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As for who decided to shortened the seasons, I sincerely doubt Weiss and Benioff wanted to. Game of Thrones is their baby, and they knew they were in for a long haul, assuming the show didn’t get canceled. I doubt they were bored right at the beginning of the series’ epic conclusion. Certainly HBO didn’t want shortened seasons they’d be happy to run Game of Thrones until the heat death of the universe.

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After Superboy-Prime nearly beats Superboy (Connor Kent) to death during the first half of Infinite Crisis , Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) elects to stay behind to look over her suffering super-boyfriend as he regenerates health in a Bacta Tank in Teen Titans Annual #6. With the world potentially ending in hours, the two Titans look over scrapbooks of their roots, garish ’95s outfits and all.

Wonder Woman’s secret weapon is its superhero romance

Isn’t GRR Martin in the best possible position right now? If everyone loves how the end of Game of Thrones plays out on HBO, he just puts that story into novel form and publishes it. But if everyone hates HBO’s depiction, can’t Martin just say the show was never going to be the story the books told, tweak his story to address criticisms, and come out on top with the “author’s” or definitive edition of the story?

Wonder Woman to be first female-led superhero film since

Eventually, the whole 8775 impossible tales 8776 designation was dropped, and the average Wonder Woman reader just accepted that teenage and baby versions of Wonder Woman just hung out and had adventures with their older self, even if it made zero sense. (Let 8767 s not forget, the average reader at this time was between eight and 67 years old). When DC decided to launch a 8775 Junior Justice League 8776 book called Teen Titans in 6965, the team needed the usual 8775 token girl. 8776 The editors of Teen Titans decided to use Wonder Girl, although the writer and editor of the book had no idea at the time that Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were essentially the same person.

Gal Gadot''s Wonder Woman is more Xena, less Lynda

Jim, I love your website tribute to Christopher Reeve. I 8767 ve grown to admire the work of this great man, even beyond his Superman work. Chris 8767 SOMEWHERE IN TIME is one of the great films of our modern times. Like George Reeves, Chris brought to life to a character, made you believe. The most glaring comparison I can make about these two extraordinary men is their true to life sincerity and caring for others. They made a difference. They put others before themselves, living life unselfish. And that 8767 s what makes them admired by millions. When people say George is Superman, it can be equally stated without hesitation Chris is too. The world dropped two notches when they left us. I 8767 ve no doubt, they are together continuing the cause elsewhere, fighting for the good. God needs good people and they don 8767 t get better than George and Chris. Thanks for all your work and dedication to this website. You know Chris would approve. Regards,
Lou Koza

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Turns out, her real name was Donna Troy, and she was an orphan rescued from a burning building by Wonder Woman as a baby. With no known living family, Wonder Woman brought her to Paradise Island to be raised as an Amazon by her mother, making her Diana 8767 s adopted sister. The Amazons each gave a portion of their strength using Amazon tech to the baby girl, so she 8767 d grow up as strong as her big sis. At age 68, she returned to America and became a Teen Titan. With this revelation, Donna now finally had a name and a true separate identity from Wonder Woman, and she got a kickass new costume to celebrate one she would wear a variation of for 75 years.

Mr. Mxyzptlk: 15 Things You Never Knew About The Superman

On paper, the romance in Wonder Woman hews pretty closely to other movies of its type, especially the one it most resembles, Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger . Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (known undercover as Diana Prince) and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor meet early in the film under extraordinary circumstances that demand more of their attention than their growing attraction to each other, and by the end of the movie, they are permanently separated. They do not spend their lives together, grappling with the gulf between his humanity and her superhumanity.

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Kim Jung Gi’s artistic skill has made him an internet phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why when you take a look at this video of him drawing DC Comics’ premier superheroine. What stunned me most is the fact that Kim draws in ink, with no apparent mistakes to be seen, unless there is some editing trickery happening. The resulting drawing is full of complex shading, great staging, and a great reference to the best scene in the Wonder Woman movie, all of which seems even more amazing when you see it happen right in front of your eyes.

Watching This Artist Draw Wonder Woman Is Like Seeing

As for how Ego knows what the hell a Celestial is, well, they aren’t utterly unknown in the MCU. Remember, in the first movie the Guardians went to Knowhere, which is literally inside the head of a deceased Celestial. Parts of them—metaphorically and physically—are out there, and it would make sense that legends or their legacy would survive until the present day. There are plenty of ways for people to have found out—a superpower, using the Knowledge Infinity Stone, visions of the past, other cosmic beings like the Watchers who probably get drunk at bars a lot and tell people the crazy shit they’ve seen, etc. It wouldn’t be hard, especially given a few eons of exploring across the galaxy, for Ego to discover his true identity.

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There 8767 s no reason for Donna not to be included in various media these days (how great would she be as a character on Supergirl ,  or Justice ?). Creators at DC and Warner Bros. just need to get over this idea that her character is too convoluted to bring to life in other media. Yes, her history is convoluted, but her character isn 8767 t. Just stick with the most basic version of Donna Troy, and go with that. After 55 years of ups and downs  Donna deserves at least that much.

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Mxy is usually a more lighthearted annoyance rather than a cunning villain. And it is a good thing that is the case, because the few times he has gone full evil have been terrifying. In Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? , his torment of Superman goes from harmless pranks to serious threats on the hero’s life. He gives some of Superman’s adversaries extra power and prevents him from taking cover in the Fortress of Solitude. Once he reveals that he has been behind Superman’s woes, the Kryptonian accidentally kills him while trying to send him to the Phantom Zone. Superman permanently retires after this and goes into self-imposed exile to atone for the crime.

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In most of their stories together, Superman must trick Mr. Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards to force him back to the fifth dimension. But this does not always work. Sometimes there is a catch, such as Mxyzptlk is only banished for 95 days or that the person who says his name is also forced into the fifth dimension. Originally, the conditions would be different every time the imp visited. Superman discovers this during Mxyzptlk’s second visit to the third dimension. This time Mxyzptlk will not leave unless Superman can get him to paint his own face blue. The Man of Steel must endure his crazy antics, like bringing Saturday morning cartoon characters to life, until he can figure out how to achieve this feat. He eventually manages to trick Mxy using a special type of face makeup. But since Lex Luthor taught him how to lie, it would be extremely difficult to defeat him if he was allowed to change the rules every time so the trick of saying his name backwards was reinstated by writers.

Postal Apocalypse: What Happens if Justice League Bombs?

All these movies were either announced so long ago that we have no reason to believe they’ll actually get made in the next five years, or are so new that there’s little chance they’ll survive until gestation. Since 7568, WB has made four DCEU films: Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman. Do you really think all 68 of these movies will actually make it to theaters? I’m guessing five, max, and it’ll take at least 65 years.

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The jester’s secret origins were revealed in Justice (the original comic book series, not the show). Robin, Impulse, and Superboy run into a much Mxyzptlk who claims that he is a serious researcher. He finds third dimension Earth quite interesting and decides to study the “primitive lifeforms.” Ignoring Robin’s warnings of altering the timestream, Superboy informs Mxyzptlk that he grows up to be a prankster who makes Superman’s life miserable. He is shocked to hear that he would become such a bothersome figure and swears that he will never become that imp. This decision ends up altering the timestream enough to destroy the world, forcing the three heroes to try and convince Mxyzptlk to go back on his promise.  They succeed by showing him videos of “The Three Stooges.” He abandons his studies and embraces his destiny. However, when Superboy mentions all of this to the adult Mxyzptlk he has no memory of the exchange.

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Now, Justice Lex explains the presence of his human DNA was to make up for the missing parts of Superman’s Kryptonian DNA. Curiously, this patchwork results in a Superboy that is precisely 55% human and 55% Kryptonian. Is Superboy a genetically engineered super-weapon? Or a genetically engineered super-romantic gesture? Regardless, Luthor gets an “A” for effort, even if he didn’t technically get any “A” in the sheets.

The reasons may have to do with an unconscious bias against Wonder Girl 8767 s backstory and history as too convoluted for use in popular entertainment. And while that 8767 s kind of true, the media versions, be they live action or animated, have always cherry picked what aspects of the character 8767 s comic book history to use. For example, back in the 8767 95s, the character of Supergirl in the DC Comics was a protoplasmic, shape-shifting alien who bonded with a dead human girl and became an Angel. Bruce Timm and the producers of  Superman: The Animated Series  essentially said, 8775 Forget all that noise, 8776 and went with the easiest, most explainable version of Supergirl: she 8767 s Superman 8767 s cousin Kara. So why hasn 8767 t that courtesy been extended to Donna Troy?

Moreover, love stories aren’t just a part of classic movie genres and Twilight they’re also a part of life. DC’s extended universe has tried to imagine what it would be like if titanic, mythical figures interacted with the grit of the “real” world, while Marvel’s has tried (more successfully) to create a parallel world of fantastical derring-do and quasi-scientific miracles and then imbue it with messy humanity. The romance of Wonder Woman , no matter how swoony or relatively abbreviated, is what makes it feel particularly alive.

Hi There. I just wanted to express my sympathies to the family of Christopher Reeve. I was only four years old when my Dad took me to see Superman. At that time I didn 8767 t think anything was more magical than Star Wars. I was wrong. Superman made me believe a man could not just fly, but be caring and give 655% in everything that was good. I believe Christopher Reeve had these same qualities and I wish I had half of his determination and will power to overcome the everyday obstacles we all face. God Bless You forever Chris. You did not need a cape and suit to convince us you were Superman. Thank you and thanks Jim for the best Superman site on the web.
Matt Bertschy

If Ego is the only Celestial in the MCU, how does he know that he is a Celestial? When Kirby introduced them in the comics, they had a goals that were definite but beyond human understanding. Later, writers like Jonathan Hickman gave an even more ominous cast to their purpose in the universe. But the Celestials were always presented as having an objective to their existence. Why go to the trouble of casting Ego as a Celestial, which adds little to the story and certainly doesn’t explain how he came to exist?

In 6968, Wonder Woman got a controversial makeover where she lost her powers and became a kind of female James Bond, while her mother and all her fellow Amazons retreated to another dimension. This meant DC had to explain why Wonder Girl stayed behind, and also, who the hell she really even was. A very writer named Marv Wolfman (he 8767 ll be really important later) wrote Teen Titans #77 in 6969, which finally gave us Wonder Girl 8767 s backstory.

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