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In terms of showing the woman who currently sits on the Iron Throne of the threat that lies beyond the Wall, it honestly couldn’t have worked out any better if they planned it (and it almost makes you wonder if they did). Sandor Clegane yanks the wight’s chain back at the last second, so Cersei gets the most horrifying look possible. When the wight’s attention is focused on him, Sandor cuts the wight in two at the waist, allowing Cersei to see both halves trying to crawl towards someone to attack them. When the Hound cuts off a hand, Jon Snow picks it up to demonstrate the wights’ weakness to fire—then stabs the torso with a dragonglass dagger, demonstrating its other weakness.

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I thought you guys would like this: https:///vPn9LKhk6Hg?t=8m7s
I 8767 m not sure how many women and men here have been watching the Flash, but I 8767 m cheering for Iris and Barry(aka The Flash). I 8767 m starting to think that the media is becoming more comfortable with displaying BW with Non-BM. She 8767 s beautiful, smart, witty, and the LOVE INTEREST. She is also a protected character where the men in the serious are protective over her. Especially the Flash.  Not only do we have the HISTORY of WM/BW but I see that the future of BW with non-BM within the media. Although I 8767 m still a little skeptical, but this may be a rare case where the BW doesn 8767 t get killed off or dragged.

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And that’s the biggest reason “The Wolf and the Dragon” has arguably saved season seven. The episode is so obviously an attempt to clear the board and set up the remaining game piece for the final round that the mystery behind all the bizarre choices the show (and characters) made falls away, because this season was so clearly about getting from point A to B. Actually, to be more specific: Last night’s finale was a pre-planned destination that showrunners David Benioff and . Weiss had to cobble together the route to afterwards, occasionally over some highly irritating terrain, . the excruciating Sansa-Arya conflict.

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That would certainly be an interesting pairing, in that blacks and Irish immigrants were two heavily exploited groups, but were sort of trained to hate each other at one point in our country.
One piece of American history that is not well covered is how, back in the day, there were sort of competing bigotries going on.  Some of the same abolitionists who were fighting racial injustice were guilty of white-on-white hate against the 8775 wrong kind 8776 of Europeans, which definitely included the Irish.
As a rule, in the 69th century, the Democratic Party stuck up for white immigrants while demonizing blacks.  Meanwhile, the Republican Party stuck up for blacks while demonizing certain white ethnic immigrants.  (The Republican Party was the party of WASPs.)

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Unfortunately, after the death of Cyclops, Emma Frost only had vengeance on her mind and wasn’t satisfied with a peaceful solution. She continued her attack, using a team of Sentinels reprogrammed to destroy Inhumans – an ironic act due to the X-Men routinely fighting for survival against the killer robots. Both teams converged on the White Queen before she and her droids could do any more damage. After significant loss of life, the unified forces managed to destroy her sentinels, but Frost managed to escape.

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unemployedfatty jazzyfae95  This is the pic of them at the press conference after their Supreme Court victory. Imagine suing your state over and over again for the right to marry a black woman and then it finally going to the highest court in the country and THEN not only winning your right to be married but abolishing anti-miscegenation laws in the dozen plus states that still had them on the books. That is some LOVE right there.  And watch the HBO documentary about their lives using all found footage of their lives together and see footage of the two white, male lawyers, fresh out of law school, who built their careers from this case!  PS: One of the lawyers appears with the Lovings 8767 daughter a few years back in a public appearance about the landmark case and the HBO movie. The lawyer was so choked up he could barely talk about it he loved that family so much and after so many years, is still moved by their tenacity.

lili7559 CS BWC i was watching this documentary this one time and i remember there was a spanish man (from spain) who purchased a black woman at a slave auction, then moved with her to a different state, freed her and 8775 married her, 8776 and basically lived as common law husband and wife along with raising 5-6 kids or something and he made sure all of their kids were well taken care of and freed etc. 

D arcy W No one is negating history. We acknowledge those things happened. BUT we also acknowledge that love and marriage ALSO happened, which you CAN NOT, despite historical evidence. It does not fit your narrative. Not every black female slave who had sex with a white man was I bet you have no problem accepting the fact that Frederick Douglass 8767 second wife was white and he didn 8767 t have to her, huh?

Last week, in my recap of “Beyond of Wall,” I used the headline “ Game of Thrones Is at Its Best and Worst Right Now.” I was referring to the show’s powerful ability to give us amazing, epic fantasy scenes unlike anyone has ever before tried of television. What I wasn’t referring to was the show’s original strength—giving us characters of depth, but also scenes between these characters, usually just talking to one another, that made them and Westeros rich and real and so captivating that even people who think stories about dragons and made-up places are dumb have gotten completely invested in the series.

The Pryde of the X-Men spent several years running around the cosmos with the Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as getting engaged to on-again, off-again team leader Peter Quill. After the team returned to Earth during Civil War II , they wound up  splitting up in the aftermath, with Kitty deciding to take a break from Star-Lord and superheroics. Heading to Chicago, she tries to return a normal life – or as normal a life as an X-Man can enjoy. Her dreams of normalcy, however, come to a startling end as Storm (Ororo Munroe) floats through her window.

Storm 8767 s other lovers haven 8767 t been any better. Like every other woman who has loved Wolverine, she experienced his emotional bankruptcy, temper and eventual disappointment, and when she married her beloved T 8767 Challa, aka Black Panther , too, disappointed her by annulling their marriage when she sided with her teammates over him, coldly telling her only after the fact and breaking her heart.

On the job, Cyclops has largely been known for his steadfast work ethic, always following Professor X 8767 s orders, leading the team, and sacrificing himself in the process (yeah, that 8767 s changed over recent years!). In his personal life, though, he 8767 s been the exact opposite, marrying the clone of his dead lover and tossing both her and their son to the curb as soon as Jean Grey appeared alive and (relatively) healthy.

The previous year has been a long, bumpy road for the X-Men. After the Inhuman king Black Bolt detonated a Terrigen bomb to ward off his enemies, mutants around the world began to suffer from a mysterious and sometimes deadly illness dubbed the M-Pox. During a visit to the X-Men base on Muir Island, leaders Cyclops and Emma Frost connected the dots between the Terrigen clouds circling the globe and the devastating disease. During the Death of X series, Scott and Emma begin their own crusade against the Terrigen, managing to take out one of the clouds before Black Bolt (sort of) killed Scott.

The main reason that Gambit and Rogue grace this list is the fact that these two characters are bad for each other. Rogue and Gambit being a couple creates drama and scandal. If they would be able to leave each other alone, they could have become greater heroes. Look at the modern Rogue. She’s smart, strong, and a leader, but that’s only because she doesn’t have the Gambit dead weight dragging her down. All these two did for each other was drag everyone else into their drama.

I looked for the wine online so I could get the story exactly right but I cannot remember the exact brand name so please forgive me in advance if I mess up a detail. Looking for wine I came across a brand from South Africa that had a drawing of a tall BW and I figured it might be worth a try. It had a story on the back and it went something like
A Brit of some noble heritage had a son who was slightly wayward and sent him to The Continent to get his act together. There he met, fell in love with and married the (mixed?) daughter of a bar owner and went into the wine making business, choosing to stay with his beloved he remained there helping the locals until the time of his death when the company became hers.
Kinda cheesy I know, but I am a hopeless romantic and the story sparked my imagination

Apparently, the classic team forms a tenuous alliance with morally gray mutant Magneto, perhaps in search of the elusive Emma Frost. One way or another, the White Queen will definitely make her presence felt in Blue. Other classic baddies like the Juggernaut, Mr. Sinister, and the reformed Marauders are rumored to make an appearance. If that weren’t enough, the fourth issue teases the return of a certain clawed mutant. Certainly couldn’t be Wolverine, could it? In addition, Jean and Bobby will get solo ongoing comics in  Jean Grey (written by Dennis Hopeless and draw by Victor Ibanez) and Iceman (words by Sina Grace and art by Alessandro Vitti).

She walks the grounds of her old stomping grounds, soaking in familiar and new X-Men and trainees under its charge. She also stumbles across her former lover Piotr Rasputin (or Colossus), as well as his sister Illyana (or Magik). Discovering that the Jean Grey and her “original five” have decided to head out on their own, and with Storm uncertain about her future, she decides to become the headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. In a final act of rebirth, as well as an act of good faith between mutants and humanity, she has Magik transport the entire X-Mansion out of Limbo and into the heart of New York’s Central Park. She also does her best to convince Storm to stick around (apparently, she succeeds).

i love this. as a history buff i love reading about this sort of thing. the problem is that you never hear about this. like, anywhere. over the years i could only find bits and pieces and i have always wanted to know more. that 8767 s why i have always wanted there to be a post about the history between BW and WM, sexual or not, on this forum because like i said, you just never read or hear about it. please if anyone wants to share anything, please do. 

Savannahpostnew6 i do know that the stereotypes about black women the mammy, the sapphire and the jezebel all originated because of slavery. During slavery, when black women would be and or sexually involved with white men, they were labeled jezebels because that would put the blame on black women for being 8775 lascivious, 8776 and supposedly seducing white men and the mammy stereotype came about because after black women/white men had been sexually involved for so long, they had to make black women appear asexual so as to excuse white men 8767 s sexual involvement with black women and also to assuage the insecurities of some white women. 

knows that Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus, in English)
discovered the Americas by accident, while trying to find a western
trade route to the Orient (based on some very bad math about the size of
the Earth).  Columbus was not an educated man, so when he first arrived
in what is now the Dominican Republic/Haiti, he genuinely thought he
was in India and mistakenly called the natives 8775 Indians. 8776