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Posted: 2017-10-24 14:53

The experience significantly deteriorated from the moment when an incredibly unprofessional counter associate attempted to sway my wife to purchase optional gas, insurance, etc. I stated that we were not interested in any options and solely wanted the car. He then began arguing with me and told me he was not talking to me and then stated to my wife that no vehicles were available at that time since Dollar overbooked on that date. When I questioned how they could possibly overbook in light of reservations and known inventory, he became even more argumentative and condescending. From there, I sought out the manager and expressed my concerns and asked why there were no cars on the lot. The manager, in a very rude manner, stated that he had over 755 (yes, 755) vehicles break that morning. I advised him that I received conflicting information from the counter associate to the effect that they overbooked. He stated that was false and stuck with his story of 755 broken vehicles. He followed that up with the fact that I would have to wait for a vehicle to arrive at the location.

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I thought that since it was the weekend before Independence Day holiday, after Hertz will have other cars available. On July 8th I call Hertz 5-855 to he how I can change the for better car, they transfer me with the Manager of Hertz Miami Intl Airport, name James. He talk to me at the phone, said he was going to solve the problem, put on hold and guess what? 85 minutes on hold he never came back, I call again and direct to Hertz Miami Intl, phone never answer.

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I was told I could not decline the liability insurance when I went to pick up my rental at Firefly Rentals at MCO international. If I declined it I had to produce my own insurance papers saying I was covered. It was told to me that it was the law in Florida. I was refused a rental unless I purchased it from them. I reluctantly agreed. Upon returning at the end of the contract and renting another car from Avis for an additional day Avis informed me that it is not law. I have tried to get ahold of the area manager Chris Roberts. I have left dozens of messages at his number 957-888-5967 over the last 8 weeks and have not received a call back. I have since launched a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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As I read all these complaints mine is similar but with had a prepaid voucher ,when I arrived at Newark was asked for my card and voucher was dismissed I was charged almost and after contacting bank travel agent ,I contacted Caribbean headquarters and talked to Mr Bausarto head honcho there 5times and couldn’t recall my problem a yr has gone by to be told their computers were updated and doesn’t keep that info but I will be following up with BBB and call TV channels to follow up on thousands of complaints with nothing being done

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Today May 9th upon returning my rental car at Orlando International Airport and walking away for no more than 5 mins my cell phone was taken from the car. I immediately return to the agent who check me in to inform her that my phone was in the car. She called it in while I stood there for the driver to check but to no avail. Here’s what I know for sure……… between the time I walked away and return someone from Hertz place my phone in there pocket. They also turned the ringer off because it immediately went to voice mail when calling the cell. I just want Hertz to know that I have reported it as stolen and will not hesitate to press charges against the employee who stole my phone. Also, don’t waist your time calling lost and found because NO one will answer the phone and no one appears to know the process you will only be getting the run around. Each time I use Hertz it is all ways something. Not a good customer experience as a Gold Member or just as a Customer period.

No cars motor will heat up to produce heat in 65 mins in below 66 degree temperatures. I’ve owned prius’ s and the small 9 cylinder takes time to warm up. It’s not because it’s an electric vehicle that statement is false because it is a true hybrid running on both gas and electric they have radiators lol. Your complaint is based ignorance expecting a vehicle in -66 weather to warm up to 685 degrees instantly. That isn’t possible

I recently rented a car in ATL airport 5/78 to 6/56 pre purchased gas up front.
Extended rental for additional day at . OK well upon return was charged additional and was not told it would be a gas charge. If I repurchased gas up front it shouldn’t matter when I return car. I do not feel this additional cost should be on my part.
I would like this matter looked into as I am a loyal customer who was misinformed. Please dismiss this addition charge. Thank You

Add my name to the long list of people who are giving up on Hertz. Back on Feb. 6, the care was slightly damaged by a piece of flying debris on the Highway. Upon returning the car, a report was filled out, I notified by insurance company, and notified American Express (as i had used their card and they would cover the damage). As of today, I have spoken with eight people at various Hertz groups – Customer Service, Claims Center, Claims Management – who does not seem to communicate with Claims Center, and even put a call into Hertz Legal Department (at the suggestion of one of the folks at Customer Service). That last call was not returned.

What is troubling is that there is no response from Hertz the Corporation. Where is the customer service you indicate? What about the benefits one is supposed to receive when they are Gold and Presidential status? Who inside your organization looks at these comments and takes action? Is there a standard anymore? There are some good people who work for Hertz to make the experience good, but for the instances such as the ones noted and mine it seems there should be more than a electronic posting board without responses. This is a public company with millions in revenue, will it hurt the bottom line to improve service, respond to customer concerns and provide the service and product for which we come to you for?

I rented a Toyota Corolla to drive me and my granddaughter to Decatur, GA. all seemed well until we were close to our final destination. I heard a dragging sound coming from the bottom of the front of the car. When we reached our destination, we saw that the front splash protector of front part of the undercarriage cover had come loose, and that was the cause of the scrapping sound. We connected the cover to the front grill until we got the vehicle to a Hertz rental counter in the Atlanta area.
Less than one month later, your vehicle recovery specialists send me a bill for $ for repair of a damaged undercarriage. The only damage to the vehicle was the front edge of the cover. I do not understand how I can be held responsible for a faulty vehicle. The cover connection was obviously faulty, for I had driven over no rough roads nor through highway construction.
I really believe that I am being charged for something that your company neglected to correct. I would like to have this matter resolved without my having to pay for something that is not my doing.

First problem was the long wait at the counter to get the car. Also, minutes after leaving Hertz and getting onto the freeway the tire pressure warning light went on. Then the low windshield washer fluid light went on. I had to stop at a gas station in bad area (seriously worried about my safety and my wife’s safety) to check tire pressure. After I filled all the tires with air the warning lights went off and stayed off, but I was worried the entire time I had the rental I was going to get a flat tire. Don’t your crews there check the tire pressure before the cars go out?? and don’t they check the washer fluids that I didn’t even need to use but the warning lights and dings kept going off throughout the rental? The car was also filthy dirty!! Stains on the doors and seats in this so called PREMIUM car. When I returned the car the attendant asked was everything OK and I said no and began to tell her about the issues I had, she NEVER said a word back to me. I will try NOT to ever rent from Hertz again in the future. This is my second Hertz rental in the past two months and I should have learned my lesson from the first time in July when I had to wait in a long line to get the car.

I was charged for an additional $855 due to the smell of smoke in the car??!! I rented the car with two 9 year olds, and I am almost 6 months pregnant. No way anyone smoked in the car, yet they refuse to remove the charge. Nothing was advised at the time of drop off, nor do they have evidence, they’re just going off of the employees word. My credit card company has since filed a dispute for the charge, but this will be the last time I rent from Hertz.

Found food rolling around in the car, the lady checking in my car was so lazy she waived her hand in an empty rental office (no customers, I mean no one) to me to come over and then she proceeded to charge my card $ and when I protested, she told me to call her manager. She never moved, nor anyone else to check out the mileage on my car, nor gas or condition of the car. As I drove off, the woman got on her cell phone and was talking to someone. When I got home I noticed authorizations on my car that were done at the same time of $899 and $665, plus the $. If you returning a car, then why do they need any more authorization. Calling the location manager proved to be worthless because the manager told me that I needed to wait on the authorizations to drop off and he would see his senior manager on my other issues. I am hitting social media to let people know about the poor treatment you can receive from renting a Hertz Car. From now on I am going to the competition!!!!!

I had no option than treating the matter via the European consumers office, where they have informed that this kind of performances are sadly quite usual within the rentals carried out in Germany with Hertz, and this is also the reason for me to inform you. I had an image from Hertz as a great company that has absolutely cracked after this experience. I will probably be able to get my money back because I can prove that the damage was there thanks to the picture taken to my wife, however the malpractice, the wrong behaviour of the staff, and the attempt of cheat will always remain close to the name of your company and in the future I will think it twice before renting again with Hertz.

You can’t imagine how painful it was to tell my son that we couldn’t go, not to mention the price of the tickets, that went unused. In the past when I had used Hertz I was able to drive my mini van to Grand Rapids and pick up a car at the Gerald Ford Airport, my van is such rough shape that this year that made it impossible, so I rented from the Holland Hertz with the expectation of not having to worry about the drive out of town. Randy, who the reservation was made under is my fiancée, and was taking time off work to join us for this weekend. So two people lost wages, and the price of 8 tickets, at each.

When we arrived for taking the car, instead of the one booked, a higher level car was assigned to us, apparently due to lack of availability. The problem lies in a minor damage report which was signed by me at the Hertz counter before collecting the car. It showed a couple of scratches in the rear bumper as well as two small dents in the front bumper and next to the right hand wing. As I trusted in your company after having rent several times without problems, I just signed before having a look to these minor damages. When we arrived, we had a look and the front mark was not exactly located where the dent was but I thought that it would be the same damage. I took a picture of my wife in front of the car because it was really beautiful.

Very unsatisfied customer, I rent a car every two weeks, it’s my first and possibly the last time I rent from hertz, the customer service sucks, the employees seems like they have no customer service training, I went in I waited nearly 85 minutes before I was help all the reps were just walking around, if you don’t like your job quit, they acted like they didn’t want to be there, when I returned the car the service was even worse, no ne wanted to help, the greeters have attitudes and the sales reps were the same, never again

I have been using hertz ounce a month for over a year
I misplaced my debit card and received a new was tolled to bring it in
And it was going to up date my I had was to go to your office so they
Would fill it in.
I tried to rent a car and it would not go through I re contacted hertz and they told me it mite take9 79 hr.
But not to worry So tried the next day no luck so I called the mane office and they transferred me for about 75 minutes I talked to a supervisor she told me we don’t take debit cards and hung over a year of
of having good service I am going to Enterprise.
I was on your Face book and was happy to see im not the only person to be disappointed with your service
Thanks for nothing.
R J.

I forgot to mention, when I went to pick up the car on Friday. The man went out to look over the car without me. Theresa made the excuse probably because it’s raining. I said can you please go look at it with me. He said I already did. Theresa had to speak up to say, can you please just go out with her. There was a few things he had not marked that I asked him to mark. He never had a friendly smile or attitude. While we were inside, I had noticed I accidently popped the hood on the car I had just returned. So I asked the man, to close it as he was walking in. He looked back, annoyed at me. Then walked over and closed it. He could have said no problem, or I can do that. Anything, but he didn’t say anything.

Dear Sirs, I have suffered an injustice regarding money that was placed on hold by Hertz supposedly until after the payment for the rented car was processed by my bank. I have spoken to Hertz at least 65 times about notifying my bank and removing the hold of $. When I called my bank they would not take the money Hertz put on hold off and were requesting a confirmation number in order to release to me my . I will never do any business with hertz for as long as the earth still revolves around the sun. I would seem to me that hertz would be more helpful instead of making the release of my money so difficult especially since they had already been paid. What goes around comes around and can’t wait to Hertz gets their come around.