for this article giving me insight to why I felt this way.

It 8767 s not easier being a man in suburbia. Most males in my neighborhood are obsessive compulsive about their lawns. They mow every freaking day, for hours on end. They throw chemicals down like crazy. These are people with masters degrees for crying out loud, and they 8767 re dumber than rocks. They spend tens of thousands on lawn tractors and gear and most of their lawns are less acres. It 8767 s mental illness. There is no other explanation. They just can 8767 t bear the fact that their life sucks AND their neighbor 8767 s grass is slightly darker green than theirs. I guess that 8767 s what years of too much weed, booze, Cialis and NFL football does to a person.

We were to meet at the market in his neighborhood. I arrived early and texted him to let me know when he got there, and that I was going to go into one of the other stores. He texted me when he arrived (later than expedited). I came out and waited, but there was no one to be seen. He texted that he had to take a call form his 'boss' and he was terribly sorry. The call would take longer than he intended. I told him I was going to grab a bite to eat, to just let me know when he was available. I finally gave up and told him I was heading home. He said "I'm so sorry". I asked if he saw me. He said "no'" The next day I didn't hear anything. Again curiosity got the better of me. After a couple of days I said, 'If you'd like to try again, let me know, otherwise just tell me you're not interested and there would be no hard feelings.' I never heard from him again, tho I've seen him active on the site.

Damn, u like some texting . I hope you get this. Alrite, so there is this hot chick at school and all. I started talking to her and later SHE asked Me for my number. Well I was already attracted to her and so I was happy that she asked for the number. I told her i liked her after some texts, she said she likes me back. I dont know what happened but after some weeks she stopped texting me back or replying my texts.. Whenever we at shool, i c her on her phone meaning she has seen my texts and all She says hi to me, she hugs me at school and erything but then,.. idk.. Y she not texting me back.

Hi Andrew.
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences without advertising for some dating site or other. It makes you much more credible.
I 8767 m about to go on early retirement. I 8767 m 95 and decent looking for my age. I 8767 ll have an income of about $7,755 a month. I 8767 m not an alpha male. I used to be quite confident in myself, but now I 8767 m probably more considered as soft spoken. I 8767 m adventurous in physical aspects of life but timid in the social sphere.
I was wondering if alpha males are generally what Medellin women want or if there 8767 s a similar diversity as there is here in Scandinavia where I live? I 8767 m thinking about moving to Colombia due to the climate and the lower living costs. However, I 8767 d like to find steady a living partner. How easy is it finding one, if I 8767 m past the dancing scene? And holding on to her if she happens to be attractive?

Am I looking into this shit WAY too deep? Could the friend have caused the delay in texts or was she really busy? A week is a small sample size, but yesterday afternoon, and after the evening message to this morning is off. I haven 8767 t text her today (no good morning, etc) and know she is started her second job for 5/6 this evening. Should I CALL her around 885/9 today not asking how her day was, but set up something for the weekend or should I just talk and try to see if anything if wrong/off with hearing her voice? It 8767 s just very wierd to not get a message from her this morning.

So now we 8767 re good, but with her mood swings I 8767 m sure we 8767 ll have some sort of fight. The good thing is that she now knows that I don 8767 t like to play that cat and mouse game. I told her that I love hanging out with her and that if she ever feels angry or that I 8767 ve done something to hurt her that she should talk to me instead of just storming off. So we 8767 re good now, but we 8767 ll see.

I don 8767 t know how I 8767 m gonna explain this but I 8767 ll try. I met this girl about a month ago randomly downtown (she started the conversation with me) and we just clicked. Before we left she asked for my number but I couldn 8767 t give it to her because my phone didn 8767 t work so she said she 8767 s here every week and you know where to find me. I really liked her but didn 8767 t wanna make a move because I barely knew her even tho when we were interacting it was like we knew eachother, it 8767 s really weird. A week later I added her on Facebook and we started talking more and she gave me one of her older phones so we can text instead of using Facebook but it 8767 s gotten me completely confused. She seemed to like me, at least that 8767 s what the signals looked like, but I don 8767 t know why she just randomly engaged in a conversation with me after what I noticed on Facebook and when she started texting me, I 8767 ll admit it, this shits about to get crazy.

Do you think I said something that just not right or randomly? I 8767 m pretty confuse about the American dating culture so I 8767 m not really sure what am I doing. I tried to compliment her on her picture that she 8767 s pretty or her hair looks nice. I also posted on her Facebook asked that if she has class on the coming Wednesday. Do you think I 8767 m doing too much? Should I just let it go for a while? I feel like an idiot and ashamed. I don 8767 t know what I do wrong. What should I be doing if she doesn 8767 t responds forever?

Tony met this girl online 7 months ago, we went on our 6st date went well and got a kiss, we kept on chatting met two weeks later went well we hugged and kissed, two day later we went out and had sex, the next day after we had sex and a few days later also, so two days later she went out with friends and texted me at 885pm i miss u etc, she text me every hour then at 6685 i got a good night text saying for me to think of her while sleeping i think she was still out, next am i texted her good morning and no responce as of yet , im thinking she is playing games now or found someone that night???

Even in the 8775 W 8776 suburbs, this is a small slice of people. All my neighbors work reasonable hours and lead fairly normal, if upper-middle class lives. Most people I know (at preschool, in my neighborhood, etc.) drive normal cars or minivans not much glamour there. So yes, of course the people you describe exist, but they are no where near the majority. You would have to seek out these groups something most of us in my W town choose not to do.

At this point, the girl has her leg on my knee and I 8767 m rubbing it for a few minutes (careful not to bring my hand too high) and then *BOOM* I get cock-blocked by one of my buddies: 8775 Hey bro, we gotta go RIGHT NOW! Dan 8767 s drunk as fuck and we 8767 re all going to take a cab back. 8776 I shoot back: 8775 I 8767 m kinda busy right now. I can handle myself. I 8767 ll catch up with you guys. 8776 For me, that was the cue as to whether or not she wanted me to stay with her. She simply responded: 8775 I think you should go with them. The bartender is my roommate and I know all the bouncers this guy won 8767 t be giving me any trouble. 8776

Hey Tony,
First of all thanks,
I was just wonderinf though i like this girl, well more like interested in her.
She first wants to get to know me through texting Ok i guess
But she always a lot of time to reply to a simple text! Look most of the time i am chilled, but like its frustrating i just dunno man what it means, she blowing me off or she just has something else to do. Look i understande she has school and all but like it doesnt take long to reply to a text.
Anyways, i always giving up after she sarts like not wanting to hang or if she takes a long time to reply to a text.
Anyways thanks for this i 8767 ll take in everything you said.

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